Mark Rober
Mark Rober
Mark Rober

Former NASA engineer. Current UAreporterr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPSRocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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Is NASA a waste of money?Is NASA a waste of money?

Is NASA a waste of money?

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    TEMPTED Gaming3 хвилини тому

    Oh hi Mark

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    Superpunchie Gt4 хвилини тому

    Keep the work on! i wish i could engineer lile you

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    Mohammad Abujaffar8 хвилин тому

    imagine poison ivy watching this, ALL THE DEAD VEGETATION!

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    Nickolus Ament10 хвилин тому


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    ironmace213 хвилин тому

    but some animals are made of bacon.

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    Sonia Hernandez14 хвилин тому

    I love this sm ngl I wanted to cry 😂😂

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    Dan T20 хвилин тому

    I was sitting watching this thinking time for a change while eating KFC

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    Leo Götz24 хвилини тому

    5:17 this "beep" is like the first beep from the song "the box"

  9. author

    george hill26 хвилин тому

    I'd love to see dyes get sprayed out instead glitter. Like the dye in the money when banks get robbed. Or is it illegal to do that?

  10. author

    Jason Forby26 хвилин тому

    My only experience with the "Impossible burger" is the one that Burger King sells. They market that big time meat eaters cannot tell the difference between the impossible whopper, and a normal whopper. I tried both, and could 100% tell the difference between the two, and the meatless version was not good whatsoever. I love this idea, but I do not think that "meatless meat" will ever compare to the real deal.

  11. author

    Jeppe Raun28 хвилин тому

    0:36 its only 4$ shows 6$

  12. author

    FelinesGoneFaster28 хвилин тому

    Using the info that when you throw the ball it's less likely to hit the destined location, you would be more likely to win aiming away from the winning cup... I think.

  13. author

    Sagar Paul31 хвилина тому

    Venus's Rotation is Clockwise and only the planet in our solar system which rotates clockwise. So in this video Venus's Rotation is shown wrongly.

  14. author

    Muntasir Kazi39 хвилин тому

    Wait if you put American phone in the Canadian wallets then maybe people didn't call because they didn't want to get charged with long distance fees , not everyone had US calls included

  15. author

    Jonah Esco44 хвилини тому

    Criminal: why are you in here? Mark Rober: I shot my family with the world’s largest super soaker Criminal: *walks away, scared*

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    Samuel Hughes Mensah47 хвилин тому

    Point 1 and 2 makes real sense.

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    REDP 1256 хвилин тому

    DAB POLICE!!!!!!

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    Dreanne - Stuff Random58 хвилин тому

    How did this video reach 100m views ? 2/26/2020

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    I'm english and we dont do science fairs My life is half empty.

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    GiGa GamingГодину тому

    "It could be you" dang, you've jinxed us all.

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    Anime LifeГодину тому

    Mark Rober: *We made an app that steals baseball signs!* Me: *still has no f**king clue how baseball works*

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    He KaГодину тому

    Just put that stuff in stores and I will buy it! But ofc that wont happen.

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    incorr3ct TTVГодину тому

    kid:thats really better 2:12

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    Dexter NgoГодину тому

    If you want to save the animals then why are you eating their food

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    Kory WilliamsГодину тому

    Only time I need this is when the ac doesn’t turn on when the outside temp is below 5 Celsius. Then what?

  26. author

    Michel ChartrandГодину тому

    Seeing those kids' reactions when told they just ate plant burgers reminded me of Chris Farley in the SNL Coffee commercial, sans the subsequent freak out of course.

  27. author

    fat muffin 307Годину тому

    I think it's relay cool

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    LypsyГодину тому

    if there was plant base chicken that tasted as good as chicken and had same texture id eat that

  29. author

    Saacius2 години тому

    Some old guy shot a porch pirate in the chest my town in who had been stealing stuff from people for weeks. Old guy is in trouble, but the porch piracy became much less frequent in surrounding areas because everyone heard about it.

  30. author

    Sergey Ryzhov2 години тому

    You can use Pinterest

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    Jeffery Williams2 години тому

    minutes, revenge on guy that stole the guy that stole his secret package. LMAO That is so me.

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    crystalgamingpro2 години тому


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    i wish he was my dad

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    Oh God why did I watch this video

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    (don’t kill me for saying this but) were there any nonbinary people who handed wallets in?

  36. author

    Pixel Paranoid2 години тому

    This is where curb boosting in GTAV got the inspiration from

  37. author

    OohEhOohAhah TingTang2 години тому

    God have mercy on us if this becomes a prank channel lmao

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    Where the drone that follows the package automatically ?????

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    CrackedAlmonds2 години тому

    when I did this in school we had to use a styrofoam cup, straws, string, and a piece of paper and they dropped it from the top of the gymnasium

  41. author

    Md.Mustafa Kamal2 години тому

    Is there anyone here from 2020

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    "Babe i bought you some BOSE headphones" Proceeds to get hurled across the room with glitter. LMAOoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Ramon Sabordo3 години тому

    This was pretty funny. Do wish that it would spray out a dye pack instead of glitter. To make one look like a smurf for a week or redecorate they're home might make a lasting impression to not touch others property.

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    Hey, thanks for making sharks hungrier for me

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    Bill look's like the guy that could start a company

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    Next time please include napalm in those. Maybe a wasp nest.

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    Jackie Aponte3 години тому


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    0:54 take the pool to florida and then to the north pole. Easy as that

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    We communicate with horn all day in india😄

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    One thing that could probably use improvement is the system that shoots out the fart spray... My suggestion for that would be take another bottle of the stuff, but instead of spraying it, just dump the whole thing out of the bottom. If possible, something where if all other sensors have gone off, then it gets too quickly picked up (to throw it away for example) it opens up and just lets the fart spray juices fall out.

  62. author

    Mariah Makinen4 години тому

    This was so beyond funny.

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    Natalie17294 години тому

    We found a stack of money in our parking lot. It had several hundred dollars in it. Looked like someone cashed a paycheck. A mom with a young child turned it in. The money was never claimed though...

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    Once, I was swimming in army swimming pool. Water smelled and tasted like... washing powder. It turns out they have have an inspection on that day and lads were made to swim fully clothed.

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    Gonzales Frederic5 годин тому

    I laud your work, but my method is, in my opinion, better. About twice a month l set a trap, like a bike left without a lock and a chain. I break the thief's hands with a hammer. It happened the jaws when the circumstances were adverse, but that has not happened now in a couple of years. The hands are enough as l deem that retribution sufficient because the thefts involve no violence from the thieves. No camera. Never a camera.

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