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Playing MinecraftPlaying Minecraft

Playing Minecraft

2 місяці тому

I kicked logan paul's butt!I kicked logan paul's butt!

I kicked logan paul's butt!

3 місяці тому

I made a vlog in the 1990sI made a vlog in the 1990s

I made a vlog in the 1990s

6 місяців тому

I Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLYI Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

I Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

7 місяців тому

I Rented a Dog for 24 HoursI Rented a Dog for 24 Hours

I Rented a Dog for 24 Hours

8 місяців тому

I Painted My Face Using Only My FaceI Painted My Face Using Only My Face

I Painted My Face Using Only My Face

8 місяців тому

'Kids Content' is Actually Terrifying'Kids Content' is Actually Terrifying

'Kids Content' is Actually Terrifying

8 місяців тому

The Strangest TikTok Couple EverThe Strangest TikTok Couple Ever

The Strangest TikTok Couple Ever

9 місяців тому

My problem with the Dobre TwinsMy problem with the Dobre Twins

My problem with the Dobre Twins

9 місяців тому

I'm concerned about JoJo SiwaI'm concerned about JoJo Siwa

I'm concerned about JoJo Siwa

9 місяців тому



9 місяців тому

Soulja Boy Is Out Of ControlSoulja Boy Is Out Of Control

Soulja Boy Is Out Of Control

10 місяців тому

Lele Pons Fans Hate MeLele Pons Fans Hate Me

Lele Pons Fans Hate Me

10 місяців тому

Can this egg get 1M likes?Can this egg get 1M likes?

Can this egg get 1M likes?

10 місяців тому

Dr. Phil vs. POSSESSED GirlDr. Phil vs. POSSESSED Girl

Dr. Phil vs. POSSESSED Girl

10 місяців тому

Worst Instagram "Facts" EverWorst Instagram "Facts" Ever

Worst Instagram "Facts" Ever

10 місяців тому

Backpack Kid... Don't Do ThatBackpack Kid... Don't Do That

Backpack Kid... Don't Do That

10 місяців тому

Let's Try Jake Paul's Mystery Box Scam!Let's Try Jake Paul's Mystery Box Scam!

Let's Try Jake Paul's Mystery Box Scam!

10 місяців тому

This Guy Thinks He's A SuperheroThis Guy Thinks He's A Superhero

This Guy Thinks He's A Superhero

10 місяців тому

Lele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your DayLele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your Day

Lele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your Day

10 місяців тому

The Thieves Of YouTubeThe Thieves Of YouTube

The Thieves Of YouTube

11 місяців тому

The Ironic Memes of Tik TokThe Ironic Memes of Tik Tok

The Ironic Memes of Tik Tok

11 місяців тому

I Copied James CharlesI Copied James Charles

I Copied James Charles

11 місяців тому

YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary PlaceYouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place

YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place

11 місяців тому

I Am Officially Tik Tok FamousI Am Officially Tik Tok Famous

I Am Officially Tik Tok Famous

11 місяців тому

things get WILD @ 0:36things get WILD @ 0:36

things get WILD @ 0:36

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  1. author

    Jenni F3 години тому

    are you wearing a body suite? or did you just like BULK up all a sudden??? you look like your body has grown like a crazy amount

  2. author

    Alejandro Lobo3 години тому

    A laughed so freakin hard on the part of the poop

  3. author

    Jackson Mitchelle3 години тому

    Spy ninja

  4. author

    Eric Lukan3 години тому

    When Jeff And Ryan Garcia we’re at 4 minute mile place

  5. author

    Knhada3 години тому

    Who noticed that the bottle in the background changed colors when he was getting the materials

  6. author

    AZoN3 години тому

    Says review on video

  7. author

    Teagan Lehan3 години тому

    Lmao This is best content i have seen in a few months And not that morgz crap

  8. author

    Simply Shay3 години тому

    still waiting for episode 7... if u know u know

  9. author

    Paige Collins3 години тому

    okay i’m sorry but i was in the same situation as the girl who had to uber to school and i did uber for awhile having a part time job but it was too much so i walked to school, i feel like she really shouldn’t have won, i think NJ should’ve won bc it’s expensive to take those test

  10. author

    Maddy Gardephe3 години тому


  11. author

    Kaedon Matthews3 години тому

    The like dislike ratio

  12. author

    Ederrac3 години тому

    I'm wearing my headphone and when someone's knocking the door I went outside just to check and no ones there, now I'm confused either my house is haunted or is it from the video

  13. author

    Funny Commenter YT3 години тому

    This video is FAVE Stars

  14. author

    New England Delfatriots3 години тому

    who'd win in a fight, Aaron Donald or this guy

  15. author

    alyssa3 години тому

    fave stars ⭐️ for this vid

  16. author

    Jehan Kabir3 години тому

    Every time I watch Haley and Ryan, Haley is always sick or getting sick

  17. author

    Spider Man3 години тому

    Wait what ever happened to Neptune

  18. author

    BeccaDoesArt3 години тому

    Martin running looked like a freaking sim from the Sims 4

  19. author

    Ella Cordon3 години тому

    You can get free stuff if you write reviews. (In Amazon)

  20. author

    Abby Plaia3 години тому

    This video is fave stars!😂😂

  21. author

    Mohamed Abdalla3 години тому

    Fave stars

  22. author

    abdinasir sido3 години тому

    You should try wish

  23. author

    Clueless3 години тому


  24. author

    Darlene Cartile3 години тому

    Why was Jordyn like sitting on his lap when there was the entire couch to sit on?

  25. author

    Jocelyn Lin3 години тому

    The gummy bear review was the best review

  26. author

    Clueless3 години тому

    I was jake from state farm during halloween, but the next halloween I was something else I am no longer Jake from state farm, just jake

  27. author

    Peyton McIntosh3 години тому

    I am unbelielabable

  28. author

    carol maray3 години тому

    is no one gonna talk about the bermuda triangle under ryan’s lip? 😂 (still love u though)

  29. author

    Niya G.3 години тому

    yayayyya ryan is posting more nowww YAYAYAYAYAY

  30. author

    It’s Mystic3 години тому

    this killed me

  31. author

    Super Happy Fun Times3 години тому

    I declare this video fave stars

  32. author

    No One3 години тому

    Hah, I don't even have amazon

  33. author

    Hiltan McLachlan3 години тому

    bruh reminds me of elvis the alien

  34. author

    Clueless3 години тому


  35. author

    Clueless3 години тому

    Noticed the logo for your youtube channel btw

  36. author

    Christine Roman3 години тому

    Top Tier Replay Buttons CRAZY DEAL ONLY 95% OFF (or one like) 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 1:56 ---------------------- One Like Only 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  37. author

    Clueless3 години тому

    Lol love the vids bro, glad you bought a house btw

  38. author

    Vicky Andrade3 години тому

    Actually Khalid was the nicest in that place

  39. author

    allie and friends3 години тому

    ayyeeee ryan back with the reaction vidsss

  40. author

    Braydon Stafford3 години тому

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks gordan ramsay

  41. author

    Anne Flanagan3 години тому

    “they don’t supply busses to my area” ryan: “what about busses?”

  42. author

    HappyCat 4403 години тому

    “ I never have been that passionate about something” *Hailey in the corner* ☹️

  43. author

    Sour Lemon3 години тому

    Ion think Jordyn is mentally stable. This bitch said no ones gunna feel hit then she balled her eyes out and sat on the couch like a spoiled brat

  44. author

    J. J.J3 години тому

    I really wanna slap the ish outta Jordyn. She's so immature. She acts like a kid

  45. author

    The Neice And Ottis Show!3 години тому

    Hey Ryan, nice chalk.

  46. author

    karli kissinger3 години тому

    Nina handled herself pretty well though

  47. author

    Sour Lemon3 години тому

    I’m so mad they disabled the comment section that bitch in the overalls was gunna get cussed tf out

  48. author

    heyitstaryn4 години тому

    co2 should be in everyone’s home

  49. author

    Misbah Lemon4 години тому

    Guys it’s my Birthday today

  50. author

    Sara Robinson4 години тому

    What was that shrek thing 😂

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    Skim With The Groms4 години тому

    You are honestly hilarious dude 😂😂

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    S4 години тому

    Congrats on 2 mil!

  53. author

    Aja Malcolm4 години тому

    He actually bought the shirt

  54. author

    Ninjaking SB4 години тому

    I have an idea how about we have a “fuck U.M.G.” Protest outside of the universal building! \_🙃_/

  55. author

    MetalHawk Gaming4 години тому

    I rate this video “Fave stars”

  56. author

    joya bendu4 години тому

    Be honest u get ur video ideas from Danny Gonzales

  57. author

    Sproudle4 години тому

    Jordyn is that one Steven universe UwU gay kid 💀💀

  58. author

    𝚒𝚒_𝚗𝚎𝚙𝚙𝚝𝚞𝚗𝚎4 години тому

    Hi! Today was absolute garbage and I'm gonna end myself if I don't sleep. But I hope _you_ had a better day than I did💗

  59. author

    madeleine mccanwidges4 години тому

    CO2 is carbon dioxide not carbon monoxide....

  60. author

    Riley M4 години тому

    The cat pee does glow

  61. author

    Ruby Weber4 години тому

    hidden comment gang :)

  62. author

    open_your_eyes4 години тому

    *There's some days I dont want to whatch you*

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    savage savior4 години тому

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    Jake is kinda starting to remind me of Morgz

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    STONKS are included in this video

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    Look at his face when he says “EXTRA”

  70. author

    Rosalie Nehme4 години тому

    And you get fave stars!...And you get fave stars!!!!!...And you get fave stars...!!!!! EVERYONE gets fave stars... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Sebastian Garcia4 години тому

    You should do a review of the Nike zoomfly 4%

  72. author

    I eat Mango4 години тому

    Aw i'm sad SOME people went out.

  73. author

    Cheyenne Swonke4 години тому

    No one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: English teachers:Let’s annotate this and understand the message of the poem...

  74. author

    Yusra Gasm4 години тому

    i hate that you have comments on because now the teenagers are basically being cyber bullied online.

  75. author

    LaVa Clan gaming4 години тому

    Orange juice is just a dark yellow sauce

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    Ethodica4 години тому

    i lived with no money for 13 years (jokE jOkE)

  77. author

    Madeline Halliez4 години тому

    Ryan: My face burns in so many ways. Me: Ummm... maybe because you used Clorox wipes to clean the makeup off of your face. Me editing my comment: I just realized that someone else commented this.

  78. author

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    3:30 holy shit that's awkward

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    What's going on with the contrast

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    0:59 1. It's a carbon monoxide (co) detector not a carbon dioxide (co2) detector 2. Of course there's co2 in his house, he breathes

  83. author

    Landry D4 години тому

    the haribo thing was a practice for some comedy class or something, and then random people took it up and yeah the comments are something

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    Now that we’ve found Jake from State Farm I would like to know what he’s wearing?

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    I was one of those dislikes from the video you were watching lmao

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    Miss Larka4 години тому

    If you think THIS is funny, read the Grand Canyon reviews on Google. LOL

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    Xanman100004 години тому

    I want a follow up when this dude has a food truck of Ryan working in the foodtruck