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Nothing But Thieves - ItchNothing But Thieves - Itch

Nothing But Thieves - Itch

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    N.44 хвилини тому

    Phil blake marry me

  2. author

    Sue Centeno2 години тому

    This is the best song ever 😍💗 all my love and support to you guys! You are great!

  3. author

    Ashley Wang3 години тому

    This was my first NBT song and yea it's still a soft banger

  4. author

    MissMog5 годин тому

    So good , your advert worked on me :3

  5. author

    Mejo Vaia6 годин тому

    his vocal reminds me of atif aslam so much its uncanny....

  6. author

    Rer Err7 годин тому

    By far my favourite song of all time. I love everything about not just this song but this band. I cannot think of a single song of theirs I do not like. How they aren't more famous blows my mind. Beautiful music🤩

  7. author

    Rer Err7 годин тому

    For 4 years I keep skipping over this song, but when I listen to it, I remember how good of a song this is 🤩🤩.

  8. author

    undead hamster10 годин тому

    Anybody watching this in 2020?

  9. author

    Laura Laura10 годин тому

    Love to see that Monty is doing alright after he did his time

  10. author

    Maari Music12 годин тому

    Such passion. How to register handbook here.

  11. author

    Luis Alexis Alvarez Gomez14 годин тому


  12. author

    Chris Hansen15 годин тому

    Connor Mason does Brandon Flowers

  13. author

    it's aixa15 годин тому

    I love this song

  14. author

    Matthew McMahon15 годин тому

    I don’t know what’s my favourite song right now, this or Alter Ego by Kaleo 🤔

  15. author

    Crash Pad On Wheels20 годин тому

    I heard this today and honestly thought it was Jeff Buckley! Amazing song and voice, gotta listen to more of their tunes

  16. author

    DJ Lutique21 годину тому

    Still special to me💜

  17. author

    Ayako Sakamoto21 годину тому

    i’m so proud of them istg i’m crying

  18. author

    Asahi Sembur22 години тому

    I love Conor's voice, it touches me very personally. His energy, strength and something extra, makes me cry and I thank you for that. It's a gift, thanks to Conore and guys, you're really great.

  19. author

    Marcelo Fechio SantosДень тому

    Maravilhoso.... Gorgeous.....

  20. author

    edeniguessДень тому

    2:27 the voice break 🤚🏼

  21. author

    Marcelo Fechio SantosДень тому

    Simplesmente fantástico.... (em português mesmo, para que possam traduzir. hehehehe)

  22. author

    빠꾸День тому

    내 최애곡ㅠㅠ♥️♥️♥️

  23. author

    Lexus BonacciДень тому

    This band has singlehandedly gotten me through quarantine, and every other crippling state of my mental health.

  24. author

    slow burnДень тому

    thank you for this ❤

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    moДень тому

    love how this song gives off kind of surreal vibes at the beginning, as if they’ve kind of detached themselves from what they’re experiencing but then as it gets into the song it changes to a more desperate/pained tone. that made no sense but it’s what i get from it anyway lol. it’s not my favourite one by them but i still love it so much and i think it’s their most well written song they’ve ever done

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    Jaq NewellДень тому

    i sang this in an audition for grade 5 band and well every one loved it exept the teacher frowny face

  27. author

    Max LocalДень тому

    Discovering this song has been the highlight of my lockdown, my god it's amazing :)

  28. author

    Snitsky9День тому

    What happened to the previous video? I remember a different video for this song with a bunch of cultist kids or something like that.

  29. author

    Colton CareyДень тому


  30. author

    Chim HerdinДень тому

    this is art

  31. author

    Hoffman RAKOTOARISONДень тому

    Thanks for making music great again

  32. author

    nothing but veeДень тому

    all your gods are false, just get used to it

  33. author

    Danny The SapienДень тому

    I just lost a friend from a car accident last night and this just shown up, it’s like Nothing But Thieves is here with me, and telling me it’s gonna be alright, Thank you!

  34. author

    FANCY FLIGHTДень тому


  35. author

    Carlos MarioДень тому

    Minute 1:32 would be the expression of someone who reads a message from her boyfriend breaking her in the middle of a Nothing but thieves concert.

  36. author

    gbeana81День тому


  37. author

    T.J. TheTomatoДень тому

    "One of the classics I can say that now" they've come so far lol

  38. author

    Raúl BratanДень тому


  39. author

    FerWeirdДень тому

    Realmente sus canciones me ayudan en los momentos más difíciles y amo mucho la voz de Conor ♡

  40. author

    Cassia MouraoДень тому

    Essa música é uma das minhas favoritas!!!!

  41. author

    Cristian TigseДень тому

    Simply Amazing......... The first song that i listened about NBT...... Beautiful!!

  42. author

    Birdman-AllenДень тому

    this beat reminds of me of another song, but i cant place my finger on it. right here sounds super familiar 00:34

  43. author

    Quinten D'hoeДень тому

    Lucky crowd

  44. author

    Bruno VianaДень тому


  45. author

    emmadubyaДень тому

    Such a soul-soothing song

  46. author

    Psycho PotatoДень тому

    i dont know what to say.. it just touched my heart so much... i dont want to stop hearing this over and over again because its so beautiful.. i love nbt so much.. the whole nbt community and group changed my life into good ..

  47. author

    Катерина АбрашинаДень тому

    One of my favorites 🖤

  48. author

    Gaz KДень тому

    That vocal take is the best vocal take of 2020!

  49. author

    Amanda MunizДень тому

    this song is special to me because it makes me feel like I'm unbreakable

  50. author

    ZueiralandДень тому

    Mundo antes do Covid

  51. author

    AJ NДень тому

    OMFG. Yes. NBT heals the soul 🎶 🎼 🎵

  52. author

    LacrimarvmValleДень тому

    I met you through this song, it played on an ad before a video here on UAreporter when the videoclip first aired! 🖤

  53. author

    Thisbitch TrynafudgeДень тому

    There was this girl who I showed me this band. I really liked her but we are not talking anymore. Anyway now I just have a video of her singing this song which I totally forgot about and today I come across with it after a long while . Then I realized why I love this song this much, it reminds me of her and feelings she made me feel.

  54. author

    MelДень тому

    I can smell Conor's hair from here

  55. author

    Nick GomezДень тому


  56. author

    DarrellДень тому

    What a whiny generation this is.

  57. author

    kikikiki676День тому

    I just LOVE each and every song of NBT! You are the best!!! 😍

  58. author

    Eloise FanДень тому

    when the crowd comes in at 0:53 .... chills i tell you

  59. author

    Littlewing6was9День тому

    You spark forgotten memories with certain frequencies. There's nothing in this life that doesn't hold some fascination...

  60. author

    J. Santiago BarretoДень тому

    It will always be a pleasure to hear them

  61. author

    Daniela LopezДень тому

    Love you all from El Paso, Texas ❤️ my friend and I are huge fans of you guys <3

  62. author

    Maja SkorskaДень тому

    I needed this, thank you

  63. author

    Betul wДень тому

    2:48 - 3:13

  64. author

    Bianca BelmerДень тому

    my favorite band ever. love from 🇧🇷❤

  65. author

    Massyla BilekДень тому

    Best song everrr BEST BAND EVERRR ❤😭❤❤❤

  66. author

    Sam RaffertyДень тому

    One of my faves! :)

  67. author

    MendozaДень тому

    Love you ♡

  68. author

    Amy SmithДень тому

    This song got me through a serious situation in my life. Thanks a lot. 🤘

  69. author

    Adrian GranadilloДень тому

    May their most meaningful lyrics ever

  70. author

    Alicia WestfallДень тому

    I actually have never clicked this fast before for a video

  71. author

    Ricardo MeleДень тому

    Regards from Costa Rica

  72. author

    lmao i'm so dunДень тому

    "if you don't believe, it can't hurt you" has helped me through some tough times

  73. author

    DaniДень тому

    Love u <3

  74. author

    DrakinДень тому

    Yess I love this song

  75. author

    Avarie WellsДень тому

    Ahhh I hope they perform in the US one day. Also, I love the eerie feeling of the beginning of this song. Also the lyrics

  76. author

    Lutteseve Cesar Baez HerreraДень тому


  77. author

    Imma SaraДень тому

    Love you guys 😎☀️

  78. author

    mel michalicДень тому


  79. author

    elaine nascimentoДень тому

    Como é que o mundo ainda não vibra com vocês... Música maravilhosa

  80. author

    elaine nascimentoДень тому

    Sem palavras para expressar tanta emoção... The best!!!

  81. author

    elaine nascimentoДень тому

    Ele incorpora a música de tal forma, que viaja... Muito talento para um grupo só. Amo vocês. Fantásticos.

  82. author

    Richard Heijnen2 дні тому


  83. author

    Isaac Garay2 дні тому

    You made me cry, all of you... Damn, if I believe in something is in music like this and people who shares that incredible feeling!

  84. author

    Articulated Dreams2 дні тому

    Oh boy!. THIS IS AMAZING!

  85. author

    jaga12122 дні тому


  86. author

    Bear Mountain2 дні тому

    OMG who's here in 2020 LOL!

  87. author

    Iwontsaymyname Sodontaskagain2 дні тому

    The music video looks like it’s made by cav empt

  88. author

    Hanniffy Dinn2 дні тому

    It’s really a James Bond theme....🐯🐯🐯🐓🐓🐓

  89. author

    ~wackyfiasco~2 дні тому

    Have you ever heard the song, “Real Love” by YES (Rabin, Squire, Anderson)? When that came out on the Talk album, waaaay back in 1994, that was the last time I have felt so moved by a song with the words “real love” in it. Thank you so much, guys. This is a nice gift during this pandemic. ❤️. EDIT: If anyone desires the context, here’s the aforementioned old song. uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-cQdv02HptkU.html

  90. author

    Blue Balloon2 дні тому

    This video made me realise how powerful music is 😲😲🥺

  91. author

    Cholo Beats2 дні тому

    when Will You be comingo to Perú???

  92. author

    Mr Smith2 дні тому

    Guy in the bottom right gets top kudos. He’s playing the high solos and the piano parts on the machine. Real pro. 👌🏻🍷

  93. author

    Leny Little2 дні тому

    I am addicted to this song. I am loving them more and more ♥️♥️♥️

  94. author

    Zee2 дні тому

    Great song😊

  95. author

    Realtalk Z2 дні тому

    My new favourite song headset on loud dancing around like I don't care

  96. author

    Coldabank2 дні тому

    This is simply outrageous 💕💕🔥🔥

  97. author

    STEVIE PROCTOR3 дні тому

    This breaks my heart in the absolute best way . Incredible, guys... love love love ❤️❤️

  98. author

    Just'Cause3 дні тому

    this music video reminds me of my manic episodes

  99. author

    Pinoy4153 дні тому

    We gotta give credit to the person that edited this!

  100. author

    courtney sherrerd3 дні тому

    anyone else just start crying lmaoo