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  1. author

    Thulsa Doom26 хвилин тому

    Why does Wayno favor the guy that tries to bum a cig from you in front of the liquor store? 🤔

  2. author

    Way2Dylagent41 хвилина тому

    I taught myself how to Ollie this week. Not as hard as I thought but def a lot of practice to master it

  3. author

    IM RIFFIN.47 хвилин тому

    I got to be honest I'm an old hip hop head you no Public Enemy Run Dmc.Im not a lil Wayne fan but dude seems genuine, he really is humble, not like dj khalid. 🙄

  4. author

    SALMAN FARIZ48 хвилин тому

    Hamilton goes puma showing with le puma... anybody here during quarentine??

  5. author

    ZeleBigzTV52 хвилини тому

    Vic Mensa is a real nigga💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  6. author

    Anas Shahid 22453 хвилини тому

    New Day rocks :D

  7. author

    irvine hernandezГодину тому

    Hopsin skates like he listens to nba youngboy

  8. author

    LucieГодину тому

    Why did he buy two pairs of the same sneaker???

  9. author

    Rutvik VatsaГодину тому

    bruh idc what post malone wears but that outfit is disrespectful for the show x(

  10. author

    Henry OwlГодину тому

    Great content from Complex -

  11. author

    C.J HallidayГодину тому

    WOW....... Lavar founded BBB.....of course he's showing them off

  12. author

    James Bray2 години тому

    Gucci got dat underbite

  13. author

    karen young2 години тому

    I love their energy. I love how spiritual they are with themselves, each other, and Mother Earth so far. Growth. Spiritual journey. Love them two

  14. author

    MEMEfection2 години тому

    We want filthy frank back

  15. author

    Trending UK Reaction Channel2 години тому

    My man's a joker! He still looks good

  16. author

    Kipper Deuce2 години тому

    What a good dude, he bought more shoes for his kids than himself, I haven’t seen that yet. With that attitude he definitely won’t ever be broke again, RESPECT ! 👊🏻

  17. author

    rudaba Popy2 години тому


  18. author

    Abdullah Al Balushi2 години тому

    Why he can't stand well 💩

  19. author

    French Armelinho2 години тому

    7:20 i hope he runs to the right exit door, not the security room.

  20. author

    TrenchMafij.-richijzs2 години тому


  21. author

    Johannes von Kuqos2 години тому

    Abel is gonna like... smash it

  22. author

    MOZED_2 години тому

    He was in England ¿?????¿¿??

  23. author

    Cliometrics Dc3 години тому

    He reminds of Bill Burr dkw

  24. author

    Delavega CFTW3 години тому

    @9:26 make sure you're not watching this out loud behind closed doors. It may be hard to explain.

  25. author

    Chicken Barnes3 години тому

    Tecca opened up more 😂 💜

  26. author

    ESP-COVID FREE 8883 години тому

  27. author

    dkaczka3 години тому

    no za dlugo sie nie pocieszyl butami ;c

  28. author

    Tanveer Singh Mahendra3 години тому

    I was so overwhelmed by the amazing sneakers he bought that kinda forgot to like the video. Literally revisiting the page to drop a like. I love the sneaker series from COMPLEX!

  29. author

    HESUS FRIEND3 години тому

    g got really bad tattoos.... extra

  30. author

    Parthajit Barman4 години тому

    Get mr beast on the show. He would probably get every pair and later sell it for a dollar a pair

  31. author

    electro40 foo4 години тому

    Lil pump the type a dude to be that Type of Dude

  32. author

    EastwoodGames4 години тому

    I’m amazed at the amount of comments saying Joe turned on Ak here. Joe was never really afraid to disagree with Ak. He also has been very critical of “journalists” who sensationalize and profit off of street shit i.e. DJ Vlad

  33. author

    Andy Tan4 години тому

    Tay Keith , FK THESE CHIGGAS UP ( I’m an Asian so yeah )

  34. author

    Someone New4 години тому

    Let's appreciate the fact that he knew Zayn came out with a lightsaber only the day before

  35. author

    jedinyte4 години тому

    Directed by pimp my ride

  36. author

    Jnybliz4 години тому

    I've had a terrible experience with Tecca but it was memorable

  37. author

    moon5 годин тому

    I like em big I like em chunky I like em big I like em chunky

  38. author

    Mambaout245 годин тому

    Hey dame can you get little bit more traction on your shoes. I still love your shoes but I need more traction when I play on dusty courts

  39. author

    TeamSuperSaiyanMovie5 годин тому

    I don't know why, but every time is see someone with Rick n morty he looks emo or young

  40. author

    Dante Aguilar5 годин тому

    Ynw bslime

  41. author

    Sergio Rivera5 годин тому

    One love

  42. author

    Girish Verma5 годин тому

    Kevin in the beginning : 😎 Kevin in the end : 🥵

  43. author

    Kb25 годин тому

    Was it 700 for concords ?

  44. author

    LONG LIVE ART6 годин тому

    Why AK always pretend he drinking something the cup is empty

  45. author

    Flame 0306 годин тому

    Damnnnnnn ak really exposed him self and proved the other guys point😂😂💀💀💀💀

  46. author

    William Rivera6 годин тому

    Press like of Smoke Purp worst freestyle this year

  47. author

    James Jelly6 годин тому

    I love how mike unintentionally made one of the best skate shoes of all time

  48. author

    2000 abonnés sans videos6 годин тому

    Les français ??

  49. author

    McKenna Pomeroy6 годин тому

    I love how the whole time he has to pretend he cares about shoes him: * starts swearing when they ask questions about shoes * him again: * sweating intensifies as they rob him of him money *

  50. author

    VIRUS TERRITORY6 годин тому

    how was this man killed please dont say he od or was shot

  51. author

    Gohen X6 годин тому

    If he was 19 wouldn’t he be 22 now

  52. author

    markteryo atienza6 годин тому


  53. author

    Barney6 годин тому

    I thought 94% of the trainers picked out looked super trash

  54. author

    Jaime Villegas6 годин тому

    Complex put a hit out on Two Jz Found SB dude SB dude got the job done 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Sent out a body bag ! ! 💀 And I was rooting Two Jz from the jump

  55. author

    Joshua Lee6 годин тому

    First off....... wtf for that disclaimer in the beginning....... I'm fo show going to learn this to my damn self

  56. author

    SpaceCadetLaC6 годин тому

    I wish this didnt seem scripted. Hop really do shred tho.

  57. author

    Gochu Garu7 годин тому

    Ohh man I know this guy's face, but can't olput the show or movie to him. But what a relief. This guy is legit. Real af. I'm a fan.

  58. author

    Gochu Garu7 годин тому

    I dislike the Patriots. But I saw Mr Kraft here in a different light. What an actuall chill af dude.. shocked AF 👊

  59. author

    Kae Ron7 годин тому

    Joe you a fucking hater who wrote for you dum bum ass rapper

  60. author

    Wigi Naraki7 годин тому


  61. author

    Nevaeh Chalk7 годин тому

    But why they cost double the price they would be in a regular store?

  62. author

    StenSon7 годин тому

    This is a good video but Complex cheesy as hell lmao

  63. author

    Cjcoolpantz7 годин тому

    R.i.p Jared Higgins Juice world 999forever

  64. author

    J.J Jameson8 годин тому

    Shannon and Gucci Mane have 2085 teeth combined

  65. author

    SvltGoddo8 годин тому

    Tony Hawk teaches Hopsin how to 900

  66. author

    Gunner Hansen8 годин тому

    Bro they mention the book of Eli as coming out, most fire album dropped yet 🔥

  67. author

    Frxsty ッ8 годин тому

    𝕀𝕥𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖 𝕘𝕦𝕪

  68. author

    GAYNGSTERLOKO HSG8 годин тому

    Do a sneaker shopping with Floyd Mayweather homie , yeah that’s right ese loko

  69. author

    king Tiny8 годин тому

    August 8th and im back watching this😅😅😭😭

  70. author

    king Tiny8 годин тому

    Soulja is talking st8 facts...💯💯

  71. author

    Nestor Padilla8 годин тому

    Check out my brothers grow . Please subscribe any tips and comments would help

  72. author

    Nathalyn Naomi8 годин тому

    eu secando o le fleur alí atras 5:37

  73. author

    b hsu9 годин тому

    This is the first rapper I’ve hear talk in the intro on here

  74. author

    micah lopez9 годин тому

    next up; babys try black tar heroine for the first time

  75. author

    Haytch9 годин тому

    This guy caps every line in his songs

  76. author

    黄先生的卡比兽9 годин тому

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  77. author

    Matt MX9 годин тому

    Notice how in the clip where he was walking with all the fans and then when he’s at the store his shirt changed

  78. author

    Joey F9 годин тому

    Is there a time stamp caption on UAreporter now?

  79. author

    milan solo10 годин тому

    ah yes when a homie tells me to combine a nollie shuv and a nollie heel i land it 3rd try

  80. author

    Mariola Alku10 годин тому

    Where to find Amiri stores? Not online

  81. author

    Jokim Daniel10 годин тому


  82. author

    Donvic Zac10 годин тому

    U sound like snoop dog

  83. author

    Lil Khanz10 годин тому

    Solumminati goes sneaker shopping

  84. author

    Juan Angel Perez10 годин тому

    I love y’all ❤️👏

  85. author

    Robert l10 годин тому

    AK how do you say he is not privileged. Of course he is his just collabed w Nikki Minaj . No one can just do that c mon people

  86. author

    Robert l10 годин тому

    What do you mean who plants the plant? The elite, the Satanic Freemasons who run the world. Who signs his checks?

  87. author

    YDNSnoopy10 годин тому

    Damn he must be rolling in dunks rn

  88. author

    In_my_ life10 годин тому

    He really said I want this that this that, and the whole shelf tbh

  89. author

    Alex Olson-Bick10 годин тому

    No matter what---respect. Can't fake landing skate tricks.

  90. author

    NicwayRm Yt11 годин тому

    Rip a legend

  91. author

    KobeAmilliz311 годин тому

    This boy said he 24....boy you 19😭

  92. author

    Solomon Lamontagne11 годин тому

    Yo For real If pun was here Put him on a track with em Gods

  93. author

    Roniesha Abrahams11 годин тому

    Ry Ry look so fine even when she's working out 😍😍

  94. author

    XXXTENTACLES ,11 годин тому

    who tf understand nle?

  95. author

    G Smith11 годин тому

    Ak drunk

  96. author

    Robert Levering11 годин тому

    she has problems finding shoes, omfg i have mens size 18 HAVE FUN FINDING THOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEE

  97. author

    Lalo y Los Descalzos11 годин тому

    wow this guy seems to have better collection then Khaled

  98. author

    LuLa 6669 RRkks11 годин тому

    тнє вσѕѕ яι¢к яσѕѕ😐👍👍

  99. author

    Pedro Volga11 годин тому

    I don’t think anyone actually wants to be on this show after they pay.

  100. author

    James Lykins11 годин тому

    "I ain't never had any of this" 1 minute later "I had these when I was younger" 😂