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Top 5 Breakout RBs of 2020Top 5 Breakout RBs of 2020

Top 5 Breakout RBs of 2020

9 днів тому

  1. author

    Frankie Chapman6 хвилин тому

    There’s NO way Cowboys are going better than 9-7. I don’t see any worse than 8-8 either. Cowboys are losing the NFC East again. Cowboys will NOT beat the Rams, Seahawks, Eagles at Philly, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, or 49ers. The game against the Steelers will depend on how the players are doing.

  2. author

    Disney Mike9 хвилин тому

    When I see these halftime shows, I wonder why the actual audience never look assumed as performers sing, lol like if I was there I would be going crazy

  3. author

    Nthuthuko Mdluli10 хвилин тому

    That Michael Jackson Jackson

  4. author

    Blackshadow 571214 хвилин тому

    I hete this game

  5. author

    OhHiMark 2814 хвилин тому

    I cry every time, from Derrick Thomas, to Joe Montana, to Marcus Allen to The Nigerian Nightmare, CHEIFSKINGDOM FOREVER!!!

  6. author

    Tony Leyba17 хвилин тому

    This is some trash predictions

  7. author

    Christian Villanueva17 хвилин тому

    I promise you the Bears ain’t losing to the lions lmfao

  8. author

    Alfie Bruce17 хвилин тому

    Its so funny, the first years I started watching NFL was 2013, at the start of learning the game I thought 20 sacks in a season was normal because of JJ Watt, 6 years on and u appreciate how great he is

  9. author

    Johnny M21 хвилина тому

    What dismanagment by Falcons coaches. Two y later Tom Brady and Belicheck set for filed goal Brady tell Bill let make two score game. Matt and Quinn didn and lost.

  10. author

    mikey22 хвилини тому

    This makes me proud to be Mexican 🇲🇽

  11. author

    Rezzy26 хвилин тому

    I wish modern football was still played like the 70's. More use of the fullback, low scoring, and the kickoff penalty. Cant forget the big pads as well.

  12. author

    Zach Draper28 хвилин тому

    False start at 2:05 😒

  13. author

    Jay Daniels30 хвилин тому

    Seems like he is doing Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec

  14. author

    JB35 хвилин тому

    The Falcons now have #25 and #26.

  15. author

    JayUzi JaShaun47 хвилин тому

    glad saints were first. my favorite team lol

  16. author

    Kain Canicosa48 хвилин тому

    Saints losing to the bears....ya ok😂

  17. author

    Bali Pimm50 хвилин тому

    👍👏💛🙆💓💃 ost song

  18. author

    John Drehmann Jr50 хвилин тому

    Saints: 12-4 prediction, 10-6 floor, 15-1 ceiling Buccaneers: 9-7 prediction, 7-9 floor, 12-4 ceiling Falcons: 7-9 prediction, 4-12 floor, 10-6 ceiling Panthers: 3-13 prediction, 3-13 floor, 7-9 ceiling Titans: 10-6 prediction, 7-9 floor, 12-4 ceiling Texans: 8-8 prediction, 5-11 floor, 10-6 ceiling Colts: 8-8 prediction, 4-12 floor, 11-5 ceiling Jaguars: 2-14 prediction, 2-14 floor, 6-10 ceiling Packers: 10-6 prediction, 8-8 floor, 12-4 ceiling Vikings: 9-7 prediction, 6-10 floor, 11-5 ceiling Bears: 8-8 prediction, 4-12 floor, 11-5 ceiling Lions: 6-10 prediction, 4-12 floor, 9-7 ceiling Ravens: 13-3 prediction, 9-7 floor, 15-1 ceiling Steelers: 10-6 prediction, 8-8 floor, 12-4 ceiling Browns: 9-7 prediction, 5-11 floor, 11-5 ceiling Bengals: 4-12 prediction, 3-13 floor, 7-9 ceiling Bills: 10-6 prediction, 8-8 floor, 12-4 ceiling Patriots: 10-6 prediction, 7-9 floor, 12-4 ceiling Jets: 6-10 prediction, 4-12 floor, 8-8 ceiling Dolphins: 5-11 prediction, 3-13 floor, 7-9 ceiling Cowboys: 10-6 prediction, 8-8 floor, 12-4 ceiling Eagles: 10-6 prediction, 7-9 floor, 12-4 ceiling Giants: 4-12 prediction, 4-12 floor, 7-9 ceiling Football Team: 1-15 prediction, 1-15 floor, 6-10 ceiling 49ers: 12-4 prediction, 8-8 floor, 14-2 ceiling Seahawks: 11-5 prediction, 8-8 floor, 12-4 ceiling Cardinals: 8-8 prediction, 4-12 floor, 10-6 ceiling Rams: 7-9 prediction, 4-12 floor, 10-6 ceiling Chiefs: 12-4 prediction, 9-7 floor, 14-2 ceiling Raiders: 9-7 prediction, 4-12 floor, 12-4 ceiling Broncos: 8-8 prediction, 5-11 floor, 10-6 ceiling Chargers: 5-11 prediction, 4-12 floor, 8-8 ceiling

  19. author

    Nicholas Sutton51 хвилина тому

    Shoutout to the people that watched this whole thing lol

  20. author

    oiuet souiu52 хвилини тому

    Russ is nothing but a winner, he's absolutely without a doubt a First Ballot HOFer

  21. author

    PROPHFIT54 хвилини тому

    i had the guy in my grass for no less than 4 times😹😹

  22. author

    way of the meow55 хвилин тому

    🇨🇳 approved

  23. author

    Peter GlanvilleГодину тому


  24. author

    Juan JuanГодину тому

    he really put the chargers at 3-13

  25. author

    B MackГодину тому

    And you Wentz fan insisted we draft a wide receiver. You can see why a cornerback makes sense now!

  26. author

    Nestor AlejandroГодину тому

    You know he was underrated before this because they didn’t even pick the right guy for the pic of his highlights lmfao. That’s Debo 🤣🤣

  27. author

    Cyber_inklingГодину тому

    Hell yeah

  28. author

    Karl MartinГодину тому

    No one gonna talk about how josh Allen rated lower than Ryan Fitzpatrick

  29. author

    Jacoy MitchellГодину тому

    Wait mike was 4 right or I’m trippin

  30. author

    Ana ForexГодину тому

    Amazing! Love you Shakira!

  31. author

    Jordan MartinГодину тому

    2:53 Gotta love the passion ✊🏽

  32. author

    cici muii zenГодину тому

    Is this how J.Lo usually sing live? Like is she hiting the right tone? She is just blasting her voice n screaming 🤨🤨

  33. author

    shemar JamesГодину тому


  34. author

    Stephen BrownГодину тому

    I'm from UK and gridiron can be stop start but this game had quarterbacks on their game and what a game overtime rules suck though

  35. author

    Azrul HafizГодину тому

    her energy at the beginning was phenomenal

  36. author

    Elvin RedzematovicГодину тому

    He’s honestly crazy tho. He did that in his rookie season. Upcoming seasons he’s gonna get better and better which will then make him unstoppable. That’s crazy. Be careful qbs who play against Nick Bosa.

  37. author

    Chris LewisГодину тому

    Oh Bucky a C?Well most "experts" pooped on the pick

  38. author

    Sergio SanchezГодину тому


  39. author

    Kwai Chang MandelbaumГодину тому

    Get this liar off here. NFL is also in on the lies. NFL can go to hell.

  40. author

    deontae InsellГодину тому

    Then mat gay missing extra points 🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. author

    Jay2payГодину тому

    I remember when the cops in Dallas were killed and the Cowboys were not allowed to wear anything in support of the police. Some how someone is getting into the pocket book of the NFL and forcing them to put up all this misleading news. Because in the end the NFL only cares about $$$$$$ money!

  42. author

    Peyton CagasanГодину тому

    On instagram they predicted that the buccaneers would go 8-0 in the first 8 games. But in this video they predicted that they will go 6-2 in the first 8 games. So which one is it?🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  43. author

    CalvinГодину тому

    Shouldn't the Titans have gone for 2 in case the Bills had a miracle of their own?

  44. author

    DBD Gamer2 години тому

    And why can’t you do that zeke🙄

  45. author

    Trent Lilley2 години тому

    “He looks for, what we call “the smoke”” 🤣

  46. author

    Jay2pay2 години тому

    Stephons girlfriend told him she was going to put him in “Jail” during a domestic. The kid was scared he was looking up ways to die on his cellphone. Now let’s here the WHOLE story. Look it up.

  47. author

    deontae Insell2 години тому

    Winston ain’t help either

  48. author

    deontae Insell2 години тому

    Bucs layed down soooo bad it’s so sad

  49. author

    Drysock Ent.2 години тому

    Zeke on coke 😂🤣😂🤣

  50. author

    Comic Cluster2 години тому

    Don't worry, I'm breathing for them, I got that covered.

  51. author

    Philly Duo2 години тому

    I love this, really hoping to see Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson in here one day. Shorten careers but the impact they made on the league was truly something special.

  52. author

    Cloutboy2 години тому

    Can we have someone else do this 😂

  53. author

    F F2 години тому

    Yall should do titans vs ravens divisional round

  54. author

    Ben Ieremia2 години тому

    No Luke kuechly this year ???

  55. author

    NMJ 882 години тому

    Mecole Hardman is a blur on the field, he's too fast.

  56. author

    チャゴスアブダビ2 години тому


  57. author

    Sheazo4yt2 години тому

    Great video at #4 of mahomes hitting hill with absolutely no one around him and he had to come backwards ...

  58. author

    Isaac Tarnasky2 години тому

    Larry fitzgerald = #2

  59. author

    Epileptic Oreo2 години тому

    Reading this comment section people don’t understand what breakout means YALL ARE NAMING PEOPLE THAT ALREADY BROKE OUT!! Terry and AJ are names known around the league

  60. author

    Daquan McChicken2 години тому

    bro he is so generous with the steelers, coming from a steelers fan.

  61. author

    Aidan Dimmitt Vlogs2 години тому

    You can tell Sherman been there before “ it ain’t over calm the f*ck down

  62. author

    Big White Duck2 години тому

    Edelman had 1100+ yards with 3 major injuries all year to ribs and lower body

  63. author

    UwU Hehe2 години тому

    That kid tho like we get it u like the Chiefs

  64. author

    Marimar T2492 години тому

    This..this is what I wanted for so long...finally living in America I get to see my two idols perform on stage life is complete .

  65. author

    Brendon Buffaloe2 години тому

    The fact that Carson Wentz didn’t make the list but Dak and Jimmy G we’re top 50 still blows my mind. There’s no comparison between the 3, and Wentz is a top 6 or 7 QB in the league

  66. author

    Michale Thompson2 години тому

    I can knockout richard sherman

  67. author

    obama omer2 години тому

    Next year he’s going to be top 20

  68. author

    quix4L2 години тому

    I wish he never left Baltimore :(

  69. author

    CMBgamer 2018 TV2 години тому

    This makes UAreporter Rewind 2018 look great

  70. author

    CMBgamer 2018 TV2 години тому

    3:27 That beat was fine tho

  71. author

    Sincityz19892 години тому

    Eagles beating Niners???? LMFAO

  72. author

    priyank kumar2 години тому

    I just realized that coldplay was written in hindi on the drum set....

  73. author

    Aidan Dimmitt Vlogs2 години тому

    I love how mahomes is always complementing the other teams defense great sportsmanship

  74. author

    Mystic Breeze2 години тому

    Pffffff the Cowboys ceiling is 8-8 and always will be

  75. author

    Holsum 1 Holloway2 години тому

    I see u Que 🐶

  76. author

    2DarkHorizon3 години тому

    He is only getting injured cause he runs too fast

  77. author

    I am literally Kanye3 години тому

    Golladay had a better damn season than mike Evans and isn’t even in the top 110 this list is retarted

  78. author

    omilu7 _kapahi3 години тому

    We need tape! Bring the tape coach needs it!!!

  79. author

    Kyle Wright3 години тому

    I was about to comment "surprized carson didnt fumble" then I watched the rest of the highlight....

  80. author

    Meekah She3 години тому

    The washington white skins, and the buffalo black skins play tonight.

  81. author

    Akash Patel3 години тому

    Tae is top5 Change my mind

  82. author

    2DarkHorizon3 години тому

    He doesn't seem athletic but you must remember he is 6 ft 5 and has a 37 inch standing vertical leap! Plus he has long arms. So he probably has the highest reach out of all the NFL receivers at the moment.

  83. author

    Nosupa3 години тому

    Thought Vikings would’ve been 0-16 after the first 10 minutes lol

  84. author

    Big White Duck3 години тому

    Tom liked Lamar coming out of the draft...

  85. author

    Jerry Dillon3 години тому

    What’s crazy is the Saints looked like the better team! In every fashion.

  86. author

    Steven Seal3 години тому

    Um how bout phillip Lindsey or Sutton

  87. author

    jabba9783 години тому

    That's a false start if I've ever seen one 6:10

  88. author

    C3 години тому

    Here is the Queen beating everybody:

  89. author

    XxVscoboiixX3 години тому

    I want to se Taylor Swift next.

  90. author

    Curtis Farley3 години тому

    I remember watching skip Bayless have a fit that this guy was getting his due credit. Only three backs have achieved 1000, 1000. That's more rare than 2000 rushing yards in a season.

  91. author

    C3 години тому

    Shakira just improved NFL image.

  92. author

    Slutty horse3 години тому

    Did it really help the nfl that much to have ads on this video

  93. author

    j g-m3 години тому

    Bro Davante Adams missed 4 games that's why he didn't get 1,000 yards

  94. author

    Big White Duck3 години тому

    I know Kyler is good but imagine if cardinals had drafted Bosa too...

  95. author

    Tracer3 години тому

    I thought I was watching the playoff predictions not a smoke sesh

  96. author

    D. Miller3 години тому

    Fouts: I’m not sure what pass interference is anymore anyway. Me neither, Dan, me neither.😞

  97. author

    Mediocrely_Extraordinary023 години тому

    Weeks 10-17 Falcons secondary was 7th in passer rating allowed (78.8)

  98. author

    1yretsym3 години тому

    Starpower - !

  99. author

    Devonte Wise3 години тому

    Where's the bench? Heard he did 4