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20 днів тому

tik toks that help raise my IQ scoretik toks that help raise my IQ score

tik toks that help raise my IQ score

7 місяців тому

  1. author

    wolf_fan 764 хвилини тому

    Lol love Karen's trying to get there way

  2. author

    Martin Márk8 хвилин тому

    3:58 That ankle breaker was something else xddd

  3. author

    Jacob Gibson18 хвилин тому

    If a Karen was on my car I would just drive and back away

  4. author

    HORTHxnter Marls25 хвилин тому


  5. author

    c m28 хвилин тому

    The guy with the "service" dog is an idiot.

  6. author

    Keziah WILLIAM33 хвилини тому

    The sea saw one so funny

  7. author

    Nicolas Avila42 хвилини тому

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me:takes picture of dog pooping on grass KARENS:eXcuSe mE yOu gOnna cLeAn thIs uP oR eLse thE woRld wiLl bE diRty

  8. author

    John RobertsonГодину тому

    The guy in mcdonalds had me rollin

  9. author

    Hunter’s Hyper 65Годину тому

    That old woman on the train looks high to me

  10. author

    Lydia AmatoГодину тому

    hi cool

  11. author

    siobhan’s cooking show2 години тому

    ew . vine is back ? 🤢 ( ig you don’t get the joke , don’t bother 🙂 )

  12. author

    Caden Oxley2 години тому

    how do channels like this still exist

  13. author

    Karters Medical Supply and Wheelchair Repair2 години тому

    stay away from karens you might get karona virus

  14. author

    I Stole Your Bed3 години тому

    Imagine Karen’s are cops. They’d just arrest everyone

  15. author

    Jacob Cadle3 години тому

    I would love spaget on me

  16. author

    Kanda 0193 години тому

    4:08 great Bow Wow Chalenge

  17. author

    Corgi Vibes3 години тому

    “ And now im gonna be *MURDERED* “

  18. author

    MADNEW YORKER3 години тому

    Karens calling the police on Karens!!! LMBAO

  19. author

    Mateo Vukadin3 години тому

    You patetic

  20. author

    Funny videos G4 години тому

    Check my content out

  21. author

    Tegan Toms4 години тому

    God dam it Karen stop it Karen ok Karen we got a wild Karen

  22. author

    Gacha Gamer47104 години тому

    For the first one, im not a bad person, but, i wouldve just drove away whether she was still on the car or not tbh.

  23. author

    kevin screen4 години тому

    and this is why your country is now a place no one wants to go to.

  24. author

    Seras Gardner4 години тому

    Me: *playing with my friends at the park* Karen: HEY YOU NEED TO GET OFF MY LAWN! Me: this is not your lawn Also me: go get a life

  25. author

    Jameel Collins5 годин тому

    The world has gone to 💩 and the so called system man it's sad🤦🏾‍♂️💥

  26. author

    Gen Furumoto5 годин тому

    The last Karen is the strongest Karen of all of them

  27. author

    THE DOMINATOR5 годин тому

    2:38 YEH!

  28. author

    Sturkelious Rron5 годин тому

    Are these an example of the infamous Karen?🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

  29. author

    CL DENMARK6 годин тому

    Dees are not vines

  30. author

    Ranny Trom6 годин тому

    The Karen meme died so fast

  31. author

    Timmy_jr6 годин тому

    How is people falling funny

  32. author

    Skywalker 456 годин тому

    If I were to become president, I would make a law the if you ever encounter a Karen you’re allowed to do what ever you want to he/she

  33. author

    Rebecca & Shawn Walker6 годин тому

    I love shark puppet can’t stop 😂😂😂😂😂😅

  34. author

    Cano Pinto6 годин тому

    I like the lady in the train she is 100 percent right, kids take freedom to act vulgar

  35. author

    tappowl6 годин тому

    i need to speak with your manager

  36. author

    calm clan6 годин тому

    The 4th Karen XD omg

  37. author

    Sivaraman Aiyaswamy6 годин тому

    Why was she crying? In middle street

  38. author

    hirut abebe7 годин тому


  39. author

    Christian Kelley7 годин тому

    6:07...yes a service dog has to be in control of the owner.

  40. author

    Flash7 годин тому

    which planet this is funny? '-'

  41. author

    LEGO7 годин тому

    just drive back on the first one

  42. author

    Xian Alexis Peralta7 годин тому

    1:36 When my mom give me a piggy back on a tractor

  43. author

    Memes & Guitars7 годин тому

    9:38 that Karen is probably jealous and lonely

  44. author

    CatNipSniffer8 годин тому

    7:50 i would forgive the lady there, she's right (cop)

  45. author

    Thongchai Somboon8 годин тому

    1st amendment audit

  46. author

    Evan Pasha9 годин тому

    pokemon wild encounter in a nutshell be like: 3:47

  47. author

    Papa Jim9 годин тому

    4:53 if anybody remembers the curb your self importance video, This sounds like the same exact Lady ( Karen ) 😂

  48. author

    the bored gamer9 годин тому

    1:53 is it just me or my phone is glitching?

  49. author

    Papa Jim9 годин тому

    Karen is a mental disease that occurs in 1 out of 9 women over the age of 35

  50. author

    Melina R9 годин тому

    The Karen and her husband on 6:56 sound like cartoon characters 😭😂

  51. author

    Ramona Washburn9 годин тому

    Are they really Karens if they are harassing white people.

  52. author

    Ethicxc11 годин тому

    Looks like tik toks r illegal 😩

  53. author

    John Kravich11 годин тому

    True gold

  54. author

    Sean Mausisa11 годин тому


  55. author

    axisims11 годин тому

    Am i the only one who is so dead inside that you can not laugh bc its a try not to laugh but you laugh just bc you know its probably the only thing tha will make you laugh in a while

  56. author

    NO BAD ENERGY MAN11 годин тому

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  57. author

    AydinSzn11 годин тому

    Funny :)

  58. author

    Luzia Oliveira11 годин тому

    really cool😂😂😂

  59. author

    free report11 годин тому

    Very Funny Video! LOL

  60. author

    Anonamoose12 годин тому

    Only watched the first clip and already my blood is boiling.

  61. author

    Abhirami Santhosh12 годин тому

    excuse me i hate people calling us karens we are just making sure of the community and skaters might have some bad attitudes

  62. author

    Chris Oneil S13 годин тому

    lol Karen in the wild

  63. author

    idrees khan13 годин тому

    I came here to laugh but these adds make me angry and i left the video........

  64. author

    trying to get 500 subs with no videos14 годин тому

    My favourite bit of the video is when the person fails

  65. author

    Love Yu214 годин тому

    Stupid... the lady at the end made good points though

  66. author

    Dexter Wilson14 годин тому

    Is this what is making America great again? Or we just seeing lots videos of the real America.

  67. author

    Beatriz hamster world15 годин тому

    I like the one with the hamster

  68. author

    Top Cutest Animals15 годин тому

    The guy on 6:56 is good and on 7:15 he try again lol 😂😂😂

  69. author

    Top Cutest Animals16 годин тому

    Umm, they are so adorable 😻😻 😻😻

  70. author

    Jose Perez16 годин тому


  71. author

    Lucy Schiebel16 годин тому

    Karen: *sees another Karen* Other Karen: WhAtS uP 'KaReN Karen: WHAT YOU SAY TO ME IM CALLING THE COPS

  72. author

    Bedrock Gaming16 годин тому

    Video: try not to laugh Me: u mean boomers be like

  73. author

    Scar Warrior16 годин тому


  74. author

    UzFunny17 годин тому

    Don't let her go to me please dears commentators and children pn you number one thing and I love my channel please send))))

  75. author

    the muskrat17 годин тому

    while I watched this I realized Abby lee miller is a Karen

  76. author

    Exotic Gammer17 годин тому


  77. author

    Anka17 годин тому

    1:24 public domain not owned by the neighborhood they can be on the sidewalk because their taxes pay for it

  78. author

    Daryl Evans17 годин тому

    Are they all trump voters.

  79. author

    Dillpickle ASMR17 годин тому

    8:50 she do be lookin like a old animal crossing mi

  80. author

    Saranne C18 годин тому

    The last vine at 8:23 is not an instance of "karenism." She was 100% right. People need to be considerate. I don't like to see people hashing out their bedroom scenes whether they are gay or straight. Its *INAPPROPRIATE* to act out those behavior in public spaces. Now, whether she gave her partner a simple hug or their was "heavy petting" and groping going on, we will never know, but everything that woman said in us correct and these young people need to drop the rebel attitude and stop having such an animosity toward basic consideration, tact, and sensibility. This generation🤦🏾‍♀️...

  81. author

    Neha Ahmed18 годин тому

    im not even laugh

  82. author

    MrJayBee18 годин тому

    The first on is so like a dama tu cosita moment lol

  83. author

    Pink unicorn cookies18 годин тому

    Karen's be doing the most like kicking hitting yelling over freaking parking spaces 🙄

  84. author

    LAU_ BENITEZ 2118 годин тому

    Re turbio la foto

  85. author

    ZoniX18 годин тому

    not funny didnt laugh.

  86. author

    Alp Aktug19 годин тому

    Honestly this is more sad than funny (at least for me)

  87. author

    Sheri Wright20 годин тому


  88. author

    LENA 820 годин тому

    10:20 this one was cute not like the others 😂😂

  89. author

    DominicPlayz21 годину тому

    i hate trump but ye happy 4th of july!

  90. author

    cavhoki22 години тому

    do all karens have 911 on speed dial

  91. author

    Kayda Mills22 години тому

    Why would he say quack quack

  92. author

    Jean Carlo Taveras22 години тому

    I didn't laugh once.

  93. author

    Kristina Hahn22 години тому

    7:52 Karen was wrong af. When you go out into public you willingly surrender all right to privacy. Someone can take a picture of you or record you and it is 100% legal. Hell, you could even sell it and they couldn’t legally have any rights to picture of themselves in public. So this Karen is bs. If anyone ever says that you took a picture of them use this as your case. Your welcome.

  94. author

    Tasnim Hussain22 години тому

    The coolest mom I have ever met

  95. author

    Laurie Huntley23 години тому

    Poor Grandbaby, idiots. They’re al over the place.

  96. author

    SEGUN ADERIBIGBE23 години тому

    i did not laugh not even feel like

  97. author

    Charlie Viens23 години тому

    the one in 3:05 is a bob verse karen fight Who will win

  98. author

    Charlie Viens23 години тому

    why are karens so heavily relied on the police

  99. author

    Scott HicksДень тому