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  1. author

    Ken Hubbell2 хвилини тому

    I see a lot of me in this dude

  2. author

    Sisgal3 хвилини тому

    Amanda look into Vipassana meditation. You will absolutely love it. It allows you to start to see things as they really are, without feeling overwhelmed or taking on all the worlds negative messages. A simple, but effective breathing, quieting the mind technique. It's a real way of loving yourself. Take care & thanks for being so open & genuine.

  3. author

    don wise4 хвилини тому

    Bruh I was signed to master p I was on two of his albums didn’t eat a crumb look up Dino west interview with dusty vision tv in UAreporter for the real

  4. author

    Zuko Teto5 хвилин тому

    If its true that these 2 ladies had issues, it's quite clear now who was the cause

  5. author

    isah jonathan5 хвилин тому

    Wow codes hacker on IG his the best I have ever encounter with he he double the money I sent to him to my cashapp account without delay

  6. author

    Hippy House6 хвилин тому

    Yo! Baseball players back in high school did the dumbest shit too. Nice to know it transcends beyond HS

  7. author

    Rob Buser8 хвилин тому


  8. author

    Jeffery Brumfield9 хвилин тому

    I'm very pro black, and I'm voting for this woman!! We have to stop voting party and vote our intrest! Joe Biden has hurt the black community ! Facts! This lady has changed my mind!

  9. author

    El Comedy Rogue14 хвилин тому

    he thought he was IN PORNHUB hahahahaha news report is clowning peep game "Exposure,,Pleased, Busted" haahahaha thank you news reporter

  10. author

    Wilson Gang14 хвилин тому

    We're in a world of not apologizing for shit if you dont like what I say deal with it baby

  11. author

    Huw Patt15 хвилин тому

    Yes - watch out for the "worse trump" if his defeat doesn't bring kindness & consideration

  12. author

    Tay Jones Kendall15 хвилин тому

    Growth is the new Sexy! If a person is working on themSELF, that is one of THE toughest tasks and I commend any and everyone who really puts in the work to change "bad" behavior!

  13. author

    Rob Buser19 хвилин тому

    ...corona virus lockdown solutions - go online & create your own $1.000 a month easily (klik) @t

  14. author

    J. Riffney21 хвилина тому

    So the working 9-5 employees are the problem is what Tyrese, Katy Perry and Kevin Hart are trying to say. NOTED! ...and once again are the weakest link.

  15. author

    Big Shawty21 хвилина тому

    ill give P 25k quick! hes going to walk me thru everything and hes black and his track record is amazing! he would take my business to the next level. #realEstate

  16. author

    Tay Jones Kendall24 хвилини тому

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 "When you have $30,000 and she wants half... different story!"

  17. author

    Gabe R24 хвилини тому

    What’s wrong about this?! The term redskins is a racial slur

  18. author

    JukeSkillz24 хвилини тому

    Lmaoooooo 26:53 got me cryinn 😭😭 he was hurt he aint wanna leave 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. author

    Charles Mackatoni25 хвилин тому

    New Zealand Fan Right Here for Real 💯💜💜💜

  20. author

    Gabe R26 хвилин тому

    You guys are some damn hypocrites 69 gotta live the life he raps about and accept the consequences but bronea Taylor doesn’t?? Why cause she’s black they didn’t have a warrant for he singing too loud at church🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. author

    James Bell28 хвилин тому

    I never thought Kevin Hart was all that funny. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. author

    Sara Kiba29 хвилин тому

    Omg people need to get over it

  23. author

    Wakanda Agent29 хвилин тому

    Master P always stayed real from the Kick off. Salute King.

  24. author

    Gabe R29 хвилин тому

    If you look at the facts of the case I mean they had a no knock warrant but knocked anyway I don’t understand why she didn’t just come out

  25. author

    Charles Mackatoni30 хвилин тому

    I still can't Believe it. P Forever 💯💜

  26. author

    Agar Majok30 хвилин тому

    Man oh man! I never gonna forget this speech oooooooooh God! oooooooooh God. I didn't know knowing the system.

  27. author

    Walter Duranty30 хвилин тому

    "Five Facts Contradict Karen Bass’s Claim That She Is ‘Not a Communist’ " 5 Aug 2020 1. Early Communist Influences In a 2008 interview, Bass explained that many of the influencers who “played a huge role” for her in high school were communist. “In Hamilton [High School] for example, a lot of the Jewish parents were activists and some of them were in the Communist Party,” Bass said. “And so I grew up with a lot of red diaper babies. And there were some African American parents who were in the Communist Party. There were teachers who were in the Communist Party. So, white radicals were very influential. And at the same time you have the Panthers and the whole black movement.” “Red diaper babies” is a slang term used to describe children of members of the Communist Party USA during the Cold War. 2. Eulogy to Her Communist “Friend and Mentor” On January 30, 2017, Bass took to the floor of the U.S. House to eulogize her “friend and mentor” Oneil Cannon, who was a leading member of the Communist Party USA. In its obituary for Cannon, the communist website People’s World cited his work as the Communist Party USA’s education director in the Southern California District and as a member of the Party’s Southern California and National Central Committees. 3. Leadership/Membership in a Communist Front Group Controlled by Cuba’s Communist Regime Bass has a decades-long association with the Venceremos Brigade, which is a communist front group founded in 1969 by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and run by the Cuban intelligence service, the General Directorate for Intelligence (DGI). Cuba’s communist regime used the Venceremos Brigade as a recruitment tool to co-opt American radicals as assets for intelligence gathering and long-term political influencing, according to a 400-page FBI report from 1976 based on information obtained from former DGI officials. Bass made her first trip to Cuba with the Brigade in 1973 when she was 19. She would make at least eight trips to Cuba during the 1970s (i.e. during a decade in which the Vietnam War was raging, and the Cuban regime was actively assisting and hosting America’s Viet Cong enemies). An October 1975 article in the communist Daily Worker identified Bass as “the leader of the Venceremos Brigade in southern California.” An undercover surveillance of Bass conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1970s also identified her as a brigade leader who “returned from Cuba to the USA bringing back propaganda literature.” In 1982, Gerardo Peraza, a former high-ranking Cuban intelligence official who defected to the United States, explained in sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate that Cuban intelligence officers controlled the Venceremos Brigade and selected its participants. This process was further explained by Dwight D. Crews, an undercover police deputy from New Orleans who testified before a 1972 U.S. House Subcommittee about the vetting process he endured when he applied to join the Venceremos Brigade. “To be a member of the brigade, you had to be confirmed as a Marxist‐Leninist,” he said. He said getting into the Brigade “required filling out a detailed application, undergoing interviews concerning his political beliefs and three‐and‐a‐half months of twice‐a‐week indoctrination sessions,” the New York Times reported. This vetting process was especially true for Brigade leaders. “You don’t get to be the leader of the L.A. Venceremos Brigade unless the Cuban intelligence trusts you,” David Horowitz, the 1960s historian and co-editor of the leading radical magazine of the era Ramparts, told Breitbart News. “They were run by Cuban intelligence, and you don’t get to have a position of authority in an organization like that without them trusting you.” In a recent statement to Tablet magazine, Bass’s office claimed that she was merely a member of the Brigade, not a leader. That contradicts all the contemporaneous reports of her leadership. It is also beside the point because every member of the Brigade had to undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure they were “confirmed as a Marxist-Leninist.” 4. Associated with a Clandestine Maoist Organization Bass has also been linked to a loose organization of radical Marxist-Leninists aligned with the Maoist New Communist Movement. The organization, called Line of March, was part of the Maoist “anti-revisionist” faction of Marxism-Leninism and was founded in Oakland, CA, in 1980 by Irwin Silber. Line of March associates operated their network in a deliberately clandestine manner, believing that this type of activism and party organizing needed to be done in secret without formal names or titles. They called themselves “rectificationists,” as a nod to their Maoist sympathies. Bass’s name and some of her associates are included in a document from the 1980s listing “Consolidated rectification forces.” When Tablet magazine asked Bass’s office about this document associating her with the Line of March’s “rectification forces,” her spokesperson did not deny the association or the document’s authenticity. The spokesperson’s response was that Bass had simply “attended events.” 5. Socialist Speaking Engagements and Memorial for Communist Party Leader In the 1980-90s, Bass spoke regularly to various far-left organizations, including the Democratic Socialists of America. She helped organize a memorial service for South African Communist Party leader (and Stalin admirer) Joe Slovo in 1995. She was also a featured speaker at the 1993 West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference. The conference theme that year was “New Realities, New Identities: Socialism and Empowerment.” While it is possible that Bass no longer identifies with communism in any way, just three years ago she was eulogizing her “friend and mentor” who was a prominent leader of the Communist Party USA. Though she now says that Fidel Castro’s murderous legacy is “very troubling” and that she “didn’t have any illusions that the people in Cuba had the same freedoms I did,” she hailed Castro just four years ago as “Commandante en Jefe” and said his death was “a great loss to the people of Cuba.” More damning still is the fact that she has only now distanced herself from these associations because she is being vetted for a job that is just one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

  28. author

    Gabe R31 хвилина тому

    Unsubscribe for this one why you guys so racist?

  29. author

    Hizze Mills31 хвилина тому

    Sir Master P is the REAL KING of the south.

  30. author

    Joelwilliam_officiel36 хвилин тому

    It doesn’t matter who you are when you go in with MIKE TYSON you gambling...

  31. author

    scarlit39 хвилин тому

    brandy stopped being likeable years ago. i think they should leave it alone.

  32. author

    Jeffery Brumfield39 хвилин тому

    This woman will do way more for the black community than John Lewis ever did !

  33. author

    Mike Pittman41 хвилина тому

    If i see some master p pancake mix im grabbing them wit the quickness my breakfast gone be bout it bout it

  34. author

    Kathy Nadine42 хвилини тому

    This interview was smooooooth. The convo was so fluid. The questions were organic and the stories Snoop had grabbed and kept my attention. Loved it 🙌🏽

  35. author

    AP44 хвилини тому

    I met DJ Envy a year ago and damn that dude needs some mouth wash or Spearmint gum or something. I almost passed out bro. His poor wife.

  36. author

    Travis Shops44 хвилини тому

    "CLICKBAIT!!!!" - Black Man

  37. author

    LEE 348 хвилин тому

    Best Brkfst Club I've ever watched -- real talk!

  38. author

    Phillip Uranus51 хвилина тому

    Man I wish Vado would’ve just played her after that... I would have been in that therapy session like “truthfully I only rock her box, idgaf about her really” and then walked off the set... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. author

    Tim Donk55 хвилин тому

    Why they have to do Lionel Richie dirty like that

  40. author

    Don't Reply55 хвилин тому

    he always says we’re one race the human race yet he seems so focused on the mantra of blacks being some sort of telepathic enclave of support and teamwork.

  41. author

    LondonTown55 хвилин тому

    Wisdom from a black man... black excellence at the highest of levels

  42. author

    M G56 хвилин тому

    Snoop 100% real, yeah right

  43. author

    Steavey Wilburn57 хвилин тому

    I specifically remember reading that Zoe identified as Latina...Not Afro Latina...not Black....Latina....🤷🤷🤷She knew she shouldnt have taken that role. Everything about Nina was rooted in her blackness...from her afrocenntric features to the soul in her music (and everything in between)

  44. author

    omgq_the_walkingmovie_Годину тому

    I hate the way he talks..geeez!!!!!

  45. author

    Locs The goatГодину тому

    P is that nigga blood on my mama og will really put you on if you just take the time to listen

  46. author

    BoГодину тому


  47. author

    Africanknight88Годину тому

    From Angela Rye to Tiffany Haddish ? ....Commmmon. 😬😬, but hey I guess it is what it is.

  48. author

    AlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle bloggerГодину тому

    🤦🏻‍♀️Florida🙄 is just a Mess! This dude was doing this in a Parking Lot for an exhibitionist reason possibly even looking for kids or young girls to spot in the lot! I Hate to say that but He has a house & private room to do that there, so there's No Reason to do that In Public! Glad he was caught because This was definitely not this 1st time! To be clear: Nothing is wrong w/Masturbation it's Very Normal & Healthy for Everyone whether you're single, married, straight, gay trans etc...! But if u do it Outside you will be suspected as a Pedo or pervert & possible rapist because it seems like Ike your looking for someone to watch while doing it or kidnap for sex! Do Not do this! Most people Even the police would understand it more if you're having sex with your girlfriend or your partner maybe because you are on a date or you were having drinks after a wedding etc. & Get it on in the car or go to a park cuz you think no one's looking but don't ever masturbate in your car alone Especially as a Man🤦🏻‍♀️ I don't know if this guy was standing outside of the car as well (like someone said) but he took his pants all the way off!🙄this is very disturbing I hope for him he wasn't thinking anything sick and just wasn't thinking and doesn't do that again maybe he's a sex addict or addicted to masturbation, there are people that are.

  49. author

    MrSmythe24Годину тому

    "I felt pressured to sign my prenup" --- Sure...... haha! I'm never getting married!

  50. author

    Kendrick KeenerГодину тому

    I never plan to watch that Nina movie or the Harriet movie.

  51. author

    Don MagikГодину тому

    jheeze majority of people couldn't give a rat's ass abt nicki and her petty squabbles with her hairdressers kmt. y'all need to improve this segment as its becoming not worth the watch

  52. author

    Faith HarveyГодину тому


  53. author

    Ken HubbellГодину тому


  54. author

    Faith D.SГодину тому

    He speaking Truth.. no I Didnot vote for presidents because they are selected!! Always go for the people in your community because that is what changes us that is the facts and indeed the truth study to show thyself approved... Blk ppl Israel it is a people study to show thyself approved... we give back to our community.. we help the are they and the children... I have 26 nieces and nephews and 19 great this is the third generation of my family and I teach them part of garden how to sew and how to do different things of the Earth much love and appreciation to you!! All praises to the most high ABBA Yah!@

  55. author

    Theo BristolГодину тому

    Yank Aaron 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. author

    AntГодину тому

    Can't do nothing but respect P. I couldn't stand his music when it first came out. I'm a mid-west StL cat but I was on the east coast sound and all about lyrics Biggie was my favorite artist back then. But P and No Limit became the music of the wasn't until years later that I would even bump his joints. Now it's pure nostalgia and if I wanna get that No Limit Soilders! He an top-notch businessman fosho! Salute🗣✊🏾

  57. author

    Eurooutside YuccaГодину тому

    Very inspirational and motivational one love ❤️ out here sxm Spain 🇪🇸 Amsterdam 🇳🇱 link up we do business!

  58. author

    Russell LandersГодину тому

    Taylor Rooks >J ackie Macmullan. We need more intelligent, black, and beautiful young women reporting on all sports especially the ones predominantly played by us. Pamela Oliver, Oprah looking ass, days are numbered!!!

  59. author

    JГодину тому

    couldn’t even do facetime????

  60. author

    andrewsnyder1995Годину тому

    Manifested demonic presence. True form shows when shapeshifting into what you truly are. The powerful are not human. And if you put pressure on them they fold.

  61. author

    Chris PalumboГодину тому

    This show is nothing but programming for the masses. It’s obviously propaganda look up Operation Mockingbird

  62. author

    Crish CatalinГодину тому

    this guy is full of shit awwwww ..

  63. author

    A LeeГодину тому

    "When someone is rich or has status they appreciate you, when you cannot do anything for someone they devalue you." This is Ellen when it comes to her celeb friends or those who have money, compared to those who are less fortunate

  64. author

    Raju GillГодину тому

    Charlamagne is a douche

  65. author

    BIRDIE 15 BIRDIE 15Годину тому

    They hate on Nee-Nee Leaks so bad, if it wasn't for her it wouldn't be no RHOA. When she leaves the show ain't going to be "SHIT".💯💯💯✌️

  66. author

    shakur laflareГодину тому

    angela don’t even do it if the god not there

  67. author

    Nick XГодину тому

    Dame be kicking the real game

  68. author

    B. DiddyГодину тому

    Beans a Sucker for going at Game!

  69. author

    FaFireat'em MovementГодину тому

    Shit is really sad how we can justify the bullshit women do and say to men I never want to hear about the reaction 🤔 what caused it? Women need to learn to respect men if respect is what they want

  70. author

    Funi Max2 години тому


  71. author

    en may2 години тому

    Real Man - apologize when you're wrong👏👏👏👏👏👏

  72. author

    Off the Grid Free Housing2 години тому

    The Jews have received billions of dollars from America for the last 70 years. For some odd reason??? America sends Israel money every year for a war we had nothing to do with???

  73. author

    Don Shit2 години тому

    I sometimes get disappointed that OG artists have to try to fit in with the current music. You should just be aloud to be creative at some point. Your records gotta mean somn at some point beside just what a young mind can come up with.

  74. author

    BEP2 години тому

    The most valuable advice I keep hearing from P and Romeo. Never make deals when your desperate.

  75. author

    Weronika Dziaduch2 години тому


  76. author

    Andre Sutherland2 години тому

    Can you imagine if Dr Umar became the Prime Minister of AFRICA I think at that point all other black nations will go back to the motherland if your black come home doesnt matter, taken all there money and resources with them you think the other white nations will be pissed all in there feelings.

  77. author

    en may2 години тому


  78. author

    dreadicatedself_loz2 години тому

    I felt the "STOP NONSENSE" 🤣🤣🤣We love our Queen🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  79. author

    Trent McDowell2 години тому

    Jesus is coming back soon. Repent from your sins, truly follow Jesus, and do the Lord's will which is lead others to Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and the only way to Heaven. Follow Jesus, the Black Jesus, the real Jesus, who is the one true God who came in the flesh to the Earth to die for our sins to be washed away so we can make it to Heaven cause we are all sinners and we all fall short of his glory and we need. Only thru him can we saved. Jesus wants us to have a deep relationship with him and obey his commandments the best we can. Jesus came to save all of us. And Jesus commanded us to Love everybody cause we are all his children no matter what race U are. Satan wants God's people to be divided and hate each other cause he knows that if U hate others it destroys your relationship with Jesus. Dont let this world destroy your soul. This Earth is wicked and full of evil and we are the last days. The Devil worshipping Government is lying about the so called Coronavirus. Its really the spirit of death sent by God to the Earth to kill wicked people who dont wanna change and also whoever else he wants to take off this Earth. The Angel of death touches who God tells it to and it makes the person sick until they die. The government is jus taking what God is doing and twisting it to make it seem like something else to benefit them and get more control over U. The sickness is not contagious. They want U to be in fear so when U got a regular cold or flu or any other sickness U can run to the hospitals and their evil witch doctors can diagnose U with Coronavirus and inject U with poison and kill U as a blood sacrifice to Satan. The spirit of fear is not a spirit of God. If U are truly saved by Jesus by repenting from your sins, truly following Jesus, having a deep relationship, and doing the Lord's will which is leading others to Jesus then U are covered in the blood of Jesus and the spirit of death cant touch U. Tribulation has started. This is the beginning of the end. God is gonna keep sending plagues to the Earth. Jesus is coming back soon but we got alot to go thru before he comes back. The evil government wants to make us slaves, control us and try to kill us all eventually. They are against us. They are creating a One World Government and will usher in the AntiChrist to be the king of it. They will try to get people to take the mark of the beast 666 chip in your hand to be able to buy or sell anything. If U take it then U will automatically go to Hell when U die. The AntiChrist will pretend to be Jesus and many will brainwashed into following the AntiChrist. And the AntiChrist will be trying to kill followers of Jesus. And Jesus will come back to kill the AntiChrist and all of his followers. And then Jesus true followers and will reign with Jesus a thousand years until Jesus destroys Satan for good throwing him in the lake of fire in Hell. And then Jesus will create the new Heaven on Earth where we will be for eternity. Dont follow the world follow Jesus.

  80. author

    Michael Johnson2 години тому

    If you choose to be transgender then you basically telling God that he made a mistake when he made you.

  81. author

    pstob2232 години тому

    I think he wanted to use this opportunity to get his name known. I hope it really backfires.

  82. author

    shanique johnson2 години тому

    He probably was just verbally aggressive. Tiffany made a statement but didn’t touch on anything sexual. I’ve followed him on Instagram for a while and his comments to women were wildddddddd. lol. Chi will be cancelled after season 3 because he’s gone.

  83. author

    Matrix Media2 години тому

    F** Ryan Reynolds that moist dude. These mfers knew what it was, that statement is him acting... It’s not cool to be white anymore hence him apologizing before he’s exposed. Zoe is a white girl trapped in a beautiful sexy melenated body. Her husband is a simp mfer.

  84. author

    Mike Robinson2 години тому

    Word Up...I am a Jamaican...bless you Buju B

  85. author

    Derrick Robinson2 години тому

    My Guy The Businessman AKA Mr. Entrepreneur

  86. author

    Courtney Poland2 години тому

    What Leonard didn't understand is that.... Monique has practically done it all. Sold out arenas. Had a TV Show ( The Parkers ). had her own talk show. Encouraged Black Women. Shared the stage with great Black Women comedians. She's performed with the greatest comedians ever. So, she's saying, if I have this great resume like Chris Rock, and other famous comedians, why am I going to settle for a water down deal? It's like if you're in the NBA, and they offer you a 500,00 deal but give a college basketball player 8 million. Why is the rookie getting more? Monique is boycotting because she wants those Black Men and Women who work for Netflix to recognize their wealth and compare their pay to their white co-hosts. She's not crazy. She's observant and has wits. Which is scary to a White business man or black man who agrees with a white business male. I'm done.

  87. author

    anthony whitehead2 години тому

    love love the breakfast club

  88. author

    I Ron2 години тому

    the reason u did not hear about Juneteenth is because we are WHITE WASHED.

  89. author

    Jasmine Mccoy2 години тому

    The puns are A1 in this video 🤣🤣🤣

  90. author

    Novan Tembo2 години тому

    This one is interesting. Kevin Hart--a black man--should not be the person to say that. When whites say the police always treat them right, blacks say "it is because you are not black". So in this case, if one is not rich like Kevin Hart, maybe the experience is different.....

  91. author

    anthony whitehead2 години тому

    love love the breakfast club

  92. author

    eli vincent2 години тому

    P a real g got good character maybe he will sign puns son cause seem like joe fat ass ain't gonna help his nephew

  93. author

    Anthony Simms2 години тому

    Listen up America true king is speaking Damon - Dash

  94. author

    ThisiskG2 години тому

    Beanie has the perfect Philly voice to narrate movies on a James Earl Jones level

  95. author

    Christopher Sanchez2 години тому

    Am I the only one who noticed that it's sped up

  96. author

    Juliiiieeee232 години тому

    The breakfast club as a whole can take this L. Y’all need to realize that sometimes you say/ask some out of line stuff. & y’all ain’t shit for admitting the wrong doing. Just apologize goddamn 🤦🏻‍♀️

  97. author

    FreakyStyley2092 години тому

    Your mask doesn’t keep you safe from getting covid, you get covid through germs and bacteria. Mask is to catch your cough wtf, so don’t be surprised when you get covid from taking pictures with a bunch of strangers

  98. author

    Singr2382 години тому

    Thank you, Trevor Noah, for your brilliant insights. 🤩

  99. author

    mojozepeda2 години тому

    We need more people Angela Stanton in the world 🤯 she is an amazing woman

  100. author

    Oh Val Comedian2 години тому

    Snopp you so F%$&ing DOPE