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Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - CandyMachine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy

Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy

11 місяців тому

Machine Gun Kelly - 27Machine Gun Kelly - 27

Machine Gun Kelly - 27

2 роки тому

Machine Gun Kelly - HabitsMachine Gun Kelly - Habits

Machine Gun Kelly - Habits

2 роки тому

Machine Gun Kelly - Till I DieMachine Gun Kelly - Till I Die

Machine Gun Kelly - Till I Die

5 років тому

Wild Boy (Remix)Wild Boy (Remix)

Wild Boy (Remix)

8 років тому

  1. author

    Chris McNally18 годин тому

    That’s right the boss has my black list only folk get forks I’ll kill you at the gate..

  2. author

    CrystalBee18 годин тому

    They’d be so damn cute together!

  3. author

    gwarriorfromhell18 годин тому

    I wasn't the biggest MGK fan. I've always respected his talent and enjoyed a few songs he put out. And while this isn't the best pop punk/alt rock sound, it's pretty damn good for someone who made a career out of rapping. I'll definitely check out more as I hear it come out, and hell, may even pick up the album while I'm at it.

  4. author

    Hold me BackΔ19 годин тому

    Anyone listening this song in 2020 for the 1st time?

  5. author

    Ketty Ramloll19 годин тому

    My two fav artists!!.

  6. author

    Sorry Yourfault19 годин тому

    Nice song. A change of music type by MGK is a positive thing. Is he the "Rock Devil" now?

  7. author

    Ashit8sh A19 годин тому

    Megan fox and Jennifer Lopez they just goddess

  8. author

    lazc info19 годин тому

    happy valentine day 😊😂

  9. author

    Layton Knowles19 годин тому

    Machine Gun Slim Jesus

  10. author

    Sarbo Hage19 годин тому

    He is more than a rapper, he is an artist.

  11. author

    hashim hashim19 годин тому

    Wow this music feels like baby pls stop it I don’t want to have $ex now but she wouldn’t stop

  12. author

    김슬기19 годин тому

    Rocking better than his rap? Huh?!?

  13. author

    chow-ray mhorpaak20 годин тому

    Megan fox rocks! .. still seem on her first valentine's !!🧚‍♀️💋❤

  14. author

    Trent Whiting20 годин тому

    What an amazing song wtf

  15. author

    Joshua Rathwell20 годин тому

    Travis will always make the music. Mgk love ya but can’t dis Eminem then dye your hair blonde you following his steps ?

  16. author

    Maha Zahhafi20 годин тому

    2020? Est4life♥️✌️

  17. author

    Ruufas m2320 годин тому

    You goofy it up guys😝🤣 I love it❤️

  18. author

    ReD RuMOr20 годин тому

    Yo MGK did you know anyone named kyle barela

  19. author

    Heather Koolaid20 годин тому


  20. author

    notninja chicken fart20 годин тому

    That girl is in ninja turtles

  21. author

    Jordon Smale20 годин тому

    What choice does mgk have Eminem did kill his rap career so why not copy Greendays style

  22. author

    HOUNDTRIBE ENT20 годин тому

    Eminem turned him into a rock god...

  23. author

    Vros_music20 годин тому

    Mgk your too old for this your being cringe

  24. author

    Dylan20 годин тому

    Those shocks make YUNGBLUD laugh

  25. author

    Phoenixangel 111121 годину тому

    I can't hide how I feel about you inside when you press the keys with one finger on the little piano in the official video.... 😆😂😅 I was laughing. 🎹💓🎼 I love you. 🤘🤘

  26. author


    My best friend died of a suicide, he would have liked the song. #rip

  27. author

    Spnaddict22121 годину тому

    Two of my favorite people in one video? My life is now complete

  28. author

    lil kurat21 годину тому

    Music video is cronic so id the song ahah

  29. author

    Giraffe Consumer21 годину тому


  30. author

    stick Lonnie Stevens21 годину тому

    I've been giving her way too much credit.

  31. author

    Bonee Ara Jo21 годину тому

    Imagine listening to this song on a peaceful night while looking at the amazing stars. I've experienced this and let me just say its the best thing ever

  32. author

    Matt White21 годину тому

    Any better producers than myself know how to get the guitar tone @ 2:05?

  33. author

    Dan Dana21 годину тому

    Meeeegan fooooox baaaby!!!!!

  34. author

    Basil_ of_BakerSt21 годину тому

    Fuck I miss my brother boo. We would turn up so hard to this

  35. author

    Carter Hammon21 годину тому

    only good song he’s ever made

  36. author

    Lai Cruz21 годину тому

    Camila's bad things solo performance on GMA was fire. She sang mgk's part and it was so cool.

  37. author

    Sauce God22 години тому

    This isn’t bad

  38. author

    Brandon Lee Sanders22 години тому

    Trippie should do more rock Shit would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. author

    Scott Poulin22 години тому

    Where did he get that shirt

  40. author

    Collin Peters22 години тому

    Hahaha thats pretty sad he tries an starts beef with a legend and gets sent to the slumps an now is back with a whole different style lmao give up you no good

  41. author

    Lai Cruz22 години тому

    I wonder if Kells's muse in bad things and bloody Valentine are the same. The foot fetish and tape thing was shown on both songs.

  42. author

    Dkay22 години тому

    Kill shot fans hands up Here

  43. author

    River Rose22 години тому

    I’ve been a fan of Camila since the first time I’ve heard this song. It’s still my favorite ♥️🥺

  44. author

    AL C22 години тому

    this sucks

  45. author

    Brandon Neff22 години тому

    MGK and Megan Fox did a fantastic job on the music video!

  46. author

    Job Flores22 години тому

    ¿Porqué vergas esta canción no esta en Spotify?

  47. author

    Silly Girl22 години тому

    I love the chemistry between the two n her lip singing to him..her body in the panties above her waist is way sexier than those Victoria secret young women..Megan Fox looks really pretty in this video not Hot but beautiful in a great way..way to go director n mgk looking at her is amazing..

  48. author

    Emely Lopez22 години тому

    Victoria 🥺❤️

  49. author

    Zach Dodson23 години тому

    Dude just stop.

  50. author

    karyn lewis23 години тому

    I think we need part 2.....

  51. author

    SaveDeion23 години тому

    Omg please bring punk back

  52. author

    xo 7yo23 години тому

    Can we FORGOT Megan Fox for one second and appreciate how good this song is?

  53. author

    Void23 години тому

    i'm happy a rapper changed his genre

  54. author

    Kayte23 години тому

    Megan Fox just gets hotter with age; so much yeeeessss.

  55. author

    Ricardo Lopez23 години тому

    Great music finally making its comeback.

  56. author

    J. Medina23 години тому

    I think we all need to embrace this!! Fuck everything, live your life, regardless!!!!

  57. author

    Destiny Kish23 години тому

    I love this song

  58. author

    Alexis Minor23 години тому

    I can’t believe it’s already been two years since this has been out. Who’s still here? June 2020

  59. author

    Katie Beth Hall23 години тому

    am i the only one that keeps playing 0:52 over and over again?

  60. author

    Norma Alexandra Egoavil Sánchez23 години тому

    WHAT CAN I SAY is the love <3

  61. author

    Jason Borre23 години тому

    Only thing good about this song is this Megan Fox is f****** hot

  62. author

    FLEXA J23 години тому

    getting 2000s vibe and it's making me feel younger . . .

  63. author

    Large FootДень тому

    this is ya lane bro , never really liked ya gangster type of persona but this suits you and sounds good . plus u got megan on the clip

  64. author

    SaintNick71День тому

    David Silver must be pissed!!

  65. author

    tommy2k boomДень тому

    Damn eminem made this man chance his genre 😂😂

  66. author

    Jim ShadyДень тому

    Man Ik someone used her in a video back when she was relevant 🤔🤔

  67. author

    Gina Gabriella MUAДень тому

    Ohhhhh so THIS is why megan and brian decided to "make up" That they are getting divorced so that she can promote a music video that she's in lol hollywood is so full of shit! I guarantee as soon as this all blows over and they get the views they want, they will somehow work things out 🙄 she literally did the same thing when promoting a movie last time lol

  68. author

    Kenneth EveringhamДень тому

    Mgk that bull though , get this money and trust the struggle things get better . Keep fighting

  69. author

    obiJUAN quenoví pasarДень тому

    Just me or yung is like a fuct up guy from 1 direction, but he kept the gay simbol status

  70. author

    lucas collierДень тому

    Em literally killed his rap career 😂

  71. author

    TheKillerStarfoxДень тому

    Since he can't rap anymore

  72. author

    Lea HankeyДень тому

    Okay this is the best video for MGK. I fucking Love him in this!!!!!sexy as fuck

  73. author

    McFreedyyДень тому

    1:32 faze banks hahah wtf

  74. author

    ReaperДень тому

    in years,people will come back to this song.It just feels so nostalgic for some reason,and is just so good in general

  75. author

    Independent Serious Tay JДень тому


  76. author

    1heavyhammerДень тому

    Peter Davidson really needs to address those butthole eyes

  77. author

    Stank Cooch JuicesДень тому

    You know I wouldent have much of an issue with MGK but he started beef with Eminem so early on in his career, im not that big a fan of Eminem but the point is hes a fucking legend.

  78. author

    aj ScottДень тому

    5 years later and this more relevant now then it ever was... E.s.t for life

  79. author

    Miranda MorrisДень тому

    Your songs inspire me, thank you for pursuing your dreams you rock!!!

  80. author

    Rogelio HernandezДень тому

    This song make me want to infect corona virus

  81. author

    Danan JayaДень тому

    Yang baca anak dajal

  82. author

    krynixiaДень тому

    when i saw megan fox, i instantly clicced

  83. author

    cody mossДень тому

    Imagine getting smoked in a rap battle and changing genres of music

  84. author

    TonyДень тому

    Why are there people saying this is rock? Ppl only because there's a guitar and real drums in a pop song it doesn't make it rock :/

  85. author

    50k subscribers before quarantine end please helpДень тому

    Y'all here after listening to his new cover song

  86. author

    malihrvДень тому

    my goodness I think anybody would have been a better option than trippie red. Flow is so clean until he opened his mouth lmao holy that was brutal :/

  87. author

    Tony ShadyДень тому

    Eminem: LTWYL with Megan Fox 2 Bi🔥 MGK: Bloody Valentine, Megan 16 Mi💩 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. author

    Harry fieldДень тому

    I think the reason they look so good together is because they look so different and it compliments them

  89. author

    Hannah HippДень тому

    wish he do a offical remix of this song where does the "let you call me daddy yeahhh" ughh it's only at showssssss

  90. author

    Jordan SchmitДень тому

    Anyone know the name of the blonde girl and her ig in the video clip?? Please

  91. author

    Gregoire PittetДень тому

    Best Playlist "Young Thug" sur UAreporter🔥🔥🔥👇

  92. author

    Jordan SchmitДень тому

    What's the ig's blue model please? At 1:25

  93. author

    EuanДень тому

    I swear i saw faze banks

  94. author

    EpicBowMasterДень тому

    They have chemistry, so glad she left her old man 90210 ex 😂😂😂

  95. author

    Retro PadДень тому

    play with death like im billy and mandy ...i love trippie redd so fuckin much

  96. author

    Brandon ToledoДень тому

    Lets not beat around the bush... We all came because of Megan

  97. author

    Kale AllenДень тому

    First he tried copying Eminem now it’s lil peep

  98. author

    Kale AllenДень тому

    Why he tryin to look like lil peep now

  99. author

    Matt StoneДень тому

    Okayy Fox i see ya... 1St ur on Eminems love the way you lie music video.. Now ur on my boy kells vid...

  100. author

    brendan robyДень тому

    when you get your period on valentines day