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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  1. author

    J G2414 хвилин тому

    What would that $5 be in today’s money?

  2. author

    novababy16 хвилин тому

    I’m sorry y’all I try to keep an open mind this is an affront to The Lord

  3. author

    invisible carrot18 хвилин тому

    Anyone notice how he puts pork product into a dish from a universe where pigs eat the dish FAMILY FRIENDLY SOYLENT GREEN EVERYONE!

  4. author

    Shoham Sanyal19 хвилин тому


  5. author

    MVMT 26622 хвилини тому

    if a 5 dollar milkshake is the most expensive than i am a sandwich

  6. author

    Hellisper Muntageo23 хвилини тому


  7. author

    No24 хвилини тому

    "This week we're cooking with not only human remains, but with clay. Now, I've never cooked with clay before." Wait, what?

  8. author

    Jordan Burton24 хвилини тому

    Actually, pulp fiction came out in 94 but is supposed to take place in the early 80's. So it would be 5 to 14$, It really is a mf expensive milkshake.

  9. author

    Gacha person Lol24 хвилини тому

    How did u get these blenders

  10. author

    Cactus Flowers27 хвилин тому

    Morimoto has such a chaotic energy to him and I love it

  11. author

    peace out27 хвилин тому

    7:40 I came here for the milk shake NOT THE CUTENESS overload

  12. author

    Hoodbender 2127 хвилин тому

    you should make potatoes and molasses from Over The Garden Wall

  13. author

    Peng Fei Dong29 хвилин тому

    i just want you to know that this milkshake (or at least the cost of it) could have fed a child in africa for 400 days.

  14. author

    Colin29 хвилин тому

    what happened to mic?

  15. author

    Ed Radley29 хвилин тому

    Make the regular and Babish versions of the Twinkie Weiner sandwich from UHF.

  16. author

    Bankroll Camm30 хвилин тому

    Appreciate it Babish, just when I thought I found a place I didn’t have to be reminded of how lonely I was

  17. author

    athena wisdom31 хвилина тому

    Woretisiter sauce

  18. author

    Bryce E.32 хвилини тому

    Holy shit that was adorable

  19. author

    Jake Evans35 хвилин тому

    Who else has been waiting since this channel started for babish to get a gf

  20. author

    GreenMan 035236 хвилин тому

    No smoke ring?

  21. author

    Doc .Rankin37 хвилин тому

    Careful, that bulls name is Snowball and he's going to ask you where his testicle is.

  22. author

    Axelsteel3238 хвилин тому

    7:40 CUUUUUTE

  23. author

    Blusuck38 хвилин тому

    Donkey milk?

  24. author

    Ben Henderson39 хвилин тому

    Ur girlfriend is a lucky person

  25. author

    BigPapiJ40 хвилин тому

    Do a Royale with cheese next

  26. author

    Monae Clark42 хвилини тому

    Congratulations Hi jess 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. author

    zoe43 хвилини тому

    ALWAYSSSS be overzealous with your quesadilla filling.

  28. author

    TheGmodMagician43 хвилини тому

    I recognize that box anywhere! Mr. Bruno’s pizza, but where did you go? Little Ferry or saddle brook?

  29. author

    MEJIbHNK44 хвилини тому

    I clicked on video just to see comments about how many bois this milkshake can bring to the yard.

  30. author

    Dick Chappy45 хвилин тому

    Sometimes I tug on it so hard I rip the 4:49

  31. author

    Lauren Thompson47 хвилин тому

    But he forgot to put a hair on the cinnamon babka.

  32. author

    Jorge Rodrigues47 хвилин тому

    Subtle flex gf

  33. author

    GreenMan 035253 хвилини тому

    If you add some curing salt and do a dry brine the night before you can get a much deeper smoke ring. I usually dry brine mine in the fridge for minimum 12 hours and then slow smoke mine for at least 16 hours sometimes more just depending on the size of pork butt.

  34. author

    GT Godbear56 хвилин тому

    I invented a scrambled egg over easy with a yolk . Scramble one egg then crack a fresh egg or two on top. Keep pushing the yolk towards the center then flip it over easy.

  35. author

    jamesbat0956 хвилин тому

    Worth It needs some royalties off this LOLOLOL

  36. author

    Connor Cruz57 хвилин тому

    Why u bully California pizza.

  37. author

    delegate zeroГодину тому


  38. author

    RachelГодину тому

    looked up the price of that cognac and WOOWEE BABY HOW COULD YOU

  39. author

    T MannГодину тому

    You and your girlfriend are cute together. Shame I won’t be able to see you when you come to Boston :/

  40. author

    Christian TroxellГодину тому

    I found if you use put a little bit of dry rosemary in the oil while it’s heating up it tastes even better

  41. author

    Skyla SГодину тому

    Can you do a video on the Lasagne song by Brandon Scott? Its a parody but he's actually rapping a tutorial on how to make lasagne and I would love to see you make the way the song says because I couldn't really follow lol

  42. author

    Mr. PineappleГодину тому

    You had me at shrimp dispenser.

  43. author

    frank1nbeanzГодину тому

    Why in the hell do you have tiny ass bowls? Lol

  44. author

    Koala PegacornГодину тому

    i appreciate lonesome town in the beginning

  45. author

    Tay AliagaГодину тому

    im sorry. but i dont accept this shake unless you have the signature bright red, artificially flavored cherry that stains the whip cream.

  46. author

    Josh RickГодину тому

    Dumb af

  47. author

    Matthew BrownГодину тому

    It's good you made a tribute instead of the real thing because the 5 or more legged animal they get their meat from went extinct

  48. author

    The FlopperГодину тому

    I'm fucking dying. That ending was cute as hell!!!

  49. author

    Steven EvansГодину тому

    Just salt or KOSHER?

  50. author

    The Saints CatГодину тому

    What episode this from?

  51. author

    Steven EvansГодину тому


  52. author

    AmeuteГодину тому

    Worked at The Habit. Making a shake is as easy as making cookies. Simple ingredients, but it’s “how” you make it. Hard to explain, lots of trial and error till you “feel it”.

  53. author

    CassГодину тому

    *Says high-quality bourbon and adds Angels Envy* My man we've gotta have words someday

  54. author

    David WhiteГодину тому

    You know who else likes Double Glazed Apple Fritters? MY MOM!!

  55. author

    T’challa of WakandaГодину тому

    And also I might sound like a pussy but I cried tears of joy when he introduced Jess

  56. author

    dan bГодину тому


  57. author

    Shanon ZelankoГодину тому

    You should make Ed’s sauce from Good Burger

  58. author

    T’challa of WakandaГодину тому

    He has a Girlfriend, I’m so happy

  59. author

    Tyler SingerГодину тому

    Tbh was pretty sure you were gay.

  60. author

    MIIKEГодину тому

    Everyone watching: I want to try this Me: *laughs in new jersey*

  61. author

    Jimmy DuГодину тому

    Hey Babish, could you teach us how to make "Nutrient Paste" from Rimworld? Look it up!

  62. author

    Victoria BellsГодину тому

    You said "so much" like Dr. Cox from Scrubs and now I want you to make a food from Scrubs

  63. author

    Wow 2Годину тому

    use a real sausauge if you dont like it still remove the cadbury egg and the sausage

  64. author

    frollardГодину тому

    what kind of ice cream are you using that a couple scoops amounts to over 2 bucks?!

  65. author

    CazzSDMFГодину тому

    Sorry man but it's gotta be from schnitz's

  66. author

    Zei33Годину тому

    I would’ve bet my bottom dollar that babish was gay. Mind blown

  67. author

    life is RAADГодину тому

    This entire video is a fucking flex. *I LOVE IT.*

  68. author

    Alexandra FieldГодину тому

    Wow, things are cheap in America. An $8 shake is pretty standard where I’m from 😂

  69. author

    Area51Alien 1234Годину тому

    He was trying seduce his fans with asmr no lie

  70. author

    S. NifrumГодину тому

    Am I the only one who didn’t care enough to wonder what ratatouille was?

  71. author

    i d kГодину тому

    I'd love to see you try to make Los Pollos Hermanos chicken from breaking bad especially since El Camino just came out

  72. author

    πinguГодину тому

    Hare Krishna

  73. author

    Chronicle _Годину тому

    I fucking love Pulp Fiction

  74. author

    MichaelMatthew GarstkaГодину тому

    also Girl: Bae come over Babish: I can't I'm making bread Girl: But I'm about to affix dough hooks Babish: kneed for ten minutes also, Babish really sullies. Culvers is the only way to go

  75. author

    MichaelMatthew GarstkaГодину тому

    what we say in Wisconsin is "You say Wisconsin, you say it all"

  76. author

    Andrew KennonГодину тому

    yum. im hungy

  77. author

    Nicholas PhamГодину тому

    Heart melting moment achieved lol

  78. author

    TrinnabonГодину тому

    Ok but I’m still lactose intolerant

  79. author

    Jayden HendricksГодину тому

    Anyone else wonder where all the food that doesn't enter the clean plate club go?

  80. author

    Andrew KennonГодину тому

    "parts like the Red Sea.." I chuckled too.. My mom says that... it was funny.

  81. author

    Food FarmГодину тому

    Ur intro music omgggg

  82. author

    Walter MenendezГодину тому

    "three different levels" epicurious: *awakens*

  83. author

    SylphlezГодину тому


  84. author

    AllisonГодину тому

    Cinnamon does deserve to be on every table next to salt and pepper! It’s a must

  85. author

    Hangry DagamerГодину тому

    No joke I kind of thought u were gay, love you babish😭😭 keep up the good work

  86. author

    Abi KleinsmithГодину тому

    It would be amazing if you did the feast scene from A Little Princess somehow

  87. author

    Ask to seduce MissГодину тому

    Babish: “everyone meet Jess. This is my girlfriend” Me: ON GOD?????

  88. author

    Surfer wolf XDГодину тому

    I love the Doug demaro reference

  89. author

    Molly KappingГодину тому

    Wish you were coming to the Twin Cities! 😭 Maybe next time? 🙂

  90. author

    heiseiren2 години тому

    Well, Skinner, I made it. Despite your directions.

  91. author

    Kellur Phro2 години тому

    Yesss homestead creamy milkkkkk

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    Michael Myers2 години тому

    You should make Drayton Sawyer’s chili from Texas Chainsaw Massacare 2!

  93. author

    Meghan Nava2 години тому

    Worcestershire and Dijon mustard are my staples in my mac and cheese recipe :)

  94. author

    nustada2 години тому

    Totally thought this guy was gay.

  95. author

    Tabris2 години тому

    That's cray, I totally thought babs was gay, back in the day he talked about his "roommate" a bunch and I was like yeeeah, sure, you're *roommate*, but nvm he's got a cute gf, so my bad, I was wrong, good on ya babster.

  96. author

    leon kennedy2 години тому

    Y'all made it seem like jess was a dime pffff... 5/10 da fuck otta here

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    ThatMochaOrc2 години тому

    If UAreporter is a thing in 20 years I’m making babish recipes for my kids

  98. author

    Alex S2 години тому

    7:50 Espresso Powder does amp up Chocolate extremely well. In fact, it makes awesome fudge along with Mexican Vanilla.

  99. author

    ConnectedToMaster2 години тому

    When I first watched this I had no idea what joejoe’s bizzare adventure was

  100. author

    Pop Quiz2 години тому

    Babish has a girlfriend!