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Meet a Minecrafter: MoPOPMeet a Minecrafter: MoPOP

Meet a Minecrafter: MoPOP

25 днів тому

Dev Diaries #1: Nether UpdateDev Diaries #1: Nether Update

Dev Diaries #1: Nether Update

Місяць тому

PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!

PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!

Місяць тому

Ask Mojang #8: PET THE DOG?Ask Mojang #8: PET THE DOG?

Ask Mojang #8: PET THE DOG?

3 місяці тому

One Snapshot. Infinite Dimensions.One Snapshot. Infinite Dimensions.

One Snapshot. Infinite Dimensions.

3 місяці тому

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: LoreMinecraft Dungeons Diaries: Lore

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Lore

3 місяці тому

Meet a Minecrafter: Janey LaneyMeet a Minecrafter: Janey Laney

Meet a Minecrafter: Janey Laney

3 місяці тому

Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-UpMinecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up

Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up

4 місяці тому

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: SoundMinecraft Dungeons Diaries: Sound

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Sound

5 місяців тому

Ask Mojang #6: Headless VillagersAsk Mojang #6: Headless Villagers

Ask Mojang #6: Headless Villagers

5 місяців тому

Ask Mojang holiday special with JebAsk Mojang holiday special with Jeb

Ask Mojang holiday special with Jeb

6 місяців тому

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: GameplayMinecraft Dungeons Diaries: Gameplay

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Gameplay

6 місяців тому

Buzzy Bees: Official TrailerBuzzy Bees: Official Trailer

Buzzy Bees: Official Trailer

7 місяців тому

Minecraft Earth: Mobs in the ParkMinecraft Earth: Mobs in the Park

Minecraft Earth: Mobs in the Park

7 місяців тому

Minecraft meets FrozenMinecraft meets Frozen

Minecraft meets Frozen

7 місяців тому

Ask Mojang #4: To The Moon!Ask Mojang #4: To The Moon!

Ask Mojang #4: To The Moon!

7 місяців тому

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: OriginsMinecraft Dungeons Diaries: Origins

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Origins

8 місяців тому

MINECON Live 2019: Developer Q&AMINECON Live 2019: Developer Q&A

MINECON Live 2019: Developer Q&A

9 місяців тому

VILLAGER (and Pillager?) NEWSVILLAGER (and Pillager?) NEWS

VILLAGER (and Pillager?) NEWS

9 місяців тому

Bringing Bees Into MinecraftBringing Bees Into Minecraft

Bringing Bees Into Minecraft

9 місяців тому

MINECON Live 2019: The Nether UpdateMINECON Live 2019: The Nether Update

MINECON Live 2019: The Nether Update

9 місяців тому

Top 10 MINECON Live 2019 Moments!Top 10 MINECON Live 2019 Moments!

Top 10 MINECON Live 2019 Moments!

9 місяців тому

HermitCraft: Much better together!HermitCraft: Much better together!

HermitCraft: Much better together!

9 місяців тому

MINECON Live 2019: Update HighlightsMINECON Live 2019: Update Highlights

MINECON Live 2019: Update Highlights

9 місяців тому

MINECON Live 2019MINECON Live 2019

MINECON Live 2019

9 місяців тому

Minecraft Dungeons: Opening CinematicMinecraft Dungeons: Opening Cinematic

Minecraft Dungeons: Opening Cinematic

9 місяців тому

Biome Vote - MountainsBiome Vote - Mountains

Biome Vote - Mountains

9 місяців тому

Biome Vote - SwampBiome Vote - Swamp

Biome Vote - Swamp

9 місяців тому

Biome Vote - BadlandsBiome Vote - Badlands

Biome Vote - Badlands

9 місяців тому

Biome Vote - Announcement TrailerBiome Vote - Announcement Trailer

Biome Vote - Announcement Trailer

9 місяців тому

Meet a Minecrafter: OMG Tech!Meet a Minecrafter: OMG Tech!

Meet a Minecrafter: OMG Tech!

9 місяців тому

DuckTales Adventure MapDuckTales Adventure Map

DuckTales Adventure Map

10 місяців тому

Ask Mojang #3: The Villager PrankAsk Mojang #3: The Villager Prank

Ask Mojang #3: The Villager Prank

10 місяців тому

Ask Mojang #2: Meaning of LifeAsk Mojang #2: Meaning of Life

Ask Mojang #2: Meaning of Life

10 місяців тому

Meet a Minecrafter: Ph1LzAMeet a Minecrafter: Ph1LzA

Meet a Minecrafter: Ph1LzA

11 місяців тому

MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: MasuoMINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Masuo

MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Masuo

11 місяців тому

MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: ShubbleMINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Shubble

MINECON Live Co-Host Announce: Shubble

11 місяців тому

Toy Story Mash-UpToy Story Mash-Up

Toy Story Mash-Up

Рік тому

The Traveling TraderThe Traveling Trader

The Traveling Trader

Рік тому

  1. author

    Hunter8 годин тому


  2. author

    boomin sniper8 годин тому

    I thought scar would be an exact human replica of his avater. he still cool tho

  3. author

    Ender boy8 годин тому

    please mojang make minecraft 1.19 the end update !!!

  4. author

    jackaronie8 годин тому

    I can't believe that this video is 8 years old. And now UAreporter recommends this to me on 2020.

  5. author

    Darren Edgell8 годин тому


  6. author

    Lauren Botha8 годин тому

    wow cant wait!

  7. author

    Prokolo 978 годин тому

    That was very epic

  8. author

    Brice Fleckenstein8 годин тому

    I can not make out who the first person is, they should have had a "note" at the bottom like the other folks did.

  9. author

    Mikołaj Sprada8 годин тому

    1:11 LOL

  10. author

    Brice Fleckenstein8 годин тому

    What kind of hardware does the Scicraft server run on to be ABLE to support things like their "Mesa Miner"?

  11. author

    sanches . T8 годин тому

    Я узнал про спустя 9лет после его выхода????

  12. author

    Seif aleem8 годин тому

    I'm play Minecraft

  13. author

    •Shoki Chan•8 годин тому

    Yo: Abro un paquete de papitas La escuela entera: 1:03

  14. author

    psy beam8 годин тому

    0:45 Bluestone?

  15. author

    J h K8 годин тому

    2019: screw the nether The nether:

  16. author

    JcorGaming8 годин тому

    Waited a long time for this update

  17. author

    Yahya Yassin8 годин тому

    I thought this was the next update after the nether and I was hyped for a minute

  18. author

    sori 555Nixgaming8 годин тому


  19. author

    zapdolare griffexlare8 годин тому

    Stort about herobrine'bobby

  20. author

    Ninja Alll day8 годин тому

    1:33 im the ninja chicken boiii

  21. author

    Gabe Newell8 годин тому

    Майки сменили аву канала... Мы проиграли...

  22. author

    efri adani8 годин тому

    I want to m-make a a server and dont let me in i will piss on you

  23. author

    XxLavishxX18 годин тому

    Be honest you know damn well u didn’t search for this

  24. author

    Dan G.8 годин тому

    2020 year

  25. author

    FROCE SWORD8 годин тому


  26. author

    Yanis Hammaci8 годин тому

    you let a big a** for a man what a shame

  27. author

    masterplan8 годин тому

    whats the version?

  28. author

    TNT8 годин тому

    Way creeper don’t green

  29. author

    Iin Ruskidi9 годин тому

    Taiga i like taiga

  30. author

    levana the banana9 годин тому

    True pain Your device is not compatible for this version

  31. author

    Richi Games9 годин тому

    I love this trailer and The PE edition

  32. author

    Shyam Sundar9 годин тому

    Aww so cute pandas and their voice very cute

  33. author

    fastbeast gaming9 годин тому


  34. author

    fastbeast gaming9 годин тому


  35. author

    Filo9 годин тому

    Im from the future and they added nether update

  36. author

    Fear TheKnight9 годин тому

    Waiting for pixlriffs to beat the new map with bare fist steve :p

  37. author

    Mikołaj Vc9 годин тому

    everyone : wants new ore in caves. mojang : new ore in nether

  38. author

    rubia zohaib9 годин тому

    They will make revamped nether in 1.6

  39. author

    Mystery Box9 годин тому

    0:40 Nikolai is that you?!!

  40. author

    Тамара Шиняева9 годин тому

    minecraft is perfect

  41. author

    333res9 годин тому

    /gamerule keepinventory true:

  42. author

    dat boi9 годин тому

    Dat mix tape is what I would play after beating minecraft

  43. author

    Marek studio. ČR9 годин тому

    Škoda že to takhle nevipada doopravdy

  44. author

    Viorika Panina9 годин тому

    I love Minecraft 😍

  45. author

    I N F E R N Ø9 годин тому

    The hell you tube

  46. author

    Le chicken 10der9 годин тому

    I was gonna play until the game crashed for no reason and corrupted my data .-.

  47. author

    Instant Death9 годин тому

    I feel sad for that keyboard

  48. author

    Serega Skypow9 годин тому

    Why are u geh

  49. author

    Hacker Eko9 годин тому

    Hey Mojang! End Update Whats idea?!

  50. author

    Cool Human9 годин тому

    im from the future and theres currently new nether

  51. author


    i chose both

  52. author

    John Manreza9 годин тому

    So cuuuuuut5tttteeeeee

  53. author

    Block Gaming Mobile9 годин тому

    If thr a piglin brute is going to be added? Are there zombiefied Piglin Brute's to?

  54. author

    ZShadowEye9 годин тому

    chill guys this is expetation

  55. author

    Jimmy John Joe Jr.9 годин тому


  56. author

    Carrick Spike9 годин тому

    I’m from the future and they change the nether ;)

  57. author

    طيف هادي9 годин тому

    thanks vary mah

  58. author

    winplayz MCGD9 годин тому

    The nether update is so cool!!!

  59. author

    Iegor261 Amadi9 годин тому

    Kunnen jullie zeggen wat in 1.17 komt en kunnen jullie de update Minecraft future noemen

  60. author

    OncomingNuke9 годин тому

    What the hell youtube why did you recommend this to me? Were are on 1.16 now

  61. author

    ItsAndy9 годин тому

    Wait what? I didn't know this existed that long ago!

  62. author

    Tom Can9 годин тому

    They should add this to main game mine craft

  63. author

    Quokka Player9 годин тому

    I have this for Switch

  64. author

    Carson Cliff9 годин тому

    Is this a dlc or an update?

  65. author

    Leonardo Doueihy9 годин тому

    How do you play the game mode

  66. author

    Loosat9 годин тому


  67. author

    arcaue9 годин тому

    I remember showing this trailer to my parents, and they let me buy it Best moment of my life

  68. author

    Asriel Screamer9 годин тому

    this makes me feel old

  69. author

    Help Yourself9 годин тому

    Boy, I'm getting old

  70. author

    Lilly Snow9 годин тому

    I honestly hope that they'd add a new boss, rather than just the Wither and the Ender Dragon

  71. author

    Gita maria fenderica luvena anggita mulia9 годин тому

    Minecraft, itu game kesukaanku.

  72. author

    justacosta9 годин тому

    it still gets me mad how i can’t mod like those lucky java players

  73. author

    Dian Rahma9 годин тому

    Please create all item in minecraft dungeons to minecraft

  74. author

    Mary Jane Amante9 годин тому

    Savana update next plase

  75. author

    Ma. Cecilia Castroverde9 годин тому

    They should've wear a piece of gold armour in 1:00 so that they don't have to fight the piglins

  76. author

    Can Aydos9 годин тому

    In the jungle the my the jungle lion sleeps tonight

  77. author

    Chimken Fillet9 годин тому

    Why no cave update ._.?

  78. author

    Mary Jane Amante9 годин тому

    I love you MOJANG and who love Mojang to

  79. author

    GOD OF FIRE!10 годин тому

    Cloak 991 confirmed

  80. author

    Isabel Farmer10 годин тому

    Ooh- anyone remember where you couldn’t place fence posts on top of each other?

  81. author

    Electro Buzzers10 годин тому

    This is off topic but you know in the buzzy bees trailer the world generation was great i hope we can soon see that in Minecraft

  82. author

    The Messiah10 годин тому

    New areas? Im down

  83. author

    Donald Obama The Ultimate President10 годин тому

    He clicks the button 100 times to type 1 letter... And I thought I'm slow at typing...

  84. author

    Alex Nguyen10 годин тому

    Wow Notch haven't seen him since the thing happened

  85. author

    Илья Гусак10 годин тому

    How do you make this an amazing animation?

  86. author

    Kayla Treloar10 годин тому

    World war 3 be like... 1:02-1:12

  87. author

    _B3N_10 годин тому

    Ganti balik bodoh skreen fon aku sial

  88. author

    GAMER_ CHEESE10 годин тому

    Thats why. Be nice to villagers!

  89. author

    KARANLIK [MAN]10 годин тому

    Mobil mobil mobil !!!

  90. author

    どまうまる10 годин тому

    So Alex and Steve died with a full iron armor to symbolize that the iron armor is actually weak, and later created a full netherite gear while fighting an army of mobs to show how tough the armor is? I see Mojang. I see. . . . Edit: When we will have a coarse dirt slab, dirt slab and grass block slab thingy? Perhaps in the mountain update?

  91. author

    VezzyVex10 годин тому

    y’all really missed out on having pigstep in the background

  92. author

    Blue Wave10 годин тому

    They u c the cross of herobrine 👇 like here u c the cross

  93. author

    Kugelblitzingularity10 годин тому

    And... Notch seen this coming a lightyear away lol

  94. author

    seb10 годин тому

    Can’t wait

  95. author

    ZhagzBlue Gaming10 годин тому

    Hey i m from 2020 :v

  96. author

    kirilyk10 годин тому

    minecraft caved in under the LGBT movement we lost the war

  97. author

    Daniel10 годин тому


  98. author

    Fetus Yeeter10 годин тому

    The good old days... Now it’s just the good days

  99. author

    Emzy 173810 годин тому

    Let's all be proud that the historians will envy the fact that we were born in the generation where this game was born.

  100. author

    VR and AR Dev on Roblox10 годин тому

    It feels like they are putting way more work into Minecraft dungeons than the actual game. Also Minecraft team if you are reading this please make shaders not a thing you gotta download from a sketchy website and a actual thing you can adjust. Like shadows, sun rays reflection, lighting, etc.