Sabaton are a five-piece metal band from Falun, Sweden.
Combining soaring power riffs with distinctive deep vocals, their lyrics focus on the exploits of war, from ancient historical battles to modern acts of heroism.
Their electrifying live show - which features a full-sized and firing tank - has won numerous industry accolades, while two of their eight studio albums are certified platinum sellers.
Their most recent album, The Last Stand, achieved a peak world chart position of #6, reaching the number one spot in four countries.
The band, who are signed to the worlds biggest metal label Nuclear Blast are doing over 100 shows every year all around the world.



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Sabaton Cruise 2017Sabaton Cruise 2017

Sabaton Cruise 2017

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  1. author

    Erica BlakemanГодину тому

    And Also There's A Game About Verdun In Roblox Its Called Verdun:Gone Tomorrow

  2. author

    Gandulf da BlueГодину тому

    You guys need to react to Dragonforce write a Sabaton song in 10 mins!

  3. author

    Erica BlakemanГодину тому

    Wait A Second The Artillery In This Video The Cannon Part Its Supossed To Go Backwards A Little!

  4. author

    SinnermanГодину тому

    Skål 🍻

  5. author

    TrapphusГодину тому

    Please dont play Nuclear Attack. There's a limit and it's reached wayyy before you bring out an A-bomb!

  6. author

    Defalt O-oГодину тому

    German commander: "Ich denke, sie sind alle tot. Wir können die Offensive fortsetzen." Some voice through the green mist: "Ну иди сюда, еб@ная паскуда"

  7. author

    Ale B2 години тому

    Goosebumps! Every time I hear this song in my own language! 🇸🇪🤘

  8. author

    tiffy moore2 години тому

    stay safe and healthy! Love you

  9. author

    tiffy moore2 години тому

    I miss you battle brothers and I can't wait until you can tour again! I just wish I had the money to come and see you even if we were allowed to open again

  10. author

    cyanixxx cyanixxx2 години тому

    This song is so amazing!!.. Joakim Looks so badass and cool running out to the stage!!

  11. author

    ASadPuppy2 години тому

    I swear Joakim's knee is more banged up than Dresden

  12. author

    Kobus Ferreira3 години тому

    Still awesome, even though I did not understand a word of it

  13. author

    ASadPuppy3 години тому

    Apocalyptica and Sabaton is probably the most blessed collab in collab history.

  14. author

    Perak Empire3 години тому

    Kaiser vs

  15. author

    an mlg slug productions3 години тому

    Joakim He protec He attac But most importantly he could snap me in half by breathing on me

  16. author

    AfifKimiz3 години тому

    When I Play Uncharted Drake Fortune When I Found The Kriegsmarine... Automatically I Play This Song And Fight The Bad Guys

  17. author

    Riko Bahari3 години тому

    Ada orang INDONESIA

  18. author

    Twirl.-3 години тому

    i like how smaurais are brave af they just fast and brutal

  19. author

    GianniS S4 години тому

    I don't always listen to SABATON, but when I do, so do the neighbors.

  20. author

    M1A1JD4 години тому

    Anyone else blast bvb this playing verdun heights on battlefield 1?

  21. author

    Depressed Potato4 години тому

    A good way to enjoy history :)

  22. author

    World Weaver4 години тому

    okay someone do an AMV of this song with Saga of Tanya the Evil/Military Records of a Young Girl's MC Major Tanya Von Degurechaff.

  23. author

    Norvegas4 години тому

    When you start smurfing in War Thunder

  24. author

    Ivo Plays4 години тому

    The 9.3k dislikes are from the brittish

  25. author

    StikkyFeet4 години тому


  26. author

    Портуфокс Великий4 години тому

    Respect to Poland. From Russia. 🇵🇱❤🇷🇺

  27. author

    Adon Ripple4 години тому

    Holy shit imagine sitting on top of a tank and drumming😂

  28. author

    Alice DoesThing4 години тому

    Russian don't die, they respawn

  29. author

    Trojann Perez5 годин тому

    Sabaton should have been alive in the 90's so that I could have passed my History class.

  30. author

    Insane Play5 годин тому

    Best power metal :)

  31. author

    Назар Гоков5 годин тому

    where is the winged huusars?

  32. author

    Daniel Carr5 годин тому

    *sips totally bot British tea

  33. author

    Bruhsound effect 25 годин тому

    I have only just found this song and already love it

  34. author

    94djanek6 годин тому

    We Need both lyrics Videos together ☺Introduction t han music intro and song

  35. author

    Maximillian Nechiporuk6 годин тому

    “I serve the Soviet Union” “ we don’t do that here” “ *I SERVE THE FRENCH REPUBLIC* “

  36. author

    Fishing pole studios6 годин тому

    War is hell, but when you leave, there’s another hell waiting for you

  37. author

    Mantis King6 годин тому

    I'm a little surprised and more than a little disappointed that this song fails to mention that Von Richtofen was shot down by a beagle, of all things.

  38. author

    Micke B7 годин тому

    hell yes

  39. author

    Larry Wolf7 годин тому

    I wish they had used Swiss guard iconography for this song instead of WWII images...

  40. author

    Veirax7 годин тому

    Poles: starts coming out of sewers and are shooting at Germans Germans: *confused pikachu*

  41. author

    Kenthis158 годин тому

    Deus Vult.

  42. author

    meme machine8 годин тому

    Lmao those stab sounds just made laugh for the rest of the video

  43. author

    HaxuppDee-858 годин тому

    Ace Rimmer

  44. author

    Trevor Grady8 годин тому

    when your health is below 10 and you get a big kill feed

  45. author

    Hexed9 годин тому


  46. author

    LesterJester9 годин тому

    Ready to seize Constantinople and retake Hagia Sophia?

  47. author

    danilkaplay 0099 годин тому

    Slava imperii!!

  48. author

    Animation- Tube9 годин тому

    Are you remember who captured Berlin :) Red army not USA

  49. author

    Joshua Lmao9 годин тому

    Älskar eran kanal! Min favorit album Är carolus rex! Kommer denna túrne i 2021 Vara instäld? pga corona

  50. author

    Jean-Luc Martel9 годин тому

    Meanwhile in the soviet union: thanks for finally showing up western comrades.

  51. author

    KMS Bismarck10 годин тому

    Creepy... the perfect word for this building