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Cinematic shorts with Action, Sci-fi and VFX!
My name is Raghav and I'm a filmmaker/VFX artist bringing Video Games and Movie characters to Real Life.
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1. What programs do you use? Adobe After Affects with Element3D, Redgiant Universe, Blender, EmberGen, Davinci Resolve.
2. Best resources to learn VFX? For After Effects- VideoCopilot, For Blender- Blender Guru, Grant Abbitt, Ian Hubert, CG Geek, Ducky3D, Flipped Normals etc.
3. Best resources for Action stock footage? - Production Crate, Video Copilot, ActionVFX, Film Riot.
4. What camera gear do you use? Sony A6500, Zhiyun Crane v2 Gimbal
5. Can you make a video based on "________"? I love getting ideas from my audience, so leave a comment and I'll do my best.
6. When's your next video? I post once every 3-5 weeks (Normally) VFX and Animation takes time to create, so subscribe to my channel and 'bell it' to make sure you don't miss it :)

Siren Head- Horror Short FilmSiren Head- Horror Short Film

Siren Head- Horror Short Film

20 днів тому

Godzilla vs. Kong: Battle TrainingGodzilla vs. Kong: Battle Training

Godzilla vs. Kong: Battle Training

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Godzilla vs. BabyGodzilla vs. Baby

Godzilla vs. Baby

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Mega-Godzilla: King of the UniverseMega-Godzilla: King of the Universe

Mega-Godzilla: King of the Universe

5 місяців тому

Micro-Godzilla: King of the InsectsMicro-Godzilla: King of the Insects

Micro-Godzilla: King of the Insects

6 місяців тому

Godzilla vs. KongGodzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong

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Godzilla Vs Pac-ManGodzilla Vs Pac-Man

Godzilla Vs Pac-Man

Рік тому

Jurassic World Fan Film 2Jurassic World Fan Film 2

Jurassic World Fan Film 2

2 роки тому

Clash Royale In Real LifeClash Royale In Real Life

Clash Royale In Real Life

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Flippy Knife In Real LifeFlippy Knife In Real Life

Flippy Knife In Real Life

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Pac-Man In Real LifePac-Man In Real Life

Pac-Man In Real Life

2 роки тому

Jurassic World | Fan-MadeJurassic World | Fan-Made

Jurassic World | Fan-Made

2 роки тому

Spider-Man Short FilmSpider-Man Short Film

Spider-Man Short Film

3 роки тому in Real in Real Life in Real Life

3 роки тому In Real Life In Real Life 2 In Real Life 2

3 роки тому

LEGO Batman In Real LifeLEGO Batman In Real Life

LEGO Batman In Real Life

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Super Mario Run In Real LifeSuper Mario Run In Real Life

Super Mario Run In Real Life

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Shadow Fight 2 In Real LifeShadow Fight 2 In Real Life

Shadow Fight 2 In Real Life

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Roblox In Real LifeRoblox In Real Life

Roblox In Real Life

3 роки тому In Real In Real Life In Real Life

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Pokemon GO Real Life UPDATEPokemon GO Real Life UPDATE

Pokemon GO Real Life UPDATE

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Future of GamingFuture of Gaming

Future of Gaming

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Temple Run 2 In Real LifeTemple Run 2 In Real Life

Temple Run 2 In Real Life

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WALL-E Live Action Fan FilmWALL-E Live Action Fan Film

WALL-E Live Action Fan Film

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Jurassic World Fan FilmJurassic World Fan Film

Jurassic World Fan Film

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Subway Surfers In Real LifeSubway Surfers In Real Life

Subway Surfers In Real Life

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Super Mario in Real LifeSuper Mario in Real Life

Super Mario in Real Life

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Watch Dogs in Real lifeWatch Dogs in Real life

Watch Dogs in Real life

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Iron Man 3 ParodyIron Man 3 Parody

Iron Man 3 Parody

7 років тому

Continuous BackHandsprings- 15Continuous BackHandsprings- 15

Continuous BackHandsprings- 15

12 років тому

Front handspring tutorial-EASY!!!Front handspring tutorial-EASY!!!

Front handspring tutorial-EASY!!!

12 років тому

Kip Up TutorialKip Up Tutorial

Kip Up Tutorial

13 років тому

Spider-man Green Screen TestSpider-man Green Screen Test

Spider-man Green Screen Test

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Spider-Man Green Screen TestSpider-Man Green Screen Test

Spider-Man Green Screen Test

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Aerial cartwheelsAerial cartwheels

Aerial cartwheels

13 років тому

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