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  1. author

    S Palm3 години тому

    Oprah needa fun for president

  2. author

    Jamerson Kilgo3 години тому

    That Russian exert he put out there was deep! People sleep on his intelligence.

  3. author

    Dante'3 години тому

    The Revenant

  4. author

    Lo La3 години тому

    A lot of Bleach in the thumbnail

  5. author

    Hass Anderson4 години тому

    I don't see where he should regret his role, or where I'm supposed to be mad! It's comedy, period.

  6. author

    MissUrbanXplorer4 години тому

    I promise this does not reflect the magnificent people of Boston. 🙏🏼

  7. author

    Amibeing17184 години тому

    Angela has the patience of a saint

  8. author

    Jay Brown4 години тому

    The blueprint on squashing beef...face to face...take the emotions out of it and move on✊🏾

  9. author

    QrrEnt Distribution4 години тому

    That was not “Black Face”...

  10. author

    FIT FOODIE4 години тому

    In the thumbnail they both look like wannabe white women

  11. author

    S Rogers4 години тому

    Does Angela always sound like that gees

  12. author

    The Astormi4 години тому


  13. author

    Kenneth Bonney4 години тому

    He was researching a$$😂

  14. author

    rock4sevenss774 години тому

    It's some other non black rappers that need the same chin check, but y'all stevie wonder to that.

  15. author

    sDOOM4 години тому

    Wendy lied

  16. author

    Maxxi Seneca4 години тому

    So lilmama finally grewup

  17. author

    Kenneth Bonney4 години тому

    Don't be mad at him!!! Ain't that what all the niggas in the strip club say, " you know she's working her way through college, I'm helping her out"😂 that's what he did!!!!

  18. author

    Mc crypto4 години тому

    DJ envious strikes again

  19. author

    William Logan4 години тому

    On a serious note.... these dollar store air horns are garbage lol

  20. author

    weAllCin4 години тому

    Why did his artist Tash even show up🤨

  21. author

    Spreadluv Dolomight4 години тому

    happy 4 martin & Tisha . only way harpo falls back is if u got dirt on da mf. word.

  22. author

    Erin Hinkle4 години тому

    All love for Dame Dash!!!

  23. author

    TinaSade4 години тому

    Love to hear this man speak

  24. author

    Another Jackson4 години тому

    Dark eye circles Boosie, NFL YoungNigga and Lil Weezer... HARD PASS ✋🏾, NO THANKS over here!

  25. author

    Jonathan Escobar4 години тому


  26. author

    THIRDEYEVISUAL based4 години тому

    Nothing I Love more than Dame Dash’s interviews his words are filled with Life he drops jewels 💎 each time I see him he never talking about what’s trending or the newest Balenciaga or designer belt 💯

  27. author

    Mud Flap4 години тому

    What a mental reject. Her poor kids and family are humiliated for life.

  28. author

    TRU FACTS4 години тому

    Charlamagne the God low 🔑.. Want 2F Dj Envy..😳

  29. author

    D Howard4 години тому

    It was funny, he did not do anything wrong.

  30. author

    Nu Gzus4 години тому

    I wanna be 1 of yee sex slave's she Asian and black we can do the mc hammer to wu tang

  31. author

    Kay Kay Thomas4 години тому

    OMG - Dame Rocky I am sending my sincere condolences for the lost of your unborn baby! Sending fire balls of L.O.V.E ☄️☄️☄️❤️❤️❤️

  32. author

    Christopher Maize4 години тому

    when ur son was doing all that bullshit did u talk to him?? well I hope when he get out he do better

  33. author

    Melissa Bischoff4 години тому

    Hmmmnn CTG is really defensive toward DJE about his own fart 💨 Hiding A LOT! What dudes fart to flirt with other dudes? :/

  34. author

    Esadrian Weldon4 години тому

    This dude is the shit , people are sleeping on him

  35. author

    Curts Sallee4 години тому

    Heard this....raises by my grandparents....

  36. author

    wem meal4 години тому

    They have the same hairline 🤷🏾‍♂️... before he fixed it

  37. author

    christopher gaines4 години тому

    OMG! She's Gorgeous! I was told she use to live in Mt. Vernon, N.Y.

  38. author

    Lamel Jarvis4 години тому

    She such a liar lol

  39. author

    InTj Dre4 години тому

    I could listen to this dude talk all day! Gems 💎

  40. author

    Kim Jai4 години тому

    Dame is the truth . Love his conversation ❤️

  41. author

    Crystal4 години тому

    Funeral... these rappers need to stop manifesting shit with their words

  42. author

    Life Honer4 години тому

    Wendy also lame !!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why 50 got on your ass!!!!!

  43. author

    K-Real 4144 години тому

    Y we never see any non black ppl being interviewed for situations like this??

  44. author

    Appetite 4 Chic4 години тому

    Please watch *Billy Carson* to learn who you TRULY are! “It’s a good time to be black and have a conscious”

  45. author

    Life Honer4 години тому

    Maaaan fawk lil Wayne !!!!!!!! And CHAR-LA-MA-GANG(WEBBIE)!!!!!

  46. author

    Marissa Morais4 години тому

    That’s Kendrick’s understudy hence the maturity.

  47. author

    D'shawn Cherry4 години тому

    I WILL NEVER EVER EVA EVA EVA EVA STOP SAYING THE WORD N!@@A. In my next life I'm liable to be a white lady that loves black 🍆. I might not be able to say it even if it applies. I gotta getem out!

  48. author

    Tracy Chambliss4 години тому

    "I had to pay these dudes a hunnid rax to kome talk on this mic"

  49. author

    Knowledge Circle4 години тому

    Satan sitting right in the church PEWS! 👿👈🏾

  50. author

    Tim Davis4 години тому

    Around 31:00 almost slipped up an said i killed caught himself

  51. author

    Reese Jordan4 години тому

    It’s the same damn joke !! 🤦🏾‍♀️ not SIMILAR.

  52. author

    Damu Ryder4 години тому

    Ali ALL DAY

  53. author

    I Ra4 години тому

    Envy always tryna put people off the show fast. “Well we thank y’all for comi...” Then the interview continues 10 minutes.

  54. author

    Lil Pope4 години тому

    This is bullshit when is the black people going to wake up have police there own community and not let them white people police our community we need to keep our community black black police officers black firefighters black doctors black owned businesses when is my people going to wake up I keep it black because by letting them white folks in they are killing our people

  55. author

    only3ofus4 години тому

    DoItAll? Lords of the underground??

  56. author

    Marquel Marshall4 години тому

    Waiting for choke no joke to come hate on this video with an old roc story. Much respect to Dame ✊🏾

  57. author

    Appetite 4 Chic4 години тому

    I’m surprised he even came back up here lol but hopefully envy doesn’t get in his light skin feelings this time 😂

  58. author

    ThisIsRiseTV4 години тому

    When he talks all I hear is Tariq from power

  59. author

    James Trotter4 години тому

    I fucks with Dame but he stole that entire whole media streaming concept from JT The Bigga Figga aka Figg Panamera. He met with Figg then launched Figg's ideas as his own. And that I don't respect. TrapFlix is what he's modeling after. Support TrapFlix. Pull it up on UAreporter. Also look up JT Bigga Figga interview on Damon Dash.

  60. author

    Sonya Sandifer4 години тому

    The world isn't simple and we have to stop being so simplistic in our thinking.

  61. author

    Omar Abawi4 години тому

    She lieing lol nasty ass!!! U nasty!!!!😂

  62. author

    loyalty honesty respect4 години тому

    13:40 "Misconception in the media that Antwon was black" "In all honesty Antwon's mother is bi-racial". Was Antwon Rose black or nah? I'm confused.

  63. author

    xevious25014 години тому

    charlemagne voice all chocked up. shook

  64. author

    Melo Carlo4 години тому

    Charmaine the god sexual harassment charges coming

  65. author

    B P4 години тому

    HEAR THIS.. Black people don’t respect there own. If it was a GRANT CARDONE saying the same things DAME DASH is saying NEGROES would be at FULL ATTENTION.. in this world a NIGGA can’t BE ARROGANT THROUGH HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS! But any WHITE MAN is automatically given credibility and credence

  66. author

    Allaughton884 години тому

    Bring her back!

  67. author

    Muntu Blackson4 години тому

    steve stoute long been a snake

  68. author

    Melo Carlo4 години тому

    Sun said " no look " Sprays horn 😂😂😂😂😂

  69. author

    Hadwe f a l l e n4 години тому

    Hope he sticks w his producer. Haha. #GODCOMPLEXx

  70. author

    Joseph Benson4 години тому

    I hear Angela Yee, but I don't see Angela Yee.

  71. author

    Ras copper militant warrior4 години тому

    The great great dame...all the laws was made to control us from the last 150 years needs to change.....thats something to bring to reality....

  72. author

    Peachy4 години тому

    niggas about to be married to a white women. doesn't do what he preaches

  73. author

    Go CPNG4 години тому

    If He Did What He Said And The Fruition Has Taken Place You Gotta Give Props Get On Board Or Shut Up.

  74. author

    Dante'4 години тому

    50 Cent turned into the student loan collection.

  75. author

    Go CPNG4 години тому

    This Should Be Good

  76. author

    Sunny Droe4 години тому

    We need a Danny McBride interview.

  77. author

    KoKo loko4 години тому

    He did know that Robert Downey JR, was supposed to be imitating a black man? 🤦🏽‍♀️ he must not have really been paying attention or watched the movie. Lol

  78. author

    CarrereArt Co4 години тому

    Sounds like she had a mic up her ass

  79. author

    swhalum4 години тому

    Angela Yee is fkng useless.

  80. author

    Cameron Thomas4 години тому

    The movie was ok, don’t really care but all you mfs talking bout black people who don’t like it, saying “fake woke” need to shut y’all sell out ass up. You can’t control who likes or dislikes whatever. If they blacc like yo fake ass they have every right to dislike blackface. After all, most of y’all just scared to say what you dislike cuz you pussy raised by pussies🤷🏾‍♂️😒💯. He was funny in the movie though.

  81. author

    BMWTRIP814 години тому

    HUSTLE MAN! Dang I always respect Dam's hustle, but I can only imagine the stress Rocky was under considering her age & all the stuff on their plate. Sometimes u have fall bk & be easy for the big things that come! Best wishes to them

  82. author

    Reibecca Stringer4 години тому

    It's a breath of fresh air when they have an interview when they dont disrespect their guests. Hopefully they stop doing that crap.

  83. author

    dsongreg magnetic sperm4 години тому

    Society at an all time low!

  84. author

    Pure Black4 години тому

    Wtf is Biggie and his crew doing with a wig and lipstick?🤦🏿‍♂️ That's hella suspect

  85. author

    Graham Andersen4 години тому

    Whoever used the word Whack instead of Wack in the title needs to have their street cred card revoked.

  86. author

    pfdrtom4 години тому

    DNA doesn't lie or get confused.

  87. author


    Technically its not "blackface" he was playing a character ANDDDDD someone was always calling him on his shit. And it was actually funny.

  88. author

    garcelle frank4 години тому

    Breakfast Club is getting hard to watch, they’re mad disrespectful to their guest and unprofessional. Let the man talk 🙄 I cringe when they behave like this.

  89. author

    ava eva4 години тому

    A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination or *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* get legit youtube views quickly

  90. author

    ThisIsKeisha4 години тому

    K’s just mad because they just went in on her ass 🤣🤣🤣

  91. author

    Arazoe Love4 години тому

    They pulled out that bag of ass quick on fab😂😂😂😂👀😂😂😂😂

  92. author

    Sethyboy 774 години тому

    Free 6ix9ine 🌈🌈🌈❤️

  93. author

    terran49274 години тому

    I don’t care if it’s funny or not. All I care about is how much did she get paid? Did she $10 million or more? Otherwise all that F Netflix was a stunt and she found her true value.

  94. author

    Twizz The Whiz Kid4 години тому

    Where A$AP Nast at???

  95. author

    Julius Thompson4 години тому

    RIP James Avery

  96. author

    Rolando Castro Credit Coach4 години тому

    Ever interview this guy does he always talks about how big his Dick is. Like ok we get it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  97. author

    ThisIsKeisha4 години тому

    I’m here from the K interview, K was wildn out! She was just mad because they was goin in on her.

  98. author

    Bee N4 години тому

    OK i don't get how CTG and Envy always "JOKE" about being in each other's asses. And that butt and balls mold CTG gave Envy for christmas is mad suspect son.

  99. author

    devon reid4 години тому


  100. author

    Keith McGaffie4 години тому

    I’m just waiting for dame dash to run for President