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The Conners - Voter PSAThe Conners - Voter PSA

The Conners - Voter PSA

13 днів тому

  1. author

    Bella NarvaezГодину тому

    They need to be together. Tim is meant for Lucy, no one can tell me otherwise.

  2. author

    naijababe97Годину тому

    They need to make Alex’s exit story believable I don’t want any bs.

  3. author

    JaneéГодину тому

    I love Carly. She is so mature and caring. I hope we get to see more of her.

  4. author

    Sam SГодину тому

    One of the strongest episodes of the two seasons this show has had.

  5. author

    VixisГодину тому

    I hope Lea comes around obviously it's meant to be.

  6. author

    belleza de la vidaГодину тому

    Donde la puedo ver en español ? O cn subtitulos ?

  7. author

    Nula LeninГодину тому

    The role of a father he never deserved.

  8. author

    Ruby SlippersГодину тому

    This scene gets me everytime ♥️

  9. author

    Singh ashГодину тому

    Hey guys I don't understand what's going on

  10. author

    Amethyst MariesГодину тому

    I do not like Lea. I’m sorry. I understand wanting to figure yourself out before committing to a relationship, but she is doing too much. She knows Shaun is deeply in love with her, she feels, however she feels I don’t even know at this point tbh, but she continues to stick around and string him along. It is not right. She needs to leave and at least figure herself out first and then come back. Shaun deserves better. Carly was better

  11. author

    Neal FryГодину тому

    "☆" Miss Hayden "☆" Panettiere "☆", 13 Days 'till Full Moon Monday, March 9th, 2020 + 3 Days 'till March 12TH, 2020. That's Plenty of Time for you Miss Hayden Leslie Panettiere to Apologize to me, Neal Patrick Fry, Right? Sincerely, Neal Patrick Fry

  12. author

    CzarnyBГодину тому

    That Lea's "mmm" after Shaun said "because i have autism?"

  13. author

    Ankita MehraГодину тому

    It’s gotta be suga right?😂😂😂

  14. author

    Andrew SmithГодину тому

    He couldnt say MIKI PHIFER name?

  15. author

    SusyГодину тому

    he missed a duel with Neil Peart

  16. author

    nylea hГодину тому

    I would have want on with the death process, fuck him.

  17. author

    mrscwhite18Годину тому

    I’m not happy with this they used Carly. Leah doesn’t want him that’s the sad part

  18. author

    billygowhoopГодину тому

    I'm sure Marty is super bummed about this.

  19. author

    Azucena CalderónГодину тому

    Why do I have the feeling he’s meant to be with Claire???

  20. author

    Azucena CalderónГодину тому

    Poor Shaun

  21. author

    Jairo MedesГодину тому

    Tudo passa...é a saudade que fica!

  22. author

    Susanna MolletГодину тому

    I love this scene but I would like to know what the cops with the shovels are digging at 0:48 their are digging like a foot away

  23. author

    Eric Thom2 години тому

    Hopefully they won’t make them a “couple”. It always ruins the show when they do that

  24. author

    Matthew Stenzel2 години тому

    As an autistic, it would be amazing if Lea helps Shaun find a partner. The good thing about Shaun's friendship with Lea is that Lea knows Shaun's personality really well and if she can help him find a person who maybe has autism like him also, that might help. We'll find out what happens one way or another. :)

  25. author

    Ronnie Evans2 години тому

    Man, I’m still team Carly. I’m not gonna lie. But this scene was a good one, Lea and shauns dynamic has grown and changed in a lot of ways but idk if I for them being together at this point.

  26. author

    Selina Davis2 години тому

    Katherine is so rude lol

  27. author

    Shanoriya Robinson2 години тому

    Lea needs a level of communication Shaun can’t give. She was honest & Carly needs to get over herself with this jealousy thing. SHE loves & accepts Shaun & that’s what matters

  28. author

    H San2 години тому

    Can’t help but think of “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.”-Forrest Gump

  29. author

    Donavan De wit2 години тому

    What a twot

  30. author

    Elena Vasilescu2 години тому

    Lea is a bitch. She does not love Shaun as a lover but she always acted like a possesive girlfriend (eating chips from his plate for example) and not as a simple friend. Carly is too good for Shaun, he does not deserve Carly he deseves to suffer for Lea. Autism is not an excuse

  31. author

    Prince Vegeta2 години тому

    The word "but" is an enemy of everyone hearing it...

  32. author

    Elykmai2 години тому

    This is like the same episode from House M.D. Same premise. The female Internet personality is sick and lets fans decide on what treatment she should pick. Idk. I might be wrong but there is defiantly similarities here.

  33. author

    Em K2 години тому

    Well deserved 👏🏻

  34. author

    Yona Arteaga Arteaga2 години тому


  35. author

    Agent Other2 години тому

    Shaun you’re too good for her dude

  36. author

    quell quell2 години тому

    Lea should have said before walking off "No, I don't want to be with you because I'm complicated and you don't do well in complicated situations..."

  37. author

    Rocco capa2 години тому

    Cagar una cancion verdion billie elish

  38. author

    amirtha pooja2 години тому

    Is the banjo that Luke is playing, the one Ellen gave Nolan years ago?

  39. author

    FoFo kahn2 години тому

    (RIP 🙏🙏🙏) The Song the song🤮🤮🤮 Was it too hard to get Paul McCartney to do the song

  40. author

    John Rosello2 години тому

    That's missed up Shaun has feeling she saying that she won't be his girlfriend because he had autism that's missed up because I have autism this is so sad and missed up

  41. author

    Neecey2222 години тому

    One thing I wish people would remember is,this is a show. Regardless if you’re team Lea or team Carly, it’s not right to send the Real actors hate. It’s NEVER THAT SERIOUS! Some of you need to get a Real life!!! It’s sad that they get real hate for doing their job. It’s called Acting. Smh

  42. author

    tniey rahman2 години тому

    Its break my heart so much when shaun cry.. Lea like shaun too, She just scared that she can't be the good girlfriend to shaun and dont want to ruin their relationship. Actually i like shaun and carly together. Carly really love shaun and shes willing breakup with shaun coz she know shaun like Lea.. But its also break my heart when shaun said to carly that he love Lea more

  43. author

    Orchestra Kid2 години тому

    Everything she said was right I just wished she didn't leave him thinking she won't date him because he has autism even though that is a big factor I wished she explained to him a bit more that it's not just that😥 WHY CAN'T THEY JUST FALL IN LOVE 😫😭

  44. author

    Anna Farabee2 години тому

    I think lea is just unable to be in a relationship with anyone and she cares about Shaun so she doesn’t want to start something knowing she’s gonna mess up and hurt him. Lea doesn’t like anything that’s hard. She wants easy and not serious. Shaun would be hard and serious. She’s not good at commitment. I think after she loses him as a friend and really thinks bout it she will go to him and ask for him back

  45. author

    Kimberly Harris2 години тому

    I can feel my ancestors presence in my soul with this song. So spiritual and deep.

  46. author

    Onyx Cartier2 години тому

    This was so unnecessary. 😒 Hopefully this show will have some writers who aren’t afraid to move on from Lea. They had their chance. Now, let’s never do this a again.

  47. author

    rexis 172 години тому

    People in these comments wild yall hated carly who mad all sorts of efforts...but like lea who wont even try thats mad wild

  48. author

    Mait Sun2 години тому

    Why does he look like mini ben Shapiro

  49. author

    Neecey2222 години тому

    Why are people mad at Lea? She already friend zoned Shaun before. She loves Shaun but is she in love with him? Lea is allowed to turn Shaun down. It sucks but Autism is a lot to deal with and at the end of the day she should be allowed to choose if she wants to or not.

  50. author

    Barbara Tanzi3 години тому

    I love these two together (and not only the characters, I love their chemistry when they are on stage together), at this point I hope for a twist in the season finale because for me these two are soul mates!

  51. author

    Parker’s Videos3 години тому

    Always Lea-Shaun...

  52. author

    Neecey2223 години тому

    Coming from someone who likes Shaun with Lea, I don’t understand the hate Carly gets. She loved Shaun for who he is and pushed him in a good way. At the end of the day no one wants to be with someone who’s in love with another person. I do think she was wrong for making Shaun put Lea out but she she seen with her own eyes the love they have.🤷🏽‍♀️

  53. author

    Dahabo Heidar3 години тому

    work is not easy.his off night.hhh immpossible

  54. author

    Damian Mendez3 години тому

    I can noticed Shaun has grown cause normally he would lash out but he was very calm still emotional but very calm

  55. author

    Gaynor Bragger3 години тому

    i hate it when women do this, you dont want to be with someone, fine but dont make it out like they couldnt accommodate you in their life when you arent even willing to give it a chance

  56. author

    Michael Dac3 години тому

    What no one is mentioning Sean loves Leah despite her faults . Leah does not love Sean in the same unconditional Manner or at least that's what she saying.

  57. author

    Jazzy G3 години тому

    Oh no! Poor Lola

  58. author

    heemunie Nguyen3 години тому

    As an asian girl, i really want to know this topic is really open in USUK like this?! :)))

  59. author

    Michael Dac3 години тому

    I don't think it would be too hard for Sean I think she's not giving him enough credit. Having known some autistic adults myself who function and have a life these are tough people who've dealt with a lot of bulshit. I don't think it's a question of Sean not being able to handle it I think it's Leah who can't.

  60. author

    Anita O3 години тому

    I'm going to be honest, I didn't see this "spark" claimed to have seen. They just looked like two good friends having a good time. I also am not a fan of how they had Shaun "realize" he was in love with Lea by Carly basically insisting that he was. I do hope they try to get back together. I just don't think Lea and Shaun are a good match romantically.

  61. author

    xaviarsly3 години тому

    should be titled " Idina sings into the unknown but its slightly off key"

  62. author

    Douglas Brown3 години тому

    That drilled me hard in my heart. 😭😭😭😭😭

  63. author

    Paranoid Aykroyd3 години тому

    Give this man an Oscar already!

  64. author

    Daniel Aguilar3 години тому

    What happend?

  65. author

    Michael Dac3 години тому

    I had a completely opposite situation in my life , I met a girl a few years ago who I really liked she was on the spectrum . She never told me about it because she was afraid I would reject her in this led to some communication issue. I can understand her not telling me because she had been made fun of and probably have been rejected before. But I really wish she had up front . Because I would have researched it for them and learned some of the communication cues. She was brilliant attractive hard-working we had a lot of things in common. I really liked her she found it hard to believe that I did . She definitely had some quirks about her. However I like interesting geeky women. Anyway it didn't work out sadly. I still think of her sometimes and hope she's happy. I know I'm not Leah my situation much different. Anyway great scene

  66. author

    Neecey2223 години тому

    It might be weird but Shaun is like my least favorite character... if he wants to be treated like a “normal”person then you can’t keep allowing him to break rules and get away with certain things. Also was is he trying to jump in a relationship with Lea when he just got out one with Carly??

  67. author

    Lilian Diaz3 години тому

    I never like him for her

  68. author

    Lenzr3 години тому

    In the famous words of Thanos: “This does put a smile on my face”

  69. author

    B H3 години тому

    Am I the only one that heard Bradford say "give her to me @1:08-1:10 and "You're okay, I'm right here" @1:49-1:51

  70. author

    MontiTheGuruHD3 години тому

    Do people not know that petty is an actual word, and not some new trend? You people need an education. The French invented the word in the 16th century.

  71. author

    Luis Márquez3 години тому

    One thing that I think people forget sometimes is that not everyone is ready to cope with another person's condition, whether it is physycal or cognitive. It's not anyone's fault at that point, and moreover I think if Lea is rejecting Shaun because she think's Shaun's autism will be a problem, then it was the mature choice to make. Despite all that, this scene broke my heart, and the way Lea told him that she loved him too had me in tears :(

  72. author

    Paru Ap3 години тому

    I would have said no too

  73. author

    Joseph Yagami3 години тому

    Wey noooooooo :'(

  74. author

    andy ortiz3 години тому

    I'm disappointe and yeah is a challenge, but maybe they can try

  75. author

    Malachi the Great3 години тому

    Some of the best acting I have seen on TV in a long time. Very powerful grippin scene. Give this show an award already

  76. author

    kristhoper luke mcfadden3 години тому

    I think the writer and producer are trying to get rid of the actress but since the fans loves her they can't just cut her off.

  77. author

    Tiahna Christine3 години тому

    0:37 Okay but why is Jackie actually me here 😂

  78. author

    Dahabo Heidar3 години тому

    some look like kobe bryan

  79. author

    Cai Ren3 години тому

    Can someone edit out the crowd & the clapping? It's making me genuinely upset now.

  80. author

    madisonkai3 години тому

    He deserves that shallow girl! Carly would never! She wants to play with his emotions and have fun with him because he’s different but does not want to put in the work and effort Carly did. She’s a child! I’m so mad that they ditched Carly and Shaun’s relationship after all that work to give his attention to this ditzy lady.

  81. author

    Schimi Yo3 години тому

    People always find an excuse for Lea actions. And criminalize Carly actions no matter what

  82. author

    Hp lover 13 години тому

    Isn't 'in memorian' supposed to be like a silent minute?? The crowd: nAh

  83. author

    Claudia Hernandez3 години тому

    She is always lije that lets be use she uses him, for job, apartment, money, everything

  84. author

    Claudia Hernandez3 години тому

    Carly team

  85. author

    neocomp923 години тому

    Chicago Med did a more dramatic version of this story. And this is where John Grisham's GIFT comes into play. Sure, GIFT is useful in describing why trolls exist, but it also explains what's going on in both of these influencer stories. Not only are these influencers prostitute their lives to faceless anonymous people to such extremes, but the "fans" would never take it as seriously since it isn't their body and their life. And being anonymous makes it even easier to either troll her to make the wrong decision or brush it off as "for the LOLZ, she's not that stupid, right?" Shaun's end quote is right. A doctor could present her case as her being an *incompetent* adult. Incompetent meaning she is not capable of making her own medical decisions, as she literally asked thousands of people on the Internet for their opinion and act accordingly. Hell, there were three other doctors who heard her say "They know what's best for me". Didn't this set off alarm bells?

  86. author

    irt167 gfh3 години тому

    Just cause he's got a touch of the autism he's not good enough to handle a relationship? Dudes waaay to good for the likes of this shallow hussie anyway, her loss she probably went off to worship the ground some lowlife asshole walks on.

  87. author

    Indio 1193 години тому

    If only they had lived together before so there would be a sample of how they would interact with each other.

  88. author

    co ko3 години тому

    Where is Cameron Boyce?😥

  89. author

    camille Lloyd3 години тому

    Am sorry but autism or not ,Shawn got what he asked for .I don't feel sorry for his pain because he did the same thing to Carly

  90. author

    cicc ce3 години тому

    You al think to clap...I’m Thinking about billie’s audience that was wonderful...I didn’t believe she was so stringe...thank you billie

  91. author

    Akosua Fobi3 години тому behind. Did he break up with carly??

  92. author

    b2kzangelalwayz3 години тому

    Yea I’m done.

  93. author

    aljohn tabion4 години тому

    I like the other Becky

  94. author

    Charles Toth4 години тому

    I have Autism and when I told my girlfriend that I have it, she doesn't see me as an Autistic man. She sees the real me through my heart. And even though they're not dating, Shaun and Lea are like me and my girlfriend. This show means a lot to me and Shaun is my hero because what I learn from him, I use it in my daily life. I'm not a surgeon but I use what he learns to my life and it helps me become a better man. Thank you, ABC, for green lighting this masterpiece. Thank you, David Shore, for creating Shaun. And more importantly, thank you, Freddie Highmore, for perfecting his Autistic speech patterns and mannerisms.

  95. author

    Kgomotso Tlhapane4 години тому

    Poor shaun, I like them as friends . They could never success in a romantic relationship together. Lea has always saw shaun as a friend not a lover.

  96. author

    Angie Murphy4 години тому

    People hating a on Shaun, probably hated Carly.

  97. author

    Syren4 години тому

    This character is the most amazing woman

  98. author

    aljohn tabion4 години тому

    Is this the only time Katey Sagal doesn’t play a mom

  99. author

    Fired Up Pranks4 години тому

    John Goodman could be his father. That guy plays his brother?

  100. author

    Ilahmae Cunanan4 години тому

    That ending scene broke my heart 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭