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Everything Wrong With Paddington 2Everything Wrong With Paddington 2

Everything Wrong With Paddington 2

3 місяці тому

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Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

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CinemaSins & Mental Health America

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Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane

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Everything Wrong With What Women Want

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  1. author

    Temps7 годин тому

    My house is always cold. No ghosts, just cold.

  2. author

    Fred Landry7 годин тому

    I liked this movie.

  3. author

    Flora HIGHAM7 годин тому

    PETA: 'i watched you walk home every day" Me: why didn't I do that to my crush, good thinking. I need to write this down

  4. author

    Jarno Datema7 годин тому

    I love how this movie was mostly made because of one song out of a disney movie

  5. author

    Fred Landry7 годин тому

    Alec Baldwin was posing as a Commander when he was on the helicopter that’s why the pilot obeyed him.

  6. author

    Julia Strand7 годин тому

    You hate this movie, don't you? -_-

  7. author

    X10 LukAYE7 годин тому

    95 sins cause eddie saw it in the backyard of the house and thats why he knew him

  8. author

    vMorty NS Deb A7 годин тому

    C cc c. C c

  9. author

    nic nebby7 годин тому

    A Blackman would have flipped him off and said "the fuck you doing better go back down in your fucking drain"

  10. author

    Sparql Lord7 годин тому

    The biggest sin - making this movie and even worse continuing with Endgame. I love Marvel comics and the first live action movies were good. The problem is that they keep getting worse. Guardians is the exception. Please stop making movies before you get a good script and are able to stick to the original characters and storyline. Give us original Ant-man - the creator of Ultron. Give us a Hulk that is afraid of nothing and seldom turn into Banner. Give us the better and original story of Captain Marvel. REBOOT - PLEASE!

  11. author

    Christian Stoleski7 годин тому

    nothinggggggggggggggggggg wrong with the first movie

  12. author

    Manadiart7 годин тому

    This guy's trying hard to be funny.

  13. author

    A B7 годин тому

    three things Firstly, Amy wasn't a simple character. the entire business of framing people for stuff she does to maintain her amazing amy complex is explained in the book. I'm not gonna go into spoilers, but she goes very far to keep her plans. Secondly, she actually has a backing for everything she did. In the book she even cuts up her hand to make a scar. There are a lot of thing to be explained, but the entire cards sequence, there was an inside joke between them through each card which seemed like it lead Nick someplace special where he made memories with Amy, but only nearing the middle of the novel we realize oh he was cheating on her and thats all that was. That's why the clues couldn't have possibly lead the police there because they didn't understand the jokes, if i can call em that. thirdly, gosh read the book, the movie literally has too many plot holes and the character of margo was my favorite, but she just feels low energy in the movie

  14. author

    Joseph Bull7 годин тому

    This video is a f***ing lie

  15. author

    GEBRATENES SCHAF7 годин тому

    Johnny Depp is one of the best actors out there in Hollywood so...

  16. author

    Sienna Prasad7 годин тому

    He should do the remake too

  17. author

    Girts Ozolins7 годин тому

    You can sin all the movies you want but not this one.

  18. author

    BuilderBros7 годин тому

    I know I’m a bit late but great vid!

  19. author

    Silhz8 годин тому


  20. author

    tj manielino8 годин тому

    Hey cinema sin do part 3 very much it's lot that is wrong with it

  21. author

    Damo Taps8 годин тому

    Bruh You hating on the smallest things

  22. author

    jay wilshaw8 годин тому

    "sex, with adult women" Has got to be the most out of place line I've ever heard. Why the hell did he need to insert "adult". Women _are_ by definition, adults, lol.

  23. author

    fatman24348 годин тому

    There is meant to be a move before this one. Hence why it took 57 years to find her. She was actually found earlier but her memory was wiped. Look up the Audio Books!

  24. author

    Brand Kendy8 годин тому

    Half deaf isn’t a thing. Your just dumb or have to get a routine ear cleaning

  25. author

    ItsGlenny8 годин тому

    You can’t disrespect home alone

  26. author

    flaming spidey8 годин тому

    you cant lie pizza time is the best

  27. author

    That one guy8 годин тому

    But it's not Hugh's fault it's the scripts

  28. author

    Sebastian Ludwig8 годин тому

    2:50 is the best part

  29. author

    Luke Elvin8 годин тому

    Shit narration

  30. author

    Rhandolph Stearman8 годин тому

    So the Death star takes twenty years to build? What about all the Krennic and secret plans business from Rogue one?

  31. author

    ali mattar8 годин тому

    Ummm I don’t know about others opinions but I thought the movie was actually pretty good 🤷🏽‍♂️

  32. author

    Delta Foxtrot8 годин тому

    They’re torpedoes you doofus. Missiles fly in the air. -10 points. I’m guessing you’re an Adam Sandler fan.

  33. author

    jay wilshaw8 годин тому

    Why does someone _always_ speak Spanish at the most opportunist time?

  34. author

    Orange Juice8 годин тому

    Altogether this movie was pretty terrible but I gotta say I really liked that last ghost that came from the Ghostbusters logo.

  35. author

    Keough Darklance8 годин тому

    The answer to a lot of your "why doesn't he just kill/eat them" questions is because SHE feeds on fear, eating the flesh is just a bonus for HER. IT is a female btw... we need a sin counter for how many times you called IT he.

  36. author

    Ben Rogers8 годин тому

    Oh I thought you just didn’t like the year 2012

  37. author

    magicsinglez8 годин тому

    Only 55 sins. . . Wow. . Compared to every other movie, it’s as if he liked this movie

  38. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    Like someone in their own element

  39. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    Kruiska thought he would have an advantage in the place he knows best

  40. author

    Silver Tongue8 годин тому

    Are you ever gonna ADD a sin?

  41. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    Visual and auditory mimicking

  42. author

    RANBIR&CO.8 годин тому

    The red bird I.e Jason sudeikis sounds like cinemasins

  43. author

    Kelp'Cs8 годин тому

    It’s a fucking duelly it has 2 tires on each side

  44. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    Instinct that’s how

  45. author

    John Locke8 годин тому

    lol them babies at the endd tho xD

  46. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    She not a human different limitations

  47. author

    Cool kid8 годин тому


  48. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    Not dry ice

  49. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    That wall is plasma

  50. author

    I’ll do it tmr8 годин тому

    Roll credits!

  51. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku8 годин тому

    He took her so she could see how things work behind the scenes

  52. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    And everyone deals with it differently

  53. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Psychic break when you lose someone valuable

  54. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Gruishka was protected by the system

  55. author

    Sparc 76109 годин тому

    Your daily reminder that CinemaSins does not acknowledge the source material or their existence when it comes to adaptations, as they believe movies should stand on their own ground. Just for all the butthurt comments here

  56. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Read physics as well ok

  57. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    So the metal around her head worked as a clamp

  58. author

    Dr. killpatient9 годин тому

    Yeah, how does Darth Vader go to jedi heaven, when he murdered all of the jedi??? He's a serial-killer for the luv'a Pete!!

  59. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    And her head caved in to the wall

  60. author

    Night Pain9 годин тому

    Not Much of a fan of this movie due to having this myself, we are not dangerous. And they should at least put a disclaimer then. It’s a trauma disorder too.

  61. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Her back part of her blades

  62. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    It’s possible and that far in to the future especially

  63. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Or biology

  64. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Read anatomy

  65. author

    D A I9 годин тому

    Bruh this video is hella dumb💯💯

  66. author

    H3ct1c_Pl4yz _9 годин тому

    I could do a better gob at animation on scratch

  67. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    For computer to solve a problem you have to teach how to solve it first

  68. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    Again manga based

  69. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    When she was assistant she looked at the nurse to make sure she was giving the proper equipment

  70. author

    Oscar Home9 годин тому

    There should be no sins on this movie made by god

  71. author

    Beneath the Gold9 годин тому

    There is nothing wrong with Tron legacy. You fuck!

  72. author

    Dr. killpatient9 годин тому

    This movie was where Star Wars went down the toilet. It's too much like a Disney movie from the early 70's, starring Kurt Russell.

  73. author

    Unknown To All9 годин тому

    I don't know whether to like or dislike. You did a movie I love, and I'm happy... I think. But you pointed out everything wrong with it. But it's kind of happy for both soooo...

  74. author

    Gabe Strenke9 годин тому

    Colonel SS Hans Landa, I died lol

  75. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    The eyes are big because it’s based on manga

  76. author

    Yunaiko Harutoku9 годин тому

    You can predict future logo with phenomena outcome

  77. author

    We1rD We3b9 годин тому

    7 mins or less but vid 8 min

  78. author

    B4S1C9 годин тому

    I wanted a sin to be, why the f**k does he need to have a baby toy thing when getting stung by a bee

  79. author

    Isaac Simpson9 годин тому

    I hate how movies like this make sharks look like crazy murderers that are attracted to blood for 1 it takes alot of blood to attract them and they also don't attack humans, only on rare occasions infact the cage is useless in real life it's safe to swim with the sharks. And stop gulping down air and since the sharks are this dangerous stop leaving the cage constantly. If your ever in a situation where psychotic sharks are swimming around you and your stuck 47 meters down in a cage just sit as still as possible while breathing very slowly these bitches gulped down air like they had an unlimited amount you don't take deep breaths you take short breaths also crazy sharks never attacked the coast guard?

  80. author

    MuljoStpho9 годин тому

    I liked this series, despite its problems. (Have I watched the final one yet, though? I don't think I've gotten around to that one yet...) One thing that bugged me though, was that they felt the need to make the third (I think?) movie a prequel which pretty much just regurgitated the same backstory that had already been told and retold in exposition multiple times throughout all the previous movies. Didn't feel like that one added anything new to the series.

  81. author

    SleepLess9 годин тому

    U forget one thing quick silver didn’t save everyone

  82. author

    Travis Hoover9 годин тому

    This is so stupid

  83. author

    AlphaZero9 годин тому

    Add 10000000 sins because it’s Power Rangers

  84. author

    Tobyisraw9 годин тому

    Where’s Troll 1 eww

  85. author

    Mackenzie Paige9 годин тому

    Can we talk about how they can hear each other even though their ears are outside of their masks?

  86. author

    pkphantom9 годин тому

    Everything wrong with spiderverse: NOTHING, IT'S AN AWESOME MOVIE lol

  87. author

    Anni Burgoyne9 годин тому

    3:03 I see you haven't been introduced to the complicated Highway designs of Utah my friend.

  88. author

    Macchu Perito9 годин тому

    2:32 lol

  89. author

    Martin Greer9 годин тому

    In 17 minutes or "frewer" 1 *Ding* Cinema Sin Counter

  90. author

    Dr. killpatient9 годин тому

    Why did Hollywood bring back a soap opera that no one in America's seen since the early 70's???

  91. author

    rayamoroso1269 годин тому

    You seem like a real dousche to watch a movie with

  92. author

    meilute sesute9 годин тому

    I still like it

  93. author

    Alexander Davis10 годин тому

    Celine Dion *ba ding*

  94. author

    Epoch plus510 годин тому

    9:00 12 Monkeys character in the making...

  95. author

    OPT1CAL GH0ST10 годин тому

    The egg joke, terrible, just terrible

  96. author

    annunakee -10 годин тому

    This channel is always wrong ding

  97. author

    Jim Kwim10 годин тому

    That's not racist

  98. author

    Fisokuhle Sigasa10 годин тому

    This is stupid 😑

  99. author

    The Howling Gamer10 годин тому

    1 sin to Cinema sins for not putting a sin in or removing a sin, for Green Lantern making a raunchy joke while Flash's life is in danger. (I get the feeling I'm gonna be editing in at least 10 more sins) And 1 sin for ignoring what Aquaman said about getting microbes to eat the bomb's wiring... Hell another 1 to Cinema sins for not even having the brains to see one bomb turn to dust while the other explodes, it's almost like these dick wagons only listened to the audio while drunk and not the visual part of the movie. 1 sin for not getting how a justice league flash OF COURSE knows how to get into the bat cave while it's not on lock down. You know they're a team right now you called them that. Also 1 sin for saying that Alfred is still under Tomas's employ when he never shows up in the movie. Then minus one sin for making me picture Alfred drunk and fucking about in the bat cave. Add another sin on for again not watching the movie and not understanding that Tomas is a raging alcoholic. Add in another sin for either adding a sin on being a better last air bender movie or at the very least not being sarcastic enough to show it was meant too be a sin and not a compliment. I'm giving another 5 sins for just sighing without giving some reason to it and calling it a sin. Tell us why you don't like it, it's your job dick holes. An alternate.... plus another 3 sins for forgetting who the president was at the time, and he's, funny enough, been on a few DC shows as president. Plus another 10 sins for not getting any of the movie. Things changed when Flash saved his mom, but minus 5 sins because none of this would have anything to do with krypton, and the odds of it effecting this war to come about is slim to none. Minus one sin because this is stupid to fuck in the open. Not only cause his wife catches him, but because it's out of left field and Diana should be taught not to trust any male. Marvel fanboying in a DC film *dings 10 times for just as many sins added* You know I would add 1 sin for calling the three headed dog Cerberus a dinosaur but we never see the three heads.... Oh wait we do? *ding* Also an extra 5 sins for not catching the discount or alternate reality deadpool in a DC movie. Are you a fan boy or not, which is it?! So were you watching re-runs or watching the show, because you only seem to tune in when someone dies, yet complain about the action finally getting on after so much explaining. Minus 2 sins for having a funny outro sequence. Plus 1 sin for the poorly timed and doesn't even remotely fit what's up bit. Sin total: 33 Sentence: Mocking your intelligence in the comment section in your video.

  100. author

    Kevin W. Clark10 годин тому

    "I can't get the university to give me any more money." Well tell them to turn off the damn lights every night then lol.