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It's Time To Move On...It's Time To Move On...

It's Time To Move On...

8 днів тому

Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERYEthan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

2 місяці тому



2 місяці тому

We Swapped Credit Cards For A DayWe Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

We Swapped Credit Cards For A Day

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Camping Overnight With No TechnologyCamping Overnight With No Technology

Camping Overnight With No Technology

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The Search For Our New PetThe Search For Our New Pet

The Search For Our New Pet

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9 місяців тому



9 місяців тому

Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!

Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!

10 місяців тому



10 місяців тому

Going Undercover As Our Own HATERS!Going Undercover As Our Own HATERS!

Going Undercover As Our Own HATERS!

10 місяців тому



11 місяців тому



11 місяців тому



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#AskEthanAndGrayson 4#AskEthanAndGrayson 4

#AskEthanAndGrayson 4

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Bye For NowBye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of FansTypes Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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Awkwarder Question Game!!Awkwarder Question Game!!

Awkwarder Question Game!!

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Spray Tan ChallengeSpray Tan Challenge

Spray Tan Challenge

2 роки тому

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    Jessica Rawson3 години тому


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    Thomas Snider3 години тому

    You guys are awesome

  3. author

    mouni council3 години тому

    this had me in fucking tears y’all. i’m so sorry and just know that y’all are going to be making us happy by making yourselves happy. much love💛.

  4. author

    Finia4 години тому

    i love u guys so

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    Heather Winchell4 години тому

    I thought you couldn’t get a cast wet??

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    Lolbits Plushes4 години тому

    Its sister squad LET IT BE SISTER SQUAD UwU

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    Ella 14 години тому

    Are they quitting UAreporter I am in confusion

  8. author

    casey danielle pena4 години тому

    I lost my mom to cervical cancer. Im not a youtuber. But i know how hard it was to constantly be in hospitals, taking trips and trying to find anything possible to make my mom better. Because i saw my mom at her worst, i thought alsp that she would live forever. As much as we wanna subside our feelings, we cant. And even distracting ourselves.. theres always a small sad voice at the back of our head. Because no one can fill that void in our hearts. Nobody can ever replace your dad and its scary to think that after 19 years they're just gone. And their entire life is gone. You start to appreciate life more because you realize that they had no choice. Now i dont know if you will ever read this. But i would love to talk to you two. My name is casey and im also 19. We all have a story.. some worse than others but we all deserve peace in our lives. Even if the world may be cruel.

  9. author

    Jassy W4 години тому

    Gray’s hair looks red in this

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    Naz 684 години тому

    6:10 me before my math’s test

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    Jerry Cayanan4 години тому

    Can u do this again pls

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    Audrey Dubois4 години тому

    Who's surgery was funnier Ethan's or Grayson's I love them both

  13. author

    Finnley Stevenson4 години тому

    You're definitely not letting us down, we care about you guys and want you both to be happy that's why we're all subscribed, if you guys have to make decisions for yourself do it, because for us we just watch a video and wait for the next one for you guys it's your life and if you're not happy then you gotta make changes

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    Norelie Philips4 години тому

    “It’s all dairy.” 💀💀💀💀😂😂

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    Xuxu Nguyen5 годин тому

    Looking at the headline read It's time to move on Me:Wait wait wait are they quitting UAreporter Watch the video Me: ohhhhhhh😮

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    Inspiring World5 годин тому

    I don’t really like Shane but I’m not going to judge him because he’s a UAreporterr and I love youtubers

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    Tia Clark5 годин тому

    I'm definitely Ethans life style

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    Emily Jones5 годин тому

    Shane just kept slapping Jake Paul this whole video 😂

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    Juba Samenezes5 годин тому

    Best video ever!!!!! Be real always, it's even more fun to watch! Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

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    Xpsycho.unicornX5 годин тому

    I was waiting until I realized that they are not going to post💔

  21. author

    Kate S5 годин тому

    watching them making the drinks was so painful. why would you teach them how to make an iced vanilla latte? why would you not teach them the basics like a long black, chai latte and a iced latte like fuck

  22. author

    Theopoula Awad5 годин тому

    I’m a gray girl but ethan in this video 🤤

  23. author

    InconicXJade Roberts5 годин тому

    I didn't know about the twins until I saw there tour video and I was obsessed with them I watched all there videos on the day I started to watch them now seen them hit 10 million makes my heart bright from making a cringe challenge video at fourteen to make millions happy every day for 5 years congratulations dolan twins & the fandom I love you 💞

  24. author

    Emily Jessup5 годин тому

    I’m so late in watching this video purely because I’ve been so busy. But oh my. The emotions are high! I’m so so proud of you both for being so honest. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for the both if you. And I’ll always be here with you every step of the way 💜💜

  25. author

    SBW 25 годин тому

    Do what makes you happy and don't let a Punk Ass James Charlie get in your way. Learn and grow in your own time. And don't let others selfish demands and feelings get in your way.

  26. author

    Leah Wallace5 годин тому

    I love you guys sm

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    Aleena Zakout5 годин тому

    Grayson looked sooo fine in this video! Damn!

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    unicorn pastel6 годин тому

    I'm at school and watching this video bc non of friends are here yet and I'm bored btw I love you u guys so much and I'm wearing the merch

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    phanic! at the twenty øne chemical billies6 годин тому

    im so excited, i stopped watching you guys a while ago because you just seemed like another channel for 12yrold girls but seeing that you can now be open and grow with the channel is great and im excited for the future

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    Blessy Rae A. Narciso6 годин тому


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    Harm_Bee #16 годин тому

    I got my boy craig...from craigslis...uhhhh

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    h y p o c r i s p y6 годин тому

    The dolan twins lowkey looks like shane in a jeffree costume

  33. author

    _GRETHANDOLAN_6 годин тому

    I’m just gonna say one more thing...I love you guys so much and you all will be in my heart and in everyone’s heart...this video will always give me memories and I will always remember you guys in the future...when I am older I still will watch your videos and show my kids in the future you guys and get them to love you. And know some stuff...I just wanna say one more thing...”brace for cheese” 😂I love you guys I hope you explore everything new and hope in the future you have the best time you hoped for❤️❤️❤️

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    ifoundtheeeavacados6 годин тому


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    katherine dimaggio6 годин тому

    How can anyone bully them but “he doesn’t even have big muscles” like have you seen them now

  36. author

    ifoundtheeeavacados6 годин тому

    2:34 i’m just gonna leave this here

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    Smeh. tj6 годин тому

    damn twins danm how similar

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    Vanessa Bailey6 годин тому

    *Pics up doll* mee

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    wumpy19977 годин тому

    The part where that chick flashed Jeffree and he looks traumatized 😂😂😂😂😂😂 "i just wanted to say hi not see her entire anatomy" im done

  40. author

    Vanessa Bailey7 годин тому

    Sister squad

  41. author

    Grace Hayles7 годин тому

    I’m crying thank you guys so much! Yesterday my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and now i feel so stuck and alone, it‘s a nightmare. Your Video helped me alot!

  42. author

    trinity rodrigues7 годин тому

    “Peace ✌🏽” 😭💔 I miss that

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    Lou riz7 годин тому


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    S Robson7 годин тому

    Vegemite is meant to be put on toast with margarine. It's actually really good and is actually good for you :)

  45. author

    Lecter Sandoval7 годин тому

    What did I miss, are they quitting forever? Sorry been sick I can’t understand what’s going on

  46. author

    Keira B7 годин тому

    lowkey Gray sounded like Ethan when he was focusing the camera in the beginning

  47. author

    WayFastWhitey 2038 годин тому

    Still dont know what the statement is

  48. author

    Rachael Louise8 годин тому

    If me and my sister did this .. we would literally kill each other 😂😂

  49. author

    Ember M8 годин тому

    The one on the left is hotter

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    Danielle's P.O.V.8 годин тому

    And all my sister does is steal my shoes

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    Devon_is_here_lol8 годин тому

    This comment goes to ALL the 11k people who disliked . . . . GO FUCK YOURSELF

  52. author

    Rachael Louise8 годин тому

    When Gray realised he was solving the cage 😂 Not competitive at all eh Grayson ? 😉 And Ethan just bites it 😂 I love this video 🤣

  53. author

    Emily Voithofer8 годин тому

    it’s for the best ! i’m excited for what’s to come

  54. author

    Alicia Lee8 годин тому

    Ethan is the wiener

  55. author

    Katelyn Alonso8 годин тому

    “Your audience is younger than you” Me: •_______•

  56. author

    Amber Rose Miller8 годин тому

    btw I just had to let go of something dear to my heart too! also E I was in and out of the hospital w. a bacterial infection too wtf. ..had no idea what all you guys were going through. glad you feel better! let's fckn goooooo 😅💘

  57. author

    Christina Johnson9 годин тому

    They switched and its tripping me out never thought id be this confused

  58. author

    Pappii Acee9 годин тому

    They all faking it 💀

  59. author

    fashion_ world9 годин тому

    I love you

  60. author

    Natalie Malone9 годин тому

    i am so, so proud of ethan and grayson for expressing their emotions,which is one of the hardest things you could ever do, let alone putting it on the internet. In honour of the dolan twins speaking out and doing something for themselves, and taking time for themselves, i will be starting from the very beginning, 5 years ago, and watch them grow throughout the weeks, months and years. I think everyone would agree with me when i say thank you Grayson and Ethan for giving us the best videos every week, making us always feel better and changing our lives for the better, but just know that All of your fans and even people who are not your fans will always be here to support you no matter what and we don't care if you even take a year off to focus on yourselves. Your mental health is the most important thing, take as long as you need to figure out everything. We love you Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan. Your dad would be very,very proud of you guys, don't doubt that ❤❤

  61. author

    Keemberly Leal9 годин тому

    Why am I crying right now! 😭

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    Jelitza9 годин тому


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    HollowPoint_BMX9 годин тому

    an hour video just to tell us that your not uploading as much? wackkkkkk

  64. author

    sinatraandchill9 годин тому

    I know this an old video but I want to hug 2015youguys so much right now because this makes me so sad. &woah this sort of explains why you guys were sooo nervous in ur recent "no more Tuesday vids" video cuz u might've thought ppl would hate on you like they hated on you in the past&I really hope you guys know now that the ppl who love you&support you&want you to be happy will support you no matter what. It really hurts my heart that ppl were like that in the past cuz ur such sweet human beings. Like the kindness jumps out my dudes. Giving you all the virtual hugs!

  65. author

    Kristen K.9 годин тому

    I have the hole phobia too it’s awful

  66. author

    Galaxyy x9 годин тому

    23:47 Stop smiling at me like that 😂😂

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    Kaitlyn Slack9 годин тому

    Whoever gave this video a down thumb fucknig sucks

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    Chelly Danielle10 годин тому

    This is my first time watching a Dolan twins video. Just subscribed.

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    caroline thornton10 годин тому

    I love how funny Ethan and Grayson are. There just the best youtubers ever. :)

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    Oliver Queen10 годин тому

    This is a nightmare

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    Games With JC10 годин тому

    Ima miss gray and E

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    Games With JC10 годин тому

    If u guys love the Dolan twins soo much hit the like button

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    Elizabeth Mion10 годин тому

    They are going to be the BEST dads😭

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    Mangotrocity10 годин тому

    I used to be obsessed with backugon (I have no idea how to spell it though) 😂 But I had so many of them I loved them so much, webkinz too

  75. author

    Nina Khamile10 годин тому

    also, i love shane, but this video wasn’t about him being a “therapist” it was about ethan and grayson starting a new chapter of their lives, and coping with things they completely avoided in the past. i don’t understand why no ones talking about that but honestly i love you guys.

  76. author

    Nina Khamile10 годин тому

    i just wanna hug them 🥺 i’ve been going through so much recently & honestly this just reminded me that i’m human, and i should do things for me and not always be so worried about everyone else.

  77. author

    SnapShot8310 годин тому

    Been following for a while, watching your content and weekly videos. I am excited to hear about the new adventures and projects to come. This feels like a natural progression and look forward to seeing more of the real Dolan Twins, the ups, the downs, and everything inbetween. Remember to also take time to yourselves, live your life, make content you are proud of, and enjoy the process.

  78. author

    Elena R.11 годин тому

    miss keisha!

  79. author

    klutzybrat11 годин тому

    the way these boys move their hair through the video has me dead, they don’t kno wat to do w themselves 😂

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    Patricia Taggart11 годин тому

    Ya guy's crack me up ! ! Love it ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾 LOVE ✌

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    maliah kyrel11 годин тому

    the last few minutes seeing their genuine smiles made sent my heartttt 😣❤️

  82. author

    klutzybrat11 годин тому

    7:08 🤣🥺

  83. author

    Leslie Ledezma11 годин тому

    Dang everyone ignored the fact that Ethan lowkey chocked Grayson in the beginning

  84. author

    Sharyae Goffin11 годин тому

    omg... it’s a one hour video ; like finally 😒

  85. author

    Kelin Perez11 годин тому

    Nolan.....what....the ....fuck... 😂😂😂

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    Isabella11 годин тому

    nobody: Ethan at round 7: 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    Kelin Perez11 годин тому

    I love you guys I miss you so much!!!! 😢😢💟💟💟💙💙💚💚 first Tuesday without you guys

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    Angie Gomez11 годин тому

    The whom party.. uh... didnt seem like an umbilical cord to me...

  89. author

    Sierra Vera11 годин тому

    All I hear are two northern grandpas 😂😂😂😂

  90. author

    Patricia Taggart11 годин тому

    LOVE 💋 🐾 🐾

  91. author

    Baby dolls’ Stuffy’s and more11 годин тому

    My brother tried to put me in a suitcase before I start freaking out punching at the suitcase on top I’m very claustrophobic

  92. author

    Jennifer Perry11 годин тому

    i like pizza but i dont like pinaple

  93. author

    Katie11 годин тому

    The fact there was no peace hurt the most

  94. author

    Angie Gomez11 годин тому

    When g caught the soup I died💀😭😂😂😂😂

  95. author

    Patricia Taggart11 годин тому

    What a great brother ! ! So funny ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾

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    Juliette Gray11 годин тому

    this video made me laugh so hard😂🤣

  97. author

    Sarah Clark11 годин тому

    Sucks there not friends anymore

  98. author

    Sherri McCrossin11 годин тому

    Love video’s like this. Realness and raw. Take a break guys and come back strong. And you guys Share a birthday with my oldest daughter Jordan, Dec 16 she’ll be 17 💜

  99. author

    Ileana Perez11 годин тому

    i’m sad, but i respect your guys decision.

  100. author

    Patricia Taggart11 годин тому

    Hilarious ! ! LOVE 😋 💋 🐾 🐾