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Tyler Perry Presents: The OvalTyler Perry Presents: The Oval

Tyler Perry Presents: The Oval

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  1. author

    K. Yvon JulienГодину тому

    I’m glad is always keeping a smile on is face 👍🏽👍🏽

  2. author

    Wen WenГодину тому

    Shot out Killa city

  3. author

    Exclusiv LadyГодину тому

    how old is he 🤔

  4. author

    AUNTIE EIAГодину тому

    Love them so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️ these two are truly soulmate 😍😍✨🔥💪💪

  5. author

    Jason CannonГодину тому


  6. author

    Donell EaddyГодину тому

    Them two together are like frick and frack I swear they need their own sitcom together

  7. author

    Brit LoveГодину тому

    I hope they don’t waste that kids r starving in Africa and different parts of the world

  8. author

    Beroski WhiteheadГодину тому

    i remember those fox Thursday night..Martin, Living single, New York undercover...u throw in living color on Sundays..and the black culture built that i think of it..we built UPN and the WB as well

  9. author

    Vybin With KimyГодину тому

    I'm in need of a friendship like this. 😍

  10. author

    CALifeГодину тому

    Could they be anymore annoying?

  11. author

    Larry DrummondГодину тому

    They need they own sitcom 😂

  12. author

    melody spoorГодину тому

    Omg T & T killed this!!!

  13. author

    Regine LovelyГодину тому

    Greatest mukbang ever!!! Besties for real!!!

  14. author

    Top Kek M9Годину тому

    liberal boomers and a few white jues who hijacked America have ruined it

  15. author

    Shayron StrongГодину тому

    He was our modern day Robin Thicke

  16. author

    Blessed AndFavoredГодину тому

    Cheap backdrop! Look at the frizz coming from their hair because of the quality.

  17. author

    denica williamsГодину тому

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Well he works need to let go of the music tho. 🤷🏿‍♀️

  18. author

    Pea HopГодину тому

    A Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis tribute?!? Oh, this gone be serious. 🔥 🎶💕

  19. author

    Zen XГодину тому

    Love on top of Love Them ....😂🤣😂💞👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  20. author

    Joseph JacksonГодину тому

    They are so DUMB!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  21. author

    Grim ReaperГодину тому

    Lol My 2 aunties, Tisha still sound like how she does on my wife & kids 😂😂😂❤️

  22. author

    epiphanyloaГодину тому

    Well this should be hilarious and can't wait to watch the show!

  23. author

    Samoore TaylorГодину тому

    Lol I LOVE YALLL... -♡♡♡

  24. author

    💖💖Годину тому

    Mom no he's not gonna be a baby daddy hopefully he's a father

  25. author

    Native SunГодину тому

    These are the black women I like. Loving life! Real. Not fishing for attention.

  26. author

    nisa chaviesГодину тому

    When music was music.

  27. author

    muffin0214Годину тому

    He is already established as a hard working young man...I hope he keeps his day job and forget the rap career..

  28. author

    NEVER OBEYГодину тому

    Gina gina gina gina baby your head is not big you just got alot on your mind...😂😂

  29. author

    denica williamsГодину тому

    I love them. ❤️❤️❤️

  30. author

    Kaisha PageГодину тому

    Lizzo twerking while playing the flute. Nice.😆

  31. author

    JainumbГодину тому

    "What the muk is going on here?"

  32. author

    DAUGHTER OF A KING2 години тому

    I’m dying rn watching them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. author

    #YouKnowimRight2 години тому

    This is the best hair I’ve seen on tisha!!! I love this!

  34. author

    justin ramos2 години тому

    They still look amazing ❤️

  35. author

    Self Pride2 години тому

    They need them a tv show or a youtube channels LMBO

  36. author

    Courtney OmegaDeLancy2 години тому

    Natural bodies of women yes, they gave a platform but what about the Young women that were smart with the body? Honestly there is still not a lane

  37. author

    {NayLife}2 години тому

    Kings of R&B 1.Bobby Brown 2. Chris Brown 3. R.Kelly I love Jacquees and all but "The King of R&B" title doesnt go to him. I feel like he hasn't been in the industry long enough or made enough sales to be qualified as a King of anything...

  38. author

    Steven Universe 4 Life2 години тому

    Seriously I kept replaying this video I'm not calling the new queen of tap but she's on her way

  39. author

    DJaySplitSecond2 години тому

    I’m still crushing on Tisha, she still fine as hell

  40. author


    50 and 51 years old? Don’t even look it

  41. author

    Janay Gray2 години тому

    Now this is a REAL friendship!!

  42. author

    Val 9732 години тому

    She absolutely beautiful and talented crazy bc people like her dont get recognized she pure if I was ya girl)friend was a banger to me

  43. author

    Stephen Dabney2 години тому

    They even hardly eat

  44. author

    Simply K2 години тому

    I loveeeeee it 🥰🥰🥰

  45. author

    Vida De Terrance2 години тому

    He got him one 🥂 K. Cole is a baddie ✅

  46. author

    Anita Lowe2 години тому

    Who would dislike this, I love her🙆🙆🙆

  47. author

    Megaton2 години тому

    I can not stop listening to this song

  48. author

    EJ W2 години тому

    Lol Tisha better be glad she didn't have that hair on Martin. Lol Shenene always joke about how big Gina's head is...

  49. author

    Drayonis2 години тому

    These two should do a show together. I'd watch for sure

  50. author

    Stephen Dabney2 години тому

    I'm hollering 😂😂💀 thru out the whole video

  51. author

    gurtaj padda2 години тому

    Orlando killed Tupac suge said it

  52. author

    tharealmrnut2 години тому

    The best muk bang I ever seen yo yall so dope together!! Can tell that yall are real and true friends!!!

  53. author

    Monaedeezy2 години тому

    Tisha hair looks amazing! They both my favs!

  54. author

    kkimberly20042 години тому


  55. author

    diamolynmobile notary2 години тому

    These are my ppl I grew up on these girls!

  56. author

    marquis international2 години тому

    Im only 33 and I still love y'all from back in the day.

  57. author

    Skwinny2 години тому

    Lizzo: 🎵flute🎵 flute: *lizzO*

  58. author


    This was great!!!!

  59. author

    Divine Rae2 години тому

    Penis available LMBO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. author

    Ivy TheGreat2 години тому

    I feel like T would of been a amazing cookie on empire lmao

  61. author

    Tee Casel2 години тому

    I'm not single , I'm penis available 😂😂 it has a nice ring to it .

  62. author

    Vilena Kumsevi2 години тому

    Trop bon moment 👅

  63. author

    Joy2 години тому

    I'm so glad that I watched this..

  64. author

    mincy poo2 години тому

    Your favorite singers favorite singer is Brandy.

  65. author

    Resilient Rebel2 години тому

    BET still sucking the energy of the people who didn't sell their souls but got a couple bags and slid off

  66. author


    Peaches and Rochelle

  67. author

    Brandon2 години тому

    I was sitting here waiting for them to finally take a bite

  68. author

    David MMD2 години тому

    Please come and SELL OUT LONDON 02

  69. author

    Nyc Nyc2 години тому


  70. author

    vibster20052 години тому

    Dababy dats my type...Vegas here we see u baby bustin out dat shirt ya diggg

  71. author

    Maria Bennett2 години тому

    Y’all are HILARIOUS!!!

  72. author

    Pompous Panda2 години тому

    This is a great series plz do more episodes with these vocal powerhouses

  73. author

    P.I.E. Management2 години тому

    Chingy is a REAL ONE...And he still pops musically.

  74. author

    marieOH52 години тому

    BBD is a party!!!!

  75. author

    Jamarri Oliver2 години тому

    They Need A Sitcom It Will Be Epic!! They Old Friends So They Can Act Up Anyway They Want Too They Knew Each Other Since 15, And 16!

  76. author

    Tiffany Monique2 години тому

    So perhaps you have come to realize their monique does have your best interests and I think you probably should have thanked her for going to whatever measures she went through to take their backup instead of accusing her of just trying to be nosy

  77. author

    Kamryn- E’Tia2 години тому

    “whhaaaaa im juss sharing its a MUUHKBAANG”😂😭

  78. author

    Kamryn- E’Tia2 години тому

    Tisha’s hair tho😍

  79. author

    Jerri Clemons2 години тому

    She does a great job with this video. I wish she'd do the Boz Scaggs song she sings in the evoking emotion part of the video.

  80. author

    Tiffany Monique2 години тому

    Monique is such a big help to you cliff I hope that you have come to realize this and that you keep her because you are allowing people to taint your image your best friend who was only about self and I get you're trying to help her come up but helping her come up shouldn't slow down yours

  81. author

    Tuan Anh Le2 години тому

    Keep it 100 Jon b was panty dropping that evening

  82. author

    Mzlyn292 години тому

    18 ppl don’t want to be better singers

  83. author

    Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God2 години тому

    She one of a kind and still looks AMAZING 😊 Beautiful soul....I remember watching a episode of the Parkers....she did so well!!! Oh and thanks for the free singing lesson❤

  84. author

    Mo Jacobs2 години тому

    Penis available not over the table

  85. author

    lalagonegaga2 години тому

    She. Is. QUALIFIED. ☝️

  86. author

    nicky rosey2 години тому

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Muk it out, Muk it out, Muk it out...😂😂😂😂😂

  87. author

    omar proctor2 години тому

    They so funny and personality drivin they dont even need to look no more sexier because they already are🤤🤤🤤

  88. author

    The Truth2 години тому

    I'm impressed this young man is even seeking knowledge concerning fatherhood. And running a small business. I know 50 years that aren't as wise. Wishing you three the absolute best. Don't allow your light to be dimmed.

  89. author

    ChaseHLee2 години тому

    Are...are they drunk?

  90. author

    Brandon2 години тому


  91. author

    Abrielle Garcia2 години тому

    He didn't see himself in 10 years 😭💞💞

  92. author

    Union TV2 години тому

    @dawalaofficiel libère la sexion d’assaut STP ou alors explique nous pourquoi tu les bloquent réellement - je comprends pas ???? tu es propriétaire des Masters et du nom de la sexion d’assaut tu veux quoi de + ????? - Si tu veux la fille du banquier dis le nous et nous allons te trouver un deal pour que tu puisse faire du sale à la fille du banquier... 😊 @galo_smile @rajaa_wa @gims @blackm @barackadamaofficiel @jr_o_chrome @lefaauthentique etc

  93. author

    jtyshi72 години тому

    Tisha should’ve given more fire and comedy with Tichina instead of embarrassment. This segment could’ve been fire

  94. author

    Karen Harden2 години тому

    These two have me peeing in my pants. They need to do a weekly video.

  95. author

    Jugo Jones2 години тому

    They ain't eat nothing doe 😒😒😂😂😂

  96. author

    Carlos Fleming Jr2 години тому

    If Yolanda Adams was my vocal coach. I’ll be at everything concerning a singing competition!

  97. author

    Cinnamon Spice2 години тому

    Love them 💖💖💖💖

  98. author

    Krysty G2 години тому


  99. author

    John Galt2 години тому

    How can u hate on this man? He sat back and did nothin...sick with it!!!

  100. author

    Melissa Rosario2 години тому

    I love them together n aslo I love the neighborhood