Wardruna is a Norwegian music group dedicated to create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. With the use of the oldest Nordic instruments and poetic metres, lyrics written in Norwegian, Norse and proto-Norse tongue, Wardruna sets out to give new voice to ancient and ever-relevant ideas and wisdom from the past.\n\nWardruna was founded in 2002 by Einar Selvik. Since the release of their debut album in 2009, they have patiently established themselves internationally as important communicators of Norse and Nordic cultural heritage. Wardruna are known for doing relatively few, but often very special concerts, and always to high acclaim. \n\nDuring the last years Wardruna and Einar has reached a wider audience through his substantial musical involvement in History Channel’s hit TV series Vikings. \n\nContact information for License or booking requests can be found here:\nwww.wardruna.com/contact/

Wardruna - Grá (Official music video)Wardruna - Grá (Official music video)

Wardruna - Grá (Official music video)

11 місяців тому

Skald - 23 November 2018Skald - 23 November 2018

Skald - 23 November 2018

2 роки тому

Raido - 6 October 2016Raido - 6 October 2016

Raido - 6 October 2016

4 роки тому

Ragnarok - 21 October 2016Ragnarok - 21 October 2016

Ragnarok - 21 October 2016

4 роки тому

Ragnarok - Autumn 2016Ragnarok - Autumn 2016

Ragnarok - Autumn 2016

4 роки тому

Wardruna - Helvegen (Live)Wardruna - Helvegen (Live)

Wardruna - Helvegen (Live)

7 років тому

Wardruna - Dagr (Live)Wardruna - Dagr (Live)

Wardruna - Dagr (Live)

12 років тому

  1. author

    MajoГодину тому

    This is that kind of music that you simply do not need to understand a single word, yet you feel the meaning of it

  2. author

    benotyourbossГодину тому

    Well said Einar, you are indeed a wise man! May the gods be with you!

  3. author

    Anna BANHOLZERГодину тому

    this song is a fantastic journey! Elden tvingar deg or meg .... almost out of body experience.... spectacular! Thank you !!!!! <3

  4. author

    Arkin FalconГодину тому

    I'm 50% Sweden, this song awakens the viking in me, greetings from Italy :D

  5. author

    Arkin FalconГодину тому

    So perfect, Skall Brother :D

  6. author

    Paladyn23Годину тому

    This song is very helpfull :) greetings from Poland!

  7. author

    dario ManenteГодину тому

    thanks for the lyrics!! we needed that!!!

  8. author

    Goodjizzer #312 години тому

    Now our viking lifestyle keep go with the music of wadruna

  9. author

    SHAWNEENA LAKER2 години тому

    Love it and leaves you wanting more.

  10. author

    Karma Sauce2 години тому

    This song reminds me of the movie the seventh seal. Both are masterpieces.

  11. author

    Sjøhof2 години тому

    Totally my new Favourite 😍😳

  12. author

    Sjøhof2 години тому

    Totally my new Favourite 😍😳

  13. author

    Jordi2 години тому

    This is some of the most powerful music I've ever heard

  14. author

    Blood viking2 години тому

    I love wardruna, from Brasil

  15. author

    Neo Raven2 години тому

    Good work guys, like usual !

  16. author

    Yulfa Weisulf3 години тому

    Don't negate however that there "are" still many warriors among us.

  17. author

    Mary Mary3 години тому

    I love how the drum seems to imitate heart beating in Wardruna's songs, it brings something hypnotic

  18. author

    Balázs Lovas3 години тому


  19. author

    Volkisch Fraulein3 години тому

    30. Down votes????

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    Micharvoli93 години тому

    How to Wardruna video: Step 1: Like, subscribe, share, Notifications on, read some comments for the hype, volume up, fullscreen, get a Beer Step 2: enjoy. :)

  21. author

    Helena4 години тому

    you are fucking awesomeeeeee <3 I'd just suscribe

  22. author

    Melissa4 години тому

    The new album will be excellent, i already enjoy all of the releases.

  23. author

    WJ Manning4 години тому

    Assassin Creed Valhalla brought me here

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    Vinicius Ângelo4 години тому


  25. author

    billie joe4 години тому

    playing this song once. corona is hiding in the woods now.

  26. author

    malena5 годин тому

    As a Christian, I want to say that your music has more to do with God and his creations than most of the mainstream music today. Thank you, Wardruna, for bringing back pieces of history

  27. author

    lean Opperman5 годин тому

    Die musiek wat jy maak is uitstekend.

  28. author

    WingaMan015 годин тому

    "Svara eig du sjølv" - "Answers you find within" Now this is something I vibe with. Go within, dive deep, and the answers you're looking for shall present themselves to you. Also the whole thing with Shadow, there's something called the shadow side and shadow work. Looking at it that way makes this music look spiritual to some degree. At least for me anyway.

  29. author

    Rhonan Brownfield5 годин тому

    I'm just waiting for the day when Wardruna FINALLY drops a song that I don't instantly love. Statistically, it has to happen sometime, right?!

  30. author

    Manjari Singh5 годин тому

    I'm from India and I think Wardruna has touched hearts from all over the world. What kind of magic is this? I want to know ❤️

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    Sylvio Banker6 годин тому


  32. author

    Oscar White6 годин тому

    Thanks for providing the translation .......awesome Musik 👍

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    Marc-André Morin6 годин тому

    Answers you find within!! That's all there is to say! 💙🤍

  34. author

    KfPRewierw6 годин тому

    Anyone knows the symbol's meaning shown in the video?

  35. author

    German rap hip hop6 годин тому

    Un Genio Einar Selvik, I Love you!!!

  36. author

    Knochensplitter7 годин тому

    Now Playing: Immortal- Mountains of Might :D

  37. author

    ruslan nikolaenko7 годин тому

    Awesome song, just awesome!

  38. author

    Kostas AsceOner7 годин тому

    2,5Κ christians don't want to heal the mountains.. that's a pity..

  39. author

    Tilian7 годин тому

    She needs to make her own versions of their songs. It will be glorious.

  40. author

    Jacksa7 годин тому

    Просто неймовірно! Можна слухати вічно і ніколи не набридне!

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    Atsu kan8 годин тому

    Envoûtant. Superbe.

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    Wormack 78 годин тому

    Jodidamente epica la música pagana

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    Amber Graham8 годин тому

    I had been doing a lot of shadow work lately, so this really resonates with me right now.

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    Александр Дум8 годин тому

    Шикарная музыка.

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    Virginia dawn Eves8 годин тому

    I stumbled upon this...I ❤️ it!!so soulful!!

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    Paddo8 годин тому

    Please, we NEED an extended version of 3:26-5:00!

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    zhuk8 годин тому

    not a best song of you, honestly speaking

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    Ann-Mary Breton9 годин тому

    No words can describe how i feel when i listen to ur music 😭😭 its amazing thank u 💙💙

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    Pascal Bouchou9 годин тому

    Cette chanson est absolument merveilleuse et fascinante !

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    Belchir9 годин тому

    Touches my soul, as always.

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    Monsterican Dream9 годин тому


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    Monsterican Dream9 годин тому


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    Monsterican Dream9 годин тому


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    Monsterican Dream9 годин тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-b0Lxk8poSyI.html <3

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    Donovan Chase9 годин тому

    True music should inspire men to do great deeds. Thank you for the English translation.

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    wildwolf1981 zz9 годин тому

    Wowwwwww great lyrics, I had goosebumps

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    Woden The Wanderer10 годин тому

    Outstanding. I was thinking of shaving my beard off today, then heard this and I think it's actually grown an inch

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    Victor Shumaher10 годин тому

    Обожаю эту музыку обожаю эту группу! Чувствую спокойствие и расслабление. Великолепно

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    Beryl Savanah10 годин тому

    This helps me learn Norwegian. Tussen takk

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    Tinu Heiniger10 годин тому

    This album is definitely a masterpiece. Great!

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    The_Polish_Prince10 годин тому

    Einar, you have the tongue of Bragi and the Skaldic skill of Odin.

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    Mariika Ilyshina10 годин тому


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    Traverse_Endless_Origin10 годин тому

    Dam that was awesome.

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    Енчик Орэо10 годин тому

    Здравия вам славяне)

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    ReptiliumMusic10 годин тому

    epic...just epic!

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    Rafał Maciejewski10 годин тому

    The song has better storyline that GoT season 8

  67. author

    Mr. Thunder11 годин тому

    Is shadow another form of Odin or is it something else.

  68. author

    Akator Niirmer11 годин тому

    One more masterpiece, the members of Wardruna are so incredibly skilled. I can't wait to listen to the whole album.

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    I'm_Francesco11 годин тому


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    Devraj Sensharma11 годин тому

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of the symbol at the center of the screen...I am in love with this music...Love from India

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    Nyth / Pauline11 годин тому

    This song beautifully collides with the fact that it is finally snowing at my place (it rarely snows here).

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    Henrik Lekberg Osterman11 годин тому

    Is that Gaahls voice I hear?

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    Vampire Bat12 годин тому

    what is the name of the mountain?

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    A Ni12 годин тому

    loved ! so great inspiration for me .. the sounds give me so master power full on my spirit . big thx for your perfect job

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    Marco Antonio Cusi12 годин тому


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    Murilo12 годин тому

    Comecei a gostar dessas músicas por causa de Vikings, ouvindo Helvegen. Agora estou num caminho sem volta. I started to like these songs because of Vikings, listening to Helvegen. Now I am on a path of no return.

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    Ragnar12 годин тому

    wardruna make music for Vikings tv-serial?

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    Gaëtan Garçon12 годин тому

    What a masterpiece !

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    Дима !13 годин тому

    Жыве Беларусь! Слава музыкантам!