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[MV] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday[MV] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday

[MV] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday

3 місяці тому

[Teaser] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday[Teaser] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday

[Teaser] 샵건 (#Gun) - Wednesday

3 місяці тому



3 місяці тому

  1. author

    Vanessa Morocho20 годин тому

    I lo ve you... Monsta X

  2. author

    NCT means Neo Crackhead Technology20 годин тому

    The story line to the MV is amazing.Kdrama quality

  3. author

    Soolleh_20 годин тому

    i didnt find this song on spotify..need some help heree...

  4. author

    Anna Paliderová20 годин тому

    I still love this 2020

  5. author

    ღAsel Secret Angelღ20 годин тому

    Remember when it said “Posted 8 minutes ago”? And now it’s “Posted 8 years ago”... 😔❤️

  6. author

    cho jackie b20 годин тому

    Lets Spinning hard

  7. author

    cho jackie b20 годин тому

    Spinning hard

  8. author

    cho jackie b20 годин тому

    27 is coming so close. By this weekend plz.

  9. author

    star Torres Ramirez20 годин тому

    El look de jooheon minhyunk y i,m 😍😍

  10. author

    sebastian will take your opinion out with the trash20 годин тому

    i know it's not only about the views and votes, however, they do matter to get wins. i really love the comeback, song, aesthetic and all but i feel like it didn't get enough attention

  11. author

    Jaseem Abdallh20 годин тому


  12. author

    SARA20 годин тому

    واو فخامه

  13. author

    kingwonho20 годин тому

    haters stay mad coz wjsn world domination 👉🏼👈🏼

  14. author

    ris_ ing20 годин тому

    6:40 I'm seriously don't know how the managers just don't care about that's talent 😂😂😂 OK they watch them every day 🙂💔😭

  15. author

    kingwonho20 годин тому

    thanks ratmys for the wievs

  16. author

    mortalweapon20 годин тому

    this hits different

  17. author

    my hiroshi20 годин тому


  18. author

    yongbokles21 годину тому

    streaming BATL: *oh he's cool, oh thats hot* streaming Cloud9: *awww he's cute, he's so pretty UwU*

  19. author

    my hiroshi21 годину тому


  20. author

    jenni Escalante21 годину тому

    Girls, it's okay to get hurt; you'll fly higher... UJUNG will be here forever to protect you.

  21. author

    jisooturt21 годину тому

    this the same gg that plagiarized bts? let me leave a dislike chile

  22. author

    Aiolos K21 годину тому

    외국 케이팝 팬들에게 전설로 회자되는 레전드 뮤비

  23. author

    MiSs MonBebe & WeNee21 годину тому


  24. author

    aid21 годину тому

    Thx for the views RATMIES 😌😌😌😌

  25. author

    summer ujung¡!21 годину тому

    Wjsn my queens.

  26. author

    Orbitinbloom21 годину тому

    Yass thankyou armys who gave wjsn an extra million <3 couldnt have done it without all the loners who are OBSESSED with dragging woman down for no reason

  27. author

    Melina y male García21 годину тому

    Al guíen es cucha está música en 2020 en cuarentena

  28. author

    이원기21 годину тому


  29. author

    Hello Pretty21 годину тому

    I like this line !!!"Fly like a butterfly"

  30. author

    이원기21 годину тому


  31. author

    min yoongi swag21 годину тому

    I feel mad at myself...i found this so late 😣❤

  32. author

    vy nguyen21 годину тому

    fantasia x album release in US is this friday, so keep up the good work monbebe. let's chart on billboard

  33. author

    Marcos Falck21 годину тому

    Who's here after the recent rumors about plagiarism with BTS Album's? I've come from that , and stay for this wonderful Girls, Someone who can introduce me to this group:)

  34. author

    Val In21 годину тому

    decir que es el mejor rapero queda chiquito, él es el rapero de TODA LA INDUSTRIA KPOP.

  35. author

    Deb v-v21 годину тому

    Damn...all 7 members. What nostalgia

  36. author

    myungjun’s bambi21 годину тому

    aroha here supporting wjsn!!!! i listened to this song when it came out and i loved it and now i’ll be here protecting wjsn >:D!!

  37. author

    Purified_drinking_water _21 годину тому

    ✨ algorithm ✨

  38. author

    Daiana Pérez21 годину тому

    Juro que cuando vi los brazos de i.m de costado pensé que era Shownu pero resulta que no (i.m seguí así con el ejercicio)😀😉

  39. author

    Kwak and Cheese21 годину тому

    Queens 😍💖💖💖

  40. author

    Mrs Katarina21 годину тому

    I am not monbebe, but maybe I will be 🙃. I am new here, but I listened their songs and I love it ❤️. They are so talented 👌

  41. author

    이원기21 годину тому


  42. author

    Moore Or Less21 годину тому

    Came here because of tiktok trend.

  43. author

    Diana online21 годину тому

    Что за песня?

  44. author

    Wonnie Bunny21 годину тому

    I was daydreaming because of I.M's smooth voice when I realised "Wait...That laptop isn't on..."

  45. author

    changbin lovebot21 годину тому

    *i came from twt bc of the anti comments,,but this song is really really good and i have been considering stanning these girls lately,,,👁👁* *but its rlly sad they’re getting hate for this being similar to bts :(( (which i dont really hear/see. at all???)*

  46. author

    이원기21 годину тому


  47. author

    alienroshe21 годину тому

    This is remember me back in La La Love era <3

  48. author

    이원기21 годину тому


  49. author

    Duarte Pereira21 годину тому

    Thanks armys because of you we get a lot of views today

  50. author

    Syafina Kamal21 годину тому

    i still get shocked from this

  51. author

    May Do21 годину тому


  52. author

    Abigail Lop21 годину тому

    Si enpre seré Boyfriend los amo mucho regresen ala empresa por favor #boyfriend

  53. author

    GSUJUNG21 годину тому

    "Fly like a Butterfly It's okay to get hurt; you'll fly higher Like a BUTTERFLY -yeah-yeah-yeah Like a BUTTERFLY -yeah-yeah-yeah Fly, fly like a Butterfly"

  54. author

    Abigail Lop21 годину тому

    Me suscribí por Boyfriend sin ellos no se que acer regresen por favor los amo mucho

  55. author

    Вераника Горбунова21 годину тому


  56. author

    Juli Provenzano21 годину тому

    Hace 4 años y sugo enamorada

  57. author

    Вераника Горбунова21 годину тому

    So cute 😍😙

  58. author

    s a d c a t CL21 годину тому

    Ujungs let's reach 20M views!! 🦋

  59. author

    Вераника Горбунова21 годину тому

    Ору, ну что за дурки?🤣

  60. author

    Abigail Lop21 годину тому

    B O Y F R I É N D los amo regresen por favor #boyfriend los amo mucho me siento triste sin ustedes

  61. author

    s a d c a t CL21 годину тому

    People who spamming hate comments here are so immature 🙄

  62. author

    Lucia Tanque21 годину тому


  63. author

    Вераника Горбунова21 годину тому

    Есть кто из Украины?(Одесса)

  64. author

    Sra Taehyung21 годину тому

    This is so Amazing, i like soo much this song❤

  65. author

    Вераника Горбунова21 годину тому

    You are wonderful 😙😋🤗😄 Love you so much!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  66. author

    tic tok21 годину тому we got lots of MONSTAX content today😂😂 SSE you did a good thing today!!!

  67. author

    Vuelaeltiempo21 годину тому

    I go LOCO

  68. author

    SENA NUR İNANÇ21 годину тому

    LOVEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE ♥️💙💜♥️💚💛💚💙💜💜♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 TÜRKİYE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💋💔💔💔💃🏽👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  69. author

    Артём Артём21 годину тому

    мне кажется это самая лучшая версия этой песни. обожаю 😹😹😹♥️

  70. author

    Vania Zuniga22 години тому


  71. author

    Lau rine22 години тому


  72. author

    kingwonho22 години тому


  73. author

    Vitória Ribeiro22 години тому


  74. author

    Karina Ermagambetova22 години тому

    Monbebe,Army with you~

  75. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    Let it be over 50M until their next comebacK

  76. author

    Vitória Ribeiro22 години тому

    26 milhões, 526 mil, 928 visualizações.

  77. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    50M go go!

  78. author

    Valery jiminjeon guerre22 години тому

    Pasemos todos los días hacer str3aming por los chicos.

  79. author

    리뷰맨22 години тому

    9년전이라니 ...엊그제듣던거같은데ㅜ

  80. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    so close to 40M. lets get it

  81. author

    Taco Reddit22 години тому


  82. author

    Vincenzo Ragolia22 години тому

    E qua l Italia si fa sentire

  83. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    This mv deserves more than 100M.

  84. author

    Dandara Rodrigues22 години тому

    Tô viciada nessa música ✊🥰🤧

  85. author

    Nuria22 години тому

    Ya casi 3M!! Siempre que los extraño vengo a verla (porque soy masoquista) jajaja espero que estén bien los 7:')

  86. author

    Abigail Lop22 години тому

    Queremos mas Boyfriend los queremos de regreso #boyfriend los amo regresen

  87. author

    N iv22 години тому


  88. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    Please 50M!

  89. author

    Ana P22 години тому

    This song is such a bop I-

  90. author

    Ana P22 години тому

    They deserve so much more

  91. author

    Ana P22 години тому


  92. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    Lets do 50M by this week.

  93. author

    ءءء22 години тому

    Omg I want THIS

  94. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    27 is coming so close. By this weekend plz.

  95. author

    Song Zq22 години тому

    It's gonna be nice to have all members together

  96. author

    Yasuo22 години тому

    Am I the only who's hearing "umaapoy" instead of oh ma boy ? Kaway2 namn jan 😂

  97. author

    이원기22 години тому


  98. author

    ءءء22 години тому


  99. author

    cho jackie b22 години тому

    Road to 100M

  100. author

    Valentina Erjavec22 години тому

    Literary my favourite summer kpop song ever