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New on Netflix | June 2020New on Netflix | June 2020

New on Netflix | June 2020

14 днів тому

New on Netflix | June 2020New on Netflix | June 2020

New on Netflix | June 2020

14 днів тому

Becoming | CLIP | NetflixBecoming | CLIP | Netflix

Becoming | CLIP | Netflix

27 днів тому

The Music of The Eddy | NetflixThe Music of The Eddy | Netflix

The Music of The Eddy | Netflix

Місяць тому

Becoming | First Look | NetflixBecoming | First Look | Netflix

Becoming | First Look | Netflix

Місяць тому

  1. author

    Kaley Hong16 годин тому

    They’re so freaking cute

  2. author

    Katie Chawke16 годин тому

    Isn’t it funny how Kiara changes clothes?

  3. author

    The Shadow16 годин тому

    Wait. Roy wood jr only had like 10 minutes of screen time in the whole season

  4. author

    golly g16 годин тому

    The prediction for July 🤔

  5. author

    Morgane ST16 годин тому

    oh.. Okay..

  6. author

    Faith Petrillo16 годин тому

    I love fuller house I’m a big fan of full house

  7. author

    Gamerz Players16 годин тому

    Is this a movie???

  8. author

    Gabriel Knowlton16 годин тому

    Music Trailer 1:21

  9. author

    Amber .F16 годин тому

    After watching this it will remind you of the first To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

  10. author

    NZ Bro Trev16 годин тому

    because a womans work is never done

  11. author

    Justina Shikongo16 годин тому

    Not gonna lie I shed a tear or two or more but who's counting

  12. author

    Embodiment of Trash16 годин тому

    i wonder if this takes place in the same universe as eizouken and is a vague sequel to it

  13. author

    joanna martinez16 годин тому

    😱Tori Amos- Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) Genuine 90s house track 💿.... 🏠.....👏

  14. author

    Morgane ST16 годин тому

    I'm French and I hate the voice French of Stranger Things

  15. author

    shen16 годин тому

    This show is the epitome of milked, hypocritical, unrealistic, dishonest, & filler garbage.

  16. author

    Jacob Dettwyler16 годин тому

    By the devil man crybaby guy? I will just assume everyone dies in the end.

  17. author

    An Angry Ninja16 годин тому

    If this is by the same guys that made devil man crybaby I am gonna try my damn best to not get attached to the characters because it is not going to end well for *ANY* of them

  18. author

    kristin lee16 годин тому

    He's a sicko, glad he's dead. And his wife was a PEDOPHILE too!! Sickening

  19. author

    realrandy_ 2k16 годин тому

    Look away look away look away It’s so Catchy

  20. author

    Florin16 годин тому

    Steve Carell you are a bad human. You are a communist!

  21. author

    kamenballer16 годин тому

    Godzilla finally sinks Japan. WOW!

  22. author

    I am Thanos16 годин тому

    Sadie is the definition of perfect

  23. author

    Marty ES16 годин тому

    Imagine if they kept going to 2020 🤔😷🤣

  24. author

    iOS Maker16 годин тому

    It took me a really long time to finally watch this show, because I didn’t have Netflix. I can’t explain why, but this trailer just made it seem so... endearing... I hate podcasts, and so I couldn’t understand why I wanted to see it s badly. I eventually caved and bought a subscription to watch it, so if anybody who ever sees this cares, here are my thoughts. Some of the episodes just didn’t connect with me. For an introduction to the “real world” in the series, the first episode did a great job, but the whole discussion about drug usage just didn’t click. I’ve never done drugs and I never plan to, so a lot of the commentary just kind of fell flat. The second was interesting for its message but I had trouble focusing with the chaotic animation going on, since I was constantly being torn back and forth between the two. The third I didn’t love, because again the message just didn’t really click. I mainly ended up just focusing on the story being told along the way. The fourth, however, really connected with me. The whole message of listening and caring for others is something that really impacted my perspective, since I’ve been pretty much ignoring most of the people I know during quarantine. The fifth was super trippy and interesting, and I loved rewatching it to try and find all of the symbolism. I may not fully understand it’s message, but from and entertainment perspective it was really cool. The sixth was a mic breath of fresh air, focusing on the “real world” rather than the simulations, investing me more into Clancy as a character. The seventh again was really entertaining to watch, but I’m certain some of the message was lost on me. The eighth, though, was probably one of the best things I have ever watched. It was a visual feast, with incredible symbolism and design, but damn. The message was phenomenal. I think what made it so impactful for me is the fact that the person being interviewed, Duncan’s mother, was about to die during recording. A lot of people talk on the subject of death, but very little actually tends to connect. I think it’s just the fact that I don’t really value anything that they say since they haven’t really lived any of it. Deneen’s position as a terminally ill patient who has far exceeded her ‘allotted time’ really drove the message home, as she has quite literally experienced what she talked about. There’s just something extra special about the words of somebody who is forced to accept their end in such a way. The heartbreak of the scenes with the two of them made me cry, something that very few shows manage. My point, I guess, is just to watch the show and keep an open mind. Don’t drop it halfway through, get to the final episode. Some of them just didn’t work for me, but that’s okay. The food for thought that they provide is more than enough to satisfy me. If you have any interest in existential philosophy, watch this show. You won’t regret it.

  25. author

    Luke Leal16 годин тому


  26. author

    Jared16 годин тому

    A Whisker Away nuff said

  27. author

    xerakis16 годин тому

    she is marked for death now

  28. author

    Kami Sama16 годин тому

    God dammit, Hodaka.

  29. author

    Melancholy4395216 годин тому

    I think I’d prefer to live in this movie than the current state of this country.

  30. author

    Amya goofy ahh16 годин тому

    I cannot watch never have I ever I tried 💀

  31. author

    antonio bereche16 годин тому

    Me leí todo le manga de esta temporada y animada va ser de la ptmr puedo decir, esta muy buena esta temporada 🤩

  32. author

    W Kpop Channel16 годин тому

    Didn't have to translate football into soccer tbh

  33. author

    umaaa16 годин тому

    Ive completely forgotten whats happened in this show and don’t recognize like half of these people lol

  34. author

    Maya Lee16 годин тому

    Where is MADELYN!?!!?!

  35. author

    Letícia Fontenele16 годин тому

    LMFAOOOOOOO Netflix I need more of this videossss

  36. author

    La Man16 годин тому

    Jeffrey Epstein was the Pimp/Customer and Ghislaine Maxwell was the Pimp/Customer manager. Epstein was the Chairman of the Board and Maxwell was the CEO.

  37. author

    Samcaracha16 годин тому

    There is not one series since the early 80s in which people smoked more . Every episode, I want you to watch! Cigares, Cigarettes, joints, what has you

  38. author

    Ball-Steve Johnson16 годин тому

    This reminds me of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

  39. author

    nadine16 годин тому

    How long is this gonna keep going on for?

  40. author

    Ms. Bumble Prime16 годин тому

    I have been looking at Netflix and they haven’t even given a release date. I heard somewhere that it will come out June 2020, but there’s nothing coming soon on Netflix. I’m wondering if anyone knows the specific release date, if there even is. I’m really looking forward to it.

  41. author

    Chase Lorick16 годин тому

    It’s willow from liv and Maddie!!!!!

  42. author

    undertaker mark16 годин тому

    Mom: honey get green eggs and ham done Me: okay Mom: honey when is food done Me: in like in hour Mom: wth what do u mean 😳 Me: yup Mom: okay hurry cuz I am hungry

  43. author

    Lachie Hutton16 годин тому

    Just give 13 reasons why the whole logie award 🥇 best show you’ll ever watch

  44. author

    Pedro Leão16 годин тому

    A documentary about having counsciouness and making chaging acts upon super important matters UAreporter comments: David Attenborough

  45. author

    YoungfuryX16 годин тому


  46. author

    FRFM0016 годин тому

    looks trash

  47. author

    Lilah Southon16 годин тому

    I cry everytime I watch this

  48. author

    Raquel Pacheco16 годин тому

    Mark is blind 😂

  49. author

    Adeeba Syeda17 годин тому

    Can I Be Honest . Wow Tom Ellis Is Soooo Not A Lucifer In Real Life Haha Personality Wise . He Seems So Simple Haha 😂❤️

  50. author

    John Wayne17 годин тому

    I don't consider Jeffrey Epstein a pedophile (these were not small children here) and I do not feel sorry for several of his so called victims even if they were 16 or 17 years old (again not children) ... they were all out to make money and knew they were going to go make money giving an older guy a massage and please dont tell me they are that stupid to think there was not sex involved in a $200 dollar payday for a massage on an old guy. .. yet they are all victims now even the girl that procured 40 other girls for him over three years... I don't see how she can be a victim and be given a pass much less any settlement money. Laughed my ass off at the crooked Ponzi scheme guy who was trying so hard to distance himself from Epstein but admitting he hired him for his lack of morals and the 450 million dollars in money they scammed that Epstein was so good at. So many people distancing themselves from Epstein when the heat is on.. yet the only crime was prostitution and a few younger than legal girls who lied about their age and were already whores. The first two girls who reported.. I felt sorry for Anni a little... but not the artist sister... shit she was taking naked pictures of her two younger sisters (when her sister was 12 years old) for her own financial gain via the excuse of it being art and justified that yet she was horrified at a sexual advance of an older guy. The same older guy who was buying her paintings of young naked girls including of her sisters...

  51. author

    Faith Allen17 годин тому

    I am so in love with chase. Haha he’s wonderful.

  52. author

    Josh Renall17 годин тому

    I can't wait. This show is AMAZING!

  53. author

    AutoFabb17 годин тому

    I’m gonna have them play this at my funeral. First mf laughing goes in the coffin with me.

  54. author

    julius morales17 годин тому

    The sylvans are not MINOTAUR!! they are closer to fawns / satyrs

  55. author

    Izzy wiltz17 годин тому

    "that sounds like dirt"

  56. author

    Kate Irene17 годин тому

    Finally, something that shows that we don't chase lions all day long and sleep in clay huts, bushes and trees, I'm not even south African

  57. author

    Vasilia Kofidis17 годин тому

    ummmm my heart if they were together in rl would be huge

  58. author

    The MacSo17 годин тому

    The cast wtf they did????

  59. author

    Morgane ST17 годин тому

    I love this video

  60. author

    Ella Wolfz17 годин тому

    omg im a fan hiiiii

  61. author

    David Popo17 годин тому

    Amazing love

  62. author

    Alvin Bell17 годин тому

    Jess should have poured that whole thing 😂

  63. author

    Inès Caïd17 годин тому

    His face after he said « Damon gave you a mischievous grin » had me dead 😂😂 this is the typical « Damon’s Face »

  64. author

    Ryan Hodge17 годин тому

    “You can’t keep doing shitty things, and then feel bad about them, like that makes it okay. You need to BE BETTER.” This line keeps me going. This line helped me when I was at my worst, and brings me back to a better place when I’m headed back to my worst.

  65. author

    Starr Wilson17 годин тому

    Me watching on June first and the lady bird isn’t there👁👄👁

  66. author

    NayA Frye17 годин тому

    PLEASE Tell me that there is going to be “Good Morning Call” season 3.

  67. author

    WaffleMmann17 годин тому

    Am I the only one that found sam’s storyline to be the most interesting in the show? He also seemed like the best actor, followed closely by Rufus and scot

  68. author

    BlueBerry Cheesecake17 годин тому

    Imagine leaving a cheese in a leafcutters ant nest

  69. author

    Violet Provencher17 годин тому

    I have always wanted to be an actress but sadly I do not think it is ever going to happen 😕😭😥😢😿

  70. author

    A.W Beam17 годин тому

    nobody jojo 0;50

  71. author

    Ussy Bobs17 годин тому

    Bro we gon cry

  72. author

    bluejayy94 _17 годин тому

    I just watched this and realized it releases tomorrow!! Now I’ll have something planned besides homework lol.

  73. author

    Sehar Thalia17 годин тому

    Who watch’s the trailer after finishing the show... only me? Ok

  74. author

    Melodi L17 годин тому

    This is the spark of joy I needed in my life.

  75. author

    Solae Sanders17 годин тому

    I definitely can’t wait she is a kween sadly she can’t be here to see this but she is amazing and WE LOVE YOU SELENA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  76. author

    A_B ZAK17 годин тому

    Is this from the creators of devilman? Seems pretty similar style.

  77. author

    Matty Vukonich17 годин тому

    4:05 This is literally just what Nicole did all season though - she literally had like one confessional and that was IT

  78. author

    GamerBoy17 годин тому

    maitreyi reminds me of liza koshy

  79. author

    Veronica Rdz17 годин тому

    1:28 😂💀😂💀😂

  80. author

    Madison McKinney17 годин тому

    You should have Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan do this

  81. author

    cj wins17 годин тому

    This was crazy! Lol I would’ve chose the horse... grease burns!

  82. author

    Tyler Petersen17 годин тому

    So excited I love Bill!

  83. author

    ELIANA CHAVEZ17 годин тому


  84. author

    Mike deGruchy17 годин тому

    A criminal. She is a despicable criminal.

  85. author

    kadir 017 годин тому

    Whats happening in last scene

  86. author

    Marissa Bell-Taylor17 годин тому

    Such a good film. Will there be a part 2? Please let there be a part 2! @netflix

  87. author

    the weather girl17 годин тому

    This stinks

  88. author

    Siyabonga Sikhakhane17 годин тому

    Hey guys Is Rockville mzansi available on Netflix

  89. author

    Gregg Darby17 годин тому

    Watch this on Booms! Trust me!

  90. author

    Luigi Tolentino17 годин тому

    When the Artstyle reminded me first of Ghibli, then it went 2012

  91. author

    Kunfuniverse17 годин тому

    Best Series ever! Cant wait for season 3!

  92. author

    Sarah May17 годин тому

    Don’t get me wrong I love Jess too and I thought they were perfect but I was upset when Logan and Rory didn’t end up together because I really believed they were perfect for each other

  93. author

    Jesse17 годин тому

    Bring KING OF THE HILL to Netflix!

  94. author

    fixmybrokencondom17 годин тому

    All he does is whine whine whine 😒

  95. author

    francis king17 годин тому

    All muscle no homo.

  96. author

    Vasilia Kofidis17 годин тому

    netflix you are the the shtuff to watch thank you :)