fukn broken hearted, take a listen

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    Кристина Вайцель17 годин тому

    I LOVE it❤❤😇😈

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    catherine shin17 годин тому

    the rare sightings of when jaden is wearing a shirt

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    Queen Malisha17 годин тому


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    Aril _da17 годин тому

    Please bring back JAYDISON back 🥺❤️🥺❤️

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    Maariyah Wright18 годин тому

    imagine if one of the "shadows" walking by was bryce or josh

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    Heckin_Craycray18 годин тому

    *Hears me thinking he was happy, Now I know how much I hide my Own Abyss #2020 **#Angelsanddemons*

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    kirsties roblox18 годин тому

    i love this songgggg :)

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    Kenlee Pate18 годин тому

    I didn’t know you smoked please stop🥺🥺 it’ll kill you

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    Sophia Smalley19 годин тому

    Most talented person on tiktok

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    Madison Gonzalez19 годин тому

    my first thought: is that ruby rose?!

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    videostar edits19 годин тому

    i could like the whole lyric of angels&demons after only once of listening to it

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    Valentina Gutierrez Valenzuela19 годин тому


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    victoria mac leod19 годин тому

    Es joda que no hay nadie de arg?

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    kimchii20 годин тому

    0:41 His hair 👆👇👆👇

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    Dayskate 10120 годин тому

    Bruh this videos disappointing 💀 could’ve gone as hard as the song... god i can see the 12 year old kids rn “ummm actually ur just jealous” Hahah... no

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    Ariana Nuñez20 годин тому

    He hit a 10 million views congrats

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    Cami20 годин тому

    He is sooooooo freaking cute🥺🥺🤤🤤🤤🤤🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

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    InstantPride21 годину тому

    Fuck this music video I gay

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    locomocohoo21 годину тому


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    GiraffeGames21 годину тому

    Hi Jaden

  21. author

    Willow White21 годину тому

    He sounds different when he sings then when he talks

  22. author

    -Wolfiegirl19 -21 годину тому

    Really good songg

  23. author

    Hailey Majors22 години тому

    I got chills

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    lala elkess22 години тому


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    Bdub DeMann22 години тому

    Thought he looked different but maybe he just has a shirt on

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    MACIE TYNDELL22 години тому

    Lowkey love this song

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    Vanessa Sk822 години тому

    jadn hits different at 1:08

  28. author

    Abi-mae Cox22 години тому

    I think I have a new favourite song.

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    Nasra Ahmed22 години тому

    who else didn't know jaden smoked like hes only nineteen

  30. author

    Kaitlyn Rainsberg22 години тому

    People "what's your ideal husband?" Me "lemme tell you about a young man named Jaden Hossler."

  31. author

    Ava -_-22 години тому

    I wanna do a cover to this song but I'm a really bad singer🥺 any advise on how to get better??

  32. author

    Arianator Love23 години тому

    this song is seriously better than most songs on the charts right now

  33. author

    Thayla Caroline23 години тому

    Jaden é muito talentoso aimds ❤️❤️

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    HydraCatniss23 години тому

    This song is very well written and the beat is good but why did people not like it?

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    Iliana Haviardis23 години тому

    this hits so hard

  36. author

    Rajib Kumar Ray23 години тому

    One of my favorite songs now

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    khenzie nadal23 години тому

    You have no potential in life ur gonna be a crackhead living on the street

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    Olivia Cantarutti23 години тому

    Jaden your out!!!! You and josh moved out.. are you still gonna do tea tok? I’m so happy rn!! Are you gonna make more music cuz if u do I’m literally the happiest person on the planet!!❤️😊

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    Nurfadilah Ukhti Fatahillah23 години тому

    Tik tok bring me here

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    Izzy LealДень тому

    That’s not him singing bruh... if it is it’s like auto tuned as fuck

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    Kawaii Leslie UwUДень тому

    This song trash

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    Полина БирюковаДень тому

    I hope it’s just a song🥺♥️ I really love “comatose” and “angels & demons”🔥

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    Marilyn WellingtonДень тому

    I don't see Jaden as tiktok star we see him as a rockstar

  44. author

    Lyrical LikeДень тому

    I had to come here after to listen I havent listens to this for a bit I used to listen to this non stop now its Angel's and demons bruh he has real talent

  45. author

    Sitiron pampamДень тому

    10M!! 👏👏👏👏👏😍

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    natalie e.День тому

    He looks so different

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    John Paul LarrocДень тому


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    Scarlett RoseДень тому

    me and my friend watched this all day and at night we turned the lights off and we somat white fly past our mirror

  49. author

    julie AnneДень тому

    Woah jaden I love it❤

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    Lily LangstaffДень тому

    Is it weird I now this song because my dad listens to it so I looked up the lyrics and fell in love

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    Alexandre PerronДень тому

    Anyone else felt « I LOVE YOU BUT F*CK YOU » I Did

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    Micah D HernandezДень тому

    One of my favorite songs 💕👍🏼

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    juliana VergaraДень тому

    Am i the only one who love jaden and this is her favorite song? LOVE YOU JADEN

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    Same MltrДень тому

    Au fait coucou les français. SO FUCK ME LIKE A ROCKSTAR

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    Madeline FayantДень тому

    Why are his music videos/singing everything....

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    stranger thingsДень тому

    all them peolple who disliked this is just jealous that Jaden is a better tiktoker and singer than you@!!!

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    Mira-Nour BarakatДень тому

    I Love You so so so so So much 🥰🥰💘❤❤❤But I am 9yards OIb😢😢😥😥😰😰😿You are Soooooooooo Hot 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🤤🤤🥵❤❤❤

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    laura beatrizДень тому

    Cada o BR aqqq ???

  59. author

    RMK DuwailahДень тому

    All girls : you’re delicious

  60. author

    RMK DuwailahДень тому

    Like since inprporite ok what happened fooling

  61. author

    RMK DuwailahДень тому

    Why do smoke it’s hot

  62. author

    Yasser & ImaneДень тому

    I love you so mush

  63. author

    TheMayblecatДень тому


  64. author

    xoxiiamberiixoxДень тому

    I ship him and maddison beer who else agrees ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  65. author

    vitória lemeДень тому

    best song yes or of course ???

  66. author

    chain richДень тому

    Join loop you will fit in

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    Daniela xdДень тому

    i love this song its the best

  68. author

    Amanda RibeiroДень тому

    cada vez fico mais apaixonada por este "angel"!! que king!!

  69. author

    Khaleda ChoudhuryДень тому

    You are best tiktoker

  70. author

    Khaleda ChoudhuryДень тому

    Jaden is talented and the 1st best singer in the whole entire world

  71. author

    Ellie welshДень тому

    this music video is bomb tho

  72. author

    Anondia DunlapДень тому

    You and mads look a like

  73. author

    ktmz _День тому

    i love his voice but right now you look like a man named by kevin who is gay but his parents don’t know it

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    Wait lyrics

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    Heloísa Lopes JosepimДень тому

    Fuma não pô .... cigarro da crancer

  76. author

    Hope MorrisДень тому

    I love his two songs and i jaden makes more i really do hope he does.

  77. author

    Mair MairiiДень тому

    He is something else. His music is not "common" and usual. I just love it.

  78. author

    Sh4r0n Cr0ceДень тому

    1:04 those breaths...aaaaaaa oh my god he's fucking handsome

  79. author

    Emma LolДень тому


  80. author

    Haylee KingДень тому


  81. author


    yes i love this song

  82. author

    jolieДень тому

    Forget Dainelle Chon haha

  83. author

    Hansy HooksДень тому

    What’s the red thingy he’s holding ???? 🤢😳

  84. author

    Isabely MartinsДень тому

  85. author

    Анна ГризуноваДень тому

    😈Demons 😇Angels

  86. author

    Kellie DensonДень тому

    When he was jamming his hair whent ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️ and then he trys to fix it ❤️

  87. author

    Khloe ScottДень тому

    “Riding in a cop car” wow 😳😩😐

  88. author

    • raspberryplays •День тому

    He’s ugly Bryce is prettier

  89. author

    Brattymaddy 11День тому

    Love this

  90. author

    Kelly JoДень тому

    I am obsessed with this song !!! You did so good jaden !!!! 🤤🤤🤤

  91. author

    Paola Perez RodriguezДень тому

    Todo bien en casa los q le han dado Dislike? Todo bien?

  92. author

    Paola Perez RodriguezДень тому

    Mi crush número 1🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  93. author

    Paola Perez RodriguezДень тому

    Dios eres el mjor🤩

  94. author

    Paola Perez RodriguezДень тому

    Te amo boludo😂🤩🤩🤩

  95. author

    Scarlett MurphyДень тому

    This is the only music video I will actually sit and watch

  96. author


    Hi I’m someone

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    Emily GuttsДень тому

    Love it but plsss don’t smoke I want u to live a god and long healthy life

  98. author

    The lame loser HahaДень тому


  99. author

    Nine CherubiniДень тому

    Je l’aime

  100. author

    Skylar KajiДень тому

    honestly the only "tiktok" star with actual musical talent