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Lady Gaga - Babylon (Audio)Lady Gaga - Babylon (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Babylon (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - Fun Tonight (Audio)Lady Gaga - Fun Tonight (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Fun Tonight (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - Replay (Audio)Lady Gaga - Replay (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Replay (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)

Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - Alice (Audio)Lady Gaga - Alice (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Alice (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Audio)Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - Enigma (Audio)Lady Gaga - Enigma (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Enigma (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)

Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)

Місяць тому

Lady Gaga - A-YO (Live)Lady Gaga - A-YO (Live)

Lady Gaga - A-YO (Live)

3 роки тому

Lady Gaga - Gypsy (Live on SNL)Lady Gaga - Gypsy (Live on SNL)

Lady Gaga - Gypsy (Live on SNL)

6 років тому

  1. author

    Marie FOELLNERГодину тому

    Bonjour Lady gaga j aime la musique et je trouve domage que tu a pas une belle voix comme Philipine et quand je mets la musique a ma mamie et bas ça lui rappelle quand ma maman était petite et c est ça musique préférée et elle a plein d autres musiques préférées... De 1je te souhaite une bonne soirée et une bonne nuit orevoire ...

  2. author

    JiatГодину тому

    I should have known i was gay since i was 8 and was singing this song and dancing in my room

  3. author

    Весёлый СпайкГодину тому

    Русские есть?

  4. author

    Ricardo BarreraГодину тому

    Alguien me puede decir que son?.Me encanto todito

  5. author

    DAVID NAVASГодину тому

    What are you looking at? Strike the pose!

  6. author

    Ron GasserГодину тому

    💘 Lady GaGa

  7. author

    Olga LaurelГодину тому

    Stream little monsters and loved lady gaga to reach 300 000 000 million views

  8. author

    Rajendra LamichhaneГодину тому

    Here is something to relax for next four years....

  9. author

    Merve DurtabakГодину тому


  10. author

    Merve DurtabakГодину тому


  11. author

    Kleber José Martins FerreiraГодину тому

    raaiiin onn meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,amooo babyyyyyyy

  12. author

    Hugo MarinhoГодину тому


  13. author

    Sfia El idrissiГодину тому

    Hobi mi ha fatto ascoltare questa canzone per la prima volta, ci credete🤣💕

  14. author

    Geraldine IbañezГодину тому

    I deadass thought I clicked in a "We no speak Americano" video

  15. author

    Olga LaurelГодину тому

    Stream little monters and loved lady gaga dont skip the ads to reach 800 000 000 million views

  16. author

    Ăłøțø ĞămèšГодину тому

    2010:Bad Romance 2020:Baby shark

  17. author

    Prince of TwerkГодину тому

    Lady Director

  18. author

    Please save our planet kill all virusГодину тому

    How many indian like lady gaga 🤔🤔🤔

  19. author

    Nawar KhanГодину тому

    This is the best who is here after a Star is bornnn

  20. author

    Luis NavarroГодину тому

    Por que Lady Gaga resucita a Michael Jackson, Jesucristo .?

  21. author

    RonithГодину тому

    Corona virus ?

  22. author

    Hani KinochwaГодину тому


  23. author

    Official VisionГодину тому

    Do I smell a best pop duo performance grammy....

  24. author

    Tatiana BГодину тому

    This is the best Lady Gaga song and you can't change my mind plus she sang it at Victoria's secret fadhion show

  25. author

    Olga LaurelГодину тому

    Stream little monsters and other loved lady gaga

  26. author

    TRENDING TOPICSГодину тому

    OMG 147Million views for 1 month

  27. author

    Ruth CostaГодину тому

    Essa música e linda

  28. author

    ksmoonflowerГодину тому

    Me emociona que a Namu le guste Lady Gaga y obviamente Ariana 🥺💖👌

  29. author

    Henrichhenrikzen HernandezГодину тому

    What a pair! I am truly mesmerized.

  30. author

    Jennia MinГодину тому

    I didn't knew Joone listened to this song

  31. author

    janelle garciaГодину тому

    i love it i always go in the shower and just put lady gaga music or Ariana Grande music on

  32. author

    Siham IhaГодину тому

    Who finds this song similar to " try - P!Nk " ?

  33. author

    Tluang LianГодину тому

    Amazing :> UnU

  34. author

    Samuele FioreseГодину тому


  35. author

    KoтоstárГодину тому

    Давайте залайкаем этот коммент, чтобы американцы подумали, что здесь написано что то важное🧸🐻

  36. author

    KoтоstárГодину тому

    Ох, я аж прослезилась...🥺 Где то в садике я ходила на рисование,и там у учительницы стояла эта песня😏 Ох ностальгия....

  37. author

    Anabel OliveiraГодину тому


  38. author

    Tyrone Patrício SuassunaГодину тому


  39. author

    Acapzzz OfficialГодину тому

    why there is no MV? its been 3years

  40. author

    Tihomir NikolovГодину тому


  41. author

    senaworld 02Годину тому

    *BLACKPINK vs BLACKPINK* ‘How You Like That’ is now the 2nd most streamed 2020 song by a girl group on Spotify, just behind their own ‘Sour Candy’ with LADY GAGA!

  42. author

    Ahlias PobreГодину тому

    me here from the shot on iPhone video 👁👄👁

  43. author

    CostelliGraphicsГодину тому

    This is so generic pop. It doesn't even have any originality

  44. author

    Aleksander NaglerГодину тому

    We still waiting for next part 😌

  45. author

    Amy LloydГодину тому

    A mix of black Jesus amen fashion and Madonna vogue...

  46. author

    Dr. BrownГодину тому

    To all the people saying: “To Be Continued, ITS BEEN [Insert how many years it has been]”, Fun Fact: Aura on ARTPOP was meant to be the continuation of Telephone, and was chosen as the lead single of ARTPOP, but then then Interscope changed the lead single to Applause, and so since the song wasn’t a single, the idea was scrapped.

  47. author

    gee geeГодину тому

    Here 10yrs later

  48. author

    s bГодину тому

    hear me out, imagine next year super bowl---- ariana grande ft lady gaga boom i just did it

  49. author

    Chrissy BagwellГодину тому

    Lady Gaga, who looks good with or without make up, sings soulfully beautiful "Never Love Again" deep emotional heartbreaking song! ❤️🎤😇🎹😍💔😩😂😭 People have loved ones who have physically passed into the eternal spiritual soul afterlife that they love! People should love their loved ones who are still living on earth and their own selves with good healthy loving actions and love their loved ones who have passed into eternal spiritual soul afterlife in loving memories carrying them in their hearts souls and minds! ❤️😇❤️😇❤️👼❤️👼

  50. author

    Chloe TousignantГодину тому

    How can a song make me want to cry and dance at the same time?

  51. author

    MorleyГодину тому

    Me : Not my type really Me after listening to this song for 10 times : I'D RATHER BE DRY BUY AT LEAST I'M ALLIIIVVVEEEEE!!! IT'S COMING DOWN ON MEEE!!! RAIN ON MEEE!!!

  52. author

    jennifer odak2 години тому

    Beyonce the wife of illuminati

  53. author

    Nadiś_chan OwO2 години тому

    I love the songing

  54. author

    PeterDvant2 години тому

    And I thought "The Cure" lyrics were confusing

  55. author

    Starmizz2 години тому

    Ya des français la ??😂😭

  56. author

    Uy Pinky2 години тому

    Music from the gods I love it and it’s still in my no. 1 in my playlist

  57. author

    Je 19992 години тому

    Shakifan apoyando, wow ya 70 millones, para cuando el vídeo?

  58. author

    Marlène Ahounou2 години тому

    Did she actually say “je veux ton amour “ 😃 never pay attention

  59. author

    Jayson Hatton2 години тому

    🧐 🌀 🤓 A E🌀 L7 🌀 U. M H📚 G. 📚H. 2️⃣ ♾ ♾♾ ♾4️⃣3️⃣

  60. author

    Bokey Vlogs2 години тому

    I love Lady Gaga!!!!

  61. author

    0289 02 години тому

    Ouououuu uououooo ouououuuuuouou

  62. author

    Virg2 години тому

    After doing wholesome here she goes again. :) 2010'ish feels

  63. author

    Jayson Hatton2 години тому

    12 9 15 ... etc ... etc ...

  64. author

    Anders Juul Kristensen2 години тому


  65. author

    Rocio Carrion2 години тому

    I love this song!

  66. author

    Blue Snow2 години тому

    This is the best thing for this 2020

  67. author

    leon. thx2 години тому

    Orange is the new gaga

  68. author

    Virg2 години тому

    July 2020 anyone? This song deserves billion views. Let's be sad together. :(

  69. author

    Rich Robloxian2 години тому

    I can't believe how underrated this song is-

  70. author

    Jayson Hatton2 години тому

    ♾♾♾♾ 84 ⚕ !i! 🌟 S A 🔘 81 ⚕ !i! /G\ G M 🟠 🟢 78 ⚕ i!i. H ETCC°

  71. author

    Virg2 години тому

    This song really makes me sad everytime I hear it.

  72. author

    Helem Alves2 години тому


  73. author

    Dragon's Dungeon2 години тому

    I hate this song

  74. author

    squ1shi32 години тому

    i was 4 when this song came out

  75. author

    Salvatore Cutaia2 години тому

    IMO Lady Gaga sings better than Ariana Grande in this case

  76. author

    MAXINE AW CHEUK YEE Moe2 години тому

    Good 10000/10

  77. author

    underliined112 години тому

    "Why didn't you report it?" Because I was only 14. I was confused. I was in my uniform, standing outside my school. School. It's meant to be the safest place. It can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

  78. author

    Sonia Foderà2 години тому

    Qualcuno italiano? Meravigliosa Lady Gaga!

  79. author

    -2 години тому

    Such a great song, love it 🍬🍬🍬

  80. author

    Jayson Hatton2 години тому

    .🌟 J /G\L7 H H

  81. author

    manav Singh2 години тому

    Korean:wow English:great rap good job Blackpink:how you like that

  82. author

    HHeib Heib2 години тому

    OMG i love Ariana and i love Lady Gaga love you guys both good job love this music vid

  83. author

    방방이2 години тому

    1:05 ARIANA GRANDE❤️🥺

  84. author

    R Two2 години тому

    love me baby

  85. author

    Pərviz Mustafayev2 години тому

    Ariana Grande like Lady Gaga commet

  86. author

    Rydz2 години тому

    What a sad old lady pretended she was getting hip surgery just so she could go buy a new ass smh.

  87. author

    Chester Kao2 години тому

    Still iconic

  88. author

    David Cabrera Espinosa2 години тому


  89. author

    R Two2 години тому

    best song of the year? #Grammies

  90. author

    Marlene Watt2 години тому

    Don't won't to listen to Lady gaga again.

  91. author

    Alberto Enríquez2 години тому

    Te amamos lady gaga

  92. author

    Riana Hadi2 години тому

    this gives off early 2010s vibes idk

  93. author

    Brendon Payne2 години тому


  94. author

    Riku Uzuchio2 години тому

    2000's songs are the best

  95. author

    Diplo Seikoo2 години тому


  96. author

    Yeleina Velásquez Ruiz2 години тому


  97. author

    Saatanan Vammainen2 години тому

    Why are they speaking swedish at the start?

  98. author

    Ali Megbli2 години тому


  99. author

    Jayson Hatton2 години тому

    PSSS2️⃣4️⃣3️⃣MACHAM⚫⚪E 🌟 🍎🌜🌊🌎🌊🌛🍏 😴😳 D/G\ DIDST🔴TH🟣U🔵DAATH Y H ATE. 🔘 K. 🌽♎ WH!i!L7ST🟠🟢 WHENCC°E. H 🌾 🌿 🌾 🌿 🌾🥗🌾 🌿 🌾 🌿 🌾

  100. author

    vanilla n ice2 години тому

    Wow..deserving huge appreciation indeed👏👏👏