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    Antonio Henrique7 годин тому

    10:06 VOICE: Steve Carell PITCH: +1

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    ISLAND BOY 6917 годин тому

    Ptown baby

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    It’s Ty7 годин тому

    Dude this game was sick! Dame Dolla is a fucking assassin, you got to double team him full court WTF BRO!!!

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    Zimran Mazeed7 годин тому

    Stanley Johnson needs to get drug tested for the last 2 games.

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    Gmoneyinc7 годин тому

    Denver shoulda played bol the full game see what would happen. I'm sure his numbers woulda been great but the experience is what would have been even better. I'm thinking Denver just wants to play it safe since he still needs to put on some muscle caus they know he's a huge part of there future.

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    Nick Scott7 годин тому

    The Suns play their hearts out, go undefeated and can't make the playoffs but the Lakers can blow game after game in the bubble and still retain their number one seed. Life ain't fair.

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    Anthony Taylor7 годин тому

    That jokovic whatever his name is doesn't have a sense of urgency

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    mmd7787 годин тому

    The Raptors will not make the playoffs.....

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    omieg897 годин тому

    Whoever made the decision to cut away during the Lebron interview while he was saying “Cleveland, this is for you!!!” Is going to burn in a deep circle of hell with Hitler and Bin Laden.

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    Miguel Rodriguez7 годин тому

    They should have played better during the normal season if they wanted to make the playoffs 😬

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    The Joker7 годин тому


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    The Joker7 годин тому


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    The Joker7 годин тому


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    Hotwheels7 годин тому

    three more days

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    Dave7 годин тому

    8min 34 . awesome halley hoop!!!!

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    I am Giggs7 годин тому

    So 3 steps is now allowed is it.

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    kevin perry7 годин тому

    Raptors bench beat Denver's starters smfh. Raptors had the hardest schedule in the bubble and still get no respect

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    yoe917 годин тому

    I once trash talked Jordan, and he got me fired from my job and burned down my house and stole my dog and married my wife and got custody of my kids and then sent me in a box into space. After that, I told myself to never, ever trash talk Jordan again. Good times though.

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    Moby Nic7 годин тому

    Wtf happened to Stanley Johnson he’s good now like over night

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    Anish Bhethanabotla7 годин тому

    damn it sounds so much epic with the gameplay in the background, when you can see their faces it is so akward

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    Anyemil Rodriguez7 годин тому

    They would have been a problem 😕

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    Adamn adissident7 годин тому

    YO if the Raps beat the Bucks again we get home court against both LA teams in the finals. :D :D :D KAWHII WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    The kdb family7 годин тому

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    Faze Drak7 годин тому

    Who else thought he was going to thank his pet goldfish

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    Rana Amir7 годин тому

    lol who the hell is number 20,GET THAT MAN OUTTA HERE

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    Will7 годин тому


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    Adamn adissident7 годин тому

    Literally our entire bench played tonight minus Gasol and look what we done to full rosters. This team is DIS GUST INGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I can't even say as a white boy I like hockey and the leafs anymore. I might die A Raptor fan through and through.

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    Julian Garcia7 годин тому

    I would’ve liked the video but I keep getting double ads that aren’t skip able and of course they are 15 seconds

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    william argueta7 годин тому

    damian lillard game winner

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    ALL' WIL' KENNELS7 годин тому

    Dame and them gotta play defense in order to get outta the 1st round

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    Miguel Sanchez7 годин тому

    The real mvp... 110 natural

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    Gurinder singh7 годин тому


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    Senai B7 годин тому

    The Raptors are admired with jealousy and envy by fans of other teams. How many fan bases would kill for a team that had five straight 50 win seasons, four straight 2nd round appearances, two ECF app., and are the reigning champs. You have teams that haven't made the playoffs in ten plus years.

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    Torriano Ramsey7 годин тому

    Did I just hear playing with a broken bone in his back 👀

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    Adamn adissident7 годин тому


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    Adamn adissident7 годин тому

    Stanley Johnson got J cole on his ear buds. "Count em up count, count up count it, count em up count it"

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    Rae Llaneta7 годин тому

    Never thought i'd say these words....Stanley Johnson...LEAD THE TEAM IN SCORING!!

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    Dipplo FTW7 годин тому

    Kobe trash

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    David Arrington7 годин тому


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    Yuli Adi7 годин тому


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    richie rich7 годин тому

    Mr Johnson got hated on by allot raps fans. But hit a gw/then drop 20+ points then everybody loves you.

  42. author

    Moonroof7 годин тому

    Dame MVP

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    Victor Lawson Jr7 годин тому

    Best part 2:16

  44. author

    Aye Silver7 годин тому

    LeVert is a monster

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    plalazlo_ -7 годин тому

    Man... Issa wrap for the Lakers when the trailblazers come through... I mean if they loosing to the kings by 10+ the blazers gonna blow bye

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    HaStA Ar7 годин тому

    8:29 even the commentator dislikes Curry he said "of the turnover".. like somebody's else stole it it was Curry say "Curry steals it"! Wtf lol

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    SoggyFries7 годин тому

    Skip Bayless: Well he didn't score 50. I'm just not sold on Lillard.

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    OMC Dj7 годин тому

    Lebron better be in playoff mode... cause we need him bad‼️

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    Rolando Rodriguez7 годин тому

    They didn’t count the basket 3:14

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    dertaha7 годин тому

    Oh man, these onions..

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    Randy Azarcon7 годин тому

    Raptors keeping up to the NEXT MAN UP with Stanley Johnson

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    basket ball7 годин тому

    The Raptors are well preped and ready for the playoffs. They're all playing really well

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    Fed H7 годин тому

    That slap there fouled Harden.

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    Wilson Browne7 годин тому

    phantom of the opera

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    akhil chabra7 годин тому

    5:12 did you see that 🤯

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    Josh McLovin7 годин тому

    Giannis isn’t winning anything with Milwaukee anytime soon...

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    Wa Paul7 годин тому

    *click Here* 👇it's proof *Hidden* 🤣👇

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    John Thompson7 годин тому

    Damn TJ Saric & Covington gone my boys lack grit. Those guys with chips on their shoulders. I guess the trades made sense at the moment but this team is soft. All these great defenders & the defense is terrible. Too many big names. We need some guys who had to fight for spots. TJ McConnells Patrick Beverley types. The mentality is different & we missing that

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    Ajily _7 годин тому

    9:30 i thought he pegged the dude on the ground at first lol

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    Atelier.si7 годин тому

    In marxism-leninism, we call whites who seduce white people into a minority thing, Fall guys. Mentioning this because now a game called Fall guys is the most popular game on Twitch

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    Jessica Hassock7 годин тому

    This was Stanley Johnson and Paul Watson’s game, they did that! The Raptors are a very deep team, don’t sleep on them!

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    Suca Dhalberga7 годин тому

    Don't look now but Raptors would get home court if they make it to the finals. League standings locked in: Bucks Raptors Lakers

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    あなた誰?7 годин тому


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    My•Alternate•Account7 годин тому

    As a Pistons fan, I hope Stanley remains consistent for you Raps fans, lol. He has the talent and tools to average 17/7/4.

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    Akira Kurusu7 годин тому

    Shoutout to Krispyflakes!

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    goprocbr7 годин тому

    Time to buy a Stanley Johnson jersey

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    RIK RO7 годин тому

    People still hating on Stanley Johnson? Haha

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    A Love7 годин тому

    Bol Bol lookin like the point guard 8:45