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Is Expensive Coffee Worth The Money?

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  1. author

    NoctLightCloud16 годин тому

    I bought my Switch last year September in Japan. It said "used", but it was in perfect condition!

  2. author

    sooutstanding3116 годин тому

    Anyone who read the book The Latte Factor by David Bach knows that not buying coffee can save money

  3. author

    zero1ten16 годин тому

    Supreme can make a supreme $1 bill and it would sell for thousands

  4. author

    Jonathan H16 годин тому

    You looked much hotter in the thumbnail.... 👎

  5. author

    BBD Design16 годин тому

    Would you like some beef with your slate of animal fat? LOL

  6. author

    Amarjot Singh16 годин тому

    On average, single women are happier than married women, but married men are happier than single men. So I disagree with that.

  7. author

    Yi Han16 годин тому

    I am 33, and I have 2 million saved

  8. author

    I'm Interested In Apathy16 годин тому

    3:47 the Switch does not have a hardrive.

  9. author

    LiL zaY Gaming17 годин тому

    You can easily find a swicth like it's so easy if your willing to pay 600$US

  10. author

    Dr Dwg17 годин тому

    I NEVER understood the pet CLOTHES until I got a DOG! Now I am guilty just like her!!!

  11. author

    spectrecutlass17 годин тому

    I got my switch with Smash Ultimate, but my dad had one a year earlier and that's how I played BOTW and Super Mario Odyssey, two of my Top 5 favorite games of all time

  12. author

    Eww Oppp17 годин тому

    Google stadia? Lmao

  13. author

    Omega John17 годин тому

    That's the thing with Nintendo it was never about graphics but about actual fun games

  14. author

    Hanzo177717 годин тому

    yeah don't buy a house and go into debt for a mortgage instead rent my house and pay off my mortgage lol XD 25-30 years later I own my house and i keep the initial principle investment plus i gain the market appreciation value of the property i get rental side income each month and profit from you meanwhile you still don't own a home and are still renting lol and you have paid the same if not more to me renting than you would have just getting a mortgage and buying your own home lol. Yes listen to Mr Wonderful lol

  15. author

    MARIYAM LEESHA ASLAM17 годин тому

    I feel bad for my cousin, he pretends not to like BTS just so that he could keep his friend, I feel so bad. That is because he is my favourite cousin

  16. author

    MARIYAM LEESHA ASLAM17 годин тому

    My brother hates kpop, but what he likes is gangamstyle

  17. author

    KruxX17 годин тому

    Lmao I’m still hiding in the secret pool and they don’t even know

  18. author

    bmo shareholder apple shareholder18 годин тому

    Try asking a beautiful woman on a date when you have no money and no car. LOL.

  19. author

    bmo shareholder apple shareholder18 годин тому

    When you drive a gorgeous car and have a large bank account, life is great. When you have no money and no car, life really sucks.

  20. author

    Norm Mullen18 годин тому

    As a Finn living in America I say, go Finland! But America is wonderful, let's make it happen for everyone here!

  21. author

    Gino Raz18 годин тому

    Switch sold an average of 1 unit per second in its first year in the market, yup that's an effing 1 unit per second SOLD!!!

  22. author

    gundamzerostrike18 годин тому

    They talk like the pandemic is over and a thing of the past.

  23. author

    nelson a18 годин тому

    what's Stadia?

  24. author

    Bhuvanesh s.k18 годин тому

    Yet windows 10 OS is horrible... Bye bye windows 7

  25. author

    Starman BuckRogers18 годин тому

    :22. They FORGET CLOSING COSTS(4%) Thanks for ❤️likes!!

  26. author

    Jatin Varma18 годин тому

    Bought one for quarantine

  27. author

    Fr0zT -18 годин тому

    Well, if you’re gonna look at it from another angle, Jeff bezos does own Blue Origin and they’re goal is to reach mars someday, just like SpaceX wants to..... also

  28. author

    HOBBIT cadillac18 годин тому

    they didn't sacrifice creativity for sales

  29. author

    Kilimanjaro Major18 годин тому

    Musk is the only billionaire who deserves to be a trillionaire🚀, it's obvious he will put that money to good use.

  30. author

    Gregory Ross18 годин тому

    Check your facts, a few mistakes in just the first 2 minutes

  31. author

    TaylorAnn64318 годин тому

    i’ve always loved nintendo. the game boy was a gaming system i’ve dreamt of having for years now, after hearing my mom had one. i also later found out that they had the nes system too. it made my heart happy to know that my parents grew up with something that i grew up with. my first console was the dsi, when i was 8, and then i got a wii around 10. i fell in love with them. around 13, i drifted away from the systems and became obsessed with my phone. now, i’m almost 16 and have found my love for nintendo again. it’s crazy how far nintendo has come, and it seems like it won’t stop being successful for a long time. i mean, nintendo was always a known brand and it still is. its like apple, it doesn’t seem to go. i hope soon i’ll be able to get the nintendo switch, so i can experience more of nintendo’s amazing products. my siblings recently rediscovered our wii and are obsessed with mario at only 3 years old and 6 years old.

  32. author

    william fox18 годин тому

    Was? You mean is impossible to find? That is still going on

  33. author

    Yo Mama19 годин тому

    Bruh this guy makes almost what I make in a year in a month. Wth?

  34. author

    raymond dumalaog19 годин тому

    Is this a replay?

  35. author

    Jim Boland19 годин тому

    Finally! This channel is showing money what most people earn.

  36. author

    Ernestœ19 годин тому

    That’s a simple answer: WHITE GIRLS

  37. author

    silecrem19 годин тому

    Yo I know that’s not how you say Angeles

  38. author

    mackstertube19 годин тому

    Don't you love it when strategists come & sound like they know nothing. Anyone who think Stadia will do well is not a gamer & is not involved in gaming in any way.

  39. author

    N C19 годин тому

    This guy is so much better than that tool selling glow up gloves in San Diego who borrowed 20k from his dad, lost it then spent 14k on a motorbike n crashed it

  40. author

    Kyna Ng19 годин тому

    Resilience. Love it, girl!

  41. author

    DaftPunk Remade19 годин тому

    the screen scratches when in the dock what cheap sh!t.

  42. author

    Kenye Charles19 годин тому

    Just skipp the Gamecube gameboy advances DS and 3DS really

  43. author

    XXtheJUMPoffXX19 годин тому

    I’m ready for Switch 2

  44. author

    robert lemons jr19 годин тому

    Jeez he looks older than my pops who's 56

  45. author

    ImplantedAgenda19 годин тому

    Let me guess. He lives in New York. A city where most people don't need a vehicle....

  46. author

    Kode Kobe19 годин тому

    28, 12k saved, have 200k paid off on a 570k condo.... Not sure if that's sufficient

  47. author

    Frank Chambo20 годин тому

    Let's just admit that Wendy is dumb

  48. author

    Dwaine Jade20 годин тому

    All that money they made and still can’t fix the drifting. Smfh

  49. author

    M Z20 годин тому

    Nike is a girl's name though. Greek Goddess of Victory. In ancient Greek civilization, Nike (/ˈnaɪkiː/; Ancient Greek: Νίκη, lit. 'victory', ancient: [nǐːkɛː], modern:[ˈnici]) was a goddess who personified victory. Her Roman equivalent was Victoria.

  50. author

    Birch Tree20 годин тому

    8:11 How dare you, Tabby is adorable!

  51. author

    Johnny Joseph20 годин тому

    My graduation gift was a bottle of Scotch, not $800 a month in debt

  52. author

    O. G.20 годин тому

    Another nebbish in the vein of Ben Shapiro....figures they would figure out figures. LOL

  53. author

    Archerboy7920 годин тому

    Thank god i got mine on Christmas 2019

  54. author

    St St20 годин тому

    Report him immediately to irs

  55. author

    Jim Jam20 годин тому

    02:15 BANANA 02:15

  56. author

    Floppy Disk Master20 годин тому

    There are so many things wrong in this video wtf does anyone at CNBC play video games?

  57. author

    It Was Julian20 годин тому

    wholesome vibes

  58. author

    Oswaldo LN20 годин тому

    Financial disaster. Okay maybe not disaster, but just, not good now and not good anytime soon. But I hope this person all the best.

  59. author

    Mr awesome20 годин тому

    I have one crocs shoe and it cost less than 10 dollar

  60. author

    Jay Sato20 годин тому

    skipped gamecube

  61. author

    Jeff Brian Bola20 годин тому

    I bought switch beacause you can play from other game producers, like 2K and Bethesda. Before, you can only play nintendo exclusives. I think you did not tackled this.

  62. author

    Marc Minicuci21 годину тому

    Writes it off. Worth it. I'd do the same thing!

  63. author

    Mike Buvado21 годину тому


  64. author

    A.D singh21 годину тому

    Some people chase money to live easily but end up forgetting how to live

  65. author

    twistedblktrekie21 годину тому

    Even during the pandemic, he is doing quite well for himself. Congrats to him!

  66. author

    jessica james21 годину тому

    That's my boyfriend.

  67. author

    Chancho’s World21 годину тому

    It’s not Kevin aka mr wonderful..... it’s mr wonderful aka Kevin

  68. author

    JYOTIRMOY BRAHMA21 годину тому

    Well its a breath of fresh air away from booties, toxic masculinity, drugs.

  69. author

    duyet_nguyen21 годину тому

    I was given a 1lb ribeye A5 Wagyu for my last birthday. It was so rich I couldn't finish. Honestly, a prime steak is better.

  70. author

    Robert MacLeod21 годину тому

    Who would have thought. Mr. Wonderful with Wonderful early dating advice. Brilliant ideas. He doesn’t just say cook dinner the second night, but buy a bunch of ingredients that you will have to cut together while getting to know each other. Fist pump 🤜 good call sir. Will implement

  71. author

    Shukri21 годину тому

    A family man that knows how to hustle. 👏 So happy to see this young man succeed.

  72. author

    Julian22 години тому

    30 and I have $205k and debt free.

  73. author

    X Y22 години тому

    Could not care less about environmental impact...they have good products and enough selection for me.

  74. author

    Chaz Cisneros22 години тому

    Here comes the console warriors.... please just shut up in advance

  75. author

    Orion669922 години тому

    I wonder what that is comparable to salary wise for someone living in a 30-40k population city somewhere in middle america? Probably 60k or so.

  76. author

    Barry Falls Jr22 години тому

    CNBC needs to make sure they better screen their experts. It doesn't seem like Amir Anzarzadeh really knows what he's talking about regarding industry trends. If he does, I'd be interested in seeing data points that suggest that Google Stadia and Apple Arcade are successes.

  77. author

    Pinkpolo8522 години тому

    Such a smart young man!!!!

  78. author

    Levette Barbee22 години тому

    Best one I've watched

  79. author

    April M22 години тому

    Graduated in 2008. Applied to many jobs for months. Finally got on at a temp agency. Was there for 9 months before finally getting a govt job. Just keep trying you'll get it.

  80. author

    Space Monkey22 години тому

    I watch this while wearing it. yes, I'm gen z

  81. author

    emily torres22 години тому

    I feel like sometimes the job = more money but you have to pay off loans and expenses are only getting higher.

  82. author

    Hannah Oh22 години тому

    hello graham

  83. author

    Trang Nguyen22 години тому

    Warning: you should not watch this video in public. Go home, lock your door and cry as much as you want.

  84. author

    dchawk8122 години тому

    My $13,000 Buick is paid for, Kevin. I own it. You don't amortize a private vehicle. That's a business tax benefit. The loss of resale value, which is actually called depreciation, doesn't mean anything until you want to sell it. If you don't sell it because you can still use it, it doesn't hurt you.

  85. author

    Matthew M22 години тому

    Democrats viewing this...this is why you will never get my vote. I agree with you on a lot. But while I was working in cornfields all summer to pay off my tuition you sat at home trying to vote someone in to get a free ride. Keep the Austin out of my Texas.

  86. author

    Gam3r Mom3nt22 години тому

    no, google stadia will not ever compete with nintendo

  87. author

    Ethan Frei22 години тому

    I cringe when she says "gamers". Just me?

  88. author

    Financial Fox23 години тому

    I’ll be waiting for graham to review this video!

  89. author

    Matthew M23 години тому

    Note to self.... if shopping for a webhost...Go daddy is probably overpriced.

  90. author

    Rut Moyet-Alvarez23 години тому

    why are most people here so upset about how he spends HIS money? He earned it, he can spend it how he likes. Also unemployment is his right! He paid taxes so he is entitled to collect. What ya'll mad for? What he does with his money does not affect you people in any way, shape or form. I don't agree with how he spends his money but its not my business or yours!!!

  91. author

    Bones23 години тому

    “Top selling console” PS4 that sold 110 million systems: excuse me?

  92. author

    Sneaker World23 години тому

    Stay updated

  93. author

    john duynh23 години тому

    Saved 100k at age 24 already. And it keeps growing!

  94. author

    emily torres23 години тому

    If you want to earn at least 1-5 dollars do surveys. Google opinion, on go surveys and more. You can also download apps that let you collect points from taking pictures of your receipts. Personally use them!!! Let me know if you need help.

  95. author

    Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator23 години тому

    Omg this lady's lifestyle, finances, and debt payoff is terrible. Don't listen to this girl.

  96. author

    Papa GrahamGraham23 години тому

    I’m here before graham Stephan😉

  97. author

    Elite Clinical Research23 години тому

    A hustler like you would be able to really blossom if you moved out of New York. Those crazy expenses are eating into your bottom line. Move down south and you will be able to live waaay better.

  98. author

    Christian B23 години тому

    *obligatory wait until Graham sees this comment*

  99. author

    JohnJohnson23 години тому

    Dumb video

  100. author

    Nadim Ahmed23 години тому

    This is the most depressing comment section ever lmao