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Tiny Face MakeupTiny Face Makeup

Tiny Face Makeup

16 днів тому

My Progress in Men's HaircutsMy Progress in Men's Haircuts

My Progress in Men's Haircuts

Місяць тому

We Made A Hand MoldWe Made A Hand Mold

We Made A Hand Mold

Місяць тому

Trimming My Own HairTrimming My Own Hair

Trimming My Own Hair

Місяць тому

Bunny's One Year UpdateBunny's One Year Update

Bunny's One Year Update

Місяць тому

Get Ready With Me To Go NowhereGet Ready With Me To Go Nowhere

Get Ready With Me To Go Nowhere

2 місяці тому

Bunny's 4th BirthdayBunny's 4th Birthday

Bunny's 4th Birthday

3 місяці тому

Painting Denim JacketsPainting Denim Jackets

Painting Denim Jackets

3 місяці тому

Testing A Viral Dog Car HarnessTesting A Viral Dog Car Harness

Testing A Viral Dog Car Harness

3 місяці тому

Dog Kissing BoothDog Kissing Booth

Dog Kissing Booth

3 місяці тому

I Made That Awful Soap HandI Made That Awful Soap Hand

I Made That Awful Soap Hand

4 місяці тому

Making Clip In Bangs *Work* For MeMaking Clip In Bangs *Work* For Me

Making Clip In Bangs *Work* For Me

4 місяці тому

Giving Myself An E-Girl MakeoverGiving Myself An E-Girl Makeover

Giving Myself An E-Girl Makeover

4 місяці тому

Bunny's First BathBunny's First Bath

Bunny's First Bath

5 місяців тому

Making More SoupMaking More Soup

Making More Soup

5 місяців тому

Making An Advent Calendar For My DogsMaking An Advent Calendar For My Dogs

Making An Advent Calendar For My Dogs

6 місяців тому

6 місяців тому

Giving Myself A Tape Face LiftGiving Myself A Tape Face Lift

Giving Myself A Tape Face Lift

6 місяців тому

I'm Dog Stairs For HalloweenI'm Dog Stairs For Halloween

I'm Dog Stairs For Halloween

7 місяців тому

My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 3My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 3

My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 3

7 місяців тому

I Made A Train For My DogsI Made A Train For My Dogs

I Made A Train For My Dogs

8 місяців тому

Meme👏 Review👏 4Meme👏 Review👏 4

Meme👏 Review👏 4

9 місяців тому

Trying To Make My Own WigTrying To Make My Own Wig

Trying To Make My Own Wig

9 місяців тому

My Dogs Eat PupsiclesMy Dogs Eat Pupsicles

My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

9 місяців тому

Playing Episode: Love LifePlaying Episode: Love Life

Playing Episode: Love Life

9 місяців тому

I Gave Myself A Claire's MakeoverI Gave Myself A Claire's Makeover

I Gave Myself A Claire's Makeover

10 місяців тому

Let's Paint With StringLet's Paint With String

Let's Paint With String

10 місяців тому

We Went Camping In Our BackyardWe Went Camping In Our Backyard

We Went Camping In Our Backyard

10 місяців тому

I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen NailsI Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails

I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails

11 місяців тому

I'm A Disco BallI'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

11 місяців тому

Hydro Dipping A Pair of CrocsHydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

11 місяців тому

Meme👏 Review👏 3Meme👏 Review👏 3

Meme👏 Review👏 3

11 місяців тому

I Want A New FaceI Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

Рік тому

2 Week Bunny Update2 Week Bunny Update

2 Week Bunny Update

Рік тому

A Tour Of My PlantsA Tour Of My Plants

A Tour Of My Plants

Рік тому

Let's Abstract PaintLet's Abstract Paint

Let's Abstract Paint

Рік тому

I Want To Be TallI Want To Be Tall

I Want To Be Tall

Рік тому

Giving Myself a BeardGiving Myself a Beard

Giving Myself a Beard

Рік тому

Let's Acrylic PourLet's Acrylic Pour

Let's Acrylic Pour

Рік тому

Thrift Store RouletteThrift Store Roulette

Thrift Store Roulette

Рік тому

My Dogs Pick My MakeupMy Dogs Pick My Makeup

My Dogs Pick My Makeup

Рік тому

Trying To Decorate Our HouseTrying To Decorate Our House

Trying To Decorate Our House

2 роки тому

We Bought A HouseWe Bought A House

We Bought A House

2 роки тому

  1. author

    Blizzard the Icetalon2 години тому

    You didn’t feed peach a peach-

  2. author

    Sofia Laje2 години тому

    we need a quarantine edition of this.

  3. author

    Devin2 години тому

    I would’ve named it Handrew lol

  4. author

    Jerry Sonett2 години тому

    My God. I’ve watched this video like 5 times now. It NEVER gets old 😂

  5. author

    nicole hughes2 години тому

    Jenna looks like Becky Lynch on all the drugs. Haha love it

  6. author

    a.2 години тому

    Happy Birthday Marbles♥️

  7. author

    hannah_bella 262 години тому

    When Julien coughed into the mask and Jenna said perfect 😱😵

  8. author

    Mariana Diaz2 години тому

    There are UAreporterrs and then there is Jenna fricken Marbles!

  9. author

    Dominoes372 години тому

    This is sadly accurate

  10. author

    Leslie Lopez2 години тому

    I’ve watched this video so many times, so my verdict is that we need an updated one.

  11. author

    Wizzy Dizzy Drawings2 години тому

    Jenna is permanently 16 but like that kid in school you wanna be friends with but you have social anxiety

  12. author

    Valdita Bacaliu2 години тому

    I cannot stop rewatching this video for 2 reasons : 1.) jenna is GORGEOUS and uhm 2.) the comedy is GOLDEN

  13. author

    Such A Geek2 години тому

    I really want to know what Jason thought of this.

  14. author

    Brush Fox3 години тому

    im gonna crunch the numbs

  15. author

    Gigi Hide3 години тому

    Am from future: 2020 sucks ass m8 your content is the only thing getting me through it lol

  16. author

    missael suazo3 години тому

    Ad is dead!

  17. author

    Veronica Jones3 години тому


  18. author

    joshxmen3 години тому

    10 thus channel is old, no ofense of course

  19. author

    Hey Wassup3 години тому

    Wasting perfectly good food.

  20. author

    SS SS - The Pomu3 години тому

    Is Kermit an Italian Greyhound? So cute, I want to get one. 😀

  21. author

    Emma Goodbred3 години тому

    I say crop the Rochester purple hoodie and keep the St Louis one as is because it's awesome sauce

  22. author

    Katelyn Kelso3 години тому

    Marbles walked in the background at 7:23 and I swear to god I thought it was a chicken loose in her house

  23. author

    aaronoppressed3 години тому

    Who is watching this on the day before Marbles 12th birthday?

  24. author

    Brianna Peters3 години тому

    i haven't been watching jenna and julien for that long, but i've already made a kermit sticker and put it on my laptop

  25. author

    Jose Herrera3 години тому

    Gimmie plz

  26. author

    Jose Herrera3 години тому

    I want her dogs..... GIMNIE😂

  27. author

    Harold hughes3 години тому

    As a fellow girl ima say Jenna is hot as f*ck and I love her hair and I love her dogs and I love her Julian

  28. author

    Paige R. Hackett3 години тому

    As someone with PCOS, Jenna please take my facial hair, please take my lady beard away from me. She deserves someone who can appreciate her and it is NOT ME.

  29. author

    Sam Mercer3 години тому

    This is the cutest video ever, and Jenna and Julien are legit soulmates :)

  30. author

    Bearded Kingface3 години тому

    Came back 10 years later to say WHATUP MARBLES

  31. author

    Qwertyforever :D3 години тому

    Yooo this is creepy. Like Julien where’s your Aries antics?

  32. author

    Zanfish3 години тому

    Realmouth has this saved on their channel

  33. author

    Bailey Rae3 години тому

    Things Guys Don't Understand Pt 2: Guys forever change the way girls see clothes they love by making stupid comments Jenna: It's my aesthetic! Julian: *That looks like a mustache* Jenna: =__=

  34. author

    -*ello *-3 години тому

    He be like: ayyyy U STABED MY WIFE HOW DARE U

  35. author

    aQuayQuay3 години тому

    You reminded me of another one of my fav UAreporterrs named RawBeautyKristi when you used bronzer like a blush! Kristi says it gives the skin a sun-kissed look and she advises everyone to give it a try at least once :) I personally think it's pretty darn cute.

  36. author

    Kayla Barron3 години тому

    I threw out my Bach and this has somehow brought me back to Bach and killed mi Bach at same time

  37. author

    Alixandra Rogers3 години тому

    Jenna could literally shave her head bald, glue just the clip in bangs to the back of her head, then use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the rest and STILL LOOK GORGEOUS

  38. author

    Just some random clown4 години тому

    >:( Is this what plagues UAreporter now?

  39. author

    Katherine4 години тому

    Happy 12th Birthday tomorrow Marbles!!!

  40. author

    Arland Smith4 години тому

    did esto j hit the woah to flip the camera?? yoo my guyyy

  41. author

    Lilith4 години тому

    Happy birthday mr marbles!!! <3

  42. author

    indie.me4 години тому

    Marble with that Pennywise costume made my day

  43. author

    Kaley Kennamer4 години тому


  44. author

    Reagan Hernandez4 години тому

    Where is this weeks video?

  45. author

    Cici Woods4 години тому

    This is me as a cancer patient

  46. author

    ice9greycee4 години тому

    This is like the only video I can watch over and over and over again and still be amused by it every time 😂

  47. author

    Bruh Moment4 години тому

    Yall know any jenna marbles merch like hoddies or somethin??

  48. author

    Alicia Burghardt4 години тому

    Julian the whole time being the most annoying lol I love that 😂

  49. author

    linnea tyrrell4 години тому

    Jenna is the ONLY good thing to come out of Rochester

  50. author

    Leo Gibson4 години тому

    Does anyone know the app they used?

  51. author

    Mr Salty4 години тому

    1:15-1:17, "The man of your dreams.", A crying nasty boi

  52. author

    Alicia Burghardt4 години тому

    Is it just me or does it look like a duck for a hot minute but also a cat lmao

  53. author

    Alicia Burghardt4 години тому

    I couldn’t see it for the longest time then I saw it and couldn’t stop laughing! You did good!

  54. author

    Mr Salty4 години тому

    1:31, Kermit on meth

  55. author

    T.J. Blahblahblah4 години тому

    We almost cried!!!hahahahaha!!! too funny!

  56. author

    Bailey T4 години тому

    Nobody tell her about stilts

  57. author

    Bailey Rae4 години тому

    Awe Nostalgia #2020

  58. author

    bubblegum kitty cutiedog4 години тому


  59. author

    KatiV4 години тому

    My son was almost an aries, luckily turned out to be a pisces

  60. author

    Adelle Paltin4 години тому

    i remember when fixing things with ramen noodles was the most bizarre thing happening with the world and i miss those days

  61. author

    《• Peachy Plays •》4 години тому

    Marbles: Angry Peach: Naughty Kermit: Nasty Bunny: *Yes!*

  62. author

    vanessa velazquez4 години тому

    This video hits different when you watch it upside down

  63. author

    QuiteContrary5 годин тому

    She could have pre-made the bed indentation just by getting a large tupperware with something in it to weigh it down, and then poured around it.

  64. author

    bri dance5 годин тому

    This video gave me so much joy, ( lol the band name called it was so suttle but beautiful thankyou Julien )

  65. author

    Winter Lasts5 годин тому

    Hey Jenna can I still get some soap?!

  66. author

    Hellcat VonTrashCore5 годин тому


  67. author

    Rae Rae Lami5 годин тому

    I should do another meme 👏 review 👏

  68. author

    stacey5 годин тому

    You could do these once a week and I would watch every single one

  69. author

    lindsay renée5 годин тому

    STL loves you too 🥰

  70. author

    Vanni T5 годин тому

    Jenna's legs in the reveal made me think of slender man

  71. author

    SleepyJared is my name5 годин тому

    Kermit is so cute but so scary at the same time.

  72. author

    lucy mertens5 годин тому

    Please update us on ur plants

  73. author

    Eliza Hicks5 годин тому

    elijah: “what are you guys doing tomorrow?” julian: “i LoVe YoU”

  74. author

    Flůffy Drågøn Stůdįøs5 годин тому


  75. author

    Laura Smith5 годин тому

    Not even a post today?

  76. author

    what team? wildcats5 годин тому

    Kermit is the anti-mr.bubz and no I don't take constructive criticism

  77. author

    Bliss5 годин тому

    I just have to say though, that look really brings out yo eyes 😂 Also this reminds me of the green screen video 😂

  78. author

    Alex Hodson5 годин тому

    That’s not a good look, but it’s my look - Jenna

  79. author

    Isabeau Wolf5 годин тому

    My skin is dry so I have to use hydrating primer and moisturizer.

  80. author

    Atxjazz5 годин тому

    1:16 aaaand my favorite material to work with is F O A M!!

  81. author

    SethF5 годин тому

    Quite a bit late hearing this....congrats guys.

  82. author

    keepleft5 годин тому

    *The length of this video:* 22 minutes 03 seconds. *The length of this video if you cut out every word that was NOT "sit":* 22 minutes 03 seconds.

  83. author

    Nick Papworth5 годин тому

    Kermit was the first and only dog where God herself looked at him and thought, "Did I go too hard?" And then realized, "No." And wept so hard at how perfect and cute he is it made the Mississippi River and you're welcome. Marbles' tongue cures all diseases, his borks makes babies smile and ends toxic masculinity. Peach could have it all, but she's so kind and so generous she gets just enough. She's never mean, and always comes when she's called, even if she thinks it's not worth it, she knows YOU'RE worth it. Bunny is actually an alien and it's good to know they love us and won't eat us, super proud of you for being so good at First Contact with an alien species.

  84. author

    Fluffy Waffles Everyday5 годин тому

    Jenna you are so pretty you are amazing and I’ve been watching you for about 3 years now I just want to say that you are really pretty and don’t let anyone say otherwise

  85. author

    Mariia G5 годин тому

    3:36 *but as u can see, dat ain’t gon fuckin work* - Jenna Marbles 2019

  86. author

    Vanni T5 годин тому

    That turned out so good!! It was also so nice how softly you spoke in his memory.. this was so nice to watch 🥰

  87. author

    Milky San ! !5 годин тому

    Jenna. Please speak up about what’s happening. Stop staying silent .

  88. author

    Mr Toast5 годин тому

    Did you call it a “corn bone” instead of a cob I’m offended

  89. author

    old13yoaccount5 годин тому

    Jenna have you ever heard of decora? I think you would like it!

  90. author

    Bella White6 годин тому

    my three looks: ugly pretty ugly why am i so ugly

  91. author

    Heather Freeman6 годин тому

    quarentine senior trip canceled vibes

  92. author

    GoodDayDarling6 годин тому

    this is very confusing to watch high

  93. author

    Steven Meza6 годин тому

    5:24 me when i wake up every morning

  94. author

    Marla6 годин тому

    i just did this lmao

  95. author

    Ames The Bootyful Cheese6 годин тому

    I have never heard of the Easter Bilby, And i live in Australia

  96. author

    Just Stfu6 годин тому

    Rawr XD

  97. author

    Zmorph Lake6 годин тому

    The beginning of the nap feels like when you try to go to sleep at a sleepover at 7 am

  98. author

    M J6 годин тому


  99. author

    Chris6 годин тому

    i'm scared of how much my wholesome mother is cussing rn

  100. author

    Dina P6 годин тому

    I'm getting "Live, Laugh, Fuck Off" on my body.