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  1. author

    BrianFrom TheLonghornState49 хвилин тому

    Where is my weekly Klatt vs Colin debate at??? Did I miss it or did Colin decide not to do it??

  2. author

    Mikel Cividanes Bertini49 хвилин тому

    Difference between NY and LA fans...NY fans are loyal and always show up

  3. author

    LukySpde Gaming50 хвилин тому

    Take responsibility for your mistakes Lions, or you'll always be trash in this division. HEEYOOOOO!

  4. author

    King Chi50 хвилин тому

    Damn you had us til you said drew brees cant throw deep...literally noone has ever said that

  5. author

    abvthlw51 хвилина тому

    Damn, Joy is rockin' those 'Problem Glasses!!!!' GODDESS ALERT!!!!!!!!!

  6. author

    Jordan Davis51 хвилина тому

    These guys freestyled

  7. author

    Codey Snow54 хвилини тому

    Joel Klout. Love this guy

  8. author

    D1nonly155 хвилин тому

    This may have been one of their best segments lol

  9. author

    Robert Talley58 хвилин тому

    They say that you can tell who will get better as a player from their first and second year. The game slows down and the talent is unleashed. If the player stays the same for three seasons, chances are they have hit their ceiling. But there are some rare exceptions.

  10. author

    Dr Pappa PillzГодину тому

    Acc championship should be north Carolina and Clemson

  11. author

    Tam AlmedaГодину тому

    I'm still upset about Doug's comment of Andrew Luck, & I'm not even a Colts fan!

  12. author

    Gorilla MaskГодину тому

    Klatts back must be worn out from carrying Colins show

  13. author

    Kell ChapmanГодину тому

    Joel Klatt knows it’s going to be Bama/Clemson.....again. He can’t stand it.

  14. author

    David BensonГодину тому

    Colin got downright deep and intellectual on this one. Well done

  15. author

    Doodle BobГодину тому

    This segment was hilarious to watch!

  16. author

    Dr Pappa PillzГодину тому

    Take the money or be a legend

  17. author

    D RГодину тому

    This Colin Cowherd guy is a STOOGE and a SELLout.

  18. author

    12WeMet1Годину тому

    Joy has a Xanax problem and it will boil over. You heard it here first.

  19. author

    Phil JonesГодину тому

    Hockenson not securing the TD catch isn't on Stafford. Completely different narrative if he holds on. Lions receivers have made critical drops over the years. How is that on Stafford when he does his job. Johnson also had a bad drop for an incomplete pass in that game. Stafford will eventually get a few "signature wins." You haven't heard the last from the Lions this season.

  20. author

    Limper LunkГодину тому

    Joel Klatts opening line, "where are you wrong today", truer words have not be spoken. Substitute Cowherd for Klatt any day as long as it doesn't take away from Klatts analysis which is best in the business. Even before Klatt said his piece about Riley leaving, he said it perfectly, "there is a case to say in college". He's exactly right and the proven college football coaches do run the show and hold the power, it is not just Sabin.

  21. author

    Trucker_PeteГодину тому

    As a Packers fan, I’m not on board with calling them the best team in the NFC. The Saints are winning with a back up QB which can’t be overlooked. They’ll be even better when Brees gets back. No one wants to play them at home. They should be sitting at #1. The Vikings, 49ers and Seahawks are also very good on both sides of the ball. I love my Packers but they haven’t dominated anyone yet and have been inconsistent in games. They’ll have a good half and a bad half. I’m just not sold on them yet as a great team.

  22. author

    Admiral XizorГодину тому

    Ok, swing the camera over to me... Clemson is bored, and they are hiding the back half of their playbook.

  23. author

    detailsmoveГодину тому

    When Colin brings in good guests on, I can listen and learn about football better

  24. author

    Desmond AppiahГодину тому

    Colin is on the money with this segment.

  25. author

    L. Scott JohnsonГодину тому

    Dornald is a bum. BTW, the patriots have not played a good offensive team.

  26. author

    Peter YearginГодину тому

    Agreed completely with Colin, crazily enough. Joel is just like every other media personality right now in the “who have they played” and “let’s evaluate based on this season’s results, last season doesn’t matter”, blah blah blah. The problem is last season does matter, this is the same set of key players that torched Alabama’s defense for 44 points. And they just eviscerated Florida State, who is a lot better than they were last year. But you know what? I love it. Absolutely love it. Just keep sleeping and we will see you in December. :)

  27. author

    EricГодину тому

    LSU’s going to beat Bama just like Clemson… I’m not saying LSU’s going to destroy Bama, I’m saying Bama’s going to be stunned they’re actually playing a good team for once, and it’ll be too late to comeback.

  28. author

    K GГодину тому

    If Lincoln Riley is offered the job he’ll take it. Simple as that, Klatt can say whatever he wants. Lincoln is a winner and he’ll not turn down the opportunity to coach the world’s biggest team in Dallas.

  29. author

    Traditional LivesMatterГодину тому

    I think Titans offense will get better with a pocket passer. And im kinda glad. Titans have used scambling QB's for way too long. Its time for a decade of pocker passers. No more mcnair, vince young, jake locker or mariotas. Lets go a new direction.

  30. author

    Red HoodГодину тому

    By Colin's logic, he should like trubisky more and give him more time

  31. author

    Gastón RiveraГодину тому

    Damn Dough... you hit me in the nose with the relationship comparison! 🤣

  32. author

    Philadelphia ProductionsГодину тому

    And you can add Kiser, Tyrod, and Baker

  33. author

    Tyler GueГодину тому

    The ratings for this show have to go through the roof when Joel comes on here every week. At least for me I feel like they should 😂 how can u not love Joel Klatt

  34. author

    Mike JonesГодину тому

    We have been discussing Jason Garrett getting fired for years. I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s been a puppet coach for so many years, it’s Jerry Jones who coaches the cowboys. And that is the problem.

  35. author

    CW CWГодину тому

    Mariota had a way better second year Colin than his first get your facts straight he was the best young QB in NFL and Titans pathetic offensive staff hires under Vrabel ruined him and did not develop him

  36. author

    Sky FreemanГодину тому

    Two thoughts A) Lincoln Riley has one of the best jobs in ALL OF football. Hard to see him leaving unless it's a mega deal with personnel say B) how tf are the Rams gonna field a squad while they pay top $ at so many positions and they have 0 first RD Picks 😂😂

  37. author

    Prick FlairГодину тому

    I think Tom Couglin said a few things to Jalen that Jalen didn’t like and that’s what started this, just my theory on this.

  38. author

    K MartinezГодину тому

    Klatt needs his own show, got damn dude knows football, statistics and analytics. Most insightful analysis of every game.

  39. author

    PBJTimeГодину тому

    Thank you Joel for always bringing common sense to the Herd. Go Buffs!

  40. author

    davidRedDevilГодину тому

    Should’ve kept the camera on Joy

  41. author

    Chris PeckГодину тому

    I feel like the Rams should have moved to vegas

  42. author

    LukasaferГодину тому

    Johnny Manziel was a high ceiling guy RGIII was a high ceiling guy Jameis Winston was a high ceiling guy Ryan Leaf was a high ceiling guy Having a "high ceiling" is such an arbitrary way of seeming smart, and a safety net of not appearing stupid when evaluating QBs They pan out, you're smart for seeing it They fail, well you remind everyone that from the outside they had a high ceiling and just never made it there

  43. author

    JUST CALL ME WEBBГодину тому

    Perfect thumbnail! FIRE JASON GARRETT!

  44. author

    D'Glester HardunkachudГодину тому

    couldn't be more perfect than RAMSey going to the RAMS

  45. author

    encinobalboaГодину тому

    Colin with the Baker-hate. It must be Baker's foolish video trying to escape the police...on foot.

  46. author

    Johnny Red DotГодину тому

    Joel put 10k on LSU +11 back it up. You won’t .

  47. author

    Claude WilliamsГодину тому

    He better stay in the weak wakk twelve cupcake conference all those cupcakes and scrubs inferior competition rat pelts Kansas osu Texas tech Baylor Kansas state Iowa state west Virginia only team he has to play is Texas PERIOD

  48. author

    Bear ArchambaultГодину тому

    Colin, you need to get off Kyler Murray's nuts till he has more than one good game.

  49. author

    Johnny Red DotГодину тому

    Boise St ND Minn Wisconsin

  50. author

    Nicholas ChaseГодину тому

    Austin carried the WWE on his back against its biggest rival, WCW. There’s nothing more iconic in wrestling history than hearing the glass shatter and watching Austin walk to the ring. The Rock was great too. One of the greatest heals in history, but no wrestler will ever touch the persona of the rattlesnake. It redefined wrestling, it became bigger than just matches and small conflicts. Austin took on the entire WWE. And you never knew what he was gonna do. Austin will always be the greatest thing to ever happen to wrestling.

  51. author

    NroZiicГодину тому

    This dude dumb asf

  52. author

    Randy BaratГодину тому

    Mariota is a perfectly serviceable qb in the mould of Kirk Cousin, peak Andy dalton. He’s not special but he doesn’t suck.

  53. author

    Levar Young2 години тому

    What games other than NC did they play badly in?

  54. author

    Cad Bane2 години тому

    Klat is looking like a true dad with that beard lol

  55. author

    Dellway Hellway2 години тому

    Ppl we (Titans Fans) know Tannerhill isn't the answer but he's our QB n we ride wit whoever is... That's what 2nd n 3rd strings are for... our QB1 hasn't been playing to his level that we know he can so we switched to QB2 to see the outcome of it... if Tannerhill gets done the same way then it'll be some ppl getting fired... we suck right now but we tryna figure it out...we got so much talent n it's not being used

  56. author

    Eric Cartman2 години тому

    #41 on trending

  57. author

    Lil Jermaine2 години тому

    Joel klatt bodying Colin every week

  58. author

    Dr Shwazz2 години тому

    I agree with Colin about the Browns. Not surprised at all that the Browns started 2-4. I predicted them to start 3-5 for the first 8 games (lose to NE, beat DEN). I wasn't buying into the hype just yet. Being good on paper only does you so much. Anyways, Browns and Baker needed those "wake up games" early in the season against the Titans and 49ers when they got smacked. Their first half schedule is brutal...however, the second half schedule I could see them going 6-2 through the final 8 games. I think the Browns will go 9-7 and contend for a wildcard spot with the Bills, Colts, Chargers/Raiders and whoever else will be in that race then.

  59. author

    Herman Lin2 години тому

    My rankings 1-7: Alabama, Ohio St, LSU, Oklahoma, Clemson, Wisconsin, Penn St.

  60. author

    whoop ,2 години тому

    Can you talk about the panthers without dissing cam once please???

  61. author

    Clems onar2 години тому

    "I lost all my autonomy, I am now, no longer in control of my own program." :)

  62. author

    big up Rise2 години тому

    Trade dak for Aaron Rodgers!!!

  63. author

    Keith Crook2 години тому

    ....AND Baker Mayfield...right Colin?

  64. author

    J R2 години тому

    These two are hilarious

  65. author

    Roy Thomas2 години тому

    Haven’t watched the video yet and already know Colin is gonna get destroyed.

  66. author

    Joshua Lerch2 години тому

    The Rams and chargers will be out of LA within 10 years. Can’t run an nfl team solely to stay relevant to a non caring fan base.

  67. author

    Greedy Waffle2 години тому


  68. author

    LilZohan2 години тому

    Watching this in October 2019 haha

  69. author

    huddreems2 години тому

    We need more joel klatt 😂

  70. author

    TheToptige2 години тому

    Las Angeles has no football fans

  71. author

    poppaDehorn2 години тому

    LOL why are the eagles up there?

  72. author

    Blake ADkd2 години тому

    Bruh I love these two relationships 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  73. author

    Will Carlson2 години тому

    Love these two 😂😂😂

  74. author

    Brian Reed2 години тому

    Great interview

  75. author

    Gregory Williams2 години тому

    Why is no on3 talking about the pathetic play of Goff

  76. author

    Nathan McCarthy2 години тому

    List is almost perfect except for Ben simmons

  77. author

    N0TYALC2 години тому

    You know you’ve found yourself in the wrong timeline when Colin’s guest is the one making the unrelated divorce analogies

  78. author

    schwan humes2 години тому

    mariota high character guy good athleticism, but lacks feel for the game, iq and the fine/detail skills

  79. author

    schwan humes2 години тому

    baker lacks athleticism, he is smart, tough, crafty, experienced; but lacks the athleticism to enhance the skills he has or masks the skills he doesnt

  80. author

    Camping in the forest2 години тому

    Reggie speaks the truth while, Colin owes the NFL too much to be real or truthful.

  81. author

    Devastatiing2 години тому

    The thing I hate about Klatt is that he pretend that he’s this unbiased analyst that only looks at the facts. He’s employed by Fox which has ties to the Big 12 and Big 10 and it’s so obvious that he’s biased towards those teams.

  82. author

    SPACE PAPI2 години тому

    Joy you’re childless!

  83. author

    Austin2 години тому

    It does this young bills fan proud to finally see them being listed in top 10 picks. Just goes to show an underdog team can fight with the big boys (if you give them 20 years)

  84. author

    Squishyman 52 години тому

    we could lose the next 8 games and colin would say “COWBOYS SHOULDNT BE WORRIED”

  85. author

    aztecray19802 години тому

    Finally someone gets us here in Los Angeles. We don't care about sports like the rest of USA. We're like our own country with our own rules.

  86. author

    ghogue612 години тому

    Joel has the rankings right on the money for this point in the season. I agree wholeheartedly that Clemson has been underwhelming so far.

  87. author

    Doug SwampRat2 години тому

    I'm sure Brian Kelly is getting really sick of making 4 mil a year.

  88. author

    David Herrmann2 години тому

    Joel Klatt is awesome, but he is a little biased toward the team's FOX covers. He always loves Michigan even though they haven't won a meaningful game, he always loves Ohio State, and he seems to really like Penn State even though they barely beat Pitt at home.

  89. author

    Shawn Shakur2 години тому

    no offence to hogan. but hogan cracked open the door, and the rock blew it off its hinges lol

  90. author

    Romico Barnes2 години тому

    Cowherd said LSU was having trouble against Florida at home like Florida wasn’t #7 and LSU didn’t win by 14

  91. author

    rhodesi9262 години тому

    Really Colin? are you saying Trashbisky is better than Stafford? Because if you are, then you are taking a lot of credit away from one of the best defenses ever, A coach of the year performance by Matt Naggy and one of the best defensive coordinating performances in what Vic Fangio did. Last week all the games were decided within one score, all of those games could have gone either way if the refs decided to get in the way. You are basically saying the lions have to be a super bowl contender just to not fall victim to bad officiating? And if that's the case then why did the packers only need to beat the lions by one point?

  92. author

    Tahir Blount3 години тому

    Klatt needs his own show asap!

  93. author

    dvon10973 години тому

    Patriots have a difficult schedule to end the year. We will see how this team compares to NE teams of the past in November.

  94. author

    Mathew Fullerton3 години тому

    Klatt on Clemson, especially his analogy of OSU, was brilliant!

  95. author

    Devin Mosac3 години тому

    Please don't leave coach Riley lol

  96. author

    unapologeticwhiteman Winner3 години тому

    Lincoln would be insane to ever leave OU. the program was handed to already built. you didn't have to start from scratch. you get to sign who you want at OU. you take a pro job, it don't work out. now most likely you will get hired by some college team like UCLA who don't have much talent. then you can look like Chip.

  97. author

    Dean Player3 години тому

    Maybe Jason can’t make Dak better simply because Dak is currently as good as Jason ever got as a pro.

  98. author

    bama79843 години тому

    If Nick Saban got Drew Brees, we would have a different conversation.

  99. author

    Hug Savage3 години тому

    The NFL is boring af

  100. author

    Mike Boyd3 години тому

    I sometimes don’t agree with you, but you do have good insight here! Every team generally loses the same way because their opponents exploit their weaknesses!