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Week 3 NFL Game Picks!Week 3 NFL Game Picks!

Week 3 NFL Game Picks!

2 дні тому

Week 3 Power Rankings!Week 3 Power Rankings!

Week 3 Power Rankings!

4 дні тому

  1. author

    Pablo Trejo6 хвилин тому

    15:30 Tom Brady es un loquillo

  2. author

    tia elisha6 хвилин тому

    Everyone Beyoncé’s “fall” is at 3:25

  3. author

    Michael Agueci7 хвилин тому

    Worst list I’ve ever seen in my life

  4. author

    duffydog18 хвилин тому

    Brown gone they do not need him Pats win

  5. author

    JSauer218 хвилин тому

    Broncos 17 Packers 14

  6. author

    nostrand lulu9 хвилин тому

    He looks like a mix of Manny Pac-Man and some white hipster in the 80s.

  7. author

    J nasty Yeet9 хвилин тому

    Niners don’t overlook this team! They are bad on paper ( and on the field ) but don’t take the week off! Do your job and no penalties and should win! 42-13 niners

  8. author

    TorrisATL210 хвилин тому

    I can’t believe the Saints passed him up

  9. author

    Pac Man10 хвилин тому

    The Jags might just have a diamond in the rough on their hands with Minshew...

  10. author

    peter zebot10 хвилин тому

    Nelson Laughs

  11. author

    Myst1c L3g3nd12 хвилин тому


  12. author

    King Govan12 хвилин тому

    I’d love to see this Panthers Offense vs Pat Mahomes offense. It would’ve been a high scoring game.

  13. author

    Teufel Hunden12 хвилин тому

    Only* game as a Patriot

  14. author

    Benick Mbaya12 хвилин тому

    UAreporter is getting real comfortable with these double ads

  15. author

    Adrian I.13 хвилин тому

    It's 2019 and I still miss the chargers :( from SD

  16. author

    Jay Paul14 хвилин тому

    I am a Steelers fan but, 49ers have to have at least 1 highlight on here

  17. author

    Denni Dharmawan15 хвилин тому

    great match

  18. author

    Ben Wong15 хвилин тому

    Nick Foles' best NFL game ever.

  19. author

    unIzi16 хвилин тому

    Half of these hits would make the NFL biggest hits compilations

  20. author

    TraceyBoy10116 хвилин тому

    Ramsey before the game: aight imma head out Ramsey after the game: Aight imma stay

  21. author

    J. DIZZLE16 хвилин тому

    Mariota has no pocket awareness at all! He plays like Alex Smith, too conservative. He isn’t the type of qb who can put the offense on his shoulders and take over on a consistent basis. It’s time for the Titans to prepare to draft a qb.

  22. author

    Nolan Templeton17 хвилин тому

    As much as many of you hate these predictions and I'm not saying they are great. I think most people would get bashed no matter what the picks are especially using computer generated answers. Perhaps not the best panel to discuss picks, probably better suited for player analysis.

  23. author

    HalooINC17 хвилин тому

    Do you people have a god damn fetish with one score games being mid twenties to low-mid twenties????? The game prediction and the reasoning arent bad but the score predictions are trash.

  24. author

    Zay Alexander17 хвилин тому

    Cheaters always win remember kids.

  25. author

    Jesse Kauffman17 хвилин тому

    I hope this guy's continues to win.he is cool And real and so is his dad

  26. author

    Sbake18 хвилин тому

    Who’s watching this after the patriots released him

  27. author

    bridgxr18 хвилин тому

    knew all along he was gonna do good in the NFL.

  28. author

    Nate V18 хвилин тому


  29. author

    youtube20 хвилин тому

    He also had a perfect TD pass that was dropped

  30. author

    Zay Alexander20 хвилин тому

    I hate the Patriots. Not the players they are great. Just the coach and Tommy boy.

  31. author

    SirBreez21 хвилина тому

    Minshew outta nowhere

  32. author

    함윤성21 хвилина тому

    Nothing against him but he looks like an actor playing a qb in a comic movie

  33. author

    Amy Heckman23 хвилини тому

    He was just looking at another screen

  34. author

    RunDAZ23 хвилини тому

    I was so happy when Seattle was able to re-sign KJ and keep him a Seahawk. It would've killed me to see him in another uniform. A tremendous talent and all class on and off the field. Go Hawks!

  35. author

    Erynn Casey23 хвилини тому

    Let’s go niners

  36. author

    William Murray23 хвилини тому

    Don't Celebrate To Soon Rams Fans 😂 Brown's 21 14

  37. author

    HotBlazer 1226 хвилин тому

    Do people not get the steelers struggle on the west coast people pick them against the raiders, broncos last year and loss

  38. author

    Bill Berotti26 хвилин тому

    A show that signified a culture in deep decline.

  39. author

    Stan S27 хвилин тому

    30 million to $9.50 hr working at McDonald’s. Damn bro 😂 make sure you clock in early.

  40. author

    Trevor Smith27 хвилин тому

    When you blow a nut in her mouth 0:17

  41. author

    Masoud Abdun-Noor27 хвилин тому

    Jets fan, but cool seeing jags w a legit qb

  42. author

    Scott Murrison28 хвилин тому

    Damn Baker play smart

  43. author

    chaostheory221929 хвилин тому

    Everybody should have Minshews Attitude. Guys awesome

  44. author

    Walter Radtke30 хвилин тому

    0-3 for the shitsburg feelers

  45. author

    TEEMER30 хвилин тому

    say goodbye foles

  46. author

    Rock30 хвилин тому

    What's that brown stuff on the field?

  47. author

    Raul Ruiz30 хвилин тому

    Gj raiders

  48. author

    Turner Jensen31 хвилина тому

    Do you think he can make the rounds of all 32 teams this season?

  49. author

    Terry Thompson31 хвилина тому

    I'm not a big Joe Buck fan, but when he said.. "It's Elliot.. ELLIOTT!! FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!! NO FLAGS!!" I start liking him

  50. author

    Myst1c L3g3nd31 хвилина тому

    I miss the days when Vonnie was a threat to other teams

  51. author

    PIPEBOMBZz 133 хвилини тому

    he had heart then for the game, he got some money then became what he is now

  52. author

    Josh Gradilone33 хвилини тому

    and she did this all while in intense pain.

  53. author

    Lightningstriker133 хвилини тому

    If the Texans are smart, they'll target 3rd string CB Facyson all day. He's terrible and plays terrified 1-on-1.

  54. author

    freddie hall34 хвилини тому

    He stopped right before they did the video

  55. author

    Just Smile34 хвилини тому

    Who’d win in a game The Dolphins or a baby

  56. author

    Brandon Wills34 хвилини тому

    I should have known Steve Smith would be an amazing tv analyst; always uber professional.

  57. author

    MarloSoBalJr35 хвилин тому

    I've always wore the #20 in any sport I played. Ed is the GOAT and I was lucky to have him on my side (my team) every Sunday throughout my lifetime.

  58. author

    Fred Creach35 хвилин тому

    Go Chiefs!

  59. author

    Joe B35 хвилин тому

    Titans need to use Derick Henry more!! They get him going then they will stop out of no were and wont hand him the ball for awhile. They are miss using him in so many ways. I know for a fact if he was in Philly or Dallas even the Patriots would use him ten time more than the Titans are.

  60. author

    Shortest Dunker in history!36 хвилин тому

    SpongeBobs Super Bowl halftime show was better than this shits

  61. author

    José Julio Flores Campos36 хвилин тому

    That hug between Belichick, McDaniels and Pattricia gets me emotional.

  62. author

    Ryan Lauderdale37 хвилин тому

    The title should say ABs ONLY game as a Patriot!!!

  63. author

    JUBIBOII NUIA37 хвилин тому

    That was probably the most fun game to watch!

  64. author

    Baylor Harrington37 хвилин тому

    Y'all trippin

  65. author

    bryant harmon37 хвилин тому

    I hope the dolphins pick him up

  66. author

    Juvie TheTruth38 хвилин тому

    Let's go Broncos

  67. author

    Nzxe FN BTW38 хвилин тому

    As a ravens fan. I really don’t care if they lose or anything. I just want them to get points and not make a embarrassing games LetS Go Ravens

  68. author

    Bryan Lee38 хвилин тому

    Bruh even in the thumbnail he can’t throw.

  69. author

    I Gimlet39 хвилин тому

    I like rams but the catch over the top of the rams by lynn swann is awesome

  70. author

    Anthony Agnone39 хвилин тому

    Glad to see the arragent bastard gone. I could tell by his language that his is a moron. What made NE hire him knowing he was nothing but trouble? Now watch him fade into anaminity like Kapernick. These are arrogant self serving non patriots and do not belong on any team.

  71. author

    Hubaldo Saldana40 хвилин тому

    17:40 Rick: GO DEEP MORTY Morty: AAAH JEEZ, Rick I I II... Rick: it's the Raiders, Morty! (Burp) I don't respect them (burp) Rick: TOUCHDOWN MORTY (BURP) WABBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!

  72. author

    Robert Berry41 хвилина тому

    Is that uncle Rico? He finally made it!

  73. author

    Lunch Beers41 хвилина тому


  74. author

    Hubaldo Saldana42 хвилини тому

    17:40 WABBA LUBBA DUB DUB Patrick "Rick Sanchez" Mahomes

  75. author

    Gollyman196444 хвилини тому

    Smdh @ Brown

  76. author

    William’s WAY45 хвилин тому

    I loved watching brown play for OU now I love watching him play for the ravens

  77. author

    Awesome Can46 хвилин тому

    I think this guy is on drugs

  78. author

    Madu Infinity46 хвилин тому

    Loving it up. Please, keep up the good work!! 👍

  79. author

    Will Meyers46 хвилин тому

    Respect where it’s due. Rodgers is the only QB I get nervous for when my Vikes play. Dude just turns nothing into something no matter what weapons he has playing on the field that day

  80. author

    Goku God47 хвилин тому

    Could Lamar j be the next Michael Vick

  81. author

    Zach’s 3’s48 хвилин тому

    Go tom

  82. author

    Francisco Pancho48 хвилин тому

    6th round quarterback draft picks its time to make a NFL mock draft list of quarterbacks no on believes in who have great numbers throughout high school to college but no on believes to be a NFL starting quarterback if I were a NFL team this list would be top secret low risk high reward draft pick list Miami, Bears Broncos looking at you.

  83. author

    Magneto Rex49 хвилин тому

    nothing destroys a person’s soul more than money, this might be the only thing that saves AB a big dose of humility and empathy might save his life

  84. author

    ManUP JC49 хвилин тому

    Can you imagine how great he would have been if he would have kept his off field stuff in line. Vick would have been an NFL legend, best QB of all time.

  85. author

    Kaizaro12350 хвилин тому

    3:14 Says a lot about Rice.

  86. author

    Awesome Can50 хвилин тому

    I cannot watch that Viking miracle again 😤

  87. author

    TRUEST CUZZY51 хвилина тому

    Antonio is surrounded by an NEGATIVE crowd.He doesn't have anybody to push him bac to them GREAT PLAYING DAYS

  88. author

    Steve52 хвилини тому

    Bills 35 bungholes 17

  89. author

    Coleman Chapman52 хвилини тому

    Damn that reporter is ugly

  90. author

    TRUEST CUZZY53 хвилини тому

    His Go win it do it for me Tweet sounds like he isn't returning this season at all

  91. author

    King Loyalty Prod.53 хвилини тому

    Off sucks 4 AB

  92. author

    Kevonte Jones53 хвилини тому

    @14:19 "somebody musty!!" Lmao

  93. author

    Mr.t Whitie53 хвилини тому


  94. author

    Andrew Comments54 хвилини тому

    Take the stupid headband off, shave the mustache, and GROW A ROCKIN MULLET!

  95. author

    maximus_024654 хвилини тому

    3:30 Patrick Mahomes: rjeuchfbebdbfhfhdbwvshxhdufhrhevdvdhxudhdbdvdvdhxhxudhevegdydudi Linemen: what does that mean? Patrick mahomes: pLaY aCtIoN pAsS

  96. author

    freelanceryuu54 хвилини тому

    Minshew playing to win, Mariota playing not to lose.

  97. author

    John Barone54 хвилини тому

    Eli in the HALL, Damm straight!!

  98. author

    packers fan55 хвилин тому

    I'm going to this game to. Hope we crush em I was nervous asf last week.

  99. author

    BirdsGuy0155 хвилин тому

    Luke Kuechly at 24? Dude is a top 5 player.

  100. author

    C Williams56 хвилин тому

    That 70yd run was on you martinez!