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Run a track workout with meRun a track workout with me

Run a track workout with me

21 день тому

Happy Birthday Mother GooseHappy Birthday Mother Goose

Happy Birthday Mother Goose

Місяць тому



2 місяці тому

Paint with me ft. Christmas ChaosPaint with me ft. Christmas Chaos

Paint with me ft. Christmas Chaos

2 місяці тому

I ran away from home lolI ran away from home lol

I ran away from home lol

2 місяці тому

What I did on my day offWhat I did on my day off

What I did on my day off

3 місяці тому

Getting my driver's licenseGetting my driver's license

Getting my driver's license

5 місяців тому

You're in trouble and we need to talkYou're in trouble and we need to talk

You're in trouble and we need to talk

5 місяців тому

It is the first day of universityIt is the first day of university

It is the first day of university

5 місяців тому

I painted on a 12 hour flightI painted on a 12 hour flight

I painted on a 12 hour flight

5 місяців тому



6 місяців тому

A day in my life in brazilA day in my life in brazil

A day in my life in brazil

6 місяців тому

I forced Brad Mondo to fix my hairI forced Brad Mondo to fix my hair

I forced Brad Mondo to fix my hair

6 місяців тому

I bleached my hairI bleached my hair

I bleached my hair

7 місяців тому

Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleepFlying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep

Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep

7 місяців тому

How to Crash a WeddingHow to Crash a Wedding

How to Crash a Wedding

7 місяців тому

The same video one year laterThe same video one year later

The same video one year later

8 місяців тому

I graduated from high schoolI graduated from high school

I graduated from high school

8 місяців тому

The final week of high schoolThe final week of high school

The final week of high school

8 місяців тому

I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud SuitI DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit

I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit

9 місяців тому

Oops I'm in New YorkOops I'm in New York

Oops I'm in New York

9 місяців тому

I went to promI went to prom

I went to prom

9 місяців тому

Study with me ft. SenioritisStudy with me ft. Senioritis

Study with me ft. Senioritis

10 місяців тому

I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merchI DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch

I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch

10 місяців тому

I painted for 24 hours straightI painted for 24 hours straight

I painted for 24 hours straight

10 місяців тому

Let's talk about schoolLet's talk about school

Let's talk about school

10 місяців тому

WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNEWeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE

WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE

11 місяців тому

Here's what I did over the weekendHere's what I did over the weekend

Here's what I did over the weekend

11 місяців тому

Come with me to a swim meetCome with me to a swim meet

Come with me to a swim meet

11 місяців тому

Meanwhile, in CanadaMeanwhile, in Canada

Meanwhile, in Canada

Рік тому

It is exam season.It is exam season.

It is exam season.

Рік тому



Рік тому

Playing A Horror GamePlaying A Horror Game

Playing A Horror Game

Рік тому

URGENT: Hair TutorialURGENT: Hair Tutorial

URGENT: Hair Tutorial

Рік тому



Рік тому

A Jojo Siwa makeoverA Jojo Siwa makeover

A Jojo Siwa makeover

Рік тому



Рік тому



Рік тому



Рік тому

  1. author

    friend of humanity_Годину тому

    Russian subs, please🙏 (Do you know that we love you too?) But also we really need it

  2. author

    Cheuk lam Li2 години тому

    Im just gonna put this out there. Im suprised that there are no pinned comments to be seen even though John Cena just talked about the subject with the biggest fan base ever

  3. author

    ellie bun2 години тому

    milk: john: c o w p i s s

  4. author

    Chandra Naidu3 години тому


  5. author

    Rory Flynn3 години тому

    I loved the end XD

  6. author

    Mirka S.3 години тому

    I love daughter it's one of the best bands I ever heard by far, my favorite son is youth 💖💖💖💖

  7. author

    Emma Lewis3 години тому

    Hey, Joana Ceddia do you read any other books from Cassandra Clare?

  8. author

    Jho Fermin4 години тому

    Hi joana! im a fan! did you know that i lost 22 kilo in just 4 months! no joke. HUGS!

  9. author

    Maddison Belcher4 години тому

    who else heard her say symonyms🤣🤣

  10. author

    cindy rules4 години тому

    ~ *F* ~

  11. author

    Angel Tenorio4 години тому

    is it weird that i have a crush on Joana especially because of her singing

  12. author

    Madison The Equestrian5 годин тому

    I think if you were freaking out because you didn’t wanna prick your finger your blood sugar could’ve went up

  13. author

    casey Sparks5 годин тому

    You should have worn the avacado dressss

  14. author

    •ItzReaper Nely•5 годин тому


  15. author

    Esme Ellis5 годин тому

    1:24 MEEEEEEE tho people are like your so quiet and I’m like well little do you know I can hear all your conversations because your extremely loud.

  16. author

    Gaming Hale5 годин тому

    11:42 that didn’t last long XD

  17. author

    mykenna jo5 годин тому

    The fact that we have the same exact taste in music😳😳😳

  18. author

    Shrek ogre swamp5 годин тому

    My vest is made of Old poop

  19. author

    Shrek ogre swamp5 годин тому

    John Cena there’s A guy named John Cena so you shouldn’t use that as your UAreporter name

  20. author

    • Misaki •5 годин тому

    Wait.. I was thinking of becoming nocturnal :o you’ve just inspired me even more

  21. author

    Tyler Pucella5 годин тому

    As long as your nails are poppin you're poppin

  22. author

    • Misaki •5 годин тому

    What if people just see you whip out your knife and later on, someone got murdered and you were the suspect?

  23. author

    Michelle5 годин тому

    If I have to ever do a presentation about Kpop, I’m using this

  24. author

    Maizy Giles6 годин тому

    Child don’t put meddle in the microwave!

  25. author

    Pearl Pearl6 годин тому

    Wish you would do more of thisinformative type of videos. This is the first vid i've watched in this channel and subscribed right away.

  26. author

    Corbyn Besson Fan6 годин тому

    Back to school shopping is the best part

  27. author

    ŘøsēWïllöwsOwO6 годин тому

    Sup rob ross

  28. author

    Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser6 годин тому

    her life is so healthy its borderline intimidating

  29. author

    Angela Loi6 годин тому

    Theres a difference between teachers saying *"iM nOT aN aRTisT okAyyY gUys "* and Joana saying *"iM nOt aN aRtiSt"*

  30. author

    Rhian Williams7 годин тому

    Joanna: dislike the video. Me: automatically likes it

  31. author

    Miah Tofilo7 годин тому

    You could probably have peanuts because there legumes

  32. author

    Lila Zalucky7 годин тому

    2:40 I would have watched the whole thing 😂

  33. author

    Lila Zalucky7 годин тому

    Me: hey mom can we go to Ikea tomorrow? My mom: uhhhh no Joanna: Hey mom can I fly to New York tomorrow? Mother goose: yeah!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  34. author

    Cami Cardoso7 годин тому

    I love how she says something and just proceeds to rip the strip with a blank face, i would die tbh.

  35. author

    Crazy Tessy7 годин тому

    I want your hair

  36. author

    Michael Siewert7 годин тому

    ha ha ha this is the best video I ever seen

  37. author

    Gabe Quinn7 годин тому

    Ah, yes. Torture described as track workouts

  38. author

    20207 годин тому

    I have never related more to a video . Hahaha

  39. author

    harper mathiason8 годин тому

    You need to blend everything more

  40. author

    Graveyard Mushroom8 годин тому


  41. author

    Mari8 годин тому

    Your parents are so cute awww

  42. author

    Artjom Glad Man8 годин тому

    lmao is she trolling

  43. author

    Mitzi ,,,o.o,,,9 годин тому

    You are so weird in such a good way.

  44. author

    Sunnys Lego!9 годин тому

    This was recorded 2 days after my birthday :)

  45. author

    MaKayla Temple9 годин тому

    Which video of bobs is this?

  46. author

    Crazy_Bear1239 годин тому


  47. author

    mIChEaL sCoTt10 годин тому

    I hecking love you

  48. author

    Nicole Wienke11 годин тому

    Imagine if joana married Erik brads brother

  49. author

    XxMsRabbitx X11 годин тому

    Are we not gonna talk about the way she spelled subscribers

  50. author

    rqiny windx11 годин тому

    The part she ate the cucombers she layed on her face had ne dead

  51. author

    I’m Trash12 годин тому

    I need gifs of all the dancing Joannas

  52. author

    Loba Júlia12 годин тому

    It is... SO COOL

  53. author

    Mari12 годин тому


  54. author

    Ameya Benare13 годин тому

    PowerPoint?!?! Power move John Cena

  55. author

    Alex_Animates_Stuff13 годин тому

    The sad part is instead of my friends remembering it was my birthday (sept. 20) , they only remembered this 7:20

  56. author

    aleks no13 годин тому

    i hope that by sharing a birthday with mother goose i become as half as good as a parent like her

  57. author

    Ella Vrzić13 годин тому

    In my school one hour is 45 minutes

  58. author

    tea.14 годин тому

    This seems difficult... Is it difficult joana..?

  59. author

    Ambolynx14 годин тому

    Well the subtitles on this are shit. Guys please if you’re going to write subtitles for videos please make sure you’re only putting what’s in the video itself and not your own side commentary, some people really need these and it’s not fair to them if they’re not accurate, let’s all help each other out as a community 💛💛💛

  60. author

    Reese's Little Corner14 годин тому

    Joana Ceddia more like John Cena

  61. author

    Martina plays14 годин тому


  62. author

    dreamylizard14 годин тому

    Imagine somebody found her flask lmao

  63. author

    Daber FriendsYT14 годин тому

    When its 2020: imma not comment

  64. author

    Meg Moo14 годин тому

    You are funny🤣.

  65. author

    NewBerlinWall15 годин тому

    "Do I wait for the water to boil? Obviously not" *cries in italian"

  66. author

    Ms.L.C C16 годин тому

    Okay I just tried out your signature Avocado Tortilla, and it’s amazing.

  67. author

    Yellow17 годин тому

    Girl you know your mom don’t like it and you literally ruin ur hair more by bleaching it ;-; mother goose is very annoyed

  68. author

    Duda Alexandra17 годин тому

    "what a day in my life here in the JUNGLE" no one is gonna talk about that? that's racism.

  69. author

    M&M tube18 годин тому

    Haven’t watched her/you inn a while, never regret it tho ;D

  70. author

    Zuha Mohiuddin19 годин тому

    "toyota corolla virus" OMG I LOVE HER LMFAOOOO

  71. author

    Potterlover20 годин тому

    I thought you were buying 1 million Chip Ahoys....

  72. author

    Kim Taehyung20 годин тому


  73. author

    Catherine Wallace21 годину тому

    Why is nobody talking about this video has 99k likes

  74. author

    Vasilije Anevski22 години тому

    Watching this i couldnt help but wander: why didnt you take an uber

  75. author

    Maya Wylie23 години тому

    Are you sure that you didn’t hijack Mary Poppins bag??

  76. author

    The Ishaan and Ankita ShowДень тому

    The song was Billie Jean

  77. author

    mrsupreme45День тому

    She ate more vegetables in one morning than i have in my whole life She's honestly got her life together I'm so jealous lol Holds a pear "...and a peach" Me: hit that like buttun

  78. author

    Kiara ArlandДень тому

    Joana is a living meme And I love it

  79. author

    Devilninja16День тому

    She's Alpha from walking dead, I knew it!

  80. author

    Laaa RRYДень тому

    Joana feeling like goggins 👍🏽

  81. author

    Eric NiДень тому

    Why does all her food look so GOOD???

  82. author

    C HarleckДень тому

    I love it you should shave half I LOVE simplynaillogicl I have her nail polish love you

  83. author

    C HarleckДень тому

    Being scared of the dark is a survival skill

  84. author

    Romeo DumanjugДень тому

    Please support me and i will support you too.

  85. author

    MOMOДень тому

    Hearing you swear is like watching the adult swim version of a kids show. Even though its censored, I can still hear it in the back of my head lol. So weird😂

  86. author

    Ashley ColmenaresДень тому

    Bruh my last name is Santana :0

  87. author

    Jen RДень тому

    And I’m over here not doing any physical activities

  88. author

    Itsyagirl HayesДень тому

    My mom: study Joana: dance will studying Also me: :\

  89. author

    Itz_Gacha WolfieДень тому


  90. author

    Audrey GonzagaДень тому

    I’m a 7th grader and the way our teacher is teaching us, Y=MX+B IS NOT EASYYY love u joana❤️

  91. author

    Luke The LegendДень тому

    I swim the 400free 200free and the 400 free relay ( you swim a 100 per person)

  92. author

    Luke The LegendДень тому

    I hate the 200

  93. author

    Mirielle JesmarДень тому

    Every time you say “Just three cats, out on the town,” an Angela gets a rarely-seen smile.

  94. author

    Xxgacha_wolfxX 147День тому

    Theres something scarier than hearing footsteps in your room..... GETTING CHOKED BY A DEMON >:/ That actually did happen to me ;-; I was choking, so I laid on my side, and I felt like something was just like stabbing me in the heart ;-; but I dont care :P

  95. author

    Angelina GarciaДень тому

    She looks different with her hair and makeup like that

  96. author

    Berry WafflezДень тому

    why does she look so much like allison munn

  97. author

    kongsleyДень тому

    what province u in ontario???????

  98. author

    abby siewertДень тому

    9 minutes of my life i dont regert

  99. author

    abby siewertДень тому


  100. author

    Jillian JacquesДень тому

    No one needed to tell me the running youtube community would be toxic, my grade 5 math teacher who would also coach our class of pre pubed turds (myself included) did a FANTASTIC job of making sure we figured that out by actively discouraging everyone but the class athlete to keep trying. Oh and you know, just school in general.