Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

The Morons Of CoronavirusThe Morons Of Coronavirus

The Morons Of Coronavirus

14 днів тому

Our Lives Are About To Change ForeverOur Lives Are About To Change Forever

Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

10 місяців тому

Instagram vs. RealityInstagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. Reality

11 місяців тому

H3H3 Prankster Tier ListH3H3 Prankster Tier List

H3H3 Prankster Tier List

11 місяців тому

KFC Blocks Our VideoKFC Blocks Our Video

KFC Blocks Our Video

11 місяців тому

Baby Gender Reveal!!Baby Gender Reveal!!

Baby Gender Reveal!!

Рік тому

we're pregnantwe're pregnant

we're pregnant

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Extreme Pet OwnersExtreme Pet Owners

Extreme Pet Owners

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Shootin' With iDubbbzShootin' With iDubbbz

Shootin' With iDubbbz

Рік тому

In Love With A CarIn Love With A Car

In Love With A Car

Рік тому

The Honest Gold DiggerThe Honest Gold Digger

The Honest Gold Digger

Рік тому

We Take a DNA TestWe Take a DNA Test

We Take a DNA Test

Рік тому

Zucc Gets RoastedZucc Gets Roasted

Zucc Gets Roasted

2 роки тому

Ethan's Corner - FacebookEthan's Corner - Facebook

Ethan's Corner - Facebook

2 роки тому

The Return of Whiteface ManThe Return of Whiteface Man

The Return of Whiteface Man

2 роки тому

The Logan Paul OdysseyThe Logan Paul Odyssey

The Logan Paul Odyssey

2 роки тому

Where have we been?Where have we been?

Where have we been?

2 роки тому

It's Time To Stop Ajit PaiIt's Time To Stop Ajit Pai

It's Time To Stop Ajit Pai

2 роки тому



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2 роки тому

4 Looks You Need This Summer4 Looks You Need This Summer

4 Looks You Need This Summer

2 роки тому

Jake Paul Doxes Post MaloneJake Paul Doxes Post Malone

Jake Paul Doxes Post Malone

2 роки тому

Jake Paul Ruins Los AngelesJake Paul Ruins Los Angeles

Jake Paul Ruins Los Angeles

2 роки тому

The Viner Invasion of 2017The Viner Invasion of 2017

The Viner Invasion of 2017

2 роки тому

Glad We TriedGlad We Tried

Glad We Tried

2 роки тому

Crushing Cars in a TankCrushing Cars in a Tank

Crushing Cars in a Tank

2 роки тому

Happy Video #1Happy Video #1

Happy Video #1

2 роки тому

Daddy of Five ft. Steve-ODaddy of Five ft. Steve-O

Daddy of Five ft. Steve-O

3 роки тому

We Meet Tai LopezWe Meet Tai Lopez

We Meet Tai Lopez

3 роки тому

Pepsi Saves the WorldPepsi Saves the World

Pepsi Saves the World

3 роки тому

Why We Removed our WSJ VideoWhy We Removed our WSJ Video

Why We Removed our WSJ Video

3 роки тому

Is YouTube Over?Is YouTube Over?

Is YouTube Over?

3 роки тому

Prank Invasion Starts WW3Prank Invasion Starts WW3

Prank Invasion Starts WW3

3 роки тому

Sold to the Highest BidderSold to the Highest Bidder

Sold to the Highest Bidder

3 роки тому

This Video is for KIDS ONLYThis Video is for KIDS ONLY

This Video is for KIDS ONLY

3 роки тому

Backstage with Post MaloneBackstage with Post Malone

Backstage with Post Malone

3 роки тому

Ethan Fights a Blind GuyEthan Fights a Blind Guy

Ethan Fights a Blind Guy

3 роки тому

We're Still Being SuedWe're Still Being Sued

We're Still Being Sued

3 роки тому

Interview with Casey NeistatInterview with Casey Neistat

Interview with Casey Neistat

3 роки тому

Is PewDiePie a Racist?Is PewDiePie a Racist?

Is PewDiePie a Racist?

3 роки тому

We Used to be Drug DealersWe Used to be Drug Dealers

We Used to be Drug Dealers

3 роки тому

H3 Podcast #4 - iDubbbzTVH3 Podcast #4 - iDubbbzTV

H3 Podcast #4 - iDubbbzTV

3 роки тому

  1. author

    Kamil Taraszkiewicz18 годин тому

    So dumb shit

  2. author

    Charlie Worley18 годин тому

    Well soflo I made shity investment in h3h3 and you were tarnishing h3h3 so I'm gonna sue you for defamation

  3. author

    poppibel18 годин тому

    Awwwww..... Thank you, Ethan.

  4. author

    WattDrivefive18 годин тому

    Nobody: The light on ethans face: "Hey"

  5. author

    Måkē ôüt bìłł 0418 годин тому

    12:12 my favorite part 😂

  6. author

    69你是一個失望的人18 годин тому

    well shit i'll be dammed 1 million likes

  7. author

    Random Dude19 годин тому

    Ethan: Will you marry me? Hila: Yeah

  8. author

    Anne 1234598619 годин тому

    On behalf of every sane woman we apologize for this psycho ass bitch

  9. author

    You Tube19 годин тому

    I've seen Ethan on Twitter lately, and this didn't age well.

  10. author

    olen olen19 годин тому

    like i get it you got nuts let's slap nuts on them femenist people and tell them dOnt sPrEad yOuR leGs WhEn SItTiNg

  11. author

    Brian Roberts19 годин тому

    Great video! Two thumbs up

  12. author

    Xavier Oseguera19 годин тому

    Just realized that was Hila’s brother

  13. author

    Nick Hansen19 годин тому

    This video really makes me FEEL like isis

  14. author

    Beth Anderson19 годин тому

    The best thing to come out of the Coronavirus was the return of this channel

  15. author

    Doto19 годин тому

    Holy shit this was 3 years ago

  16. author

    Noneya Bizz19 годин тому

    What a douche

  17. author

    Jay Ess19 годин тому

    Amen! Nothing's sexier than someone who's gross, can laugh about it, and just has a good day doing what their body won't harass them over tomorrow.

  18. author

    Jero W19 годин тому

    All the dislikes are insane feminists.

  19. author

    Aiden Amy19 годин тому

    The dipping sound effect makes it just👌

  20. author

    somebody人19 годин тому

    CmonBruh WHO SNITCHED?

  21. author

    ØBSOLETE19 годин тому

    It already went violent thats why she has crutches

  22. author

    high pitch vr19 годин тому

    5:50 the hostility on that man's face tho

  23. author

    JhamNoneL19 годин тому

    Ethan family has an unlimited amount of confident

  24. author

    A J19 годин тому

    For some reason his dad reminds of Walter White

  25. author

    somebody人19 годин тому

    well you don't expect 2 assholes to just apologise

  26. author

    F4PTR19 годин тому

    My name is Gino Ormus.

  27. author

    420BudNuggets19 годин тому

    Ethan the kind of guy to drink Pepsi

  28. author

    HatedHero19 годин тому

    I would drive to the worst possible spot I can think of, like the same block as the most recent unsolved rape case. Then kick her out and cancel the ride.

  29. author

    Scott Gomez19 годин тому

    Soap is gay asf but it looks fun but definitely shouldn't be a everyday thing I respect his originality and charisma but he shoulda left the 90s in the 90s I can't believe he stole Tupac's girl wtf 😂

  30. author

    R19 годин тому

    Remember when these people were funny? Do you?

  31. author

    HatedHero19 годин тому

    I hope you kept all this gear for 2020. XD

  32. author

    Matwin Romero19 годин тому

    I could imagine Theodore 20 years from now looking back at his parents old videos 🤧

  33. author

    Stephanie Bates19 годин тому

    Hey soulmate. How u doin.

  34. author

    Jeff Lebowski19 годин тому

    I feel like what tai says is like look at all this cool stuff I have but that’s not the point the point is being able to do what you want.

  35. author

    Joshua Hammond19 годин тому

    You're too silly, dude.

  36. author

    Mr. bossmajor19 годин тому

    Coppa wants your money

  37. author

    Shrek19 годин тому

    Dude on the right looks like a default Elder Scrolls Oblivion character

  38. author

    Ethan Hatfield20 годин тому

    Dude it sucks because those kids ruin it for all the rest of us my age. Most of us are decent caring individuals, but its the ones who think hunger and poverty are a higher priority than a deadly pandemic thats brought whole countries to their knees.

  39. author

    ASH20 годин тому

    I lost brain cells watching these reactions to buzzfeed Makes me wanna take up more space 😂

  40. author

    Zachary Pyle20 годин тому

    yeah... nothing happened

  41. author

    Seth Startix20 годин тому

    2020 --- Ricegum crying somewhere with no toilet paper, staring at supreme merch.

  42. author

    ASH20 годин тому

    Feminazi asks about having my legs apart. Ask feminist why they dont like a swift kick to the crotch

  43. author

    Laura Bell20 годин тому


  44. author

    A C20 годин тому

    the food dont look bad tho

  45. author

    Bryce Siegel20 годин тому

    He’s taking time out of his day to come down here... who among us? Hugh Mungus

  46. author

    Laura Bell20 годин тому

    Dude I hate him. He's literally a fucking piece of trash!!!!!

  47. author

    Nate Church20 годин тому


  48. author

    HatedHero20 годин тому

    They assumed his race because he doesn't have a foreign accent. Wow...

  49. author

    john cook20 годин тому

    Let’s find this dude’s instagram and spam “marijuana”

  50. author

    Matt20 годин тому

    So basically Joey should join the white supremacy 😂

  51. author

    20 годин тому

    two Fake creatures targeted teenage girls, Logan and Billie

  52. author

    Ditiro Motene20 годин тому

    Nope sorry man those ass inplants don't look bad

  53. author

    K4MIKAZI20 годин тому

    Me sitting criss cross apple sauce

  54. author

    CoolGirl Lps20 годин тому

    Dude I’m about to go to bed, it’s 2 in the morning and I find out Hila is a gangster, how am I supposed to sleep now

  55. author

    Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts20 годин тому

    Lol this was actually pretty good impersonation of fake cold reading "psychics" hahaha

  56. author

    Lorenzo Sanga20 годин тому

    Bro this guy is a pedo the car isn’t 18 yet

  57. author

    Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts20 годин тому

    Top Ramen head 🤣

  58. author

    Scott Gomez20 годин тому

    I get the view of the first shot but not the view from the second its just invasion of privacy at that point and that's memeable

  59. author

    urstepbro20 годин тому

    Hi future man here!!! SPEAKING FROM THE FUTURE AKA 2020 YES SHIT GOT WAY WORSE SINCE 2017!!!

  60. author

    Alaina Schneider20 годин тому

    "it says if you get it in your mouth call poison control" "oh yeah"

  61. author

    HatedHero20 годин тому

    She has a filthy mind. That's why she immediately thought he was talking about his genitals. The guy is at least 250 pounds. If Notorious B.I.G. was still alive, this lady would want to know "Notoriously Big What?!". XD

  62. author

    Age Hernandez20 годин тому

    Jizz cuzzi

  63. author

    bilias hour20 годин тому

    That cope land dude is the most terrifying looking human I've ever seen, his face makes me so uncomfortable. I'm convinced he's the devil wearing a human skin suit 🤔

  64. author

    Lorenzo Sanga20 годин тому

    Although skippy is calling his mom “weird” at leased she had sex

  65. author

    Loud Films Entertainment20 годин тому

    Everyone: get woke Also everyone: STOP SAYING YOUR WOKE

  66. author

    Gab20 годин тому

    Oh my god, I am high af and just laugh without pausing during 10 minutes straight... holy fking shit my chest hurt

  67. author

    Michael Bell20 годин тому

    I wish they all would move to Canada.

  68. author

    Jack Maloney20 годин тому

    I have never been able to watch through this whole video

  69. author

    IC Reporting20 годин тому

    There's no silver lining, only silver solutions.

  70. author

    The Conversation Closet By Tatiana20 годин тому

    Danny duncan rip off shirt

  71. author

    kelroy212120 годин тому

    I'd rather die than go to jail!! oops wrong video game...

  72. author

    DeAnna Hoover20 годин тому

    They being so rude to Que,Just because you don't like what she's doing doesn't mean you have to hate on her! And he being rude to Blove (Pronounced Be-Love, not blove) and I just want to point out that she's eating a crab not a lobster, and that that looks like diarrhea is the sauce that she makes money on and helped her become multi-millionaire. Also don't hate on the "white" lady because she can dip the crab leg in the sauce how ever many times she wants (that's why it's there).

  73. author

    Ra's Al20 годин тому

    "It's a Virus, i Get iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt, i Respect iiiiiiiiiiiit" Um Come again?

  74. author

    mythm4k3r66621 годину тому

    Can we get 250k likes 1mil likes

  75. author

    Lil Trunks21 годину тому

    I need a link to that p9ach egg girl

  76. author

    Сеньор Дурп21 годину тому

    This guy is way more behind the times then I thought he’d be

  77. author

    Instantaneous Nothings21 годину тому

    The reason people don't care is probably because boomers and older people are either more vulnerable or they are paranoid about some kind of apocalyptic biblical shit. "If old people die off it doesn't mean Jesus is coming back." Is the point. I think alot of people are adopting this view because of religion. Not involved with psychology but we are kind of unbrainwashing ourselves as a society, morally at the moment and when that has happened in history something bad happens, unfortunately the coronavirus I think is the reason for starting this. I know this may sound a little delusional. Don't quote me .

  78. author

    Gangster granny21 годину тому

    Why is this restricted

  79. author

    Jericho21 годину тому

    Interviewer: Can you show me a hidden talent? Kim: *jumps on his cock*

  80. author

    Matt B21 годину тому

    @1:51 serious Buffalo Bill vibes here...

  81. author

    ᴍᴀɢɢᴏᴛ [ᴀᴢᴏxʏsᴛʀᴏʙɪɴ]21 годину тому

    6:07 that’s all i have to say

  82. author

    vissova21 годину тому

    What is up with boomers and being like THING BAD ME NO LIKE THING >:c If it's not phone bad, it's wife bad. If it's not wife bad, it's video game bad. New thing bad, me no like new thing.

  83. author

    sylicaa21 годину тому

    Confession of a racist Joey Salad It is proven Trump supporters is all RACIST

  84. author

    Stefan Rijos21 годину тому

    I still feel insecure even with the real pictures hehe.

  85. author

    Sierra Garcia21 годину тому

    This video make my world so much better every time I watch it.

  86. author

    royale roger21 годину тому

    I can always count on ethan to make me laugh when I feel down lmao.

  87. author

    Bela Skoflek21 годину тому

    4:40 I guarantee they made a lizzo joke but cut it out before final post

  88. author

    Thomas Kelly21 годину тому

    Hey, don't go disrespecting Tobuscus Timmy Turner.

  89. author

    James Ruffner21 годину тому

    honey gave me a virise

  90. author

    Tsuriyare21 годину тому

    I just realized that dude's hat looks like Weather Report from Jojo's hat

  91. author

    JonathanJD21 годину тому

    7:58 Hila: “Everyone always say I look super high” lol

  92. author

    TheGameClub T1D21 годину тому

    Calling Katy Ledecky a he smh

  93. author

    Gerrit Peacock21 годину тому

    In my experience, a man just can't be taken seriously in this day and age unless he's wearing a little bit of eyeliner. It seems silly. But leering is an important part of social exchange, eye liner and maybe some mascara can make the difference. It may have been that logic and sincerity worked in the old days... those days are gone forever. Now having said that... what the hell was that goopy stuff he squeezed into the blacksalted curse bowl? Was it astro glide? Was he cursing somebody with slick buttfuckery? I don't think there is a better, more effective solution for buttfucking than astroglide. The heated variety is just the thing you want.

  94. author

    k k21 годину тому

    kids learning IOS in 3rd grade? The fuck is that supposed to mean? kids are using computers way the hell before 3rd grade

  95. author

    Being positive is the key to success.21 годину тому

    Garry's face is the poodles asxholx 😂

  96. author

    Octogecko Desercean21 годину тому

    They live in Cleenex mansion

  97. author

    pieceofcard _21 годину тому

    Hate to tell you Ethan but that’s a crab not a lobster

  98. author

    волк21 годину тому

    😳 7:59 Feminist 😳

  99. author

    Triamcinolone Acetonide21 годину тому

    I need some premium grade eye bleach

  100. author

    Niko Barnes21 годину тому

    Ethan has a milf. There. I said it.