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Master Class, Darley - Ore MVMaster Class, Darley - Ore MV

Master Class, Darley - Ore MV

12 днів тому

bobae - P.U.N.K.S. MVbobae - P.U.N.K.S. MV

bobae - P.U.N.K.S. MV

15 днів тому

  1. author

    Pushpangi DuttaГодину тому

    3:27 here you go my lovelies

  2. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    nako 2001 1:11

  3. author

    i love aisГодину тому

    ONE IT 4 years later: i will miss all about their stories after disband, I will cry much when their last stage , i never regret iam in this fandom, I am proud to make these boys recognize their talent and potential, i hope the best for these boys in the bright future, and last said "Iam proud to be ONE IT". One it in 2020: I HATE MNET, make these pure boys get back together. I NEED COMEBACK STAGE

  4. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    eunbi 1994 0:48

  5. author

    dcrunch_btsГодину тому


  6. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    chaewon 2000 0:43

  7. author

    박지환모흡Годину тому

    져졍도면노래발할거없음ㅋ 와돼박

  8. author

    Jeri, Jeri, Quite ContraryГодину тому

    I dont like mamamoo but solar is something special let me tell you

  9. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    sakura 1998 0:29

  10. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    minju 2001 0:25

  11. author

    tiway track!Годину тому

    yooo almost 11M!

  12. author

    Jungkook's GiggleГодину тому

    I never knew about them just came across this and WTF AWESOME

  13. author

    hardy BuddyГодину тому

    wonyoung 2004 0:14

  14. author

    yanyeolsГодину тому

    ok but when are we getting that bass line from the ending as a title

  15. author

    Deobi DeobiГодину тому

    FALTA 1M PRA GENTE CHEGAR A 90M EU TO CHORANDO QUE ORGULHO DESSE FANDOM Também agradeço muito aos outros fandons que estão nos ajudando :(( ♥

  16. author

    em haГодину тому


  17. author

    Cat SkyГодину тому

    115M go

  18. author

    em haГодину тому

    34 193 272

  19. author

    Cat SkyГодину тому


  20. author

    조당이Годину тому


  21. author

    熊育生Годину тому


  22. author

    Trần HươngГодину тому

    Team viet nam điểm danh

  23. author

    walkingheavenГодину тому


  24. author

    zue hanГодину тому


  25. author

    walkingheavenГодину тому


  26. author

    walkingheavenГодину тому


  27. author

    walkingheavenГодину тому


  28. author

    Konichiwa Army desuГодину тому

    Me encanta muchoo

  29. author

    VenusГодину тому


  30. author

    - CloudyQuartz -Годину тому

    1:42 Why does E: U look so intimidating XD

  31. author

    Belometti NavyyГодину тому

    In the lyrics i see that all sing the ''SAY MY NAME'' part but why i hear only Mingi?

  32. author

    回: MoodzГодину тому

    oneit always here to support x1

  33. author

    J BJbГодину тому

    아빠차 음악 라라라 벌써일년 빙고 나에게로 떠나는 여행 애상(이건 케바케

  34. author

    My KyungsooГодину тому

    💗💗💗Chen oppa

  35. author

    12 loГодину тому

    Sunmi hwasa taemin gd vibe

  36. author

    Memphis 2PayГодину тому

    excellent !!!!

  37. author

    푸딩Годину тому


  38. author

    Zamira SalinasГодину тому

    Hermosa música quién lo escucha en el 2020

  39. author

    Fatema Tuz ZohuraГодину тому

    It's so cute

  40. author

    Fithura ShareefГодину тому

    I cannot watch this without crying anymore!

  41. author

    chocobnn 49Годину тому

    the intro of piano hit me so hard

  42. author

    Wiz* OneГодину тому

    900k like

  43. author

    WillyftsalseoГодину тому

    So close to get 129 millions fighthing!

  44. author

    Ahmad SyГодину тому

    IZ*ONE - Violeta 14/7 00.12 KST 66,537,740 15/7 00.12 KST 66,580,489 Today *42,749*

  45. author

    miriam suenГодину тому

    can we have 47M before chaewon birthday? wiz*one lets keep on watching their mv everyday as their contract are counting down!!! we can do more to bring more good memories for our girls:)

  46. author

    WillyftsalseoГодину тому

    tho video is the most pleasant to watch, the colors and the visuals, perfect. ♡

  47. author

    FOREVER , EXO-LГодину тому

    Str34m forevers 150M, more support

  48. author

    Fotini TsourapaГодину тому


  49. author

    Chandni BuchadeГодину тому


  50. author

    Ale D'Годину тому

    F 😭😭

  51. author

    hxney benzoГодину тому

    This is from a kdrama?

  52. author

    Perla DiazГодину тому

    Even though some people find the ending sad in a way I feel it was a good ending. Jung Yoo needed his time so he can find himself so he can learn how to love her properly. Both Hong Seol and Jong taught something to each other. He just needed his time so he doesn’t keep hurting her. That’s why I feel this drama has such a good message. I love it so much I 100% recommend it.

  53. author

    Tam TamГодину тому


  54. author

    anju singhГодину тому

    First time listing to ( Eric Naam, CLS Rohann , Viction and Others ) really good songs and good feeling I had 😄😍😁

  55. author

    hena P42Годину тому

    I freaking love this song!!!

  56. author

    `Chae SongГодину тому

    Violeta, Fiesta and Secret Story of the Swan fighting!!!! 100M view

  57. author

    WillyftsalseoГодину тому

  58. author

    Syed mehdi KazimГодину тому

    there should atleast english subtitles cause large part of kpop audience is not korean !!!!!

  59. author

    Ahmad SyГодину тому

    IZ*ONE - La Vie en Rose 14/7 00.12 KST 128,884,967 15/7 00.12 KST 128,960,307 Today *75,340*

  60. author

    taw rehГодину тому

    Hey forever have you seen everglow Instagram? They’re starting to upload teaser comeback is coming!

  61. author

    대원소Годину тому

    잘부른다만 원곡의 느낌을 못살렸네... 원곡의 애절함이 느껴지지 않아ㅜㅜ

  62. author

    WillyftsalseoГодину тому

    wizones fighthing!

  63. author

    Stan X1Годину тому

    It’s really hard to be a One it but I’m proud to be in this beautiful fandom that still support our boys. I will never forgot how this amazing group called X1 helped me and my fellow One its. We love you and we will never let you go. Let’s reach 100M before their 1st anniversary !!

  64. author

    flowery RoadГодину тому


  65. author

    정지우Годину тому

    진짜 축가로 좋은곡 ㅠㅠ👍

  66. author

    Valentina PadillaГодину тому

    Por favor, las que están aquí por rm, apoyen a hyunsang :(, canta heromoso y todas sus canciones son preciosas, no se arrepentirán. :')

  67. author

    Roses Are RedГодину тому

    omg your song are the best

  68. author

    Анастасия ПахомоваГодину тому

    Русские тут???

  69. author

    hoseok sem bundaГодину тому

    Mulher esperta né gente

  70. author

    Dila FadilaГодину тому

    46M tomorrow guyss Lets streamm !!

  71. author

    hoseok sem bundaГодину тому


  72. author

    Ahmad SyГодину тому

    IZ*ONE - FIESTA 14/7 00.12 KST 45,797,027 15/7 00.12 KST 45,902,989 Today *105,962*

  73. author

    Treasurkonic 127Годину тому

    I am SO happy that I watched RTK. ONF didn't just climb up my bias list, they OBLITERATED it. They don't have a single skip in their discography and their personalities are just so amazing. I hope their next comeback will give them the popularity they deserve.

  74. author

    Universe, we need SNSD backГодину тому

    This song made me a fan. Time to memorise names, I only know Chaeyeon for now cuz of her sister and honestly she's already my bias, I love the way she dances😍

  75. author

    Jessa AbingГодину тому

    I think im going to stan everglow huhu they’re so unappreciated whyyy?

  76. author

    hoseok sem bundaГодину тому


  77. author

    MIRANA AkaraГодину тому

    Comback Yuehua ???why are you doing

  78. author

    Dark LightГодину тому

    i know our girls now rushing for next comeback ... i know it...they dont have enought time they have 3 more japan and 2 korea comeback

  79. author

    MelodyГодину тому

    This song went through ma heart!!!!!!! I miss to hear a song that does this with ma heart *crying*

  80. author

    마침표Годину тому

    엑스원 사랑해 1억 얼마 안남았어요 이댓이 보일지 모르겠지만 전국 전세계 원잇분들 화이팅

  81. author

    Ahmad SyГодину тому

    IZ*ONE - Secret Story of the Swan 14/7 00.12 KST 33,907,444 15/7 00.12 KST 34,176,122 Today *268,678*

  82. author

    이승민Годину тому

    원곡들을땐 신나서몰랐는데 커버를 들으니까 왠지 슬픈가사가 간접적으로 들린다...

  83. author

    Paola OrtizГодину тому


  84. author

    Q가여덟개!Годину тому

    신사용님 영상 보고온사람 👋

  85. author

    Army that Buddy OnceГодину тому

    *Fiesta just reached 900k like in only 4 Months!, and now we can get 1m likes for Soty since the v33ws are growing faster than the last comeback Wiz*ones*

  86. author

    jasmine parkГодину тому

    Love Taeyeon voice

  87. author

    pink cloudГодину тому

    Let's never give up even after 27 august we may have them back after iz*one d* ( but i don't want iz*one to disband)

  88. author

    cret seГодину тому

    그래서 남주가 누군데

  89. author

    MIRANA AkaraГодину тому

    Did you see Everglow's instagram? Something is going on I'm sure it's the future comback They've put Everglow on a white background as if something is going to happen who knows?

  90. author

    bts 7 and blackpink 4 army foreverГодину тому

    Everglow dun dun 😊😊😊😊😊i love the song

  91. author

    Army that Buddy OnceГодину тому

    *900k like now wow Wiz*one fighting 1m likes😊*

  92. author

    sha laГодину тому


  93. author

    Eeva NabilahГодину тому

    You know. I don't follow K-pop anymore aside of Red Velvet. Then i found a recommendation of P.O and Mino compilation videos sumn like that and here i am, rewatching all of Block B related videos... I remember back then I was a fan of them started in 2013... remember their SBS Gayo Daejun stage?? That was totally dope omfg i just miss them so much.

  94. author

    JaydeekattГодину тому

    OH MY GOD!!! It's the Hospital Director Ahjussi from Psycho But Its Okay

  95. author

    김태태Годину тому

    진짜 인피니트는 명곡 뿐이구나 깔게없네 짱!

  96. author

    O OГодину тому

    들어도 들어도 명곡 뮤비도 리전드랑 합이 좋은듯

  97. author

    Yohana HengГодину тому

    No onee... Yet still no one... Me stream this MV with my parent's phone at play it everymidnight. BTW you guys did a great thing,in 3 minutes we've got 6 viewers!!

  98. author

    Shashi PandeyГодину тому


  99. author

    Linh MaiГодину тому

    Come on WIZ*ONE!!!! Let's reach 35M!!!

  100. author

    juegawomandownunder - Niño rata y maricónГодину тому