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  1. author

    JTC16 годин тому

    And then yet again Ryan Leaf gets arrested this time stemming from domestic battery. So much for turning his life around.

  2. author

    JustmejustRey16 годин тому

    Lakers cuz look at the Lakers playbook

  3. author

    Cracaman B-T16 годин тому

    Did anybody else start blinking more watchinh Joy.......

  4. author

    The Rabbit16 годин тому

    Out here fishing for them views huh Colin?

  5. author

    Braden Means16 годин тому

    "Carson wentz 2nd to Mahomes on raw arm talent." That's crazy, I agree though

  6. author

    De'Andre Binion16 годин тому

    Marcellus is the biggest joke and straight hypocritical. He goes on national tv and blast Kaepernick as not being black to fully grasp the whole situation of what he was doing. Kaepernick was right all along and you owe him an apology. We could have had a conversation 6 years ago about this. It would have been a peaceful protest but oh no. How dare you!!

  7. author

    Dan Rode16 годин тому

    A Cowchip on the radio. A 2020 version of romper room.... Puerile

  8. author

    Bryan -16 годин тому

    The protestors I saw were amazing. Great loud and peaceful.. Colin' clearly didn't observe or even leave Manhattan beach. I live near a spot that was hit hard and I saw 6 armed robberies in broad daylight. 5050 split between protestors and then agent provocateurs and people just stealing to steal.

  9. author

    Glenroy Smith16 годин тому

    These guys makes millions of dollars and don't have a gym or basketball court on their property . MJ has and had one . LeBron is on PEDs ask how many guys hated him when he played for Cleveland .

  10. author

    Paul Fernandez16 годин тому

    "Free Agents don't wanna play here" they got 2 of the best free agents last off-season. Colin is nothing more then a hater of small markets.

  11. author

    Jesse Agent16 годин тому

    Idk why people keep expecting Lebron to overcome his standards everyday like give the dude a break. He has proven multiple times that he deserves the title as the best player in the world. All these Giannis fans keep trying bring up the his stats and the facts that “hE avEraGeS 30 eVerY gAme oN leSs miNutEs” yet you have to watch them play a full game and analyze their weaknesses and strengths which is why Stephen A Smith doesn’t even think Giannis is better than AD all around and i completely agree with him as Lebron brings more value to the team. People forget that the only reason why Giannis is valuable to his team is because they built the team around him for years while LBJ just joined the Lakers. Stop hating on Lebron and just accept it for once

  12. author

    Eli 3li17 годин тому

    He ain't lying the produCt is whaCk Bring the DETROIT ShoCk baCk and I'll watCh

  13. author

    Stephen Jones17 годин тому

    I only have one question. Does he throw a good football?

  14. author

    Design Rhythm17 годин тому

    Agree with Marcellus, it starts with cleaning up your own life & making the best of your situation regardless of the obstacles.

  15. author

    Marco Vidal17 годин тому

    Are we really just gonna let him say Wentz has a better arm than Watson, Wilson, Rodgers, and Brees just to name a few?

  16. author

    LunchBox17 годин тому

    NBA new to get the organizations & players ready to go. Tell players & team staff to start getting in shape & set up protocol for testing & managing positive tests. Do wait until the return date is announced. Go ahead & star getting ready to go.

  17. author

    William Slaughter17 годин тому

    I realized he lied when he said “Goff Over Dak”, and I’m a eagles fan.

  18. author

    Daniel Cuellar17 годин тому

    okkk buddy its clear to see that colins a hugee dak hater 🤦🏼‍♂️💀 edit: when this man said carson wentz is second behind mahomes , I lost it🤣

  19. author

    Daniel Beavers17 годин тому

    Every time colin starts getting proven wrong he just says let's shift!

  20. author

    Daniel Beavers17 годин тому

    Labron doesn't guard no one

  21. author

    Daniel Beavers17 годин тому

    Colin is an idiot

  22. author

    Jason Smith17 годин тому

    And leaving again lol

  23. author

    G M Patra17 годин тому

    who cares about Aikman going to grave with certain mindset. He is not the greatest NFL player ever. He is very good but there are so many others like him. But none of them can match Tom Brady. Tom did so much more with much less talented players with him.

  24. author

    JV K917 годин тому

    I don’t think too many people care if the nba resumes or not. Bunch of over paid communist

  25. author

    therealestmc8517 годин тому

    Yeah sure the guy playing with another superstar that is also contending for the MVP award is the MVP. Why don’t we just crown LeBron James the NBA champion and be done with it?

  26. author

    Jaiveer D17 годин тому

    Bro most people hate dak because he is a cowboy he had almost 5000 years and 30 tds he is not elite but he is not bad he is better the jarred Goff and Sam darnold don’t be surprised if he goes off next year

  27. author

    Larry Thornton17 годин тому

    AD leads the lakers in every stat except assists. Lebron isn’t the MVP of own team w/o AD lakers are in the 7th in the west.

  28. author

    James Sadik17 годин тому

    He could seriously play the slot position full time and dominate

  29. author

    Mamadou Diallo18 годин тому

    Honestly if your uncomfortable about the situation of a race in America I think your the problem if your not willing to understand what us minorities have to go through on a daily and have these talks with our kids and younger siblings then shame on u seriously

  30. author

    Gooby Pls18 годин тому

    Still sleeping on Raptors, when will they learn

  31. author

    Jackie Moon18 годин тому

    She is smoking hot

  32. author

    Michael Lansky18 годин тому

    Funny but I've never seen Lebron protesting with the people. It's easy to send empty tweets from the comfort of your hollywood hills mansion.

  33. author

    Rob Hall18 годин тому

    Wow! You are so very graceful in your efforts to make anglos feel comfortable!!! I don't envy your ideal of the Mountain go boy!!! You could've easily been a George Floyd...yall bout the same size?

  34. author

    Mickey Hartsell18 годин тому

    Nick too young doesn't obviously remember Michael Jordan was from another planet.

  35. author

    rrolex5918 годин тому

    Let's hear from our Black doctors, lawyers, scientists, principals, college presidents. They are the examples of success Black people should be listening to about success.

  36. author

    neetrab18 годин тому

    "Now it's just places I don't wanna live in" - then hurries up to name the cities. 😂🤣😂 hilarious.

  37. author

    Bartholomew Surles18 годин тому

    Colin stop. I agree Dak doesn't deserve Russell Wilson money but Jared Gof over Dak. Seriously?? DAK over Matt Ryan and also Dak over Kirk Cousins. Josh Allen over Dak.. get this man off TV please for this

  38. author

    rrolex5918 годин тому

    We should NEVER listen to athletes and entertainers talking about success. They achieved what they have by playing GAME...with a BALL...singing, dancing, telling jokes. They no NOTHING about working a 9-5! They have achieved based on physical talents.

  39. author

    Andrew Scanlon18 годин тому

    I hate you nick wright Jayson Tatum is number 2 no doubt

  40. author

    Marjorie Neal18 годин тому

    The team Is a part of his problem make the team better just because they say recieving team is top 3 doesn't mean they are quarterback with worse records get much more so what

  41. author

    Carlos18 годин тому


  42. author

    Buhay Pinoy18 годин тому

    Kristine should be a model

  43. author

    Michael Vick18 годин тому

    Everything giannis did this year just for ppl to say “not even close”. Crazy to me

  44. author

    yosefe8618 годин тому

    Amen! Preach!!!

  45. author

    Zach Hanosh19 годин тому

    Some of the worst takes I’ve ever heard

  46. author

    itayi zinzombe19 годин тому

    Kaepernick, why do you have a problem with him Wiley? Why so much hate for him! I just can't get past that!

  47. author

    Gibby Smalls19 годин тому

    Lmao the disrespect

  48. author

    Mr. Obamium19 годин тому

    I agree with clippers but everything else it a bit fishy

  49. author

    Azeem Kshim19 годин тому

    In terms of talent no one comes close to Messi

  50. author

    Mathew Alvarez19 годин тому

    Sorry to break it to ya but it’s a season award not 15 year span and it’s about stats not name branded give it to him giannis beats lebron in every stat except assist

  51. author

    Desmond Appiah19 годин тому

    As much as we throw jabs at Colin over certain sport opinions, the man has always been solid when it’s crunch time. Salute to him.

  52. author

    Donovan Carillo19 годин тому

    The MVP is about a single season, but people tend to talk about everything LeBron has done throughout his WHOLE career. In terms of this season, Giannis has been the best player on the best team in the league and his impact was especially highlighted in the few games where he was injured and they couldn't win a game.

  53. author

    Orlando Tocano19 годин тому

    Freedom Nut Daryl Morey!!!! LOL

  54. author

    paul Diehl19 годин тому

    Colin "let me start with this" Cowherd

  55. author

    Raphael A-R19 годин тому

    Lebron beats the easy East his entire career, moves out West and doesn't make the playoffs, is given a top 5 player and talent in AD who leads Lebron in everything outside of passing and looks to have a tough West to go through... NBA makes it 1-16 seeding for him to play East teams again lmao, pathetic.

  56. author

    flow flow19 годин тому

    Agree 💯LeBron MVP

  57. author

    Harvey Gaming19 годин тому

    Colin Cowherd your Racist

  58. author

    J Carroll20 годин тому

    Bro loved what you said about lebron for sure mvp. but he aslo the champ this year

  59. author

    chris williams20 годин тому


  60. author

    Steel City Highlights20 годин тому

    where is Roethlisberger!!???

  61. author

    Vaughn Perez20 годин тому

    How do I like this a thousand times?

  62. author

    Basketball VHS archives20 годин тому

    Δεν ξέρεις τι σου γίνετε

  63. author

    Alex Sington20 годин тому

    LeBron is all about social activism until it isn't self-serving. We saw that with the Daryl Morey issue, and now he's not willing to condemn the people taking advantage of the protest situation to commit crimes (theft, arson, assault, & vandalism). There's no justification for that, and those criminals should be called out by public figures and arrested.

  64. author

    MarkR. Katzman20 годин тому

    Riliiiiight...LeBron has always an idiot...besides B-Ball there ain't much happening upstairs - there's a vacancy.

  65. author

    Nie Music20 годин тому

    When the Cowboys were 3-0 at the beginning of last year, Colin spent every show jerking them them off. Go back and see, there all still online. Now he has a million excuses not pay them. Colin is a flip flopper and a band wagon sports personality.

  66. author

    CrownJayKing20 годин тому

    Great monologue , I can't lie 99% of the time I want to punch you in the face. But you truly wow me thank you. I hope this actually lasts.

  67. author

    Aaron Wiesenfeld20 годин тому

    LeBron has always been a politician- just ask any Republican (such as myself).

  68. author

    Roland Oliver20 годин тому

    You watch closely enough people will show you who they are. During a laker game Anthony David fell into the lap of Kevin Hart. No one got hurt, they were both laughing and having a moment. Lebron had nothing to do with the play, but he still couldn’t help himself. He had to go over and fake falling into Hart’s lap as well. He craves attention and I can’t help but wonder if his activism is driven by that need or he really cares.

  69. author

    Zoosh.HoneyMoon21 годину тому

    Hello everyone this is my my playoff prediction if each team was ranked 1-16 so lets do this. (First round) Bucks vs Magic Bucks win 4-1. Lakers vs nets Lakers win 4-1. Raptors vs grizzlies Raptors win 4-0. Clippers vs Mavericks Clippers win 4-3. Celtics vs 76ers Celtics win 4-3. Nuggest vs Pacers Nuggets win 4-3. Rockets vs Jazz Rockets win 4-3. Heat vs Thunder Heat win 4-3. (Second round) Bucks vs Rockets Bucks win 4-3. Lakers vs Heat Lakers win 4-2. Raptors vs Nuggets Raptors win 4-2. Clippers vs Celtics Clippers win 4-3. (Third round) Bucks vs Raptors Bucks win 4-3. Lakers vs Clippers Clippers win 4-3. (Finals) Bucks vs Clippers Clippers win 4-1. That is my playoff prediction. Hopefully you guys enjoyed, if you did give it a Like. Stay home & stay healthy!

  70. author

    Chili21 годину тому

    he did not just say that, that game was league

  71. author

    Julio Roman21 годину тому

    I love this guy he is the Maury audience of the sportsworld lol. Forget all the boring stuff we know what's the behind the scenes story arc and bring out the DNA tests 😄

  72. author

    Devine Ruler21 годину тому

    The west has been stacked for years

  73. author

    Vicky officialYT21 годину тому

    LeBron he's not the MVP stop convince the people because their have owned eyes to see..

  74. author

    Devine Ruler21 годину тому

    That's only true because he was in the east playing NO ONE!!!

  75. author

    Anerudh Praveen21 годину тому

    the funny thing is that dak had better numbers than everyone else

  76. author

    Vicky officialYT21 годину тому

    He afraid the one on one from the stars.

  77. author

    Vicky officialYT21 годину тому

    Lebron is not deserving to win MVP that's the media vote not from the people..

  78. author

    Tsu Reacts21 годину тому

    Even with KD there we all know what happens to KD when he don’t got the best back court in history 🤷🏾‍♂️ Lebron & AD slapping KD & kyrie

  79. author

    gray21 годину тому

    Did I miss it or did they not do the Falcons?

  80. author

    kathy kelly21 годину тому

    You mispelled RIOT

  81. author

    Artemis Walsh21 годину тому

    Putting Brady on the team that gave us 18-1 is a hate crime against Pats fans

  82. author

    Francisco Guzman21 годину тому

    Unfortunately the criminal activity has overshadowed the protest. Hope the protests are over soon because criminals are using it as a platform.

  83. author

    Azeem Kshim21 годину тому

    I feel like james harden is the most influential, like everyone in highschool is starting to grow a beard

  84. author

    KJ Martin21 годину тому

    Ok any giannis playoff criticism is not fair to him he’s had 2 years in the playoffs when he’s actually been more than a role player

  85. author

    ViKing Tut21 годину тому

    Ive listened to colin since 2006 and espn. Huge fan. This commentary is going to age very very poorly

  86. author

    Aidan Brogan21 годину тому

    Cowherd acts like if you don’t say the person he says you’re absolutely wrong and should be offended

  87. author

    pwright159922 години тому

    LeBron n Jordan should have 7 MVPs apiece. Jordan the Goat. LeBron 2nd best because he elevator of Magic's game.

  88. author

    Keegan Smith22 години тому

    Don't be a Simp colin the WNBA is literal trash it looks like 10 mentally challenged kids saw a bowling ball and tried playing basketball with it . Seriously the skill level is nonexistent the best players are really just the smartest who actually understand the game or they are just freakishly tall

  89. author

    Arce Yap22 години тому

    Colin is accurate tho

  90. author

    christopher afoa22 години тому


  91. author

    Benjamin Keating22 години тому

    Oakland was Janikowski for me

  92. author

    xSKULLARx22 години тому

    Gotta love Penny

  93. author

    Justice League Entertainment22 години тому

    This is just like when they gave kobe or derrick rose mvp over lebron if lebron gets it well deserved especially after that last stretch he completely dominated both teams to beat with no effort

  94. author

    Derek Youngman22 години тому

    Raptors would beat nuggets but other than that he was a lot less dumb than usual

  95. author

    Bret Viola22 години тому

    Strategy is overrated? What an idiot!

  96. author

    34stzoo22 години тому

    It's funny how Miesha, talk about Ronda, with respect as much as Ronda, talk down about her..... Ronda, is not built that way. She's a media Champion!

  97. author

    Keith Weyerts22 години тому

    Roger the doger