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RIP $5,000 Art | ZHC

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Рік тому

  1. author

    nomisali sali4 години тому

    Gente q habla español q no entiende lo q dice peor le encanta sus vídeos y le encantaría tener todos los materiales de dibujo q tiene

  2. author

    Diamo̸nd _Queen4 години тому

    I was the awkward Asian kid and I still am Oh same I am sain and all ways get picked on and I am so awkward to be honest

  3. author

    laura correia4 години тому

    and I subscribe

  4. author

    cheri mae mojeno4 години тому

    can i have apple tablet and apple pen in the filipines

  5. author

    LE DOCTEUR DE PAPIER4 години тому

    You meek me jalous

  6. author

    Poorvaja .M4 години тому

    Who all watching this video in 2020

  7. author

    Easy recipies4 години тому

    He looks like bts leader RM😅

  8. author

    Alan & Farzana Goodman4 години тому

    i did

  9. author

    Anthony Nielson4 години тому

    Jesus christ I just realised zhc has some muscle on him

  10. author

    CA Mulder4 години тому

    me being a kid happy to have 20 bucks also me looking at this:......

  11. author

    gachatuber51 14 години тому

    I hope I win one

  12. author

    Emz4 години тому

    " i put all my time and effort into art" Me: hmm, yes these are very wise amd true words of an artist

  13. author

    CA Mulder4 години тому

    12:35 random lambo

  14. author

    jenelyn remegio4 години тому


  15. author

    Galactus 2.0 Aa4 години тому


  16. author

    7G Muhammad Rafli4 години тому

    imagine losing the pen

  17. author

    Yuxuan Chen4 години тому

    what happens to these tiktokers after ban?

  18. author

    DarkMatter 5834 години тому

    All of u people saying "i NEED a new phone" u dont need one (cant believe im in high school and i have never had a phone)

  19. author

    Storm Art4 години тому

    Nowan thans to drive in a customized car like this

  20. author

    Krypekatten4 години тому

    Where did you buy the sun hats

  21. author

    Emma K4 години тому

    Tried to hold my breath with the lapse and nearly passed out. LOL! 😂😂

  22. author

    Th4r1q R4 години тому

    When he customizes things and gives them to famous people but we never see them use it

  23. author

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  24. author

    LAMYAA4 години тому

    دقيقه مكتوب بل عربي ولا عيوني فيها شي 😭😭

  25. author

    Delta Chart4 години тому

    Tho the persons reading this you will be succesful in life :)

  26. author

    M aluf rafan nizzar4 години тому

    Wow, cool

  27. author

    Marion Chinna4 години тому

    13:48 ... was Michelle NAKED

  28. author

    Terresa Whimp4 години тому


  29. author

    uploaded4 години тому

    ummm. i thought zhc was spose to stay in the room. 6:20

  30. author

    Funtrepreneur Shatakshi4 години тому

    People who don't win his give away 👇

  31. author

    Y Monipanhavuth Sok4 години тому


  32. author

    Abdulwarith Ibrahim Wala4 години тому

    Can I get one

  33. author

    Abdulwarith Ibrahim Wala4 години тому

    Can I get one

  34. author

    somya and manasvi4 години тому

    Hi l am somya from india I am inspired by your video s I have cosmize 1 phone I am ten years old and I love unicorn 🦄

  35. author

    Paladi Sailaja4 години тому

    Who did not got lpad tap here 👇

  36. author

    Paladi Sailaja5 годин тому

    I love your style

  37. author

    Tim Fualau5 годин тому

    Awesome sleeping like the button

  38. author

    Sunita Maurya5 годин тому

    I dare u to give me 1000 markers

  39. author

    inday uy5 годин тому

    Zhc is like the most generous person I've ever seen in youtube....subscribe to zhc so you can help him☺️☺️☺️

  40. author

    Alayna Chan5 годин тому

    people watching this in 2020 be like Uhhhh...

  41. author

    Emaan Aamir5 годин тому

    Wow amazing I love your work

  42. author

    prince mamalapat5 годин тому

    please give me one

  43. author

    Himangshu deka5 годин тому

    unique video

  44. author

    Christie Pajimola5 годин тому

    I want

  45. author

    KingRexy 7775 годин тому

    I would just keep using "I"s

  46. author

    Ramzy Akram5 годин тому


  47. author

    Mantu Das Sarania5 годин тому

    you are so rich🙁😔 and i am so poor that i cant even afford a low budget gaming laptop ,pls give some money to me , I want to play gta 5😢 it is my dream to play a gta 5

  48. author

    Nanol Nadee5 годин тому

    He is at team Rar house

  49. author

    Tashi Lhamo5 годин тому

    Hi I sub to u so give me I phone 11pro I am in Bhutan DCS please

  50. author

    Hailey Mamba5 годин тому

    zhc i love you avry time i get bord wathing i whathth your vids

  51. author

    Tessy Manoj5 годин тому

    Comment and like who won the giveaway

  52. author

    gachatuber51 15 годин тому

    Please be m

  53. author

    Leen Verstraeten5 годин тому

    He said ‘’Charli’s sister’’😩😩

  54. author

    ItsCriticalPlays5 годин тому

    He failed the challenge He only stayed for 59:59:59

  55. author

    Genti Hatungimana5 годин тому


  56. author

    FAGR FAGR5 годин тому

    ابي وحده عليها رسمه 😭💔

  57. author

    Max Love5 годин тому

    Did the steps and your amazing stay drawing

  58. author

    Heyitsgray175 годин тому

    Zhc: can you read the chinese? Me: i think its malaysian

  59. author

    abid ali5 годин тому

    I feeling very jealous about how many apple products he have

  60. author

    shelly Ann5 годин тому

    The HC what are you doing the HD are you stupid VAT and see what how can you name is EHD and you’re so stupid world I want you to make the ice sculpture of PewDiePie PewDiePie logo I should say

  61. author

    kph craaft5 годин тому

    Mr turke is so poor hahahahahah

  62. author

    Nishant Dulare5 годин тому

    I will never get it cause I am in Fiji

  63. author

    Amanuel Yitagess5 годин тому

    Subbed I'm in Ethiopia

  64. author

    Spy Hawker105 годин тому

    You will get 1% chance to get the phones

  65. author

    ShyKidComics5 годин тому

    1:06 That's a bit ignorant

  66. author

    Salome. Kilonzo5 годин тому


  67. author

    Brij Dutta5 годин тому

    You are the 👍👍

  68. author

    abdirahman mohamed5 годин тому


  69. author

    Naushad Sk5 годин тому


  70. author

    Yosr Ben Amor5 годин тому

    I LOVE that car that's also my dream car

  71. author

    Lin Lin Yu5 годин тому

    Do You Know Myanmar located in Asia?🙂 Plaese reply. We are the same Asian .Right?

  72. author

    Lunx Flame5 годин тому

    Wete do you buy all this stuff

  73. author

    Isya Suhayla Aziz5 годин тому

    i already follow you

  74. author

    Feronika Nua5 годин тому

    can i have 4 please for family

  75. author

    DEVIL GAMER5 годин тому

    Your drawing s are impossible 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. author

    HarryBoy0055 годин тому

    Copyright MrBeast😂😂😂 but idc i love both youtubers🔥🔥🔥

  77. author

    Doomlander 0075 годин тому

    10:28 ... LoL

  78. author

    I_GhostFace_I5 годин тому

    Good content but its dumb buying the pen doe love your vids and art

  79. author

    Harmani Dari5 годин тому

    1:41 this dude doesn't know he's famous

  80. author

    Harper Juhasz5 годин тому

    Ebro anyone