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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Supreme Court Upholds DACASupreme Court Upholds DACA

Supreme Court Upholds DACA

16 днів тому

Headspace 2020 CommercialHeadspace 2020 Commercial

Headspace 2020 Commercial

18 днів тому

  1. author

    Brian Tadiwa8 годин тому


  2. author

    Casey Tyler8 годин тому

    ugh Philippa's voice is INCREDIBLE!

  3. author

    Briana Rios8 годин тому

    Every other true confessions has both names of those on the video except for this one, what the hell is that

  4. author

    kurt blickenderfer8 годин тому

    These views on humanity give the black community an excuse to do nothing with their lives. Absolute garbage and extremely racist

  5. author

    toma thaler8 годин тому


  6. author

    Pa FUERA !!!! Al Pelu Comunista8 годин тому

    Outstanding Ozuna in another level already the best

  7. author

    Robert Baur8 годин тому

    Thought she was an angel

  8. author

    Sierra Hemming8 годин тому

    I watched Mamma Mia two

  9. author

    Gus Saint8 годин тому

    Muito ruim, recomendo

  10. author

    Trisha P8 годин тому

    Monica: " wait a minute..rachel and Joey, Phoebe and Mike, Ross and charilie...we're the only ones going back with the same people who we came with" Chandler: " that's not true, I came with monica and IM LEAVING WITH WEIRD AL!"

  11. author

    cynic8 годин тому

    둥둥둥 두루루둥

  12. author

    Angie8 годин тому

    why has it taken me so long to find this woman? i hate seeing that moronic orange cheeto head idiotic joke we are calling president get up there and mumble stuff that makes no sense. but when she says the stuff it's funny. i would love to see her pair up with Seinfeld

  13. author

    Public Opinion8 годин тому

    This woman doesnt understand the social sciences and is pushing bullshit. Yes racism exists but the narrative she is talking about is just nonsense

  14. author

    Babatundae Fan base8 годин тому

    Hehe say now lil tathy is mumble who so ever says he a mumble fuck u

  15. author

    John Sumba8 годин тому

    Like si extrañabas a ozuna con sus trenzas regreso odisea 👏👏👏

  16. author

    larkuu8 годин тому

    Just when i thought this song couldn't get any better

  17. author

    Evelynn Frawley8 годин тому

    Shawns friends: I like *says something they like normal* Shawn: I lIkE sOcKs AnD rOkCs

  18. author

    Can i g'et 2k subs Without any videoes8 годин тому

    That song doe...

  19. author

    Lourdz8 годин тому

    Their outfits are my favorites and most original

  20. author

    Nancy Sherry8 годин тому

    ask the fallon's: who is the black and white picture of, in the room with all the drawers? AND How come the daughters are not present in most recent posts.

  21. author

    Dinner Kitchen8 годин тому

    The way she looks at him in pure love and affection, beautiful

  22. author

    Blink Blackpink8 годин тому

  23. author

    Skelly8 годин тому

    I wish that just once, one of Fallon's guests would call him out on his fake ass laughing.

  24. author

    Carmen Cruz8 годин тому

    Lol....this pandemia is getting the best of us love it!!! Keep it coming mr. Fallon jm having a blast!!!!!

  25. author

    Rohan Asuthkar8 годин тому

    Tiktok has censored this chat

  26. author

    Shianne T8 годин тому

    Jimmy Fallon is my hero

  27. author

    Kim Brower8 годин тому

    Watch Hamilton earlier on Disney plus. It was fantastic. But iam really suprised that its on Disney plus because of some cursing .

  28. author

    Trey Trey8 годин тому

    'Stuffed up'? Should've changed it to 'messed up'. Good substitution for 'f***ed' up if you're on national tv and you have to censor the lyrics. Like 'lonely CHIC' sub.

  29. author

    Mouna Kss8 годин тому

    Why is this video not available in some countries?

  30. author

    SkriLex8 годин тому

    killed them before they destroy us! We need you!

  31. author

    Elena Esposito8 годин тому


  32. author

    Mariann Carroll8 годин тому

    They should do foreign songs dance challenge

  33. author

    Nurul Rahi8 годин тому

    Mia San . Mia . Thanks present 📦

  34. author

    Andreia Melo8 годин тому

    Girl powr ariana's i love birifol

  35. author

    Scott Deieso8 годин тому

    Yea its not dice at 100% but I still love it

  36. author

    Olivia Bazot8 годин тому

    It makes me so happy to know that Lin is still Jimmy’s voicemail 😍

  37. author

    Samuel Deivid santos8 годин тому

    Kkk nosa

  38. author

    Dana Nuella8 годин тому

    A Queen I stan✊🏽

  39. author

    Bob's snooker channel8 годин тому

    What a privilege it is to be able to sit at home with a beer and laugh my ass off with these guys.

  40. author

    Damla Deniz8 годин тому

    Doesn’t matter if you like it or not I like it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. author

    Mattisyahoo Wilsonbjork8 годин тому

    This a racist telling other people they are racist because of her experience. just because you are racist, Robin, doesn’t mean we are.

  42. author

    I Teach You8 годин тому

    what the point adding english sub if it just says singing in korean

  43. author

    Clémentine Gibbons8 годин тому

    French fries on a hamburger come on Jimmy I mean come on also it must so fun !

  44. author

    Adam Fadilla8 годин тому

    Sun's temperature : 5505 Celsius Dua Lipa's legs : ITS OVER 9000

  45. author

    ingrid Ceballos8 годин тому

    te odio profe de ingles

  46. author

    Yisroel Weiss8 годин тому

    Keri Russell is an insane genius.

  47. author

    Karina Gargiulo8 годин тому

    Rose's accent is everything

  48. author

    Nusantara 018 годин тому


  49. author

    This Guy8 годин тому

    Jimmy is fake

  50. author

    Magenta Cronje8 годин тому

    Very wired but extremely funny 😂😂😂

  51. author

    Dorythefish8 годин тому

    Australians always seem so happy and enthusiastic

  52. author

    메아리[ V ]8 годин тому

    good korean

  53. author

    ali ali8 годин тому


  54. author

    Yisroel Weiss8 годин тому

    Why do y’all think he takes the name “Gucci Mane”? Maybe “Mane” Is like “Man”, and “Gucci” cuz he likes to wear Gucci. Lmk what y’all think.

  55. author

    SimpleGamingShow TV8 годин тому

    Really love her way to sing,in the cool way she said her bad situacion with her boyfriend

  56. author

    puja naik9 годин тому

    Oh my god he picked on kids habits. ❤️❤️❤️What a cute darling. Oversized baby he is.❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this baby evans

  57. author

    Amazing Creations Ent.9 годин тому

    Wakanda forever sign the way to go these times😂😂😂

  58. author

    Rene Xum9 годин тому

    Cole Sprouse 🤩🤩🤩😍😍❤❤❤❤

  59. author

    Malak Kohlani9 годин тому

    This reminds me of the trolls movie

  60. author

    אורי דורון9 годин тому

    I still didn’t exactly get it, is it the new Beatles’s let it be photo?

  61. author

    Lungam Bangyang9 годин тому

    Im sorry jimmy you're good at impressions but i just skipped your part whenever you're going it ik im horrible but sorry

  62. author

    rodney adams9 годин тому

    the poney tale movie not weird grunts make moves. wonder what look like as red head. inhuman come out sky agents shield soposte be crystal. thought medusa big hair. long red pony tale might fun change.

  63. author

    Smug Pepe9 годин тому

    she has made millions of "far right" people and the number gets bigger every day!

  64. author

    Emma Emma9 годин тому

    XD the way she said cwasoint killed me 1:11

  65. author

    FuturecutsVideos9 годин тому

    What a crazy woman!...

  66. author

    Arjuna Xavier9 годин тому

    blackfink ! IG: @aurelliaayuudia

  67. author

    Trin Doozie9 годин тому

    I love how she uses medaphores to explain these sounds, sad cat and cold pigeon

  68. author

    FANNYLEROUX9 годин тому

    The show hasn't long been cancelled, turns out Donald Trump CAN bring back good TV... Just not for a long time

  69. author

    Yanina Cheril9 годин тому

    Imagine how many hours you need to practice to be so good

  70. author

    Hassu Playz9 годин тому

    Jimmy on steroids......

  71. author

    Andy Graziano9 годин тому

    Dr. Jesse Blum!

  72. author

    Yanina Snowflake9 годин тому

    True talent

  73. author

    Teodora Krsmanovic9 годин тому

    i wanna cry, well actually i am crying.......

  74. author

    WVR Spence9 годин тому

    I'm sorry but TikTok is owned and run by the Chinese government.

  75. author

    Cole Brayden9 годин тому

    Was this a fake?

  76. author

    Robert S550stang9 годин тому

    Top 5 shows of all time....

  77. author

    Brian B9 годин тому

    I just hate jimmy fallon

  78. author

    Rachel Reiss9 годин тому

    And at the end of that White House performance there was this standing ovation thing... ;)

  79. author

    Ameen Younis9 годин тому

    Unsubscribed from this garbage

  80. author

    Evnana Wesk9 годин тому

    Jsi disoskdnd. in fucking love

  81. author

    Malex9 годин тому

    Kevin is very annoying

  82. author

    Marques Johnson Sr.9 годин тому

    I love you Katie Holmes!

  83. author

    George Norris9 годин тому

  84. author

    urbandecayyoursoul9 годин тому


  85. author

    ponypower89 годин тому

    Will Smith? Is the question "Name a celebrity you had a fling with."? They did that movie "Focus" before they did "Suicide Squad".

  86. author

    ClumsyRoot9 годин тому

    C’mon, Jimmy... 🙁

  87. author

    gabrielly Freitas9 годин тому

    Música cagada de feia 😂😂😂😂

  88. author

    Sibel Savas9 годин тому

    Spitting image of his dad great man he was,😔 good luck to him lovely lad just like his dad.

  89. author

    Lolo Haj9 годин тому

    Jimmy in the thumbnail 😂

  90. author

    AnonymousCheesePie379 годин тому

    shoulda been rock candy.

  91. author

    Rosè has eaten Jisoo because she eats everything9 годин тому

    0:25 lisa's smirk 💕

  92. author

    A M A L9 годин тому

    ياعرب حاط مقطع اسامه 😳🤭

  93. author

    Joseph Deese9 годин тому

    Pete turned into Chad at 5:18 🤣

  94. author

    Michael John9 годин тому

    The woman is obsessed with seeing racism everywhere, it’s like a conspiracy that only exists in her mind.

  95. author

    Eaten Cookie9 годин тому

    This gives me life...

  96. author

    pasu rin9 годин тому

    They still sound all the same, it makes me feel things....

  97. author

    thebeatgoeson 199 годин тому

    God the liberalism is overwhelming, she has a serious disease, so sad. What a load of bullshit.