Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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    Connah Daquan4 години тому

    Probably the first time I’ve actually agreed with skip 😂

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    Joe Szmyt4 години тому


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    StrawHat Rome4 години тому

    Bill Russell is the 🐐. 11 beats 6. Robert Horry has 7. Soooo idk y people say Jordan or bron is the goat. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the rings. They play every single yr for one goal and that’s a ring.

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    Cedric Richardson Sr4 години тому

    Skip if 15 points is ordinary? Easy to get 15,000 points 17 years straight? Didn't you only average 1.4 points a game and News flash Jordan hasn't scored one point in 18 years 🤔

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    Jarious Collins4 години тому

    Skip is sooooo full of S--t.

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    Rayan Ramos4 години тому

    You are pathetic as usual Skip.

  7. author

    Rayan Ramos4 години тому

    You are pathetic Skip

  8. author

    kingstonbadman4 години тому

    Washboard king 🤴 👑 🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    Pmf Lawrence4 години тому

    If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless you

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    LOUDPACG4 години тому

    Boy they will come up with the dumbest stats to try and make Lebron the goat..

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    Carson Davis4 години тому

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  12. author

    yo boi johney4 години тому

    Bruh can we stop talking about the damn cowboys please?!?!

  13. author

    JKi4 години тому

    Maybe this is why they say pride is the deadliest sin. Instead of acknowledging Dames greatness through the beef, Skip chose to rode it out and looked like a damn fool.

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    YNGI Wodie4 години тому

    I’m the only one that peeped Shannon give skip a fist bump then play him lol

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    Jaylen Tate4 години тому

    Skip is only on the show to gather followers... He never makes any solid arguments

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    lyfe1074 години тому

    He is the most durable player I've ever seen

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    GOAT SLAYER4 години тому

    🐐 *6-0 > 3-6* And no calculator is needed for that! 😂 FYI my bronsexualist ignorant boys MJ played with ONLY 1 all star and your Bron always had 2!🤫🤫

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    Joey Saturday4 години тому

    Count how many time skip said LeBron name...

  19. author

    Ian Maxwell4 години тому

    I don’t think skip knows basketball 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    steve mendoza4 години тому

    Skip is a loser

  21. author

    BeArShot4 години тому

    The nba is so soft I swear defense can like touch a person with one finger and get a foul it’s so embarrassing

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    David Harris4 години тому

    Skip is just cringe worthy smh please retire and give Shannon the show. This dude hates on anybody he’d argue Jordan can cook better then his mom 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Shawn John4 години тому

    can we stop giving lebron recognition for random longevity stats? He has the ball 90% of the time, if he doesn't have high assists and points then something wrong.

  24. author

    epicfailkiller4 години тому

    Wonder what the excuse will be since Garrett’s gone. Dallas has a lot of “talent” but it’s inconsistent and they need to realize their a run team with Zeke because that’s how they won.

  25. author

    Joseph Boadu4 години тому

    Lillard is a beast.

  26. author

    Santana Toring4 години тому

    luka doncic will try to reach that milestone too hehe😅

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    Kevin Locke4 години тому

    The biggest upgrade Dallas made was at the Head Coach position.

  28. author

    K Williams4 години тому

    If by some miracle the Trailblazers make it in and beat the Lakers, they HAVE to win the finals

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    Anty Grvity4 години тому

    Lost a lot of respect during this. Damien has never played beside someone of LeBron's caliber. They need to compare Damien and Kyrie on their own merits. Without LeBron, Cleveland was struggling. Without Kyrie, Boston played extremely well. .! Kyrie is an extremely talented player that plays great along side other great players. Without one, I would select Dame over Kyrie as well. Shannon should've asked Skip, "if Kyrie was on Portland, would Portland upset the Lakers"..

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    Joe Anton4 години тому

    I'm picking the eagles to win by a score of 41-33

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    GC Carlson5 годин тому

    13:00 y'all catch that low key conspiracy theory quip 😂😂 hahaha i'm dead

  32. author

    Ma Linda Dimapilis5 годин тому

    Nobody can argue with Skip. Skip has this twisted, messy, crazy mind not even the best psychiatrist in the world can fathom, simply too dark to see anything there.

  33. author

    Alfredo Munoz5 годин тому

    Why does Shannon que betting cases of Dew if he Never Pays?.

  34. author

    Quan Huncho5 годин тому

    that “I don’t have enough help” took me out LMAOOO.

  35. author

    mike Babin5 годин тому

    Click bait

  36. author

    Daviel Grant5 годин тому

    I would never agree with Michael Jordan’s leadership,his competitiveness yes but talking crazy to me won’t work as my teammate

  37. author

    Ronald Grant Jr5 годин тому

    Once again. Skip all time hater! lol 😂

  38. author

    zregory5 годин тому

    Skip basically said you can roll out of bed and score 18.3 ppg

  39. author

    Mario Aburto5 годин тому

    Lakers all day

  40. author

    Blair Calaway5 годин тому

    So everybody is mad at Skip has a point... Dame hasn't won anything.. He's a good player but, he just has a chip that galvanises the troops he's what Westbrook wishes he could be.

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    Hugo5 годин тому

    Why do EVERY TIME they cut out Jenny actually explaining what they are gonna talk about????? What was the quote? When did he say it? Was there any other information that we needed to know? I understand that they sometimes have a partial quote at the bottom, but like the title is "dak takes shot at cowboys" and you click on the video expecting to hear what was said, but you don't. You literally need to google what happened before watching. So dumb, literally driving people away from the video to go find actual information. All it takes in an extra 10 seconds at the beginning, ya know, actually showing the 3rd person on this show.

  42. author

    Billy Carter5 годин тому

    This didn’t age well

  43. author

    jonathan peewee5 годин тому

    Skip skip skip just stop an give the man his credit

  44. author

    Joseph Rivers5 годин тому

    Why they showing these pics instead of the actual highlights now?

  45. author

    Joe Neilson5 годин тому

    Just watched the last quarter of the game, skip fails to mention Dame went 3/3 from 3 in the few minutes before this. Made the right play EVERY time down the floor, assisting to Melo, CJ and GTJ out of double team. had 0 turnovers despite being doubled every time down the floor and only went 0/2 from the field, so it’s not like he went ice cold and threw up bricks. Blazers offense was humming in the 4th quarter, it was the countless offensive rebounds and LeVert dominating that kept the game so close.

  46. author

    Tony Brown5 годин тому

    If skip like u then u clutch if he don't u lucky

  47. author

    The Original Don Dotta5 годин тому

    Lebron got swept twice...

  48. author

    Jalen Nelson5 годин тому

    Skip calls Dame a 46 minute player, but praises Tebow Me: 🤔

  49. author

    Detroit Dawg5 годин тому

    Skip feeling himself to much. Wearing gold chains now lol

  50. author

    Stang Zzzxx5 годин тому

    Skip needs to get off Jordan’s nuts already.

  51. author

    T_Domonique5045 годин тому

    So, I thought Blazers had to play Grizzlies to solidify the 8th seed.( which I’m sure they will) but why is everyone talking like it’s solidified already. 🧐

  52. author

    Dennis Coleman5 годин тому

    Why does Skip keep dragging Jordan into every argument?

  53. author

    WhiteNegative5 годин тому

    Ive seen Kyrie succeed as the 2nd best player om his team but not as the 1st, Dame carries Portland

  54. author

    D Grant5 годин тому

    The man Dame averaging 50+ pts over the last 3 games. C'mon Skip...

  55. author

    Jayson Mack5 годин тому

    21:30 this whole topic they thought cj was dame cj was the person that kicked it to Melo smh

  56. author

    Curtis Bell5 годин тому

    i’m convinced skip hate lebron personally

  57. author

    Tito Lanas5 годин тому

    Skip is just playing his role on TV.. lol

  58. author

    Carmelo Torres5 годин тому

    MJ is the GOAT and it’s not even close imo. That being said, Skip hating on Dame hard lol. While I see his point about 4th qtr crunch time, you still gotta give Dame his flowers, boy been balling

  59. author

    Upon Wrath5 годин тому

    God Skips mmMmM MmmMmms are big today

  60. author

    Darrell Adams5 годин тому

    I'm black he' gets a pass ,he grew in the hood all his friends are black

  61. author

    TONEakaSHOW5 годин тому

    Washboard King 😆

  62. author

    Gerardo Gutiérrez5 годин тому

    Kareem and Kobe in his 17th season Kobe had 2133 points in 2012-2013 season

  63. author

    Brian Orf5 годин тому

    Hadn’t watched undisputed in months but wanted to hear some commentary about Lillard’s game so I pressed on this... thanks for reminding me why I hate this show. Skip Bayless= Fake News

  64. author

    red man5 годин тому

    Skip if lebron took as many shots as Jordan think of the points he would have,,, so don't forget assists the, although I'm old school and grew up on Jordan, and love Jordan,,,,

  65. author

    Duke1075 годин тому

    Only way Dame can beat skip is if he play 5 on 1 skip tell this man is great give his flowers bro