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    Connie Chang4 години тому

    I think he should go very far, but what’s going on with his pants? Very strange

  2. author

    Cecelia Choi4 години тому

    Carole BaskiNnnnn??!??!! i-

  3. author

    seeriu ciihy4 години тому

    I like that she’s divorce now and out there making her own money!! Whooooo!!! Go get it girl!

  4. author

    Dawn Little5 годин тому

    Haven’t watched in years! Gonna watch it just to see if these comments have any merit.

  5. author

    dutoiu hour5 годин тому

    Honestly after this year, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen.

  6. author

    Orrion Odyssey5 годин тому

    If she loses, will she kill her dance partner too?

  7. author

    samantha tagam5 годин тому

    Cringy af. Grandma be feeding her husband to the tigers and finally celebrating it with this lame ass dance 😑

  8. author

    J P5 годин тому

    Tara? Oh nooooooooooó. Not again.

  9. author

    Keon Williamson6 годин тому

    The split

  10. author

    Keon Williamson6 годин тому

    Fire fire

  11. author

    Keon Williamson6 годин тому

    The dance was lit

  12. author

    Isabella TC6 годин тому


  13. author

    Keon Williamson6 годин тому

    This was 🔥

  14. author

    Carol Caramelitos6 годин тому

    I waited so long to see Johnny and he certainly didn't disappoint, he's so wonderful on the ice and on the dance floor too. 🤧💕

  15. author

    shellcy swayne6 годин тому

    I can’t express how good of a pair these two are

  16. author

    Sophia 297 годин тому

    Wow! Im rooting for you AJ. BSB fan here from the Philippines.

  17. author

    Cathy B7 годин тому

    that was smooth

  18. author

    Joanna7 годин тому

    My boo did good. He has potential.

  19. author

    Brenda7 годин тому

    Creepy Bitc*

  20. author

    Bear Patrick7 годин тому

    I dont think ive seen a video with more than double dislikes. I agree it needs to be triple

  21. author

    Kristoffer Brendle7 годин тому

    What the piss did I just watch .

  22. author

    sotuur aeei7 годин тому

    Crazy the number of dislikes and she had 1 of the highest if not the highest score of the night. She was GREAT for night one.

  23. author

    Chrisss Galvan7 годин тому


  24. author

    ShawnaLei Salazar7 годин тому

    0:18 lowkey thought she was gonna get whiplash..

  25. author

    Chrisss Galvan7 годин тому


  26. author

    J R7 годин тому

    She really likes her tigers lol

  27. author

    Chrisss Galvan7 годин тому

    God dammmmittttttt 💕💕💕

  28. author

    ShawnaLei Salazar8 годин тому

    Imagine having a partner as flexible as you...if I was Brit Johnny would’ve ate me up with his flexibility 😂

  29. author

    Teresa Rodriguez8 годин тому

    Nelly is the only reason to watch! How can anoyone not love him?

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  31. author

    Lil wings Gina or Georgie8 годин тому

    This is cringe

  32. author

    blandiine278 годин тому

    Too much miss with the présentateur the dancer.

  33. author

    Madeline Cardwell ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ8 годин тому

    OMG rather than getting Johnny a skater who does only freeskate they should have gotten a dance skater. That would be interesting to see. Actually the more i think about it the more Johnny sounds like the best skater for this show...his extraness is amazing.

  34. author

    Kali Stanley9 годин тому

    he used to be a dancer 💃🏻

  35. author

    bLoxBurg gUd9 годин тому

    That’s it? I think her internet is slow.

  36. author

    Sausprem9 годин тому

    I thought this was dancing with Stars not dancing with spouse murderer. But if that's what's going on, might be worthwhile inviting OJ

  37. author

    Derek Hood9 годин тому

    She will be the first to go

  38. author

    nousha james9 годин тому


  39. author

    Dawn Kinghorn9 годин тому

    Much potential! And he looks like he’s loving it

  40. author

    Dawn Kinghorn9 годин тому

    I love Artem..... we want him back in the UK xxx

  41. author

    Sharon Little9 годин тому

    I came for the video but stayed for the comments. And I wasn’t disappointed 😭

  42. author

    jadediamond039 годин тому

    I must say with all the controversy around her name. She was a good sport for participating on the show.

  43. author

    Dawn Kinghorn9 годин тому

    That was so good for a first dance

  44. author

    Dawn Kinghorn9 годин тому

    First dance and she did great!

  45. author

    paulista paulista9 годин тому

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    XxStar xX10 годин тому

    I love the vid a.k.a show I can’t stop watching this 😁😁😁😁

  47. author

    ShellyBaby87610 годин тому

    Why are all the dance videos from season 27 deleted? The least y'all could do is let us enjoy the videos of who should've been the actual winner, Juan Pablo.

  48. author

    {Sapphire Skies}10 годин тому

    No stop please have MERCY on my SOUL. 😭🏳🏳🏳🏳

  49. author

    onemajorhottie10 годин тому

    He did well but he needs dance shoes.

  50. author

    bowen voowy10 годин тому

    Why did she walk out like she was on a runway? It's a ballroom not New York Fashion Week. Way overdone. I miss Tom.

  51. author

    lexi warf10 годин тому

    This was an opening act right?

  52. author

    Oralia Machado11 годин тому

    Tyra should definitely have a talk show.

  53. author

    Red Queen11 годин тому

    She reminds me of Kate Gosselin when she was on the show. 😂

  54. author

    zuygj bnsv11 годин тому

    Not bad for the first dance. You can definitely tell she’s happy to be on the show.

  55. author

    dgantzman11 годин тому

    Artem is amazing!!!

  56. author

    Oi Gromit11 годин тому

    I see Skai has finally stopped her favorite past time of committing federal crimes doxing minors. Let's not forget that Skia is a irresponsible brat people, stop acting like she didn't commit a federal crime.

  57. author

    Randi Sanderson11 годин тому

    the only one that has my interest in this at all is AJ. Everyone else is kinda lame. Tyra, seems washed up and all about her again. Ugh.sorry... not sorry.

  58. author

    majdy kotaish11 годин тому


  59. author

    Miranda Schermerhorn11 годин тому

    One of my favorite teams from the show! I hope they bring back the show

  60. author

    Brittany Daniel11 годин тому

    Get it Jeannie!!!!

  61. author

    Clau12 годин тому

    Artem finally has a chance to win his first mirrorball trophy.

  62. author

    Chad Gochis12 годин тому

    My hell that was hard to watch!

  63. author

    Kelley McQuade12 годин тому

    Jeannie Was Awesome!!!

  64. author

    Miranda Schermerhorn12 годин тому

    I hope they do DWTSJ again!

  65. author

    Clau12 годин тому

    Jenna has a shot a winning her second mirrorball trophy.

  66. author

    Taylor Johnson12 годин тому

    Nobody gonna talk about the fact Britt is just chillin on a float looking bomb

  67. author

    Clau12 годин тому

    Cheryl has an opportunity to possibly win her third mirrorball trophy.

  68. author

    Clau12 годин тому

    Britt could possibly win her first mirrorball trophy.

  69. author

    Nick m12 годин тому

    so this is what 2020 has come to...

  70. author

    Nanette Valencia12 годин тому

    That back flip! Wowza!

  71. author

    stallion bull12 годин тому

    age has finally caught up with hm abit slow in his step but overal he did good

  72. author

    D FS12 годин тому

    His smile is amazing

  73. author

    Elaine Lat12 годин тому

    This is so fun to watch! For those worried about AJ physically, the guy's been working out so I think he's exactly in good physical condition to be able to pull off this high-intensity type of dance.

  74. author

    Yamuna Deva12 годин тому

    He's so gorgeous and I'm proud of him! His vibe is infectious. This makes me happy just watching him🙂

  75. author

    SCconservative201112 годин тому

    Justina Machado is one of my top crushes. She's stunningly gorgeous and I love her personality. I hope she goes far on the show

  76. author

    FartingSpiders12 годин тому


  77. author

    Angie Toro12 годин тому

    She's gorgeous

  78. author

    Gocaine • 100 years ago12 годин тому

    Damn I was expecting the FBI to tackle her ass mid dance. It would've been the greatest bust ever

  79. author

    Nicolichi Foods12 годин тому

    🤣 2020

  80. author

    Ella Danz12 годин тому

    I hate this so much