Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree

My debut album 'Ugly is Beautiful' drops July 17th!

Oliver Tree's Life StoryOliver Tree's Life Story

Oliver Tree's Life Story

2 роки тому

Oliver Tree Scooter ProOliver Tree Scooter Pro

Oliver Tree Scooter Pro

2 роки тому

  1. author

    ϟ G F S ϟ8 хвилин тому

    wtf.... PINK GUY

  2. author

    Llama Salad Animations9 хвилин тому

    The people: why are you not wearing your helmet on a motorcycle Oliver tree: my hair is my helmet

  3. author

    E S C A N O R32 хвилини тому


  4. author

    Mystic _Jake41 хвилина тому

    Me when im friend zoned on school

  5. author

    Giovana de Campos MachadoГодину тому

    pink guy aaaaa

  6. author

    Kylie HaaseГодину тому

    This guy actually makes me want to buy the album instead of illegally downloading through UAreporter to mp3.

  7. author

    Lil Bank accountГодину тому

    When your friend unfriends you on roblox

  8. author

    Lil Bank accountГодину тому

    When you get beat by a default on fortnite

  9. author

    PuDim ChaamГодину тому

    Que poha de estilo e esse meu Deus

  10. author

    The_beastГодину тому


  11. author

    Memes memesГодину тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue Steal Oliver’s scooter And now he’s after you

  12. author

    Cash The dancer second channelГодину тому

    I like your biggest fan

  13. author

    Cash The dancer second channelГодину тому

    Oliver tree if you read this message I’m love all your song I listen to you all the time literally every song on my Spotify is all your song I freaking love your song I even wanted a bull cut like you

  14. author

    ʚ axllyy ɞ2 години тому

    He looks like bubble gum-

  15. author

    FissionLT2 години тому

    Anybody noticed that this follows all the rules of music videos explained by tom scott? escpecially the ending, the ending finishes with the beginning which makes it seem like the video has a deep story line or whatever

  16. author

    Trapped Imagination2 години тому

    I was the dude on the camera at the end

  17. author

    jimmy ramos2 години тому

    Oliver makes me wanna glue a prosthetic nutsacks to my chin and rap on a railroad yard

  18. author

    RomanholeZzZ2 години тому


  19. author

    Carla Gomes da Silva2 години тому

    1:24 siren head exists '0' (ironic)

  20. author

    Kevin Holt2 години тому

    Hey bro I love it.. dedicated to Draven.

  21. author

    Tree Frog3 години тому

    People: omg Eminem's videos are so meaningful Oliver: hold my scooter

  22. author

    Dizzÿ • Daisyż3 години тому

    2:24 me when my mom opens my door

  23. author

    WiffleWaffle -3 години тому

    Billie Eilish: I make the best music videos Oliver Tree: Hold My Beer

  24. author

    Rosin Smoke3 години тому

    If it was real theirs plenty of reason to sue him

  25. author

    JAYTIEM4 години тому

    Hurt: gets age restricted for a blown off head Bury me alive: balls on chin *NOT AGE RESTRICTED

  26. author

    adxm2drippy4 години тому

    when u hear this in roblox!

  27. author

    Will Fisher4 години тому

    this music video is pure art

  28. author

    Vintage Pyro4 години тому


  29. author

    Vintage Pyro4 години тому

    5.7k people need to re-evaluate life~

  30. author

    Katrina Wilson5 годин тому

    Please stop saying bad words I want to show my cousin but he’s only four years old so please stop saying bad words?

  31. author

    Katrina Wilson5 годин тому

    Can you please stop saying bad words please!!!!!

  32. author

    IdentifiedYT **5 годин тому

    Vector really lost his mind when he got stuck on the moon Edit:Moral of the story: *Mess with his skrrt skrrt and you grt the shoot shoot*

  33. author

    IdentifiedYT **5 годин тому

    That ending gave off the vibes for when ur at a family party and u try to make someone laugh by hurting urself but ur embarrassed to get up and to stay down so u dont know what to do

  34. author

    Rene Thom5 годин тому

    Nice content!

  35. author

    Rene Thom5 годин тому

    I love this!

  36. author

    belvera m5 годин тому

    Wtf ... this 🇷🇺 Russia ???

  37. author

    Saulė s5 годин тому

    I hope hes gonna be invited to grammys

  38. author

    Apoxo _5 годин тому

    Billie eillish: *edgy music* Oliver: hold my scooter

  39. author

    ozzy from hell6 годин тому

    he reminds me of billie eilish for some reason

  40. author

    Obri3 36 годин тому

    I love this dude!

  41. author

    łⱫɄ_ Izumi7 годин тому

    Idk why you have 1 mill sub

  42. author

    Lukos00367 годин тому

    Why am I only now discovering this man? Videos are great, music is great, character is great!

  43. author

    max christensen7 годин тому

    If peter Griffin was real this is him

  44. author

    Тест Тест7 годин тому

    Это в рассии снимали

  45. author

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 годин тому

    it this how 12 years olds feel when vaping?

  46. author

    Animations _8 годин тому

    “I will blow that nut sack of a chin” -Star Lord

  47. author

    Michael Martinez8 годин тому

    hurt is about the scooter not cash machine

  48. author

    Vidmantas8 годин тому

    Its like '90s and '00s had a baby

  49. author

    The Sauce8 годин тому

    *sacc face*

  50. author

    TheNoobster9 годин тому

    couple days left till his new album comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. author

    moomoo miku7779 годин тому

    me when someone even sightly raised their voice to me

  52. author

    bmx gibbo9 годин тому

    Oliver flexing his gta5 flying car

  53. author

    PatrickCoffey9 годин тому

    This is the most sped thing I’ve ever seen.... it’s awesome

  54. author

    PatrickCoffey9 годин тому

    who else waitin for July 17th

  55. author

    babee. kristi9 годин тому

    this song makes me wanna walk all jazzy yk

  56. author

    Nottu10 годин тому

    ionn even listen to this genre of music but this dude is so fuckin good

  57. author

    Ethan Lewis10 годин тому

    Girl: ok let me ask you were I can kick you chin nut or pant nut??? Me: please neither

  58. author

    Ethan Lewis10 годин тому

    Oliver: you don't need that stuff Me: the hell I need a bowl cut

  59. author

    Large Man Jones10 годин тому

    That delorean fan boat is awesome!

  60. author

    An Alien Life10 годин тому

    I'm mad I didnt know about this song for so long...

  61. author

    Large Man Jones10 годин тому

    Comically large headphones

  62. author

    pelmen is SOVI yje ne cyberKotleta10 годин тому

    Панимаю, рядом с Россией снимали

  63. author

    Mark Watman11 годин тому

    Are those jeancos? I use to wear those!

  64. author

    Ribbit x11 годин тому

    Hes the only person who cannot make a double chin

  65. author

    izzycat skadoodle11 годин тому

    God..he is so fucking weird.. But like, such a damn genius. shit.. I love him

  66. author

    ain’t it chief11 годин тому

    21:39 Kermit the frog

  67. author

    roccorboy1122 A.11 годин тому


  68. author

    SpeedyBerg11 годин тому

    Can’t believe this was 1,000,000 and he never mentioned it one the entire video

  69. author

    Panzer Of the lake11 годин тому

    Y is this good

  70. author

    roccorboy1122 A.11 годин тому

    This is disturbing

  71. author

    J0i'FUL' N0i'ZE'12 годин тому

    this m.f. ugly and beautifuL all at once m.f.

  72. author

    misael oncines12 годин тому


  73. author

    J0i'FUL' N0i'ZE'12 годин тому

    i• hate this video ! i• hate 'eryone watching @ it ! i• hate apple sauce ! NOW~ please TO give~ $1,000,000,000~ THANK YOU SO MUCH NOW I LOVE THIS VIDEO I LOVE EVERYONE I LOVE 'ALL' SAUCES ! * iiiiiiii• do NOT discriminate ! like U stupid•z probably do~ Sorry~ I mean NICE stupid•z i• don't want to be~ too mean~

  74. author

    J0i'FUL' N0i'ZE'12 годин тому

    👉 UWU 👈 IMPRESSED ? i• only had to EDIT maybe eleven times to get the lighting and wind speed coordinated with that cloud over there by that tree behind that running orange cat. EASY !

  75. author

    XTRONN300012 годин тому

    Why he sound like lil peep

  76. author

    rioskn 907612 годин тому

    "how big do you want the headphones to be?" Oliver: "yes"

  77. author

    just me12 годин тому

    allo 911? my name is repeat button, and i am being raped again and again !!! please help me !!!

  78. author

    Cecilia Dela Cruz12 годин тому

    *the chin,oh hunny thats another strory...*

  79. author

    Raul Sanchez12 годин тому

    Súper villen

  80. author

    Meme Trash13 годин тому

    He reminds me of a GTA5 character.

  81. author

    Meme Trash13 годин тому

    "How much makeup do you want?" Oliver: Yes.

  82. author

    Alvaro Gomez13 годин тому

    IS ONE S H I T THE MUSIC 😐😑😣😕😒🙁😝😞🤐😯😬😩😨😧😦😱😳😵💩👽☹👾

  83. author

    Avyninja13 годин тому

    Anyone else think he’s in front of a green screen

  84. author

    astro jack13 годин тому

    man i know why oliver uses this hair style he is a PEAKY BLINDER

  85. author

    Pixel PlayS13 годин тому

    Bruh upside down bowl hair XD

  86. author

    Jason Giz13 годин тому

    Imagine a Official Music Video being Unofficial

  87. author

    sal c14 годин тому

    He snatched his own wiig .......TWIICE

  88. author

    I'm Roxxy_14 годин тому

    vine aqui por una youtuber argentina jaja xdxd

  89. author

    I DO RANDOM VIDEOS14 годин тому

    b a l l s a c k

  90. author

    Sherkiesnoop4314 годин тому

    I’d be happy if I didn’t keep getting this shit ass song as an ad