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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-onSamsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on

12 днів тому

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Why the new TCL phones matter

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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on

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Amazon's new Echo lineup 2019Amazon's new Echo lineup 2019

Amazon's new Echo lineup 2019

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Amazon Echo Frames hands-onAmazon Echo Frames hands-on

Amazon Echo Frames hands-on

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Amazon Echo Buds hands-onAmazon Echo Buds hands-on

Amazon Echo Buds hands-on

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Apple Watch Series 5 hands-onApple Watch Series 5 hands-on

Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on

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Apple iPhone 11 hands-onApple iPhone 11 hands-on

Apple iPhone 11 hands-on

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Apple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-onApple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-on

Apple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-on

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iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max hands-oniPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max hands-on

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max hands-on

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How Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy FoldHow Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy Fold

How Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy Fold

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Porsche Taycan first look

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  1. author

    David M. Bishop16 годин тому

    Call recorder??????????

  2. author

    Anas Chowdhury16 годин тому

    Can it do squealing?

  3. author

    Arno Adam16 годин тому

    Are desktops no longer considered computers?

  4. author

    jenisly jensen16 годин тому

    Hej hvad laver du her? kan du give mig de dokumentationer inden i morgen, så er du en skat 😉

  5. author

    Alias Rehbar16 годин тому

    Imagine if Apple did this y'all be singing different tunes.

  6. author

    Adam Zukerbirg16 годин тому

    How much it

  7. author

    Alfi Aflahal Muflih16 годин тому

    hey, put a 'Normal' counter please..

  8. author

    MasterPlayz16 годин тому

    It’s not good to overcharge. Because at night it has more hours and when it’s charged to 100% already and already for hours in the morning. Then it’s gonna mess up ur battery. It might blow up because it has electricity and that might cause to blow up. For proof? In the news. A lady in Pakistan overcharged her phone and it blowed up and she died. It’s pretty sad. That’s why u can’t charge overnight. That’s a short answer to why u can’t overcharge ur phone. Edit: I forgot something...... DONT ALWAYS CHARGE IT AT NIGHTTT

  9. author

    Ronald Bruning-Miles16 годин тому

    If you want a phone that people can actually hear you during a call, then don’t buy a Pixel

  10. author

    said said16 годин тому

    the screen will never get damaged now coz it can be plied

  11. author

    wroot17 годин тому

    What do you mean bubbles didn't make it to 10? My calls is becoming a bubble and i can browse other apps and get back to call controls by clicking on a bubble. So it is there, in limited fashion, but still.

  12. author

    Gianmarco17 годин тому

    The Verge basically admitting the Galaxy S10 has a camera not up to 2019 standards

  13. author

    Gabriel Goodman17 годин тому

    They hate on Samsung soooo much, I would love an unbiased review from them one day

  14. author

    Duvessa Clove17 годин тому

    I really like how you explained the camera experience in XR! Good job mahn

  15. author

    Vitamin C17 годин тому


  16. author

    infiniteaditya17 годин тому

    I want the dessert names back google!

  17. author

    Lashan18 годин тому

    That Razr pun made me choke on my milk.

  18. author

    Srikar YouTuber18 годин тому

    what about screen size? anyone of you know about it?

  19. author

    Aaron Crawford18 годин тому

    His videos are more and more painful to watch. Takes himself way too serious. It's tech not Shakespeare. Relax and enjoy

  20. author

    Megat Iskandar18 годин тому

    You look like alfred from justice league movie 🤔

  21. author

    LegoStpMotion18 годин тому

    Why do I have all those things on my s10? Is it only changes that google phones didn't have?

  22. author

    Parker's NBA History18 годин тому

    I think the plastic coating on glass makes it far easier and cheaper to repair as the service center would just have to replace the plastic. And what I heard from another tech UAreporterr is that the glass screen gives the colors more vibrancy.

  23. author

    Parker's NBA History18 годин тому

    6:42 Lol, this was actually the most promising feature for me. I travel a lot by myself and often I want to take some selfie pic by some famous landmark or amazing scenery but I find it a hassle getting my mini tripod out, attaching the phone to it and propping it up somewhere. But no, I'm not going to buy a $1,400 phone just so I could take selfies more conveniently, haha.

  24. author

    drazen miskovic19 годин тому

    Fantastic review, the only honest review I read regarding the phone, no protection towards the brand or cuddling, smoothing things out, it's 110% spot on.

  25. author

    Cancer Called Human Species19 годин тому

    U r a worst reviewer.... Admit it

  26. author

    Darrion S19 годин тому

    So the Razr has cameras from like 2015 yet we wanna complain about 2019 cameras on the Z Flip? First World Problems Aye Haha. I think reviewers going forward should only be compared to other foldables at least until the Galaxy Fold 2 come out because that thing is going to be a beast with cameras and specs if it still cost $2000. The only foldable right now at least in the US with true flagship specs is the Galaxy Fold!

  27. author

    Benno Reuter19 годин тому

    Call me again when it's full view and augmented reality

  28. author

    Charlie Shin19 годин тому

    look at all these anti vaxx fools in the comments. you guys are delusional

  29. author

    Alessio Yu19 годин тому

    This video should be titled "I DONT KNOW" cuz that's all he says 😅

  30. author

    Psych0Thinker19 годин тому

    Samsung's OneUI 2 already has like 70% of these features

  31. author

    Tom Bombadil20 годин тому

    Hello 5G.

  32. author

    M9 N720 годин тому

    Just gave me this if u don't like it lol this amazing

  33. author

    xiao xu21 годину тому


  34. author

    BJC T21 годину тому

    7:54 Imagine whipping it out like that but it slips out of your hand and just goes flying

  35. author

    carlson 34-721 годину тому

    Elon Musk is that one villain in the movie And the person testing the car’s durability is his henchman that usually is silent but starts talking at the final battle of the movie

  36. author

    George Geo21 годину тому

    So what phone does this guy like?? Crapples??

  37. author

    MS 私は死にたい21 годину тому

    the bezel is as tick as the iphone 11.....

  38. author

    vasishta atmuri21 годину тому

    Obviously a "normal" review for a Samsung phone. Expected nothing else from Verge.

  39. author

    ben's gadget reviews21 годину тому

    Awesome video production. But "nobody should spend $1,300 on this phone" sounds a bit sweeping to me. Plenty of people did, in fact, buy one already.

  40. author

    Khanh Ho21 годину тому

    Elon: this car costs money Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

  41. author

    itsbiju21 годину тому

    Finally a good "Share To" update

  42. author

    Simple Pixel22 години тому

    But Zack did his tear down of this phone and showed that there is glass underneath the plastic layer, not on top.

  43. author

    Aleksander Hoff22 години тому

    I will hold off from buying a flip phone until they actually make them as fast and good in terms of specs (camera, processor etc.) as the other flagships of the same generation.. this should have been as good as the S20 and S20 Ultra.. even with the screen flipping. Especially if you consider the fact that it is more expensive than most other phones on the market.

  44. author

    Farhan22 години тому

    Pretty balanced review Dieter, congratulations!

  45. author

    Danny Song22 години тому

    I feel all of the things he complained looked not really the reason to not buy. Just look like detractors

  46. author

    armageddon_ core22 години тому

    This all features are already there in REALME UI 😍

  47. author

    Erwin Rommel22 години тому

    S-Zoom <--- Scumbag Zoom

  48. author

    Total GAMIX22 години тому

    But do they sound good?

  49. author

    Min-seok Ko22 години тому

    That's the beginning. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

  50. author

    KaylsM22 години тому

    Most off topic question goes to me...... What brand is your watch please? 🙏🏼😂

  51. author

    KyroTale23 години тому

    Me using Punkt... People: Why r u always bring a calculator

  52. author

    VenoStuff23 години тому

    Display seems tall 🤔

  53. author

    KyroTale23 години тому

    I need this type of phone for become my mp5

  54. author

    Maxim Duelist23 години тому

    If you need best specks, you bay Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ...., bat if you need perfect android smartphone you bay Pixel 4 XL. I love this phone!

  55. author

    IAN BLADUELL23 години тому

    Lame review by this little boy. Next!!!

  56. author

    Dimi Andel23 години тому

    Cool car

  57. author

    Alwi Wafa23 години тому

    Android 11 is R. Android Rengginang

  58. author

    dandansfu23 години тому

    this video is like those movies where it tells you the ending and then look back to beginning

  59. author

    aswin ottapilavil23 години тому

    Woah, so verge goes super-harsh on everything except for an iPhone I guess. This was way too harsh for a device that’s bringing a brand new technology.

  60. author

    #TheCarEnthusiastДень тому

    He isn't that good of a tech journalist

  61. author

    slarti bartfastДень тому

    All these negative comments from people who've never seen one let alone driven one. 🤣

  62. author

    AvieshekДень тому

    I really want to post gifs here.

  63. author

    Paul PreboistДень тому

    Useless review

  64. author

    Nipun SharmaДень тому

    People saying they will hold on to their note 10+, s10+ etc, I want to ask you guys: What makes you so obsessed with tech that you would want to upgrade from a six month/ one year old phone? I mean would you even notice the upgrades on a new phone so soon? More than a waste of money, it is a serious detriment to one's mental peace. We need to chill and relax, settle down with one phone for at least 2-3 years. There is no end to the quest for the perfect phone. You end up not enjoying the tech you have with you. Upgrades feel better when they are spaced apart longer.

  65. author

    Wilfred NandwaДень тому

    most of these features have been on miui for a long time

  66. author

    강주효День тому


  67. author

    Tana MurphyДень тому

    Reason I buy ebooks is because they're cheaper than paperbacks. Why pay twice as much when in most cases you can get it for nearly half the price?

  68. author

    yunskДень тому

    You asking too much for 2 years old new technology

  69. author

    Gianni Vargas-NavaltaДень тому

    its funny,all these feature are already on Galaxy S9-S20 that have Android 10(screen recording,permissions,Dark theme time setting,etc)

  70. author

    Tube SpecificДень тому

    Did they skip Galaxy S11 through 19? The S20 looks to be state of the art. Those ear buds look incredible.

  71. author

    MereMastersДень тому

    I got normal poisoning from Dieter saying normal so many times

  72. author

    JessicaДень тому

    i beg of you go outside

  73. author

    hanif muttaqinДень тому

    Glad to know Galaxy z released. Just can't wait Razr price drop to 150 and buy it

  74. author

    Lester CuiДень тому

    One thing I'm sure of, it's not worth it.

  75. author

    Alejandro Lindemann AlfaroДень тому

    So... just Samsung one ui functions?

  76. author

    Charles OvatasarnДень тому

    I live in both Vegas & Bangkok. Hope to see this thing navigate thru hectic Bangkok.

  77. author

    JoanieART SpringerДень тому

    Brilliant. And love that Android is the os. I was waiting for Galaxy S20 but now I am thinking of waiting for the Duo. Love that 2 screen phone tablet.

  78. author

    Tanmaay KhuranaДень тому

    Dieter's back hurts from carrying the whole verge channel .

  79. author

    Lamar MKДень тому

    Nice! I just did a video Unboxing the 2019 Model. 👍

  80. author

    maxix545День тому

    The *Normal* Foldable.

  81. author

    Paul MiddletonДень тому

    Anything she says i believe.

  82. author

    TWBaA skyДень тому

    They need to make firefighter one!!

  83. author

    Praveen SunkariДень тому

    This guy thinks only apple can do something amazing and I hate his reviews .. I don't actually give this kind of comments but I've to for this guy ..

  84. author

    Shubham SharmaДень тому

    This video is just straight up hate ...

  85. author

    Uranus PlanetДень тому

    love it, ill buy it

  86. author

    BigBoyJonДень тому

    Phone has exceeded my expectations. Breaks necks too

  87. author

    Missu MissuДень тому

    I only came here for Daras sponsor (Dara, former member of 2ne1)

  88. author

    Jazz EДень тому

    Just say it's good enough. Go home.

  89. author

    markhrabeДень тому

    Many memories of Friday nights with my dad picking out movies. I remember him buying dances with wolves, renting Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and other great films. I would get cotton candy it was the best past time in the late 80’s early 90’s. Northwood community- Irvine, CA

  90. author

    M ChanДень тому

    It’s only bullet proof , so if u throw anything else to break it, it breaks. Btw this car looks really stupid.

  91. author

    atlgatorДень тому

    If not for Android y'all would be another imore. Appreciate the innovation.

  92. author

    bitxPVДень тому

    2:47 what's with the music??

  93. author

    Mayur GangawaneДень тому

    Tfw most of these features are already available on Samsungs One UI 2.0

  94. author

    Don KanisДень тому

    I think Elon is much more informed. I have lost a lot of respect for Gates and Buffet.

  95. author

    Trinnasith W.День тому

    Folding screen; the tEchNoLoGy we dont really need

  96. author

    Jeff JДень тому

    Lol. Why make the video? Plus Samsung already had a lot of these features for years now

  97. author

    atlgatorДень тому

    You're tough to please dude. Seriously.

  98. author

    Cray fishДень тому

    I have Yet to find a " Duel Split Screen " " Smart-Phone " That Folds Screen to Screen ! Why ? ! Probably because the Carriers as Well as the mass-producers want to make as much $ as Possible @ the Expense of our convenience !! Don't get me wrong . I'm Not Begrudging them of making a living . But I [ Not to mention most ] would like to have a Phone w/ Built in " Protection " instead " of " Paying Top Dollar only to Chance having it Ruined in a Very Short Time !! ( Put another way, Why Buy an Expensive Product, Only to have it " Short- Lived " ) ? !

  99. author

    joeyjoejoe99День тому

    My favorite part was when he pointed out how iOS has had these features already

  100. author

    googleyoutubechannelДень тому

    What do you mean Laundroid doesn't work? Laundroid is a machine for turning gullible investor capital into trade show booth fees and hermes ties for the Laundroid 'ceo', and it's been running successfully for over 4 years now.