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I painted on a 12 hour flightI painted on a 12 hour flight

I painted on a 12 hour flight

17 днів тому



26 днів тому

A day in my life in brazilA day in my life in brazil

A day in my life in brazil

Місяць тому

I bleached my hairI bleached my hair

I bleached my hair

Місяць тому

How to Crash a WeddingHow to Crash a Wedding

How to Crash a Wedding

2 місяці тому

The same video one year laterThe same video one year later

The same video one year later

2 місяці тому

I graduated from high schoolI graduated from high school

I graduated from high school

2 місяці тому

The final week of high schoolThe final week of high school

The final week of high school

3 місяці тому

I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud SuitI DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit

I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit

3 місяці тому

Oops I'm in New YorkOops I'm in New York

Oops I'm in New York

4 місяці тому

I went to promI went to prom

I went to prom

4 місяці тому

Study with me ft. SenioritisStudy with me ft. Senioritis

Study with me ft. Senioritis

4 місяці тому

I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merchI DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch

I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch

5 місяців тому

I painted for 24 hours straightI painted for 24 hours straight

I painted for 24 hours straight

5 місяців тому

Let's talk about schoolLet's talk about school

Let's talk about school

5 місяців тому

WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNEWeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE

WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE

5 місяців тому

Here's what I did over the weekendHere's what I did over the weekend

Here's what I did over the weekend

6 місяців тому

Come with me to a swim meetCome with me to a swim meet

Come with me to a swim meet

6 місяців тому

Meanwhile, in CanadaMeanwhile, in Canada

Meanwhile, in Canada

6 місяців тому

I painted A Starry Starry NightI painted A Starry Starry Night

I painted A Starry Starry Night

6 місяців тому

24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition

24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition

7 місяців тому

Dear Mom, give me a dogDear Mom, give me a dog

Dear Mom, give me a dog

7 місяців тому

It is exam season.It is exam season.

It is exam season.

7 місяців тому

The History of John CenaThe History of John Cena

The History of John Cena

8 місяців тому



8 місяців тому

I painted the Mona LisaI painted the Mona Lisa

I painted the Mona Lisa

8 місяців тому

Brad Mondo, this is for youBrad Mondo, this is for you

Brad Mondo, this is for you

9 місяців тому

I DIY'd my own Christmas treeI DIY'd my own Christmas tree

I DIY'd my own Christmas tree

9 місяців тому

A week in the life of John CenaA week in the life of John Cena

A week in the life of John Cena

9 місяців тому

Playing A Horror GamePlaying A Horror Game

Playing A Horror Game

9 місяців тому

URGENT: Hair TutorialURGENT: Hair Tutorial

URGENT: Hair Tutorial

9 місяців тому

A second attempt at a self portraitA second attempt at a self portrait

A second attempt at a self portrait

10 місяців тому

A very productive weekendA very productive weekend

A very productive weekend

10 місяців тому

A (very late) Halloween SpooptacularA (very late) Halloween Spooptacular

A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular

10 місяців тому

Waxing and Ranting: ASMR EditionWaxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition

Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition

10 місяців тому

I DIY'd my own wedding dressI DIY'd my own wedding dress

I DIY'd my own wedding dress

11 місяців тому

Turning Myself Into the Cookie MonsterTurning Myself Into the Cookie Monster

Turning Myself Into the Cookie Monster

11 місяців тому

Following a Rob Boss painting tutorialFollowing a Rob Boss painting tutorial

Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial

11 місяців тому



Рік тому

A Jojo Siwa makeoverA Jojo Siwa makeover

A Jojo Siwa makeover

Рік тому



Рік тому



Рік тому



Рік тому

  1. author

    Empathic Paradox23 хвилини тому

    Narcissism is one hell of a drug... Flake, just turn off the posts and get on with the rest of your life.

  2. author

    Steph26 хвилин тому

    Living on campus sounds very anxiety inducing

  3. author

    leonard010434 хвилини тому

    4×12 Pushups? Your are the strongest skinny girl I know damn

  4. author

    Little Miss Snuggly44 хвилини тому

    I'm just casually waiting for Joana to come out of my closet

  5. author

    Alex Brouillard54 хвилини тому

    It's called the big apple cus all the grow in this god forsaken place is apples

  6. author

    Jireh Choo54 хвилини тому

    Welcome to episode 4 of Why is this in my recommendations?

  7. author

    Sarah Plays57 хвилин тому

    Joana: *aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh* *SAVANYAHHHH*

  8. author

    Yoshi58 хвилин тому

    Can u recreate ur first video?

  9. author

    Jonas GrumbyГодину тому

    Idiotic. Jesus Christ.

  10. author

    Noob HeadVevoГодину тому

    2:58 I have three, me,myself and I

  11. author

    hi_hoГодину тому

    get iphone 6s

  12. author

    BorlunddahlГодину тому

    I love you so Munch

  13. author

    Creme JockeyГодину тому

    Those are South American avocados. The small ones are from Mexico, more widely/easily distributed and nothing good comes from there. Edit: when i heard Brazil and food i was waiting for that rotisserie steak shit that they cut for you like u had at that restaurant. We had a Brazilian restaurant near my house on Long Island like this about 8 years ago. Also i hate watch your channel lol

  14. author

    Ajna & AjnaГодину тому

    It's pretty cool

  15. author

    harrison jacobГодину тому

    did no one notice 4 words for every 1 second 1 minute = 60 seconds 60 seconds x 4 words = 240 words

  16. author

    RobertГодину тому

    Had the same opinion on “Don’t call me an angel” Lana Del Rey carried the whole video.

  17. author

    Tomáš Mamula2 години тому

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with your math young lady! 4 words for every second that passes by so for a minute its not 400 words but 240 words. Pffff don't even know if i should keep watching ˇˇ Thomas <3

  18. author

    extella :]2 години тому

    My dudes

  19. author

    Chakuro :32 години тому


  20. author

    Sadia Khan2 години тому

    *_a coconut tree in your head_*

  21. author

    birdkun212 години тому

    Who are you? And why are you in my recommendation?? Who also got this??

  22. author

    Nemu Nomu2 години тому

    When her dad walked in I expected her to say “sorry” or something, not “excuse you” lmao

  23. author

    Peppa Pig2 години тому

    Joana: we are almost at 3 million subs and you know what’s around the corner *me: BAkiNg 3 MiLliOn cOOkIeS wItH jOaNa*

  24. author

    Angel Landin2 години тому

    I’ve learned more on your channel than I ever have in my whole school life.

  25. author

    Claire Kelly2 години тому

    Now the mini microphone is iconic

  26. author

    It’s me눈_눈2 години тому

    Who is her first sub

  27. author

    Luna Bridges2 години тому


  28. author

    Willow3 години тому

    A John cena video is not where I thought I would find Walking Dead spoilers but what do I know??

  29. author

    EJisPlaying3 години тому

    if u say that dont be a follower be a leader if you are a leader and everybody is following you and all those followers become leaders you would officialy be a loner

  30. author

    AZ CLUEless3 години тому

    “I am a GOAT”

  31. author

    Raina Trujillo3 години тому

    7:29 my inner sad demon is awakening because of this

  32. author

    Raina Trujillo3 години тому

    Girl I hate: *touches my arm* Me: 4:19

  33. author

    Plu VennΨ3 години тому

    Girl who is exact one day away from Gemini into cancer talks A LOT more than any person exact cancer sign.

  34. author

    Ema Stankoski Hrgović3 години тому

    This is the same hotel Niki DeMar went to

  35. author

    jason taylor3 години тому

    Your voice is annoying as hell and makes me want to commit toasterbath

  36. author

    Preslava Beshevlieva3 години тому

    8:35 Joanna is not listening only old songs (lol it's so relatable to me)

  37. author

    mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine3 години тому

    The reason for the broken throat is thru talking with ‘vocal fry’. Eg like saying war-durrrrr instead of war-tuh for ‘water’.

  38. author

    arc3 години тому

    i physically cannot get over how good joanas hair looks thank you brad mondo i am forever indebted. literally clicked this thumbnail because her hair looks. SO GOOD

  39. author

    BTNLOCO3 години тому

    So I joana is not doing memes...........................................bye

  40. author

    Jyswoo3 години тому

    Don't be a half rep andy. I want to see full range of motion. Correct that technique.

  41. author

    BTNLOCO3 години тому

    University of toronto

  42. author

    Steve McQueen4 години тому

    DIY cruella deville outfit

  43. author

    Bangtan Sonyeondan4 години тому

    I like avocados

  44. author

    Justin Ngeny4 години тому

    2:03 males don’t use that machine bruv

  45. author

    Verbal Learning4 години тому

    "We're almost at 3 million subs so... You know what's around the corner" Diabetes?

  46. author

    Verbal Learning4 години тому

    So Joana is the one always saying she has a 400 word essay due for tomorrow. I always wondered who it was and now i know.

  47. author

    Tem Tolentino4 години тому

    Tbh u still look way too pretty when u had an allergic reaction, I look really ugly when Im having an allergic reaction wtf

  48. author

    with Brian4 години тому

    i am literally learning how to be a youtuber through you

  49. author

    Sam Kenney4 години тому

    As a human who tried the whole "lets make you move into a dorm suddenly bc society says so" I made it a whole three days before I wanted to claw my way through the brick-ladden hell wall to go home

  50. author

    Shanique Wright4 години тому

    I love the effort she puts in the subtitles too 😂😂😂

  51. author

    Gildrick Gonzaga4 години тому

    I see you in Omegle?

  52. author

    Hammy5 годин тому


  53. author

    ~Natalie~5 годин тому

    After I heard what they did to Carl I couldn’t watch twd anymore (also because I got into other shows lol) And same about the iPhone 6! I recently bought one and not a newer iPhone just for the headphone jack... I like my skull candy earbuds and will not be carrying a dongle with me wherever I go thank you very much 😂 I’m in my second year of university and I’m taking Calculus... I wish I had your affinity for math lol good luck in your studies!

  54. author

    First Lastt5 годин тому

    bitch trying to be edgy as fuck

  55. author

    Το Ευρηκα5 годин тому

    Anyone else here at almost million?

  56. author

    *.-ωσlƒ gιяl-.*5 годин тому

    That painting was so beautiful though :(

  57. author

    Maddi Pugh5 годин тому

    i forgot how friggin cute you looked with your blonde hair YES BITCH

  58. author

    HeyWaitStop5 годин тому

    i can smell this video

  59. author

    Fiona :0 :35 годин тому

    In a year u get 2m subs

  60. author

    Sophia Amelia Mossuto5 годин тому

    lol 😂

  61. author

    Marcos M5 годин тому

    “ I’ve never been into sweets” “when I was young I used to eat raw sugar” 😂😂😂😂😂

  62. author

    Dominic Durant5 годин тому

    I keep getting mental health related ads for this channel loll

  63. author

    adri katzin5 годин тому

    yew! I'm majoring in physics to and totally relate to people's reactions! goodluck sista

  64. author

    Teh Real shortie5 годин тому


  65. author

    Paige Elise5 годин тому

    I'm like low key in love with her. It's just low key and I don't know how it happened but it did

  66. author

    fiona dunn5 годин тому

    I’m sick.helpme.

  67. author

    Kim Zastrow5 годин тому

    I used to have glasses like that before everyone thought it was a joke to steal or break them

  68. author

    Bootiful Solby6 годин тому

    You my lady, are perfect for a Wattpad story

  69. author

    sam6 годин тому

    i thought those were turtles on your sweater at first and i was gonna say oh hi grandma

  70. author

    Lucia Nicklaus6 годин тому

    Cat? Copied Friend? buried Crown? You should see me in it Eyes? Ocean Guy? Bad Belly? Aching Party? Over Eillish? Billied Wig? Snatched *Hotel? Trivago*

  71. author

    strawberryshortcake6 годин тому

    finally another 18 year old who still hasnt got their G1 😅😅

  72. author

    Sahar Tuna6 годин тому

    1:38 did - did joana just say ass.

  73. author

    amelia jayne6 годин тому

    My obsession with Shawn Mendes is not healthy... Maybe me and your mom can be friends😂🤟🏼😎

  74. author

    LilFran6 годин тому

    i thought she was allergic to nuts 👀

  75. author

    Nicole Arnold6 годин тому

    “Why don’t you just shave your head off” what I heard: “shave your hair off” john cena: I hate how it flops around when I work out me: ....😐

  76. author

    dori ame6 годин тому

    If you just watched my mom, visit me channel. If your bored. If not, then ignore me.

  77. author

    Lauren Farmer6 годин тому

    i watched the "Just do it" video in school and we had to take notes on a meme

  78. author

    DrFloofy6 годин тому

    I do not understand description America explain

  79. author

    Sic-out Is not your kind6 годин тому

    i would totally buy these-

  80. author

    Yasmine Saadi6 годин тому

    *Oh my god why* The painting was so good...😭

  81. author

    Bag of Goodness6 годин тому

    Thank you for standing for small boob people! I love being a pancake!

  82. author

    Nadiya Crisano6 годин тому


  83. author

    Sarah6 годин тому

    bby jenna marbles?

  84. author

    LilFran6 годин тому

    i respect the hours you spent on editing this 😎

  85. author

    Clemtine Everett6 годин тому

    Hey this is a question if u do another q&a Will u ever play a game on the channel •again•. If u do play the walking dead Michone good stuff

  86. author

    Danielle Blessie6 годин тому

    Joan Crawford, spicy question: do u date/party?

  87. author

    Aab V6 годин тому

    I fall in love with this girl❤

  88. author

    Meredith Rose6 годин тому

    John Cena, are you good at math because I’m having trouble and you are the smartest person I know 🙃

  89. author

    lividwonder6 годин тому

    “Tumblr girls” wasn’t even mentioned when talking about VSCO girls and now I’m wondering if I’m just plain old now

  90. author

    lua -6 годин тому

    youtube recommends me joana's videos me, opening the video already laughing my ass off: JLSNSLAJSLAJSLKALA iloveherJSKANOSNSLAK

  91. author

    Mariana Pichardo6 годин тому

    I want to do it Sooo...UR SO GOOD AT THIS

  92. author

    Jose Carlos7 годин тому

    Back to school shmooping? América explica

  93. author

    Kiki Peaches7 годин тому

    It’s ok I don’t like “don’t call me angel” either

  94. author

    TheLuck2237 годин тому

    get the 6s

  95. author

    Bredsaco7 годин тому

    If looks pretty good

  96. author

    Mary gacha playz7 годин тому

    Soo.. Ima new subscriber and I love you so much memey just like me but your much older than me but I loved you

  97. author

    Falling Beauty7 годин тому

    Mom is turning into grandma

  98. author

    Neleh Patterson7 годин тому

    carl didn’t deserve to dieeeeeeee😭😭

  99. author

    Rattler7 годин тому

    OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE ADORABLE. How did I end up here

  100. author

    Elizabeth Garcia7 годин тому

    Wow she has a good relationship with her parents...couldn’t be me