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Guy Fieri Product Taste TestGuy Fieri Product Taste Test

Guy Fieri Product Taste Test

18 днів тому

Will It Big Mac? Taste TestWill It Big Mac? Taste Test

Will It Big Mac? Taste Test

26 днів тому

Can You Taste Colors? (Test)Can You Taste Colors? (Test)

Can You Taste Colors? (Test)

28 днів тому

TikTok Food Taste TestTikTok Food Taste Test

TikTok Food Taste Test

Місяць тому

Worst Food Crimes Taste TestWorst Food Crimes Taste Test

Worst Food Crimes Taste Test

Місяць тому

Unethical Life Hacks (Game)Unethical Life Hacks (Game)

Unethical Life Hacks (Game)

Місяць тому

Sriracha Snack Taste TestSriracha Snack Taste Test

Sriracha Snack Taste Test

Місяць тому

Ultimate Beef Jerky Taste TestUltimate Beef Jerky Taste Test

Ultimate Beef Jerky Taste Test

Місяць тому

100 Years Of Soda Taste Test100 Years Of Soda Taste Test

100 Years Of Soda Taste Test

2 місяці тому

Weird Nut Butter Taste TestWeird Nut Butter Taste Test

Weird Nut Butter Taste Test

2 місяці тому

International Cookies Taste TestInternational Cookies Taste Test

International Cookies Taste Test

2 місяці тому

Will It Sandwich? Taste TestWill It Sandwich? Taste Test

Will It Sandwich? Taste Test

2 місяці тому

What Am I Touching? (Challenge)What Am I Touching? (Challenge)

What Am I Touching? (Challenge)

2 місяці тому

What Are They 3D Printing? (Game)What Are They 3D Printing? (Game)

What Are They 3D Printing? (Game)

2 місяці тому

Blind Exotic Sugar Taste TestBlind Exotic Sugar Taste Test

Blind Exotic Sugar Taste Test

3 місяці тому

Guess That Crazy Wikihow (Game)Guess That Crazy Wikihow (Game)

Guess That Crazy Wikihow (Game)

3 місяці тому

You’re Washing Dishes WrongYou’re Washing Dishes Wrong

You’re Washing Dishes Wrong

3 місяці тому

Discontinued Snacks Taste TestDiscontinued Snacks Taste Test

Discontinued Snacks Taste Test

3 місяці тому

Pop-Tarts Restaurant Taste TestPop-Tarts Restaurant Taste Test

Pop-Tarts Restaurant Taste Test

3 місяці тому

Nasty Beer Pong (Game)Nasty Beer Pong (Game)

Nasty Beer Pong (Game)

3 місяці тому

Will It Boba? Taste TestWill It Boba? Taste Test

Will It Boba? Taste Test

3 місяці тому

Try Not To Pucker (Sour Challenge)Try Not To Pucker (Sour Challenge)

Try Not To Pucker (Sour Challenge)

4 місяці тому

Surprising Food Combos Taste TestSurprising Food Combos Taste Test

Surprising Food Combos Taste Test

4 місяці тому

Bad Movie Review Singing ChallengeBad Movie Review Singing Challenge

Bad Movie Review Singing Challenge

4 місяці тому

100 Years Of Candy Taste Test100 Years Of Candy Taste Test

100 Years Of Candy Taste Test

4 місяці тому

Will It Oreo? Taste TestWill It Oreo? Taste Test

Will It Oreo? Taste Test

5 місяців тому

Jalapeno Snacks Taste TestJalapeno Snacks Taste Test

Jalapeno Snacks Taste Test

5 місяців тому

Instant Pot vs. Crockpot Taste TestInstant Pot vs. Crockpot Taste Test

Instant Pot vs. Crockpot Taste Test

5 місяців тому

Can We Break It? (CHALLENGE)Can We Break It? (CHALLENGE)

Can We Break It? (CHALLENGE)

5 місяців тому

Hilarious Kids' Love Letters (GAME)Hilarious Kids' Love Letters (GAME)

Hilarious Kids' Love Letters (GAME)

5 місяців тому

Voice Changer Guess Who GameVoice Changer Guess Who Game

Voice Changer Guess Who Game

5 місяців тому

Blind Hot Dog Taste TestBlind Hot Dog Taste Test

Blind Hot Dog Taste Test

5 місяців тому

Can You Guess Who’s Lying? (GAME)Can You Guess Who’s Lying? (GAME)

Can You Guess Who’s Lying? (GAME)

5 місяців тому

We Read Our Own FanFicWe Read Our Own FanFic

We Read Our Own FanFic

5 місяців тому

International Subway Taste TestInternational Subway Taste Test

International Subway Taste Test

5 місяців тому

Who Is the Fastest? (SPEED CHALLENGE)Who Is the Fastest? (SPEED CHALLENGE)

Who Is the Fastest? (SPEED CHALLENGE)

5 місяців тому

Putting Weird Things In A Vise (TEST)Putting Weird Things In A Vise (TEST)

Putting Weird Things In A Vise (TEST)

5 місяців тому

Will It Grilled Cheese? Taste TestWill It Grilled Cheese? Taste Test

Will It Grilled Cheese? Taste Test

5 місяців тому

  1. author

    DTBB2020 Presents7 годин тому


  2. author

    Ava7 годин тому

    Dipping the crust in mayo really is better than ketchup. Ketchup is too sweet.

  3. author

    sam hill7 годин тому

    who’s gonna tell them that kiev is not only IN ukraine (not russia) but is the CAPITAL

  4. author

    Destiny Bridgeman7 годин тому


  5. author

    Chris M8 годин тому

    Pizza in good nacho cheese sauce is one of the great pleasures in life

  6. author

    Bo Fraze8 годин тому

    Marinara with alot of parmesan and a bit of red chili flakes......stir together & dip like crazy! Actually makes CiCis taste better & you can get it by the bowl full!

  7. author

    ChickenLittle8 годин тому

    What about cookie soggys

  8. author

    Curtis Eisemann8 годин тому

    0:34 Ok, Who Is Glueing Food To Link?

  9. author

    Lyanne Miltenburg8 годин тому

    4 cheese pizza and pesto hmm.

  10. author

    prajay8 годин тому

    Is it just me or has everyone noticed everything post lockdown from GMM has been golden!

  11. author

    Jeremy Call8 годин тому

    No there's not I would choose to save the person cuz life is priceless and you don't sacrifice a life just to save another life

  12. author

    Emmie Queen8 годин тому

    I’d like to see the guys react to British tv programmes, or doing a British taste test again!!! Hope you guys come back to the UK ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. author

    No One8 годин тому

    5:10 I love how excited Basia looks just to be there

  14. author

    Matt Graziano8 годин тому

    In Colorado we only put honey on the crust after you eat the slice to make a sort of dessert bread. We don't dip the whole ass pizza in honey that's gross😂

  15. author

    Lzy Life Guide8 годин тому

    That jewelry for the dog's behind is probably gonna be soiled very quickly!

  16. author

    Oinker8 годин тому

    Lmao I had to switch accounts to watch this.

  17. author

    AmplifiedYeesh8 годин тому

    Just a question: who dips pizza? My French brain is VERY confused. That's not a thing here. At all.

  18. author

    Silly Gustavo8 годин тому

    Link is simping

  19. author

    Jackson McLendon8 годин тому

    You guys should have a show on Comedy Central lol

  20. author

    Lorísek8 годин тому

    Sooo.. is there gonna be "We Read Our Own FanFic part 2"? :D

  21. author

    David Boucher8 годин тому

    Here on england you have garlic sauce or chili sauce. Non of this posh garlic butter and thai peanut butter supreme stress stripping dip. Why dont we have these dips UK??

  22. author

    Chris B8 годин тому

    Still watching old vids in August 2020

  23. author

    Mr. Horton8 годин тому

    If your mind ever tells you to go talk to someone. Just don’t haha.

  24. author

    Dank Engine Memes8 годин тому

    I decided i would binge watch every episode starting at s1 e1 and ive got here

  25. author

    Dank Engine Memes8 годин тому

    Who’s watching this mood corona

  26. author

    Tom Brookins8 годин тому

    can i get that big mac dorito burger?

  27. author

    animation 1238 годин тому

    The twelve minute barrier inclosing.......... the 15 seconds (Spiderman stopping train meme)

  28. author

    Alexzandera Hunt8 годин тому

    So basically to get rid of your headache you had to be a cannibal

  29. author

    Riley Glover8 годин тому

    Make a cook book with all the "will it" foods so we can try them too 😳

  30. author

    animation 1238 годин тому

    Rat tat ra ra ra ah

  31. author

    Mae Wobniar8 годин тому

    rhett without a beard: *cursed* link with a beard: *cursed*

  32. author

    Heather Spencer8 годин тому

    When they flipped the pie and chips the peas then flipped

  33. author

    Eric8 годин тому

    Why was Rhett so defensive about what he rated the food lmao

  34. author

    Alexzandera Hunt8 годин тому

    I love salmon eggs

  35. author

    Laura Hewett8 годин тому

    when you're allergic to peanuts...

  36. author

    Travis Alford8 годин тому

    Oh hi Rebecca

  37. author

    Alexzandera Hunt8 годин тому

    Rhett snake eggs are way bigger than that

  38. author

    Kaden Morvant8 годин тому

    Rhett cant be hypnotized

  39. author

    Rose8 годин тому

    I like to watch these guys eat while I eat. It really enhances my eating experience.

  40. author

    No One8 годин тому

    10:14 Rhett's face when he realizes that Link is either lying or he's deep in the placebo effect

  41. author

    Curtis Eisemann8 годин тому

    0:46 Link, Why Do You Have A Crunchwrap Supreme Glued To Your Shirt?

  42. author

    Alucard Hellsing8 годин тому

    I always root for link in these games.

  43. author

    Cody Koeller8 годин тому

    Exorcism movie victims be like: 8:54

  44. author

    Darkertime28 годин тому

    i miss the slow progression into food absurdity, but there is something great about the mythical kitchen making bomb foods, i never would have thought of too.

  45. author

    MentaCODM8 годин тому


  46. author

    Olivia Pierce8 годин тому

    Finally! We’ve been waitin on ya, Kroger!

  47. author

    Carl Unthank8 годин тому

    These steaks look so dry

  48. author

    Koji Arakawa8 годин тому

    I still think it’s funny that his hands are so big that he had to hold the sandwich differently

  49. author

    Tyler Lasher8 годин тому

    Damn dude. I cant believe this shows up on my feed.

  50. author

    Brian Taylor8 годин тому

    Link’s dad looks like Ricky’s fathers from “trailer park boys” XD

  51. author

    Luckydays._.stables :38 годин тому

    If you look at Rhett from the front he looks like Arthur Morgan from rdr2 😂😂

  52. author

    Brian Barrett8 годин тому

    Andy would have loved it.

  53. author

    Crimson White9 годин тому

    What if you did a tournament for the best gummy’s or a will it gummy

  54. author

    John Paulix9 годин тому

    I am starting a UAreporter channel and I am looking up to you for how I will host it! Love your videos ❤️

  55. author


    Di-did they just eat play dough?

  56. author

    Teri Balliet9 годин тому

    90s: lets make a cookie with a swimming kangaroo Alternate universe: let’s reverse what they’re making

  57. author

    Hevvy Rhythm9 годин тому

    The baster banter gave me some good chuckles

  58. author

    rachel cao9 годин тому


  59. author

    Mia :39 годин тому

    14:12 mask inspiration from studio c?

  60. author

    James Haaksma9 годин тому

    penn station is number 1

  61. author

    16-Bit Bernie9 годин тому

    I think LTAT should come back but with other guests other than rhett and link like other members of the crew

  62. author

    Keven Pacheco9 годин тому

    I believe there aren’t any zoo’s in Australia bc Australia is already a zoo.

  63. author

    Lockwood_and_Fudges9 годин тому

    Aww man, you guys should test it on Bezos UwU

  64. author

    your local goose9 годин тому

    Yo tostinos is my favourite frozen pizza ngl- like MhM crunchy and thiN

  65. author

    Taylor Coderre9 годин тому

    Did anyone else think, "Hey kids! Nice to eat ya. Are you ready for some Fazbear's Pizza?" during the intro?

  66. author

    Alexzandera Hunt9 годин тому

    I am the friend with the fault in moral compass

  67. author

    Nerr Name9 годин тому

    Idk if it was intentional or not but Rhetts “Antswer” hit was godly

  68. author

    LynxenX9 годин тому

    Nobody: Stevie: *Dies sipping a whiteclaw too hard*

  69. author

    PatrickŠmíd 62899 годин тому

    That hurt to watch...

  70. author

    Emily Green9 годин тому

    "It's from Greece!" "" 😂

  71. author

    Julio Morales9 годин тому

    Kfc biscuits are where it's at

  72. author

    XploitXbox9 годин тому

    Get the bison steaks

  73. author

    Abby Baxter9 годин тому

    How do they get the food?

  74. author

    Conrad Choy9 годин тому

    but have you tried buffalo ranch combo dipping

  75. author

    RoefAN349 годин тому

    You guys are very disrespectful

  76. author

    Sr. Toastybuns9 годин тому

    Did anyone else expect the mythical kitchen be the recipes for the stuff they make on this show and not random recipes?

  77. author

    Charles Odom9 годин тому

    According to Johnny Scolville. The seeds have no heat. The heat is in the placenta at the top of the peppers.

  78. author

    Baby Ani9 годин тому

    shouldve given him tiny yogurt

  79. author

    Brooke Patricia9 годин тому

    I can see why no one talks about this anymore

  80. author

    Duuucky9 годин тому

    Phish food is the best ice cream flavor ever

  81. author

    brofenix9 годин тому

    Great episode :D

  82. author

    Diego Laguardia9 годин тому

    Anyone else laughing at how kroger always ends last in taste tests for them yet now its "the best!"😂🤣

  83. author

    Jilly S9 годин тому


  84. author

    Vince Wilson9 годин тому

    Guy on the left is forsure a a lizard

  85. author

    tzomi9 годин тому

    I knew the migos chips but I have a clean sweep. I guessed them all right

  86. author

    Newt Scamander9 годин тому

    Hi Harry Potter

  87. author

    Sea Lily9 годин тому

    Yall need to have Andrew back on, he's great

  88. author

    Aubrey Bowlus9 годин тому

    What you really gotta do is put buffalo sauce IN your ranch and then dip your pizza in it

  89. author

    Natasha Phillips10 годин тому


  90. author

    mp biggame10 годин тому

    dude the ending was dark af xDD