City Girls - Act UpCity Girls - Act Up

City Girls - Act Up

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City Girls - CarelessCity Girls - Careless

City Girls - Careless

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  1. author

    ruby Garcia Gonzalez2 години тому


  2. author

    Tania4 години тому

    This song is the definition of "Period"

  3. author

    Tyson Gilbert4 години тому

    The day after I'm the cat The cat is the old Witch

  4. author

    Peter Refermat5 годин тому


  5. author

    Pearly Ching5 годин тому

    ang sarap

  6. author

    O shit It’s dat boi5 годин тому

    I thought she said JAY-Z on the track bruh wtf 😭😆

  7. author

    BuGsi BuGzilla6 годин тому

    Every day we stray further from God's light not my proudest fap

  8. author

    oremy27 годин тому

    Bro cardi jajajaja

  9. author

    Mr Ballout9 годин тому

    Who else beat their dick to this? I’m

  10. author

    Literally Me9 годин тому

    I'm gay guy and I'm proud to say I know every lyric to this song

  11. author

    Ya Queennn10 годин тому

    This is what my kids will listening to and I won’t have a problem with it , whilst all her class mates be going to church

  12. author

    Σωτήρης Παπα11 годин тому


  13. author

    Σωτήρης Παπα11 годин тому

    Ewwww God nooooo

  14. author

    Cristian La Rosa11 годин тому

    Le ragazze che mi vogliono scopare mettono like ?

  15. author

    Ikan Han12 годин тому

    They literally played this song in a London Airport uncensored....

  16. author

    No13 годин тому

    I think i know why theres alot of views and likes..cuz they be masturbating 2 a music video

  17. author

    Thenick14 годин тому

    wooow girls..... i beat my meat so fast for you

  18. author

    Debra Shattuck15 годин тому


  19. author

    TheGameIsButt16 годин тому

    Cardi should’ve done a lot more I’m just saying

  20. author

    CD-BOT4claw16 годин тому

    Damn let’s fuck

  21. author

    TK_reypalomo 343216 годин тому

    Like si te la jalaste

  22. author

    Shawn Daley17 годин тому

    His verse still hard till this day i go straight to his part

  23. author

    Eric Ramirez18 годин тому

    Lemme smash

  24. author

    Nevaeh Simonetti19 годин тому

    Larray.... told... me... to listen to this.....😔

  25. author

    Cortlin Morgan21 годину тому

    Go baby gurl

  26. author

    Angelo Wright22 години тому

    Imagine the smell

  27. author

    Aylin Montoya-GonzalezДень тому

    it sounds like Dj jimi

  28. author

    Aylin Montoya-GonzalezДень тому

    why does this song sound like "where they at" by DJ Jimi? is it just me or the beat is thier with the rymes but not the same lyrics...hmmm

  29. author

    Peter GabrielДень тому

    The top 20 girls will get (FLEWED OUT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣) not flown out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. They may want to do a little less twerking and a little more reading and writing. Still LMFAO 😂😂😂😂. FLEWED OUT 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. author

    La Esencia de la VidaДень тому

    See my video the twerking

  31. author

    Jilliea DiNelloДень тому

    Me: twerking in the front of the class Math teacher: sit you're ass down!!!

  32. author

    Dark LordДень тому

    Oh sweet Jesus

  33. author

    D the lucario 12День тому

    City girls after filming was done:😰🥱 Everybody else:😦/😱/🤤/🥴/😍

  34. author

    D the lucario 12День тому

    I just realized that cardi and that other girl were wearing body paint not bodysuits😂

  35. author

    D the lucario 12День тому

    What? 2019? Could have sworn this from 2014

  36. author

    KyleДень тому


  37. author

    Azlina ArsenaultДень тому

    Lol ikr

  38. author

    mc monsterДень тому

    ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

  39. author

    Smiley LiviuДень тому

    Pot sa va mozolesc?? 😍

  40. author

    Smiley LiviuДень тому


  41. author

    Michael UlrickДень тому

    Subcribe to city girls and clik the link and subscribe to my channel

  42. author

    eva wilberДень тому

    ithe vol was up!!! and my dad is in the living room wit m

  43. author

    Yerko DroguettДень тому

    como que le copio un ritmo a six nine no?

  44. author

    Tajay MorrisДень тому

    Camera Mans: This is Fun

  45. author

    D'Ajah AllenДень тому

    What did I just watch 😐

  46. author

    Virgo BabyДень тому

    Ayyyyye yo dem gurlz thure is Bad af they Twerking on they chest & in nipples !!💁🏾‍♀️💯💯🤪

  47. author

    Virgo BabyДень тому

    #FLEWEDOUT 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Im #FLOWNOUT 💪🏾💪🏾😭😭😭😭😭

  48. author

    Kieran McMillanДень тому

    Iggy niki together cola ration make album

  49. author

    Cameron WilliamsonДень тому

    This is the new updated version of the boy is mine by brandy and monica

  50. author

    D the lucario 12День тому

    I’m not mad they have Cardi B in the video but I might be mad that they don’t have the original Twerking Queen Nikki minjaj in here

  51. author

    mirukiiwayДень тому

    *I'm like 11 and I still listen to this type of music, don't judge me.*

  52. author

    Joy ShortДень тому inside some sort of open-face helmet which felt like it was attached to the

  53. author

    YoungitailianmeatballДень тому

    No Indian version is better

  54. author

    iesha mamiДень тому

    The camera man was having fun...!👌😂

  55. author

    a hasanДень тому

    anybody wants my 8 inches in the booty?

  56. author

    Ion SorinДень тому

    It smells like pussy from 10 miles away!!!

  57. author

    Fauzan SalimДень тому

    old town road lil nas x lyrics

  58. author

    Nancy MurphyДень тому

    "N___a fuck once and his ass going bankrupt"!!!!! Love all their songs!!!

  59. author

    Ashten SmithДень тому

    CEO of alright ladies and gentlemens

  60. author

    Ambre VersaceДень тому

    Lil yacht should be a actor

  61. author

    Martin AcuñaДень тому

    this song is/was inspired by ANACONDA

  62. author

    Edgar LnxДень тому

    I was looking for a video I saw on Fb where a kid slapped another guy and called him bitch! I ended up here and I loooove the song 😂

  63. author

    Marissa LopesДень тому

    Broke guys be like "I took her to McDonalds now she better have sex with me"

  64. author

    yakiДень тому

    Ok but they look like they're having a good time and I'd very much rather be there than in this shit show called 2020: What's Next.

  65. author

    Jo MakДень тому


  66. author

    Olivia MissPurpleHazeДень тому

    This video always leaves u wanting to watch 1000 more times haha.

  67. author

    RoboBuilderTayДень тому

    beat my meat tothem ;pussys

  68. author

    Pat PatДень тому

    Not the darkskin girl

  69. author

    Emil PahilangcoДень тому

    Cardi b is getting worse now

  70. author

    Niokia JohnsonДень тому

    7 months later JT BLOCK ME ON IG😭 and she my favorite.

  71. author

    Catherine WoodsДень тому

    "Will get flewd out".....😂

  72. author

    Sameer Love2 дні тому

    I can’t believe Yachty wrote this song. Lmao 😂

  73. author

    Shelby Hale2 дні тому

    3:06 Those hoops don’t want that hoe.

  74. author

    Royalty fam Fan2 дні тому

    Yes or no

  75. author

    Royalty fam Fan2 дні тому

    Kan I mare you

  76. author

    Cee Jayy2 дні тому


  77. author

    Emma Mcmahon ASMR2 дні тому

    I'm not lying I saw my friend in that video

  78. author

    Rlijah Williamd2 дні тому

    What the straight black guy listens to quietly

  79. author

    Cosimo Gritti2 дні тому

    I searched for it

  80. author

    Achraf kholoud2 дні тому

    follow me

  81. author

    Achraf kholoud2 дні тому

    follow me

  82. author

    Chino Feldmayer2 дні тому

    Nambarrrr 11111111111111

  83. author

    Avangeline Vermillion2 дні тому

    Love this song it is great I love it idk why

  84. author

    Mariam Amr2 дні тому

    Am i the only one who lying in bed and twerking 😂?

  85. author

    Silent mass472 дні тому

    Where my white girls at....they got azz too...

  86. author

    Mariam Amr2 дні тому

    The comments are killing im dying😂

  87. author

    Frex my man2 дні тому

    everybody gangsta till Act Up pops up at iFruit radio

  88. author

    nandorman2 дні тому

    Black culture at it's finest.

  89. author

    the walkinghornets2 дні тому

    Where the white women at?

  90. author

    ruby Garcia Gonzalez2 дні тому


  91. author

    shakara melanique2 дні тому

    This gonna be my mood when I get fomaus on my UAreporter channel lol this litttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! Twerk twerk

  92. author

    ruby Garcia Gonzalez2 дні тому


  93. author

    catra dora2 дні тому

    LMFAO I still can’t believe Lil Yachty wrote this

  94. author

    marina giacomaniello2 дні тому

    ya se que uste des no entiende

  95. author

    Alex Barrales2 дні тому


  96. author

    Alex Barrales2 дні тому


  97. author

    FORTNITEADDICT _CF2 дні тому

    For the guys out there we all come here when we don’t feel like watching porn

  98. author

    Invisible Libra2 дні тому

    Welp, I'm awake🤷‍♂️

  99. author

    Supaboi_exe2 дні тому

    3:17 Are we talking about it or just act as nothing happened

  100. author

    Alex Daimari2 дні тому

    Probably reading a poem 🤔