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  1. author

    The B.O.A.T5 годин тому


  2. author

    P H5 годин тому

    NBA lieing about the certificate of vaccination identification covid Corona vaccine is the virus lol silly bulls great for getting rid of gar pax

  3. author

    Adrius5 годин тому

    Keep that same energy 👏🏾

  4. author

    Stephen Kenmey5 годин тому

    I never thought I’d be saying this but Tiger’s the only Adult in the conversation.

  5. author

    Mike Parker5 годин тому

    It will never be behind him. The New Orleans Saints is now divided forever. Solution: Do not play the Anthem at NFL games.

  6. author

    12krinson5 годин тому

    Wow man drew Brees true colors came out drew care about a non living flag than a human life

  7. author

    TheMatthew66885 годин тому

    What a response from Chiney !!!🙏

  8. author

    K. Scott Son5 годин тому

    They should all take a knee when they restatrt the season

  9. author

    BOOM BRO5 годин тому

    SAS: “Were u NOT planning on going home?!?!”

  10. author

    Mike Parker5 годин тому

    1) Do not display the flag at NFL games 2) Do not play the national anthem at NFL games. 3) Do not have the police at NFL games 4) Do not have military personnel or equipment at NFL games. Welcome to the NFL 2020.

  11. author

    Alfro Samurai5 годин тому

    Stephen "What do you say to that" Smith

  12. author

    Super J5 годин тому

    Pay Jon Dana........PAY JON WHAT HE WANTS DANA

  13. author

    ClydeFrog1255 годин тому

    When you go along with the great narrative that every show an celebrity tells you an dont question it. Good job folks

  14. author

    Rosco Maldonado5 годин тому

    Collin Kaepernick is nothing but a race baiter. George Floyd Does NOT HAVE an impeccable background. There are black people who are honorable than Collin Kaepernick and George Floyd. You can't make the entire USA agree with the kneeling of Collin Kaepernick. Mr David Gorn, a black man who died just a few days ago, to help protect looters and violent riots destroy the community, he is a Hero. Sir Gorn, rest in peace and God bless your honorable services. You will be more remembered that Collin Kaepernick and George Floyd. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  15. author


    If Lakers were out every lame would be excited

  16. author

    Ryan Fodera5 годин тому

    what’s the problem with taking a knee? you know exactly why people are kneeling. I have not heard one person say they are kneeling because they hate veterans. This narrative is just flawed. We have a real problem in this country with police brutality to the African American community, which applies to men, women, AND children. Real change is needed, and needs to be done fast ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  17. author

    ael buel5 годин тому

    Someone telling the truth, and someone talking white propaganda.

  18. author

    Tall Allen5 годин тому

    I'm tired of hearing how we need to understand white people's side, while they have no interest in listening to our side. Understand Brees's family background? They aren't understanding our family background!!! Does white people explaining their family being in the military and whatever deflection they come up with going to change things better for brown people or is brown people explaining our concerns and you having empathy going to change things?

  19. author

    bojo perez5 годин тому

    how come this is different from the other vid which..... cp3 was the master of the elbow jumper

  20. author

    quame705 годин тому

    This Khabib man is for real

  21. author

    Jeff5 годин тому

    And if there is a spike in CV19 in 2 weeks? The what?

  22. author

    Steve Kain5 годин тому

    don't see any "opportunist" looting or any type of violence at pro-gun rallies. Why do "opportunist" criminals keep showing up at BLM protest?

  23. author

    Gregory Harris5 годин тому

    Jalen be so Fried 🤣🤣

  24. author

    Dylan Priest5 годин тому

    4/32 head coaches are black = 12.5% 12% of American population is black What's the problem?

  25. author

    Sean Nguyen5 годин тому

    Why the attention for such a generic response?

  26. author

    bojo perez5 годин тому

    cause no one blocks lebron.... no one wants to get a foul. during shaqs time. it was legal to push him as hard as you could. as much as he also can push back as much as he could

  27. author

    Karthik Bryant5 годин тому

    Laura should stay. No more molly pls

  28. author

    Theo Schommer5 годин тому

    ESPN is trash

  29. author

    Lorilee Myers5 годин тому

    Some of these people need to travel internationally, they'll get a new perspective. Is USA perfect? No, but if we keep electing lefty's it will continue to decline, along with their logic.

  30. author

    christopher langston5 годин тому

    Welp It's 2020 and opinions have been outlawed

  31. author

    Aviann Hart5 годин тому

    Really Tiger! Diligent training 🤦🏾‍♀️ we know you love them and yes there are good police officers, but this is not the point! Stop people pleasing. But according to my brother I shouldn’t take you seriously because you are out of touch when it pertains to our community and my brother is correct he is also a police officer🤷🏽‍♀️ and when it comes to looting it is bad very bad, but it is also a learned trait. Certain people has a history of looting, I mean they looted and exploited a whole nation. But we may not want to address that let’s just scrub it from the pages of history 😉

  32. author

    JohnBoy5 годин тому

    White man comments: Villain and just doesn’t understand! Black man comments: Shows incredible class.. So you tell me .. this seems like the rolls reverse, BUT clearly these are acceptable right ?

  33. author

    C Lrae5 годин тому

    Root of the problem: Why does Drew Brees feel like he has moral authority over what is or is not patriotic? More than his fellow African American coworkers who also have military in their families? He and others will have trouble answering this question. And that is why we have systemic racism.

  34. author

    Kenneth Foster5 годин тому

    Thank God Drew Brees is not a police officer or the President

  35. author

    Odins Spear5 годин тому

    Drew Brees was right

  36. author

    Terrell Hall5 годин тому

    SAS has his nerves he never took Kaepernick reason for granted SAS is a narssicit never take ownership of what he said did what SAS, Malcolm Jenkins, Anquan Boilen who took KAEPERNICK no matter where he came from he is a HERO. SAS u would never play us like we dont understand

  37. author

    Eddy Valenica5 годин тому

    Vibe different w/o Molly lol... She just eye candy, that's it!!!... It'll b different if it was the sexy blonde lady off skip&Shannon show, she actually good at her job, but idk how Molly got her position, so of they got some1 else, wont really matter

  38. author

    Terry Smith5 годин тому

    Snoop, I love you, OG, but the west is strong and Giannis is the truth. Milwaukee has a legit chance this year.

  39. author

    JayJay 7665 годин тому

    I doubt 80-90% of white people feel that way about the flag. I believe many people use that as a convenient excuse to avoid addressing the issue that is CLEARLY being stated. The overwhelming majority of the people who have this stance ironically have the same deflecting excuses for every single form of protest and concern that is brought up.

  40. author

    jjbrown165 годин тому

    Loot boogers home. Let’s see if he’s listening.

  41. author

    Julie Gordon5 годин тому

    Im not shocked at what white America, they give you there money to keep you quiet,he's been buying his way into the black community for years and you'll just took the bait,not every money is good money. (THERES MANY WAYS TO BUY YOU OUT).

  42. author

    Pokemon Master5 годин тому

    If you kneel against the flag you are kneeling against unity because in the national anthem. There are the words 1 nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  43. author

    Andy Vee5 годин тому


  44. author

    Miishca M.5 годин тому

    Drew Brees, We have remembered your comments. No need to apologize now

  45. author

    Potato From NJ5 годин тому

    I’m a thunder fan but we need Giannis to get a ring to secure his legacy

  46. author

    Team Builder5 годин тому

    Don’t tell the obvious truth, Brees. Don’t express freedom of speak in the U.S. they will betray a person’s amendment rights in a split-second. They don’t give a beep about the military.

  47. author

    Kenny Cyrus5 годин тому

    Drew don’t apologize for saying the flag unifies us and is something we can stand behind and can make us do better. We are all Americans, black, white, blue or green. Just because some listen to the media, trying to divide us. Wanting us to fight amongst our selves so we don’t see the real solutions. God bless America and the rest of the world.

  48. author

    T P5 годин тому

    Looks more like an alien than Zuckerberg

  49. author

    john hoskins5 годин тому

    Pushin shovin satisfied with nothing. This is why you don't bend the knee to the new communist party.

  50. author

    table4oneGUY5 годин тому

    What a backtracking coward with his TAIL between his legs, JAMES should apologize for disrespecting this country, DISRESPECTING the flag is not the place to make your point and guetto agenda! These are homeland TERRORISTS!

  51. author

    Preston Alexander5 годин тому

    I hear him asking for "justice for floyd." What would justice be??? First off, what happened to Floyd was murder. But Floyed held a gun to a black pregnant woman's belly, why they were robbing her. He wasnt a good person. The four officers have been arrested. And are being charged. What would justice be??? What about DAVID DORN??? Thats a hero. Not George Floyd.

  52. author

    Viv Pace5 годин тому

    One Hit ringer!

  53. author

    K1Stella5 годин тому

    The NFL receives money from the DoD to play the national anthem. Paid patriotism.

  54. author

    Tony B5 годин тому

    Oh my God, his opinion differs from the approved main line opinion!

  55. author

    Patthana Sayaraj5 годин тому

    Somebody has to take a stand on this kneeling anthem fiasco.

  56. author

    Mark Anderson5 годин тому

    Look Tiger is Tiger. He follow golfer Fuzzy teased him bout bout his Blackness not his Asian side. TIGER has told BLACK jokes. HE knows.

  57. author

    Damage Incorporated5 годин тому

    The issue is you Wilbon, it's all about you,the truth is that white people would feel the same way about a white person having their neck choked, no difference, everyone has seen the video, where were the bystanders intervening,they were recording instead, tough enough to kill innocent people, not tough enough to save a mans life, the whole thing was a travesty for ALL PEOPLE, you're getting too emotional Mike

  58. author

    Lil Nip5 годин тому

    I forgive Brees 👌🏾 he still a 🐐

  59. author

    Jair Silva5 годин тому

    I admired Lance all these years but I was furious when he said: "I would do it all over again!" He messed up so many people in the process and did not give a F@#$K to anyone. If he stays in his retirement everything would be fine but he needed to come back and try to mess up more people. I'm glad the cancer foundation is a serious project that still helps a lot of people.

  60. author

    Basquiat5 годин тому

    You hear that?! think the feds are listening 👀

  61. author

    IG-555 годин тому

    Why am I watching politics on ESPN?

  62. author

    curtflirt25 годин тому

    YO Leon Rose needs to step down from the Knicks

  63. author

    11090 Fang5 годин тому

    Drew never should have apologized He didn't say anything wrong

  64. author

    sky rimJOB4325 годин тому

    Lets go Boston! Tatum finna go off

  65. author

    Zirene x_x5 годин тому

    At least Drew Brees was just ignorant, really ignorant. Jake Fromm on the other hand is fucked, what he said was really bad. I can't see Fromm staying in the NFL for any meaningful time.

  66. author

    BT gaming MCBRIDE5 годин тому

    This man would get knocked out if mike was in his prime

  67. author

    Matt M5 годин тому

    You know why nobody will sign him. Because they don't want to spend every minute of every day being questioned about racism.

  68. author

    Kaye S5 годин тому

    just dont let rudy gobert back lmfao

  69. author

    Tyrell Emerson5 годин тому

    03:21 05:20 0:41

  70. author

    Penn HMWiatt.5 годин тому

    Brees - a person who has given literally millions to under privileged people and more. This guy - not enough. People looting and burning innocent people’s businesses...good.

  71. author

    David Cruzado5 годин тому


  72. author

    Horace5 годин тому

    Thank dear God that NBA is back,even in this format,and that players are healthy!

  73. author

    Phil Chap5 годин тому

    I'll br watching hockey, nascar, and english rugby. Figure out why...

  74. author

    Charles Solomon5 годин тому

    Colin Kaepernick did a great job by kneeling against police brutality and we as black people need to understand that he was trying to send a message of peace but at the same time a strong message of stopping police brutality he was not disrespecting the flag what he was saying is America is the land of freedom but black people did not have the freedom that all other races have

  75. author

    D/ D/5 годин тому

    So how about that freedom of expression? And these same people putting him down preach about equality. Its only wrong if a white person does it

  76. author

    12krinson5 годин тому

    Drew Brees bullcrap apologize

  77. author

    dewight mays5 годин тому

    all they are saying now we get it's now coversation is over action speaks louder trust GOD

  78. author

    BT gaming MCBRIDE5 годин тому

    This wasn’t in his prime though

  79. author

    Scott Baxendale5 годин тому

    It’s time for Steven A. Smith to STFU.

  80. author

    Eric Le5 годин тому

    The underdog Portland Trailblazer about to surprise some people

  81. author

    BxxDxx Hoodoo5 годин тому

    Remember when ESPN was a sports network, not pander to black politico network constantly

  82. author

    W. H.5 годин тому

    Adams got 3 Adams Apples

  83. author

    Aid_n5 годин тому

    Lebron is talking fax. They don’t neel because they are trying to say “f*ck America” they’re trying to show a message from the wrong doings of other and imitating it

  84. author

    Patch Javier5 годин тому

    PP's vid and audio quality: Vid = NICE Audio = Not nice

  85. author

    riggedzone5 годин тому

    It’s sad that even after seeing what is going on, people like Drew don’t see. Smh.

  86. author

    luis r5 годин тому

    Paul pierce is in No ones top 5. Except maybe most theatrical come back from “injury” in. The finals

  87. author

    Sylvia Bonfiglio5 годин тому

    01:37 02:41 0:16

  88. author

    mk ultra5 годин тому

    Get a clue Americans your fight is with all of the POLITICIAN'S!!! THEY CREATED THIS MACHINE!!!OF HATE ALONG TIME AGO!!!🤫

  89. author

    Frank Stange5 годин тому

    Jimmy G hasnt won that many games its usually the runningbacks and the defense

  90. author

    Sean Keenan5 годин тому

    Yall do know a white man who served in the military made the suggestion to Kap to kneel...right😶

  91. author

    Raynor Colkers5 годин тому

    Why u guys discussing politics?

  92. author

    p 285 годин тому

    As a white man, to me, Wilbon hits it out of the ball park! Well said Michael. Well said!

  93. author

    Horace5 годин тому

    Thanks Merciful God that NBA is back even in this format, and that for all players are good and healthy!

  94. author

    Michelle Strand5 годин тому

    01:46 0:51 01:19

  95. author

    Khaled M. Pangcoga5 годин тому

    I can't wait to see him go to his prime.

  96. author

    steph r5 годин тому

    Thank you, Malcom Jennings. The Gag order is on everyone, but it has deadly consequences for you, and that is wrong. So wrong.

  97. author

    Larry Dillard5 годин тому

    Dale you are well received in the black community and you always been a stand up guy and Bubba is great for the sport and great for minorities to be the only black Nascar Driver,it would be great if more Nascar guys speak up and speak out

  98. author

    Ayush Rajput5 годин тому

    Rockets gonna destroy everyone

  99. author

    \/\//\/\5 годин тому


  100. author

    buzz Sawyer5 годин тому

    Then why do it DURING the anthem then? Have a knee after the anthem. Somebody lying uh hu. Let's be fair now cheaters never win.