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  1. author

    BabyKorey Kopasetik3 години тому

    He is a immature silly kid that is learning his lesson the hard way That's why he is snitching straight up 🐀🐀🐀🐀

  2. author

    Domain Exchangers3 години тому

    Charlamagne's farting @ killed 127 mosquitoes and 2 flies

  3. author

    Snowman374th3 години тому

    Ole Half dollar loving this.. ahha

  4. author

    Dee Zamano3 години тому

    Envy and Angela Yee gotta be sucking someone off to be having those jobs. They’re embarrassing to watch smh.

  5. author

    Loyalty 773 години тому

    Kory sounds like he has a speech impediment.. however men dont talk about alot of embarrassing things.. I know he went through alot of shit and Trump and the whites made his stay in prison like slavery/hell.. smfh.. Black men please dont be broken.

  6. author

    Brooklyn Nikki3 години тому

    This should get over a million views. Everyone watches the other programs which are good, but watch something that affects our community daily!

  7. author

    jookbj3 години тому

    What does that say about Trump supporters and this country that you have to fake hate crimes. It's as if hate crimes aren't a big epidemic in the black community. I get more hate form black gangsters than a white supremacist.

  8. author

    Collin Rose3 години тому


  9. author

    Brian Davis3 години тому

    This by far is insanity y’all out here trying to redefine what it is to be a woman and y’all men stop trying to compare homosexuality to the black struggle transgenders have the highest rate of suicide in the history of the world even after being accepted by society slaves and holocaust victims had a much lower suicide rate and they suffered way more than transgenders are today so stop with the victimization act you’ll can’t accept yourself for who you are don’t try to get society to pretend you are who you say you are

  10. author

    Makiba Uboke3 години тому

    There is an agenda behind this where are all of the other races gay celebrities going on their talk shows telling them about pronouns and all the other descriptions? Tell me, I'll wait.

  11. author

    Khalid Garvey X3 години тому

    🗣MAKING JESUS BLACK DONT MAKE HIM ANY MORE REAL OF A MESSIAH...yea he probably existed but he wasn’t no dam messiah or divine being..the Bible was never meant to be taken’s a book of symbolism🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. author

    BananaRed3 години тому

    I see the pain in Korey's eyes& I pray he embraces his HEALING!! The madness the system put them through shame on All PARTIES involved in their pain endured, PERIOD! GOD BLESS THEM ALL....CENTRAL PARK 5❤

  13. author

    George Manning3 години тому

    Dennis Rodman is STUPID!!!!!

  14. author

    Rashad Collins3 години тому

    All I see is Jamie Foxx acting like him.

  15. author

    SUPERPREDATOR 2123 години тому

    This Some Bullshit. Mental illness is real and we are supposed to act like a man is not a man and a woman is not a woman. We are supposed to pretend that a dog is a cat and a cat is a roach too? Dave Chappelle special was so on point. All this shit is silly to me. All of these people are suffering from mental illness.

  16. author

    Kourtni Peake3 години тому

    We got 2hrs of Malik 🙄 we needed that same energy with this interview 😫

  17. author

    Mizz Keyz X3 години тому

    Day 1 fan... here🙏🙌 I still remember the night she won American Idol and I was so ecstatic and happy for her because of her story! I just love her strength and drive to continue through all she's been through! 20:00 this is ME❤😇

  18. author

    Kirsten Allen3 години тому

    Bye DJ Envy

  19. author

    Am3 години тому

    Don’t like it don’t buy it u fuks

  20. author

    Tifinee763 години тому

    These MFs really messed up Korey. God bless his heart, his mind, his soul .... I fuccing hate WHITE America !!!

  21. author

    De'Ivory Gray3 години тому

    I felt her when she said "I'm a dreamer, I wasn't dreaming" . I've been through that and still trying to get back to a more secure place. God bless her💜

  22. author

    strongholdstrugglez jones3 години тому

    If you didnt do it you you wouldn't confess to it gtfoh

  23. author

    Connie3 години тому

    Arrested 2 days after this

  24. author

    Man Nguyen3 години тому

    No one: Six9nine : y’all know Timmy Turner? He got fairly odd parents!

  25. author

    Latoya Williams3 години тому

    I disagree. I’m not letting no man lead me but, God.

  26. author

    ibrahim konare3 години тому

    It’s like he snitched before he snitched 🤔

  27. author

    Mahmoud Hakem3 години тому

    "I love you slim we could've been together"

  28. author

    Chance Steinberg3 години тому

    This was a good one

  29. author

    Linda Jackson3 години тому

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing God at work so blessed to see them God keeping them for a perpoese God at work a mom Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️ a mom

  30. author

    Vernita Higgins3 години тому

    My Lord! Great video and interview! Thank you for this interview! They went through this to save our black boys and girls and our community! Thank you ECP5!

  31. author

    PeachTree V3 години тому

    ❤️ Fat Joe!!!

  32. author

    Kevin Awuye3 години тому

    Haha Riley passed out after that

  33. author

    BLACK ROYAL FAMILY TV3 години тому

    Powerful interview

  34. author

    Texas Highsider3 години тому

    Not only is talkin bout his team :. He dragging ppl in that has nothing to do with his case

  35. author

    Adriano3 години тому

    *So was the story about the booking agent fake??*

  36. author

    Lydia Williams3 години тому

    This is out right the most relevant conversation piece of The CENTURY via radio or any other public platform..👏👏👏👏👂

  37. author

    strongholdstrugglez jones3 години тому

    Its not color banging crips wear red theez dayz

  38. author

    Lvh_Rage3 години тому

    5:19 did y'all hear that

  39. author

    Mills Fortune3 години тому

    I thought he was doing sign language when he was telling the story about the kid for a second

  40. author

    Skilled Touch3 години тому

    😂😂😂😂😂Shes funny without trying

  41. author

    Zach Smith3 години тому

    They ga kill him

  42. author

    Mahmoud Hakem3 години тому

    You wanna talk about man buns "Your beard is weird"

  43. author

    Robinson Ayuk3 години тому

    The breakfast club has no AC? That's disrespectful

  44. author

    Joey Longoria3 години тому

    I know this is old but ya he speaks real talk probably was set up getting locked up but we'll never know ...and dam how many times he push on he's glasses

  45. author

    Anastasia HULSE3 години тому

    Romeo Hunte 😍❤️👍🏽

  46. author

    Joe NeckBone3 години тому

    I thought something was wrong with my phone at the 29.00 mark😂😂😂😂😂

  47. author

    Zoey 17173 години тому

    69: Test my gangsta Judge: RICO act n 75 years 69: It was him

  48. author

    Ashley M3 години тому

    Anybody that has to hype themselves up so much is a fraud... Tbh his situation now was inevitable & he was indicted literally 2 days after this was uploaded 😂😂

  49. author

    jookbj3 години тому

    KFC shouldn't get DOTD for this. They're just trying to make money. It's Americans with no self control that should get DOTD. This whole can't afford better is a myth. There's a lot cheap good foods out there. People are just too lazy and indulge in consumerism. That's like getting mad at a car company if the person uses their car to kill people. It's the person's fault not the company. Looking at the like to dislike ratio people have hard time taking responsibility for their actions.

  50. author

    Rafael Reyes3 години тому

    A bit disappointed on how DJ Envy handled this interview. Feels like he didn’t even watch the Netflix special. Then on top of it, he leaves the interview early. Big Fan of DJ Envy but lost cred with this one.

  51. author

    Brooklyn Nikki3 години тому

    I thought I cried watching the movie, I cried listening to Korey. He deserves so much.

  52. author

    Kasim Khan3 години тому

    If you read the comment section and your older then 25 you will realise what’s fucked up with this trolling fake soft ass generation

  53. author

    Being Mona J3 години тому

    I feel for Corey I still feel like he’s that little boy and is still living In that time

  54. author

    word3 години тому

    🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. author

    James Simpson3 години тому

    guaranteed he was on protection they would never put him in general population he talking shit like he walked in jail with his Jordan’s and did what he wanted he would of been food for the sharks

  56. author

    Network Engineer3 години тому

    The words of a tale bearer are as wounds as they go down into the innermost parts for the belly.

  57. author

    Kush Smokin3 години тому

    Charla had a wife in high school? America all typa fucked up lmao

  58. author

    Network Engineer3 години тому

    Dennis, I saw you at Terminal B, Newark International Airport circa early 2014, when you went to North Korea, to play ball! "The wicked runs when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1

  59. author

    stooby d3 години тому

    The guy fucks kids, did everyone forget?

  60. author

    Tobi Owotomo3 години тому

    Yusuf is so beautifully articulate. I wish for them both to experience the true peace of God ❤️

  61. author

    BabyLane DidIt3 години тому

    Snoop one of the fakest artist out. Been fake since they exposed his ass in death row.

  62. author

    lovedbyall9163 години тому

    I love her

  63. author

    stooby d3 години тому

    Fucking paedophile

  64. author

    A S3 години тому

    This is the longest explanation for am tough and you pussy Iv ever witnessed

  65. author

    strongholdstrugglez jones3 години тому

    He saying basically he snitch because he is not stupid

  66. author

    ᗷᖇE Bre3 години тому

    I would’ve loved to see Dennis Rodman play for Detroit Pistons back in the day 😩 I love my city but we need the Bad Boys back

  67. author

    M dash Cube3 години тому

    Dennis handle is surrounding quite calm and kool; don’t seems like anyone can get under his skin that easy and Charlamagne tried....

  68. author

    Pak Man3 години тому

    Lamar live in the muthaphuccin flesh. Slink that nigga for real.

  69. author

    Pyrex Metronome3 години тому

    Jeezy like drank jezzy like to smoke jezzy like salsa dance why he move his coke

  70. author

    Dawn Duchess3 години тому

    Now u know Charlamagne shoulda been there for this 1

  71. author

    Lynda Kimble-Williams3 години тому

    Awesome. Strong Black Men who survived the hell of white lies. ✊🏾☝🏾👊🏾🕊💋🙏🏾🌷

  72. author

    civillaw 113 години тому

    Here on Sept 21 for a needed laugh

  73. author

    Lucy Day3 години тому

    ...and a few days later he was arrested

  74. author

    stlaurentjournal3 години тому

    guarantee the BreakfastClub won't survive the 2020 election.

  75. author

    ck1873 години тому

    How do u penalize those who control the penal system?

  76. author

    jt rich3 години тому

    Better off without the trash

  77. author

    Chance Steinberg3 години тому

    White people! 🙄

  78. author

    James Taylor3 години тому

    Faith is the personification of a sexy intelligent classy real black woman....

  79. author

    Billy Ocean3 години тому

    @ 11:00 I jus spit water on my computer at work 😂😂😂😂

  80. author

    Marcus Ballentine3 години тому

    That went left quick!

  81. author

    the wiz3 години тому

    Like where tf does envy have to go?! Take a shit? He does this everytime! Lmao smh

  82. author

    Justin Surface3 години тому

    You can tell by how he looked at her she lying

  83. author

    Wile E Coyote3 години тому

    Highly doubt he meant U.S. funds. More likely Pesos

  84. author

    MsEriKaT3 години тому

    @38:00 I know when it happened. It happened when VH1 gave Flavor Flav a reality TV show. Basically reality TV killed good scripted TV shows and movies.

  85. author

    kevin bacon3 години тому

    Angela is a dumbass. Shouldn’t be on TV.

  86. author

    TheCoffeeAddict3 години тому

    Tekashi is a funny, likable dude. Envy isn't half as bright as he has lead himself to believe.

  87. author

    DoubleAA3 години тому

    PTSD...I’m pissed at their definition of S. that shit is real n not to play with. That’s not wtf it means!

  88. author

    Winston Virgo3 години тому

    Peace my bro Kevin powell.God Rasheem Ebbets finest.

  89. author

    Leonard Frank3 години тому

    So much ignorance in this interview. My goodness.

  90. author

    BLACK STARR3 години тому

    Mama well said. That cowardly man was struggling.

  91. author

    Teufel Hunden3 години тому

    Shouldnt fucked up kev

  92. author

    Jack Rhimer3 години тому

    He's not ganna make it out of jail..

  93. author

    bob scott3 години тому

    I teared up when he told the tree story that'll mess you up

  94. author

    Didi Jagger3 години тому

    Chris Brown MEXICAN COUSIN😩

  95. author

    GENESSI3 години тому

    Thank God they’re still here to tell their stories, and be able to still get every good thing they’re deserving of. It hurts to know that they had to go through all of this.

  96. author

    Alex A Rodriguez3 години тому

    5:17 min 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ the way charlamagne tha God was looking at him lmfaooo

  97. author

    getjiggywitit733 години тому

    Why does that man look like Babyface???

  98. author

    AJ HUSSAIN3 години тому

    25:00 get rid of that fool Envy....that’s the best you could respond with after what he just said...what kinda interview station is shit. Yee & CTG are always on point 🔥

  99. author

    Dommionna Jones3 години тому

    Blessed them strong 💪🏽 black man love them

  100. author

    Taquae Anderson3 години тому

    Korey is so broken from this it's painful to watch what they did to these guys is criminal and anyone who had a hand in it should be locked up.. But it'll never happen😒 praying for his healing as well as the other guy's 💓💓💓💓💓