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The Best BACK TO SCHOOL Videos!The Best BACK TO SCHOOL Videos!

The Best BACK TO SCHOOL Videos!

3 місяці тому

  1. author

    Joe Jamie12 годин тому

    The one in truck is fake keys was already in ignition 😊😊

  2. author

    Hernán Eduardo Berroterán14 годин тому


  3. author

    Hernán Eduardo Berroterán14 годин тому

    This is my dad im her doter I love the shark wen he scrim

  4. author

    My name is Boomer19 годин тому

    How do you still find vines?

  5. author

    hypaSAX23 години тому

    not funny at all. sorry

  6. author

    TextStoryMakerДень тому

    6:05 when you realise you just broke your back

  7. author

    TextStoryMakerДень тому

    3:42 hope he never broke a bone! 😀

  8. author

    Philip RossiterДень тому

    Kind of this funny and cutting it

  9. author

    Rozy_FirstДень тому

    Does he have two mums OMG

  10. author

    Rania ZallouaДень тому

    This is how many times he said yeah10000000000,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,00000"000000000000000000000000000""00000000 times

  11. author

    Rania ZallouaДень тому

    I love shark puppet and l love how he says yeah

  12. author

    temДень тому

    Kids just salty for losing

  13. author

    ุ ุДень тому

    8:52 😂😂😂

  14. author

    아기사자 백만이День тому

    1:10 여기 왜 주말의 내가 있지,,

  15. author

    Emma plays 2000День тому


  16. author

    King NamjoonДень тому


  17. author

    Faith2 дні тому

    GIFTING my next 1k subs

  18. author

    Smileys Vlogs2 дні тому

    The grills stuck to teeth girl "I just have to accept this" i laughed so hard! lol

  19. author

    Justice King2 дні тому

    Why did he scream in the mall 3:53

  20. author

    Yolis Iparrea2 дні тому

    Esta chido tu video Funny vines😉😉😉

  21. author

    Queen Mirror2 дні тому

    The hostess one deeply spoke to my soul.... 😭

  22. author

    PatricJOAOia JOAOTiemi Suzuki andrade2 дні тому


  23. author

    Fat Potato1012 дні тому

    The title? Seriously 😒 VINE WILL ALWAYS BE ICONIC

  24. author

    tdog Port2 дні тому

    Whats not funny them can get hert

  25. author

    200 subs without videos2 дні тому


  26. author

    Zion R3 дні тому

    One of my favorites is the one when he made his daughter go ding dong ditching

  27. author

    Dylan Mendoza3 дні тому

    3:36 two shark puppets

  28. author

    Happy Duck3 дні тому

    Mighty Duck put his mom through a lot.😂😂

  29. author

    II_MONTE3 дні тому

    Na na nooob

  30. author

    ROOT LADY3 дні тому

    You do mean LOWER IQ RIGHT!Not funny...just lame,dumb&stupid...ding bats😒

  31. author

    Penguin Community3 дні тому

    8:57 made me take a cold shower.

  32. author

    kelton3 дні тому


  33. author

    EDUARDO FLORES3 дні тому


  34. author

    George Deuel3 дні тому

    Face reveal

  35. author

    WildDanHibiki3 дні тому

    Muscle shirt one is good

  36. author

    Ahmed Ahmed3 дні тому


  37. author

    Ahmed Ahmed3 дні тому


  38. author

    Ahmed Ahmed3 дні тому


  39. author

    MidnightGaming3 дні тому

    3:22 Mad 😳

  40. author

    Drama Peasant3 дні тому


  41. author

    Drama Peasant3 дні тому


  42. author

    Jacob McGee3 дні тому


  43. author

    Zoha !3 дні тому

    bro vines are dead. seriously.

  44. author

    Drama Peasant3 дні тому


  45. author

    Farjana Akter3 дні тому


  46. author

    Leanna Albert RODRIGUEZ4 дні тому

    Love always animals !!!!🐶🐾🐤🐱🦍

  47. author

    Avonta' Thomas4 дні тому

    when he screamed at da mall i was like ok now that u ruined ur life what now LOL

  48. author

    Gacha Lavender4 дні тому

    The first one wasn’t funny..., THAT WAs SaD ☹️

  49. author

    The Best Tik Tok Compilations4 дні тому


  50. author

    Ray Ray Ruiz4 дні тому

    The skateboard one was funny

  51. author

    Анна Черний4 дні тому


  52. author

    Melvera Tycoon4 дні тому

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 warrizdizz

  53. author

    Steven Lenz4 дні тому

    1:34 and they said infinity war was the biggest crossover movie ever...

  54. author

    галина фрутова4 дні тому

    Well done !

  55. author

    Andrea Aranda4 дні тому

    Wow a vine comp it 2019, didn’t know it did that.

  56. author

    maincoosh [The cat spy]4 дні тому

    1:12 me rolling away from my responsibilities

  57. author

    Sharper one4 дні тому


  58. author

    yugo prabowo4 дні тому

    Wrecking balls

  59. author

    pika blox114 дні тому

    dogs are my favorite animal

  60. author

    Paul Quintero4 дні тому

    Duck has a normol noise then all of y’all except aleseya your mother and your other sister

  61. author

    christian ramos4 дні тому

    LOL m

  62. author

    christian ramos4 дні тому

    1:02 that scared me bad when the cat cam out of nowhere

  63. author

    rebecca hallam4 дні тому

    who else was watching this while drinking their tall size green tea with lite ice with lemonade but with extra lemonade with one pump sweetener mixed with peach juice to make green tea with lite ice with lemonade but with extra lemonade with one pump sweetener infusions with the garnish of a lemon in the tall size?

  64. author

    The Known4 дні тому

    0:46 getting in the bath was a pickle

  65. author

    Bree Monitor4 дні тому

    Kareb calm down should be a tik tock

  66. author

    Jaiden Pappe4 дні тому

    I love this video, it has made my day!😁

  67. author

    Yugo Taniguchi4 дні тому

    This video

  68. author

    Elisabeth Coral4 дні тому

    I line you shark pupet

  69. author

    Lara B4 дні тому

    2:44, 3:05 and 3:12

  70. author

    Lara B4 дні тому

    I will try these scare pranks on my friends..

  71. author

    ابن البصره كضومي4 дні тому

    ضيفوني انستا k_9.9_s

  72. author

    الاسطورة / jinaza' 74 дні тому

    الي عربي يحط لايك ✅✅💘

  73. author

    ‹CA4 дні тому


  74. author

    MAKEOREACTS4 дні тому

    Who else think he is the UAreporterr 👇 Gifting next 100 loyal subscribers!

  75. author

    The Clark Family4 дні тому

    The animals are so cute

  76. author

    VROOM Virtual Reality or Original Music4 дні тому

    Oh where's my popcorn

  77. author

    Amodio De rosa4 дні тому

    Omg is very cute

  78. author

    All News كل جديد4 дні тому

    Good 😍😍😘😘

  79. author

    pourak124 дні тому


  80. author

    David Chavez4 дні тому

    Best UAreporterr in the 🗺

  81. author

    pourak124 дні тому


  82. author

    #Luna for you4 дні тому


  83. author

    Yugo Taniguchi4 дні тому


  84. author

    Justin Solis4 дні тому


  85. author

    Tedde G Grönkvist4 дні тому


  86. author

    Amaury Cano cruz4 дні тому


  87. author

    Mari Dormevil5 днів тому

    I mostly liked it purity good not bad!..😉👏

  88. author

    Queenaurora Lapadjawa5 днів тому


  89. author

    Alexander KA5 днів тому

    Those vines get worse and worse by the year.

  90. author

    Joaquin’s World5 днів тому

    0:59 to 1:06 the girl got older

  91. author

    Pupcake The Smol Doggo5 днів тому


  92. author

    alejandro lopez5 днів тому

    Are you really the shark pupit

  93. author

    Purry Furry5 днів тому

    Wow meow! 💖

  94. author

    KJ5 днів тому

    Hey, handicap bathroom stall is handicap accessible, not reserved only for handicap

  95. author

    Ivie Mills5 днів тому


  96. author

    Amber Oshkeshequoam5 днів тому

    I know this is bit I love your videos 😍😍 and your family is awesome

  97. author

    Thaddeus Xavier O'Neill5 днів тому

    LOL 1:45-2:03.

  98. author

    Maisi 7895 днів тому

    โอ้ววววว ดูคลิปน้าด้วยนะ

  99. author

    נתנאל שרעבי5 днів тому

    4:19 Best one ever

  100. author

    VideoGameCherry5 днів тому

    When you almost failed NNN but finally December 1st. comes around 0:29