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4 дні тому

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Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019

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  1. author

    GryphonICDГодину тому

    #10. FFVII scarred many of us.

  2. author

    TheDark 1Годину тому

    I remember jumping up the mountains in skyrim just because

  3. author

    mohammadkwtГодину тому

    you missed one major point, when I play I try swimming as one of the first things to do.

  4. author

    Justin GraberГодину тому

    **SPOILER WARNING** Honestly having beaten the game I think it was a really enjoyable experience and definitely scratched that dark souls itch better than most games do. My real only complaints about this game come from the story being pretty predictable (which yeah it's not that deep of a story, to begin with), but it definitely had me questioning the world and having some theories spring up as I played which I really liked about it, but it fell kinda flat on me at times. The other main annoyance was from the fact that this game is all about character customization and really making the character have a personality through that customization, but we never hear the player speak! I forget how many voices you can choose from, but it was really disappointing to only hear my character talk once. I do wish they would have had all the bosses give you some kind of reward besides haze too. I remember fighting some really annoying bosses and being kind of bothered by the fact that my "reward" was just progression and haze.

  5. author

    Fire LordГодину тому

    when you see emptyness that you can jump in and just jump in to see what happens oh and in open world games trying to go across the world trying all to cross the border

  6. author

    ZeckГодину тому

    I played witcher 3 on my potato PC on the lowest settings, Switch looks amazing for me

  7. author

    Angel FrechelГодину тому

    Exploding every red canister in sight

  8. author

    AMV KINGDOM mvГодину тому

    Bow and arrow Skyrim number1

  9. author

    War Dance GamingГодину тому

    With number 10, that's exactly why I'm building in autosave without a manual save option (kind of like diablo 2 did).

  10. author

    G LaPГодину тому

    Update, in my opinion of the games out now on this list, borderlands takes the gold. That game is so amazing. Waiting for outerworlds and luigis mansion now

  11. author

    N30NxL1T3xГодину тому

    Okami had something behind the waterfall

  12. author

    Ivory DeluxeГодину тому

    5:21 Is that Warframe?

  13. author

    BEZERK3r FizzleГодину тому

    My mom sold my dads NES bc she thought I would never become a gamer but I played it every single day

  14. author

    Plague DocГодину тому

    This was dragged out so heavily it gets annoying. Obviously just want that 10 minute video..

  15. author

    JustCookieesГодину тому

    5:19 I understood that reference :D

  16. author

    yareth_lucioXDГодину тому

    Because of the cobra tanks and the militia side missions in Arkham Knight I refuse to replay it like how I do all of the rest, Arkham night is my least replayed game in the series it’s so much WORK

  17. author

    Jacqueline SadberryГодину тому

    Already cracking up at #10 😂😂 I'm notorious for that!!

  18. author

    MidKnight ReklawГодину тому

    #9 is so relatable. Lol

  19. author

    catbug warriorГодину тому

    You obviously gotta check every room for resources. I mean, there could be more ammo or maybe a stimpack

  20. author

    ATG IMMГодину тому

    Man i wish i can forget everything about botw so i can replay it

  21. author

    Robert ConnorsonГодину тому

    0:27 “I’ll just save the... save the... save the gahm.”

  22. author

    I.R.R. AnonГодину тому

    i have a hard time resisting trying to fight every enemy i come across in games. even if im low on resorses or not strong enough to fight it just yet.

  23. author

    Nick FГодину тому

    What game is the footage from where the people's heads are in their stomach and they have the weird robot head?

  24. author

    xCondemnedIVГодину тому

    8:09 nobody else see a goat or whatever on the waterfall? just me?

  25. author

    the moldy potatoГодину тому

    "Jumping to things that you clearly cant get to" laughs in postal 2

  26. author

    FakkuEliteГодину тому

    Blizzard Activision

  27. author

    Packmaster WolfeГодину тому

    If I could add one thing to this list, it’s the urge to be an ass in that first play through, all the sarcastic dialogue options, all the reporter punching, randomly shooting priceless art to shut up so egotistical prick.. now I want to play Mass Effect again..

  28. author

    Eric LingГодину тому

    Ah, you caught me checking the map constantly to find the F in Fortnite Loading Screen.

  29. author

    Narwhaleducky _Годину тому

    Single player games? Sees warframe Well yes but actually no

  30. author

    Christopher Hill srГодину тому

    Throwing knives to see if you can hit a target to test the lethal distance of your throws to see if it's there is a different

  31. author

    SolidWorldGamerzГодину тому

    Uh... searching every nook and cranny? If I don't, my anxiety rises.

  32. author

    ZeroKami86Годину тому

    When I "come to my senses" and stop checking my map so often, that is the exact moment I get lost and wind up spending more time than had I just kept checking the damned thing... Also, starting a new game save, playing a bit and putting the game on the back-burner... then I come back and start a new game save all over again, rinse/repeat...

  33. author

    Fire LordГодину тому

    i recognized some games but some i can i get the names of every games that are seen in this video

  34. author

    yareth_lucioXDГодину тому

    Both I am such a completionist (however that is said/written) I do have to take breaks every now and then but I do love collecting trophies/riddles/extortion files but what I don’t love are the challenges cuz I can never get all of the points jkffjrdg THAT I hate

  35. author

    Felix MarquezГодину тому

    Never trusted auto save I was so fucking far and it didn’t auto save waste of time

  36. author

    Octavian Tri KusumaГодину тому

    You miss Collect bunch of something eventough you don't need it and eventually become trash on inventory... like weapon... trash.... heal potion.... etc Sometimes on early game... you feel like collect bunch of random things to your inventory until limit..... well for selling or etc..... because money is everything :v For me... bunny hop is rarely occur if not needed like skyrim... that have rocky landscape....

  37. author

    PARKER 5519937Годину тому

    I lean backwards

  38. author

    Doc has AnswersГодину тому


  39. author

    Arian OrangeГодину тому

    Already completed this game on my PC years ago. If Witcher 3 had a censored version then I would love to buy this game for my little sister's switch. She generally don't like these type of games but she's a fantasy-fiction nerd, so she would definitely love the story.

  40. author

    Laughing GuyГодину тому

    Look everywhere for collectables

  41. author

    mr DNTГодину тому

    Where is bumping into a wall suspecting that there is a secret ?

  42. author

    Jorge LopezГодину тому

    OMG! I’m guilty of all of them! What an enjoyable video.

  43. author

    William BatsonГодину тому

    It looks better on Xbox One X. Of course this game is good, we dont need the recommendation.

  44. author

    BigHairyFenianГодину тому

    You can't actually break open a lock with a bullet unless it's a .50 cal or something, when cops breach a door with a shotgun they're not shooting the lock, they're shooting the hinges.

  45. author

    Jarid ForresterГодину тому

    up to 3:55 thats all i can take from this video, im moving on

  46. author

    Kane DaviesГодину тому

    Morrowind was the source of my pointless bunnyhopping in later games :3

  47. author

    ColeГодину тому


  48. author

    David HudsonГодину тому

    Okay, does no one else rotate the camera around your character during unskippable cutscenes/dialogs?

  49. author

    Juan Simón PrimeraГодину тому

    Did and still do every single little thing on this list. Why can't I like more than once this video huh?

  50. author

    Violet Sentai バイオレット戦隊Годину тому

    As a massive wrestling fan, and by extension, wrestling games fan, THQ going under fucking sucks

  51. author

    Trion JuggernautГодину тому

    try shooting solid snake in metal gear 2

  52. author

    Madame NoNonsenseГодину тому

    Am I the only one wondering about the screen resolution on Yennifer's boobs for the switch?

  53. author

    terry3218Годину тому

    Shit game just like wwe in reality

  54. author

    mike MГодину тому

    This fucking list is on point lol

  55. author

    GillbritГодину тому

    This is more towards GTA 5 but I'd always walk toward a door thinking that I would be able to go inside..

  56. author

    Kakashi HatakeГодину тому

    Forza 4 is IN MY OPINION the best forza game ever ( not including forza Motorsport series ) forza 4 made me a better driver who only relied on rewinding, forza 4 changed my impression about the forza series even bigger and the seasons bring more challenges because you have to get the perfect winter,autumn,summer,spring set up ITS JUST SO PERFECT

  57. author

    CujucuyoГодину тому

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park for PlayStation was amazing, hard as balls too, how did it not make it to the list?

  58. author

    Alrighty Then!Годину тому

    Every single one of these are so painfully true. It's all the fault of early games with scavenger hunting tactics to complete the story.

  59. author

    Lucifer MorningstarГодину тому

    I think i'm the only one that breaks everything in a linear game area before moving to the next one.

  60. author

    The ArchardГодину тому

    Falcon... Changing gaming, one padlock at a time.

  61. author

    Ogami IttoГодину тому


  62. author

    Nerds NestГодину тому

    Reloading my gun more than I need to and jumping off cliffs to see if the game has fall damage

  63. author

    TheDuckumzГодину тому

    Finally started AC:Origins the other day, broke every vase in the tomb at the beginning just to make sure 😂

  64. author

    Kim PhillipsГодину тому

    I will love life after

  65. author

    Ever WeaverГодину тому


  66. author

    madoo balfqihГодину тому

    I can't resist all the things he said, help :(

  67. author

    ItzDJ NighaГодину тому

    I love the gow controller skin

  68. author

    Tyde AltumГодину тому

    In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, I always hold down the free run button to see if I run faster, and I don’t, but I still do it...

  69. author

    Dan SlinnГодину тому

    If you get where you needed to go is it excessive map usage?

  70. author

    Joey HillersГодину тому

    Cheats, killing innocent civilians, customizing your gear, etc.

  71. author

    Rushing WarГодину тому

    The jumping one was WAY too accurate lmao

  72. author

    Pedros HenriquezГодину тому

    Call.of duty. Mobile is amazing 😍

  73. author

    Adrián OlguinГодину тому

    10/10 XD

  74. author

    Boss CuchilainГодину тому

    I literally bought a ps4 just to play Horizon and get in early on Monster Hunter World. Then i rebought Monster Hunter on a REAL game machine.

  75. author

    averystormГодину тому

    Rejoice Switch owners! You got a three year old game running on your console! Anyone want to remind me what's so damn good about the Switch again?

  76. author

    Michael MonkГодину тому

    It's true,..ALL of it.

  77. author

    Shadi GodaГодину тому

    when you're enjoying the game you're playing and you want to play another game

  78. author

    nickelpython357Годину тому

    Done em all, LOL.

  79. author

    Rhys Drain-LangstonГодину тому

    I have horizon zero Dawn and I have completed the whole thing and it's dlc!

  80. author

    Royce TompongГодину тому

    Repeatedly reloading

  81. author

    Strîkêr GâmêrГодину тому

    I have like 600+ saves in Skyrim

  82. author

    GarzbrezГодину тому

    A big one for me is jumping into the water to see if the character can swim

  83. author

    Trent HollingsworthГодину тому

    I still make like 3 saves on KH2FM as a habit from the memory card days.

  84. author

    Fluffy_BoiГодину тому

    Number 9 reason why my played hours more than 100 hours but never finish game

  85. author

    Lucas HamptonГодину тому

    I love games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. author

    damienmsob123Годину тому

    #10 only applies to 80's/90's gamers

  87. author

    Harveer SinghГодину тому

    Number 1.. nba 2k20

  88. author

    Mizz ShinodaГодину тому

    This made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂 "omg this is so relatableee"

  89. author

    Apathy GuyГодину тому

    I was thinking about starting a 12 step program for people who compulsively save. Step one is admitting that you spend more time saving the game than playing it.

  90. author

    46-b ETYKiALГодину тому

    Climb the tallest thing in the world and jump off!!

  91. author

    Originalix GAMINGГодину тому

    You can save your game so quickly by pressing F5

  92. author

    Young King KushГодину тому

    Having to always be at full health when not in combat in any RPG. Idc if I have 98/100 HP and nothing but a whole Megalixer left I’m topping that off 😅

  93. author

    Dillon QaphsielГодину тому

    I check online guide even when I know I don’t need to. Like for missions or objectives that have branching quest line where dialogue or action choices will change the outcome. Just to make sure I don’t fudge it.

  94. author

    DragonRaiderKnightГодину тому

    I have played NHL 94 from EA, which was good at the time. But now they demand so much money from within a video game just so can enjoy it. Lay off with the micro transactions and maybe, we can enjoy your Super rushed content.

  95. author

    Dillon QaphsielГодину тому

    I check online guide even when I know I don’t need to. Like for missions or objectives that have branching quest line where dialogue or action choices will change the outcome. Just to make sure I don’t fudge it.

  96. author

    Manuel DelpГодину тому

    Check containers even if they say they're empty. How can I know for sure if I don't check?

  97. author

    Stephen HughesГодину тому


  98. author

    10th WonderГодину тому

    I couldn't stop laughing cos this is me in all 10.

  99. author

    Vini DalvinoГодину тому

    the worst part is that when you have a save limit. rip my msg3 game. I can't fix the thing I did so now I can't be Voltron.

  100. author

    DavollyГодину тому

    Picking up Every single item, all of them... Yup that cool rock over there... I’ll have that Ooo nice, a broken sword that I can’t use *”added to inventory”* Everything... I have a problem