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    PokeMario2401Годину тому

    I have never been so split on buying a game or not. On one hand, the game looks nice, the story looks interesting to me. But on the other hand, the battle mechanics kills a lot of it for me. You don't gain experience, the bosses are literally office supplies, and it seems like there is no point to battling.

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    HyperBridГодину тому

    This game looks like it had no game designers in it's development team

  3. author

    Mo MotionГодину тому

    3D 3D 3D 3D 3D

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    OreneГодину тому

    I’m not making fun of anything about the older paper Mario games, but it’s funny how this is the one of the only instances where people are like, “don’t use the ‘paper’ aspect to its full potential.”

  5. author

    GIRIDHARAN PГодину тому

    People hate the game cause it lost a lot of personality and depth. The battle system is something a child can see as fun. But not classic fans like us. This is an example where the gen-alpha is to blame, not boomers.

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    Ken LewisГодину тому

    It looks like a mobile game

  7. author

    jka 20008Годину тому

    Jean piere colored pencils

  8. author

    cincoosaanГодину тому

    It's like a Gamecube game that never had a chance to be released until now.

  9. author

    Doggie AnticsГодину тому

    Finally they released an update vid at a semi-decent time

  10. author

    dannybootsГодину тому

    25:21 👀

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    PokéstrongГодину тому

    This isn't a Bakugan videogames. The game was unexpected and I'm a big fan of the series but it's only getting worse now. Much better than the Wii game, do something better. I won't buy it

  12. author

    PokéstrongГодину тому

    This isn't a Bakugan videogames. The game was unexpected and I'm a big fan of the series but it's only getting worse now. Much better than the Wii game, do something better. I won't buy it

  13. author

    DJ DrizzyГодину тому

    Sigh...Nintendo, you are sitting on a goldmine. You could easily make a proper sequel to the ogs and make EVERYONE happy, but yet you choose to do...this (for the 3rd time). At this point, you could milk our thirst by remastering TTYD. Come on Nintendo, don't you like money?

  14. author

    MossManГодину тому

    Nintendo should pay me to cheer for this game the way Mario pays Toads to cheer for him. Give me money and I won’t say one negative word about this game.

  15. author

    TristanГодину тому

    Guys watch out Paper Mario Origami King have leak (music, final boss, dialogue, partner, etc). Stay safety on UAreporter.

  16. author

    Da DoneГодину тому

    Warum nur gibt es keine News zu Prime 4?

  17. author

    Ryoko AdamГодину тому

    Look like Steven University place

  18. author

    Super NinteGirlГодину тому

    Hey, I need a favor Could you put the Thomas and Friends SNES Game on Nintendo Switch Online? If you agree press here 🔽

  19. author

    GIRIDHARAN PГодину тому

    "I love the battle system!" he says. Seriously, where is the RPG, where are the lovable and unique characters( I don't want toad again or crumpled bowser to be a 'character'). Where are the unique partner abilities and moves. Where is the level up system. Seriously! Go back to the basics guys!

  20. author

    Joshua OtisГодину тому

    We are given so many Mario games but no miitopia on the switch

  21. author

    Nick HamesГодину тому


  22. author

    MercГодину тому

    Man you can feel the paid comments. So many don't go more complex than "THANK YOU FOR PRDUCT NINENTEDO! MUST BUY AND PREORDER NINTENDO PRODUCT NOW! WHY DISLIKE? ONLY CONSUME!"

  23. author

    KeShaun NealГодину тому

    Wait so we don’t play as the bakugan

  24. author

    Bigzoe 202 GamingГодину тому

    This is very cool

  25. author

    Joshua OtisГодину тому

    Instead of pushing the switch to its limits. we are giving linear game structures which is not good.

  26. author

    Joshua OtisГодину тому

    It's not okay just a copy and paste a story from a TV series. We know usually that never works, designs with horrible and people grew up on two different Bakugan stories not just the one we are being seen. it's not bringing back to the DS version of popular on which we had a brand new one. Which is not a good look.

  27. author

    Adam LloydГодину тому

    Removing experience and having a separate battle system for bosses is mind boggling stupid. It removes any gameplay incentive to do normal battles, which are both easily avoidable and (supposedly) an enormous part of the gameplay. Your character doesn't improve from battles; you don't learn or master anything that will help you progress because boss fights have different systems; all you get are coins. What are coins good for? Oh, doing powerful moves in random battles. Well, that's great, especially as these games are typically incredibly easy. Plus, they shower you with coins for every little thing anyway, from throwing confetti to hitting a wall. It's like the paint mechanic of Color Splash all over again. So, what's the point? This is the third game in a row where the game has made normal enounters a waste of player time - where the optimal oath is to avoid them. I don't understand how they still don't get that this guts the core experience of their game.

  28. author

    TuberculosisГодину тому

    Everything looks awesome except for the battle system

  29. author

    Josie ParkerГодину тому

    This better come out in December of this year. It would make 2020 so much more worth while

  30. author

    TNTГодину тому


  31. author

    Josie ParkerГодину тому

    I get goosebumps watching this trailer! I’m so pumped for this game to come out. In the meantime, I’m gonna play animal crossing

  32. author

    Aftab MohammedГодину тому

    man it looks like a free game you would find on cartoon network website lmao

  33. author

    OctaCore 89Годину тому

    I know you guys are disappointed but remember, we (who play GameCube,SNES,NES and GameBoy) aren't the only who play Switch this days, there are other children who play Switch. So be patient for our Teen to Adult games 😁

  34. author

    John LukeГодину тому

    concept and scaling are cool! but, this game looks even pre-alpha right now, its not polished and just kinda looks like an RPG maker game... :/

  35. author

    Peakpackcup2 GrabthongГодину тому

    Too expensive for me

  36. author

    TheRex7534Годину тому

    FUN FACT: Reggie is currently on the board of directors for the company that makes Bakugan.

  37. author

    SLACK JAWГодину тому

    Release all the features. This game getting boring.

  38. author

    Jaymond SperlingГодину тому

    1:31 It is so cringe how he is just reading off a script!

  39. author

    Jaymond SperlingГодину тому

    Am I the only one who thought this was the cringes presentation ever, and the game is also crap!

  40. author

    Lucas GloseckiГодину тому

    Splatoon: no more Splatfests after Callie vs Marie Splatoon 2: no more Splatfests after Chaos vs Order 9 months later bonus one off Splatfest Ketchup vs Mayo Me: why can't Splatoon 1 have a bonus one off Splatfest

  41. author

    Kuro ElucidatorГодину тому

    worst treehouse ever

  42. author

    J MГодину тому

    Worst game ever!!!

  43. author

    Gia CordovaГодину тому

    Wow I like this

  44. author

    Kim Jestner MontillaГодину тому

    after this game I hope we get games like B-daman,crush gear,beyblade,zoids,metabots that has team building/assembling and strategic gameplay as well.

  45. author

    Travis McleodГодину тому

    Tough crowd!!

  46. author

    IcyBlaze616Годину тому

    gotta hand to the galaxy brains at Nintendo. Pokemon Sword and Shield look like 10/10 Game of the Century Greatest of All TIme We're Not Worthy games in comparison to this.

  47. author

    OrobaSpyroГодину тому

    Bakugon; the result if you made Diet Diet Pokemon/Digimon/Shin Megami Tensei

  48. author

    menoseloso119Годину тому

    Everything about this was so unbelievably awkward. I honestly feel bad about all the negativity surrounding it, but like why though...

  49. author

    Ethan the red engineГодину тому

    Can I have that chest plz

  50. author

    Mazin OsmanГодину тому

    Can we take a minute to talk about that guys afro. Man. How does he do it.

  51. author

    J MГодину тому

    What a bad, very bad taste to release, to highlight and promote this awful, awful game!!

  52. author

    Johnathan DavisГодину тому

    Edge, edge, edge, edge! Is only a matter of time before Persona 5 Royal will be coming to the switch, sooner, or later. Oh, one thing, ...Edge. LOL 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  53. author

    PixelГодину тому

    The nozzlenoze is a threat to society

  54. author

    KatsuГодину тому

    Is it just me, or did the women's voice get deeper (Or did they just hire someone else)?

  55. author

    Ny jionГодину тому

    Looks trash and boring

  56. author

    Josh BГодину тому

    Down Y Down Down Y spells Dyddy (see what they did there) They did something similar with BARRAL

  57. author

    Andre BabaniГодину тому

    That's it? No smash?

  58. author

    Jordan FisherГодину тому

    It's feel like pokemon

  59. author

    PokeTubeГодину тому

    Somehow this looks better than pokemon Edit: nvm...

  60. author

    J MГодину тому

    This game is so boring!!

  61. author

    J MГодину тому

    Worst game ever!!! Do not expect high sells for this game, never!!

  62. author

    PPankcakesГодину тому

    Waluigi for smash!

  63. author

    jaywritesГодину тому

    Not gonna lie, the boss battle theme is a bop

  64. author

    Metal-Video Gamez ExГодину тому


  65. author

    Ryan GarciaГодину тому

    i am just here for the comments

  66. author

    PPankcakesГодину тому

    1 like = Waluigi in smash!

  67. author

    Reilly-KГодину тому

    I heard that the 3DS/Wii U eShop is closing soon, so I went ahead and snagged this while I still can. Lookin' forward to it! :3

  68. author

    Víctor CárdenasГодину тому

    The battle seem to lack excitement and slow , too boring to watch.

  69. author

    conner foxГодину тому

    Whats even the point of combat if there is no leveling system? Seems like you can find alot of coins in the enviroment anyway. This just reminds me of sticker star where you were better off avoiding combat.

  70. author

    NanoWasabiГодину тому

    It looks like the battles move fast enough and give enough confetti that I might intentionally seek out battles every once in a while, but it just looks so easy. He never took damage from a normal enemy, and he never went below half health in the boss fight. Hopefully there’s either a difficulty setting (doubtful) or the ring system gets much more complex later in the game.

  71. author

    Kyle NaumannГодину тому

    I'm catching all the legonderies soon

  72. author

    Kenya McHomeГодину тому

    I like Sega but you are better a bit but Sonic 1

  73. author

    Ellester’s DadГодину тому


  74. author

    MrMattes83Годину тому

    Oh dear it looks Like premium garbage :(, i realy want this Game but at the Same time or scares me!

  75. author

    VincentГодину тому

    Im so disappointed from nintendo this and last year ill change to Playstation

  76. author

    RunkkuRusinaГодину тому

    But sir , may i have some metroid please ?

  77. author

    Wilson RosarioГодину тому

    Where’s Mario RPG remake.... sequel...... anything !!!! This crap makes no sense to me

  78. author

    Cococrash11Годину тому

    Awesome Paper Mario: The Origami King Video.

  79. author

    Cococrash11Годину тому

    Awesome Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Launch Trailer.

  80. author

    Master RoshegotcakesГодину тому

    How much did they have to pay Batman to narrate this?

  81. author

    MrMattes83Годину тому

    Is these a Out season aprilfool?

  82. author

    Manuel Enrique Gomez AlejandroГодину тому

    Jeanne as a playable character in the story pleace PLEACE!!

  83. author

    -EdwinFrezz-Годину тому


  84. author

    DangerCrow2 години тому

    People need to chill. This game is made for kids.

  85. author

    SuperHotdogBros2 години тому

    They really tried hyping us up for this

  86. author

    Just Some Cthulhu With Internet Access2 години тому

    “It better look exactly like the trailer, I’m looking at you Nintendo...”