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24kGoldn Freestyle | What I Do24kGoldn Freestyle | What I Do

24kGoldn Freestyle | What I Do

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Ceraadi Freestyle | What I Do

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Lightshow Freestyle | Flex Zone

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Yung Mal Freestyle | What I Do

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E-40's ABCs

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P-Lo Freestyle | Flex Zone

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Millyz Freestyle - What I Do

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2019 XXL Freshman Show in New York2019 XXL Freshman Show in New York

2019 XXL Freshman Show in New York

3 місяці тому

2019 XXL Freshman Cyphers Trailer2019 XXL Freshman Cyphers Trailer

2019 XXL Freshman Cyphers Trailer

4 місяці тому

Yk Osiris' ABCsYk Osiris' ABCs

Yk Osiris' ABCs

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Tay-K's Murder Case ExplainedTay-K's Murder Case Explained

Tay-K's Murder Case Explained

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Blueface's ABCs

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Roddy Ricch's ABCs

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Tierra Whack's ABCs

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  1. author

    Louis Hubbard11 хвилин тому

    This was horrible

  2. author

    Angelina Jolie24 хвилини тому

    Yk Osiris just funny 😂 Like his face just funny 😂💀

  3. author

    Luca Binagana31 хвилина тому

    Was he drunk while doing this

  4. author

    antonion68038 хвилин тому

    "Everytime that my baby see she run and she say daddy, I love when she say that" ...shit hit them feels

  5. author

    Aniya Raine46 хвилин тому

    NONE of that is "struggle food".

  6. author

    BigT 18747 хвилин тому

    The amount if people that still check in on this video blows my mind

  7. author

    BigT 18750 хвилин тому

    Nobody: YK Osiris: YuNg NeGgA!

  8. author

    Mike O'C57 хвилин тому

    Like how they make it obvious in the thumbnail that 1 rapper's verse is going to be trash

  9. author

    Matthew CanfieldГодину тому


  10. author

    LuiMDZzГодину тому

    Tradición venir cada año aquí jaja

  11. author

    Michael KaiserГодину тому

    Damn Rico is hot asf

  12. author

    BaydoeГодину тому

    S.mouse is the Australian rapper he's talking about

  13. author

    SocialГодину тому

    For a kid who sings, YK was actually alright

  14. author

    V20Годину тому

    2:07 when emo kid walks in and kills the vibe

  15. author

    Joe boomtown2 години тому

    Lil dicky ( Looks like I'm the only one who can rap a fire verse out of these clowns) wow!!!

  16. author

    Dante Taylor2 години тому

    That baby a senior forget freshman

  17. author

    Jesus Tovar2 години тому

    Denzel killed it

  18. author

    Howard The Alien2 години тому

    I love how it went from best to worst

  19. author

    Kamiyah Bracey2 години тому

    The real DDG squad already knew everything he was saying 😂😂

  20. author

    Ethan Galanski2 години тому

    What a year

  21. author

    Moonzipp Blasser2 години тому

    Day shi was hi key kold

  22. author

    Welther Marmol2 години тому

    Da baby had to come in and embarrass these kids lol

  23. author

    Sky3 години тому

    Da baby n Megan 🔥 rest of them 🗑

  24. author

    Kevin Maracaibo3 години тому

    My boy YBN Cordon Bleu killer that shit

  25. author

    jaionii lopez3 години тому

    Me and the homies at lunch😏

  26. author

    Rooster D3 години тому

    lil tecca out here interviewing rappers

  27. author

    favorites for David3 години тому

    Fuck that prejudiced, hypocritical, sensitive yet runs her mouth at every chance ass bih! Don't want her anywhere near our culture. Please none of you brothas breed this white skank, she doesn't deserve to carry a blk baby in that wack ass womb of hers. 🤦

  28. author

    fiji girl3 години тому

    No the host funny as shit lmao 😂.

  29. author

    fiji girl3 години тому

    The best was ketchup and rice 🍚

  30. author

    fiji girl3 години тому

    This is literally funny af. I love y’all !!!!

  31. author

    JK3 години тому

    The video starts at 3:30🤗

  32. author

    Ded Ender 0723 години тому

    He starts with "Big 14 you know wtf gon on"

  33. author

    IZZA l3 години тому

    Nigga yu do not have mansion

  34. author

    IZZA l3 години тому

    Nigga tryna maker Pontiac look dangerous nigga whos from there n he think hes rich why would u put dis bum nigga on here

  35. author

    Syed Murtaza Hasan3 години тому

    21 says he puts her in a british truck..............

  36. author

    Necropious 3273 години тому

    Oh, and FUCK MUMBLE RAP 🖕

  37. author

    brock dexter3 години тому

    Imagine if Gordon Ramsey was in the show

  38. author

    Necropious 3273 години тому

    The UAreporter Chyers by Crypt BLOW THESE OUT IF THE WATER! Everybody on those Cyphers got Barz. If you like lyrical rap, check em out

  39. author

    Necropious 3274 години тому

    Lil Mosey sounds like he has a dick in his mouth. Looks like he likes that shit too... Trying to blame the beat for his week ass flow. Didn't graduate Cuz he was too dumb to. What a fuckin bitvh ass retard. Everybody else killed this beat BITCH

  40. author

    Pauley ._.4 години тому

    This Cypher is sooo much better than the other 2017 one!

  41. author

    Taylor McFerrin4 години тому

    that “gah damn” ad lib is fucking ELITE

  42. author

    Melody McKane4 години тому

    "Okay... This a lame ass beat" 💀💀💀

  43. author

    Jsetti8384 години тому

    Cypher disrespectful for putting these sorry rappers with Lil Dicky.

  44. author

    Cody Leonard4 години тому

    Desiigner and pak hyping each other up like they both spit hot shit and dave just standing there like " how the fuck did I end up on the cypher with these 2 wak ass niggas??

  45. author

    Duncan Teng4 години тому

    Mac killed it. R.I.P.

  46. author

    Ish *4 години тому

    I thought desiigner was bad then this ,anderson .paak?, came on I was like wtf is this trash

  47. author

    Ish *4 години тому

    0:27 was priceless, I want to know what exactly went through lil Dicky's mind the whole time.

  48. author

    Ramona Ballard5 годин тому

    They already knew my boi X was about to step in and flame shit. X knew he was about to flame shit. I’m pretty sure beforehand they were like “ok guys, no offense y’all go hard but X go harder so we’ll have him go last and he’ll spit his verse in a cool pose and everybody stand there and look like y’all got bodied okay?”

  49. author

    Emirhan Sever5 годин тому

    No one : Literally no one : Not even my teacher : 6ix9ine : i know who picked this sorry ass beat

  50. author

    Zarah Geniva5 годин тому

    What kind of trash is this?

  51. author

    MoeCamera5 годин тому

    Just listened to dudes album. Shit was trash, just stick to making UAreporter videos young buck.

  52. author

    Kaden Rodgers6 годин тому

    Da baby flamed that bih

  53. author

    andrew leshawn6 годин тому

    ur music is so gay it makes me wanna commit suicide

  54. author

    Christopher Gomes6 годин тому

    megan thee stallion fukin killd ittttttt and dababy

  55. author

    Vanessa Junkin6 годин тому

    everyone be enjoying themselves and kodak be standing like a fucking pole

  56. author

    Hamdan Mahmood6 годин тому

    They did it from best to worst

  57. author

    E ROQQ6 годин тому

    Got me hungry for grilled cheese

  58. author

    Yung Cosmo7 годин тому

    Honestly Megan had the best verse. This shit hip hop? Sad

  59. author

    Hazza7 годин тому

    Another clear reason as to why life hasn't been the same since summer 2016...

  60. author

    ExlerOne7 годин тому


  61. author

    ExPaNd_Blank7 годин тому


  62. author

    Milan Lama7 годин тому

    Lil pump shouldn't be in this list

  63. author

    Jose Justo santos7 годин тому

    Awante slime

  64. author

    supra turbo7 годин тому

    Yayy I'm finally gonna pass the class

  65. author

    Pat Ford7 годин тому

    Agruement is my favorite

  66. author

    Korz8 годин тому


  67. author

    Albert Galvanized Hernandez8 годин тому


  68. author

    Pierce Arcand8 годин тому


  69. author

    Lweh G Htoo8 годин тому

    Omg what the fuck 😭😂😂

  70. author

    Jullian Placencia8 годин тому

    No more real freestyles

  71. author

    Maika Ishigami9 годин тому

    what did he mean to say "it'll be good for everyone"????

  72. author

    DANEK CRAZY7779 годин тому

    Заебись, мне понравилось!!!

  73. author

    Warren Windsor10 годин тому

    who came back here after they heard kodaks sentencing?

  74. author

    Oscar Li10 годин тому

    Why are all of the people doing this high

  75. author

    Jonas Schanze10 годин тому

    02:28 LIL B BUTTON

  76. author

    Yasmine Wayde10 годин тому

    Lil mosey is ass. But he's young so ig

  77. author

    Sukesh Subaharan10 годин тому

    Lyrics anyone?

  78. author

    250 Glizzlo10 годин тому

    Polo, Lil Tjay, Shotta Spence, DDG, OhGeesy 2020 XXL? I feel like OhGeesy will skip out though

  79. author

    Ryan Donnelly10 годин тому

    2019 and nobody coming close to touching dickys verse

  80. author

    KJ KJ10 годин тому

    Where is gunna he not in the XXL 🤷🏽‍♂️

  81. author

    Rayyroc11 годин тому

    Dababy only one decent everyone one else straight trash!!! Nd then lil mouse trying to copy Kodak clowning the dj🙄 fools the worst one.

  82. author

    icy blade11 годин тому

    lets be real and say lil dicky probs have the best bars on this vid

  83. author

    Noel Franco Yrad Moncada11 годин тому

    my wife knows hip hop

  84. author

    Noel Franco Yrad Moncada11 годин тому

    jay z said it on “reasonable doubt “ that he was proud to be a drug dealer

  85. author

    millsap4011 годин тому

    Baby did a whole song 🔥

  86. author

    Zach ary11 годин тому

    Bring me back.

  87. author

    Zach ary11 годин тому

    Meek's verse is such a W

  88. author

    A11 годин тому

    RIP X

  89. author

    Behati Kramer11 годин тому

    7 years had passed, Iggy Azalea is now relevant. She serves bop after bop. Atleast she's way more better than Cardio B

  90. author

    Moody Frank12 годин тому

    Rest in power, it's all about power Squeeze two lemons together and reall y all you'll have a sour Diesel, niggas'll smoke your ass to have the juice Riding around in an all black coupe Coupe of pigeons that's ready to shoot, shit Ducking and bucking and dodging and dropping With 48 ounces and cigarette butts Fucking around with the up echelon, they will turn you to cubes and I hope you be gone Envelope, overload ,cranium overdose,Denny Cascade, what the fuck is the havles Click clack, get powed, bitch it's a wrap Tierra my witness, I pray for a nap Youngin' and restless, return with a past Key in ignition, foot on the gas None of you niggas is acting that jab Gold teeth in the Glock and a Cybertech mask Ring gun, particles, turn you into molecules Planet shrooms, planet shrooms, I'll take you to my panic room

  91. author

    Snoop Só tapa12 годин тому

    Today travis is KING

  92. author

    Zach ary12 годин тому

    XXL: Gunna you wanna do a freestyle or cypher? Gunna: 0:30

  93. author

    Zach ary12 годин тому

    Tierra is so much better than this. She's Jid tier but she wasted her XXL opportunity.

  94. author

    Janie Divuolo12 годин тому

    Free Kodak😫

  95. author

    Dannyw 41512 годин тому

    Free Kodak

  96. author

    Zach ary12 годин тому

    This is my favorite video on UAreporter. Nothing will match my hype of when this first came out

  97. author

    yshd hshs12 годин тому

    Any real mf has had mayo sandwiches and rice n ketchup

  98. author

    K!LL ST!X12 годин тому

    Mans Comment Got 57K Likes. How MANY Can I Get?

  99. author

    Homeless Roadman12 годин тому

    Blueface would sound a lot better as a rapper if he just rapped on beat for once

  100. author

    Homeless Roadman12 годин тому

    Cordae deserves way more attention than he is getting...his lost boy album is probably one of the best albums i have heard in a long ass time and his music has changed my life