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  1. author

    Joseph 2095 годин тому

    You got kawhi to laugh 😂

  2. author

    koray aydin5 годин тому

    : )

  3. author

    Laverna Runnels5 годин тому

    DumASS, nuff said.

  4. author

    RayReactz5 годин тому

    What if Dk did that ?

  5. author

    Jabriel Felder5 годин тому

    Perk always crying lol slowly turning into Ryan Hollins

  6. author

    DL Gray5 годин тому

    Who u got.I got bucks, heat, Celtics, & raptors advancing then l like heat n 7 and (I want Boston) but raptors to beat heat then lose n 6 to whom ever

  7. author

    The Kaillou5 годин тому

    jimmy a good teammate for standing up for his teammates but cp3 did nothing. all he did was a smart basketball play so he didn’t get a turnover

  8. author

    Eclipt Crxnks5 годин тому


  9. author

    isaac muturi5 годин тому

    This is why i dont watch NBA anymore... i get away from the news to watch sports.... only to find the same thing in sports....

  10. author

    Noah Perez5 годин тому

    RJ and Perkins are literally the worse co hosts ever. They both are corny and try to be SAS too much

  11. author

    Млађo5 годин тому

    Young guy just want to hit touchdown on home field.

  12. author

    alan samples5 годин тому

    hellboy 2019

  13. author

    Harun5 годин тому

    Im a Chicago native and a Bulls fan, but ESPN is kind of wrong to put Fizdale on the spot and ask him about a fired coach. Coaching is a fraternity and they would never brag about another coach getting fired or take his job.

  14. author

    Peyton Stamper5 годин тому

    Title makes no sense because if you’re a bucket in the NBA then you’re a problem....

  15. author

    Michael Lowery5 годин тому

    No Molly but now Perkins is on here smh

  16. author

    Jonny Dodge5 годин тому

    If Floyd went in the octagon with Connor he wouldn’t last 30 seconds😂

  17. author

    Bubl Sports5 годин тому

    He should be fined

  18. author

    DL Gray5 годин тому

    Where would u rank Jimmie Butler. I got like 30 players better than him. He is (to me) a defensive player that has a b- to b mid range ability. No real separation but effective at times. Any thoughts

  19. author

    Joseph Mendoza5 годин тому

    Richard you're right!!!... DEVIN BOOKER IS THE MVP!!!!!

  20. author

    Michael Lowery5 годин тому

    Why is Perkins on First Take?

  21. author

    ntrader marine5 годин тому

    MVP doesn't mean most improve player i get that broker was great but lillard performance was far more important for his team and more impressive.

  22. author

    LeeTravius Mckay5 годин тому

    The Bulls need to hire Mark Jackson

  23. author

    Bo Rood5 годин тому

    Blazers. Grizzlies have to win twice. That's not gonna happen.

  24. author

    Akil Blanton5 годин тому

    Stephen A on the weeeed

  25. author

    Jordan Dean5 годин тому

    This dude got beef with everyone, chill out bro

  26. author

    John Leung5 годин тому

    dunno why they bring players who avged like 5 ppg in their career as a basketball analysis. This guy is literally wrong about everything

  27. author

    D5 годин тому

    Molly who???

  28. author

    Chinese Virus5 годин тому

    Jimmy talkin an trouble makin cos he know he secret daddy MJ 23 gots he back an influential bruh real talk. He ain't no nothin if his dad ain't MJ tho kinda like lite skin Austin River

  29. author

    Trevor George5 годин тому

    Magic sounds like the friend that wanted to be neutral. Even when saying how Isiah would have gotten along on the dream team. Now we all know that locker room would have been as silent as a cricket because no one like the "Bad Boys"

  30. author

    Equality 7-25215 годин тому

    I absolutely hate college sports. So, I'm happy I don't have to hear about it anymore. It would fit me fine if they cancelled all sports forever. I watch these sports pundits sometimes because I enjoy watching pompous people pretend to be informed and intelligent. I mean look at these guys. Have you ever seen such privileged, soft people in your life?

  31. author

    Alontrae Walker5 годин тому

    This supposed to be some sort of beef or something between Cp3 & Jimmy? Man that weak stuff. Let me know when someone actually does something that’s warranted to be called a beef

  32. author

    D L5 годин тому

    So you don’t make Luka a MVP contender because you refused to consider he could be better than all the legends of the past ? That’s it. To not insult the past, you will give him the consolation price.

  33. author

    AJ Jenkins5 годин тому

    These two don't get on because they are cut from the same cloth. Love both players and they both got that dog in them.

  34. author

    Emmanuel Ray5 годин тому

    The butler

  35. author

    Michael King5 годин тому

    For a guy the haven’t win nothing he talk a lot 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  36. author

    Nick Hancock5 годин тому

    Cubs been doing it right and reaping the benefits!

  37. author

    Benjamin Berman5 годин тому

    “Zac lavine can ball, Markannen can ball, but they have no talent” 😂😂😂 Stephen A is a master at the oxymoron.

  38. author

    Angelo McGowen5 годин тому

    Only if kyrie doesnt mess things up again

  39. author

    Calvin G5 годин тому

    Let’s be real SAS just flexed on the whole network 😂😂😂

  40. author

    Héctor Saúl Maldonado5 годин тому

    I’m impressed by how Perkins mentioned the Bucks being 3-5 in the bubble and lost their defensive identity, but didn’t say anything about the Lakers who had the same record.

  41. author

    J.C. U later5 годин тому

    Man I hope this kid is as good as these ppl talkin sheesh...smh

  42. author

    2 Legit5 годин тому

    61 ,51,42, and perk thinks the bubble MVP is Booker?nonsense ,he is just a laker cheerleader hating on dame .

  43. author

    LeeTravius Mckay5 годин тому

    It should be Blazers vs Suns tomorrow

  44. author

    Mr. Excitement5 годин тому

    Jimmy butlers great. Love the confidence, with a side of humor. Serious but friendly.

  45. author

    Joseph Allen5 годин тому

    There’s gonna be so many memes from this segment alone 😭😭

  46. author

    Logan Podojil5 годин тому

    Since y’all won’t say it I will, he took the bigoted argument of ”if you don’t agree with me you can go back where you came from”, how hypocritical. Seems like he’s conservative about the “leadership” in his conference. How about when the B1G misses out on a year of development. You only offer concerns and no answers about the scholarships, how do you offer eligibility with no funds to do so? Will they be allowed to hold 100+ scholarships while the schools who play don’t? You’re putting all of your eggs into the ego basket of a few so you can suppose a moral “victory”. When OSU and Michigan can not pull 5 star athletes anymore (due to weak spines in leadership roles) , the B1G or the PAC10 will be the ones who dissolve, not the BigXII.

  47. author

    Zakkary Andersen5 годин тому

    Hahaha atta boy Stephen A the host did not like your take on this

  48. author

    King Gemini5 годин тому

    Why they letting this man sweat boil off of his forehead?

  49. author

    Anato Shohe5 годин тому

    "If you want some, get through". Rach going down for sure👀

  50. author

    Nicholas Woods5 годин тому

    Antonio brown

  51. author

    LeeTravius Mckay5 годин тому

    Devin Booker is a hella bucket

  52. author

    Amir Hamssa5 годин тому

    Seahawks should've ran the ball

  53. author

    P P5 годин тому

    Steven A talks about people being happy like Jalen Rose because he's saying he's getting some from Molly his wife that to still kind of unappropriate and not even should be talking about that kind of stuff on that show but then they go in try to single out Lavar ball for telling Molly he could change gears with her anytime and it didn't even seem sexual now that Steven A is talking about people sexual life they don't even say anything

  54. author

    Bryan Martinez5 годин тому

    Colts have a better o line than the chargers and Rivers really didn’t have a good o line.

  55. author

    Joseph Mendoza5 годин тому


  56. author

    Rogue Snipa Gaming5 годин тому

    I bet this man is beyond embarrassed. The whole nation laughing at how stupid that was

  57. author

    Arion Starks5 годин тому

    Grizzlies in 2

  58. author

    Paavan Gorrepati5 годин тому

    Luka Donchesssss

  59. author

    YourRealtorSam5 годин тому

    So many beef lol

  60. author

    Jupiter Rebong5 годин тому

    It's playoffs time

  61. author

    Adam5 годин тому

    Amen!!!!🙌🙌 Love this

  62. author

    El Chino5 годин тому

    Finally the suns and booker are getting the attention they deserved all season

  63. author

    Omer Vaqaas5 годин тому

    The league has gotten sooo soft that they gotta beg a beef so meaningless. This is a joke. He didn't even do anything to Chris Paul, wow he charged into him slightly. I like Jimmy sometimes but this is why many people don't like him because he comes across as such a try hard. It's like when he signed with Miami and he got to practice at 2am, but that isn't the try hard part it's the fact that he decided to broadcast the fact that he turned up at 2am. Stop begging it man seriously

  64. author

    🖕🏽5 годин тому

    It should be Suns vs Blazers....8-0 in the bubble and they have the same record as the Grizzlies 🤦🏽‍♂️

  65. author

    George C5 годин тому

    Stephen A. Smith called it! 😂

  66. author

    Praj Bal5 годин тому

    high school prolly the only place perk got buckets

  67. author

    Patindo5 годин тому

    Is ESPN high Devin Booker a hella bucket

  68. author

    Fil Mart5 годин тому

    I’d be fishing but you have to be careful with gators. It is said that in Florida assume all lakes, rivers, creeks etc. has a gator in it.

  69. author

    ONExPUNCH xROB5 годин тому

    Keep that same energy for Drew Brees

  70. author

    Igor Barduco5 годин тому

    Please Bulls, go after *JAY LARRANAGA*

  71. author

    BLACK KIA ELITE 125 годин тому

    Devin Booker is a Bucket no doubt about it the Suns wanna win so they gave him them Dollars.

  72. author

    YhwhKhaiMostHigh5 годин тому

    Rakim's my #1 lyricist!

  73. author

    SbuNgaba Nqh5 годин тому

    I’ve seen this movie before... Celtics took Lebron to game 7 without Kyrie and same projections were made... the actual result couldn’t have been further.

  74. author

    Young Lord Kei-9ine5 годин тому

    Perk had to go all the way to high school

  75. author

    Kyle Lowry5 годин тому

    Kot4q will be hyped

  76. author

    LG35 годин тому

    This guy needed some 2pac in his life - M.O.B. bruh.

  77. author

    Calvin Williams5 годин тому

    max said 'is she football player size? i see you, no problem' looool

  78. author

    Mr Wat Da HELL5 годин тому

    The Pelicans because they drafted the MIGHTY zion THE GOD OF BASKETBALL LMFAO zion get in shape FAT BOY

  79. author

    mxkxylplk5 годин тому

    BLM founder admit they are trained under Marxism. They are a Trojan Horse.

  80. author

    Woke AF5 годин тому

    Devin Buckets