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Get SchooledGet Schooled

Get Schooled

8 днів тому

Dogs Gone WildDogs Gone Wild

Dogs Gone Wild

9 днів тому

Average Andy at the U.S. OpenAverage Andy at the U.S. Open

Average Andy at the U.S. Open

14 днів тому

A Sneak Peek at Season 17A Sneak Peek at Season 17

A Sneak Peek at Season 17

14 днів тому

BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'

BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'

14 днів тому

Dog Days of SummerDog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

21 день тому



23 дні тому

Happy Women’s Equality Day!Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

28 днів тому

Slip UpSlip Up

Slip Up

29 днів тому

Copy Cat KidsCopy Cat Kids

Copy Cat Kids

Місяць тому

For Your AmusementFor Your Amusement

For Your Amusement

Місяць тому

Mini-Me, Myself, and IMini-Me, Myself, and I

Mini-Me, Myself, and I

Місяць тому

  1. author

    udhaybir shahi56 хвилин тому

    V love you

  2. author

    Danuja samaranayake56 хвилин тому

    People love Andy Don't they?

  3. author

    Abhishek Thakur59 хвилин тому

    He sounds quite like Will Arnett

  4. author

    Bala PrajГодину тому

    She s more like my My Work Talks much!🔥❤

  5. author

    Laura JaneГодину тому

    I Love Sarah so much. She really was happy about the audience reaction about her engagement:))

  6. author

    ann landersГодину тому

    Hey Ellen when are you going to apologize for helping to slander Michael Jackson about that piece of trash Leaving Neverland??????????????

  7. author

    shaunoftheEdГодину тому

    Its seriously still acceptable to write songs with a chord progression that boring in 2019?

  8. author

    Derik ShopinskiГодину тому

    All hail, Queen Renée!! This woman is brilliant. THANK GOD for this movie and her “re-emergence “ as a star

  9. author

    Cody PhilippГодину тому

    I can't even believe how far she's already made it

  10. author

    Haruna KomukuГодину тому

    Wow she looks amazing. She looks youthful without trying too hard. (Maybe she tries hard in the gym but looks naturally beautiful)

  11. author

    Gia AmethystГодину тому

    I'm loving the weight gain❣️

  12. author

    CelestuniaГодину тому

    Joaquin loves his beards, seems to grow it back almost immediately after a role LOL

  13. author

    Stereo TypeГодину тому

    Clicked not for Harry Styles.

  14. author

    Archana BogaГодину тому

    This is when I start to think that I should have married a woman instead of a man !

  15. author

    Adams WorldГодину тому


  16. author

    Jennifer ColemanГодину тому

    She's awesome. And gorgeous. They need to give her more time. Seriously. she's really smart.

  17. author

    messinkje1Годину тому

    I'm getting it from both directions, this hasn't happened since 1984. Girllll I see what you did there 🤣

  18. author

    Marcus D. HarrisonГодину тому

    Careful Ellen...he might do to you what he did to Biggie🤫🤣🤣🤣

  19. author

    Shafeeqa AbdussalamГодину тому

    She's so chill

  20. author

    Rolf NazarethГодину тому

    They should have made a sequel to that movie he was on with shaggy and that short guy,It was a good movie

  21. author

    clownГодину тому

    *so proud*

  22. author

    Gin-chan JaredГодину тому


  23. author

    swe3t23Годину тому

    Katy so funny

  24. author

    JoeynatorГодину тому

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the drum kit was fender too

  25. author

    Adams WorldГодину тому

    How is she so attractive

  26. author

    Elvina ElvinaГодину тому

    I love you jemien

  27. author

    Superpiair1Годину тому

    Pretty selfish thing to tell a guy which ring to buy. Doesnt matter what ring he gets himself: even if he buys the most horrific ring ever: you take it girl! And with a smile! Cause he actually GAVE you the ring and did his best for you!

  28. author

    ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָГодину тому

    I thought Ellen would give him another 1 million on top of the million he won from the show.

  29. author

    Granny 13ADГодину тому

    Ellen is so blessed to have couch a wonderful mana and the ability to go e her such an exciting life.

  30. author

    Allegra CaliiГодину тому

    Anyone else getting 2000’s Vanessa Carlton era vibes?? Love it

  31. author

    Katie JamesГодину тому

    I love you Peter

  32. author

    Book LoverГодину тому

    When Ellen said her pickup lines, she is 60 and we feel it. 😛😛

  33. author

    MiekeГодину тому

    she deserves to be seen by the world too💖

  34. author

    OceanBlue HeartГодину тому

    Dude all the ladies, (Bet u 2 Elly) were thinking of going after his lower half. LOL

  35. author

    colaboytjeГодину тому

    Where do those other instruments come from? Even the drums change.

  36. author

    Random VidzГодину тому

    pls invite ariana grande

  37. author

    Manisha RaikarГодину тому

    Cardi should hv her own show.. Lol

  38. author

    Meep MeepГодину тому

    Gosh darn it Ellen, I need to go to sleep!! I need to be in a couple hours!!

  39. author

    Adonia CheerГодину тому

    How refreshing to hear the name Jesus mentioned on a platform as such and not as a swear word 💛

  40. author

    Neil UkГодину тому

    For the first 5 seconds I thought they'd brought in his Madame Tussauds waxwork.

  41. author

    Debbie OГодину тому


  42. author

    Micosa twinsГодину тому

    There so luckyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  43. author

    James CallnerГодину тому

    He’s got to have a talk show. A natural.

  44. author

    8L CateringГодину тому

    just Monica & Pheobe in their 50’s

  45. author

    Tahir AhmedГодину тому

    Is she ellen😱 woooooooowwwww

  46. author

    Rizki AuliaГодину тому

    Aku mau liat Foto2 jimin sama rose💑💑

  47. author

    s bГодину тому


  48. author

    s bГодину тому

    No one: Comment section: omg jungkook makes me so wetttt!

  49. author

    Tâm ĐặngГодину тому

    Will is slowly turn into Uncle Phil.

  50. author

    Mai Hương Nguyễn ThịГодину тому

    I watched it

  51. author

    Illidan StormrageГодину тому

    He IS Sheldon. Well, they are...

  52. author

    ANNA HojakГодину тому

    Das dummchen Klum

  53. author

    Jeon JungkookГодину тому

    Jungkook and rap line are amazing always in singing live 😊

  54. author

    Ceilings In Their Eyes2 години тому

    I’m totally in the same club of “straight with the exception of Brad Pitt”. And Brendon Urie.

  55. author

    H. P.2 години тому

    That's funny how they made it PG

  56. author

    Ashley Velez2 години тому

    My mom always forgets my name lol omg love that bond between them ❤

  57. author

    Chucky262 години тому

    Ellen, not happy with you, you double parked, woman....cmon now....

  58. author

    Queen Fletcher2 години тому

    Mahn She’s ADORABLE!!!!

  59. author

    Kacy M.2 години тому

    And of course neither have had plastic surgery... 🙄 I think they both look great, but c’mon!

  60. author

    0play3r02 години тому

    teard me up when he told that about his daughter

  61. author

    Paulo Seewald2 години тому

    Horrible voice

  62. author

    Lily Viterbo2 години тому

    Great dancing! Love them!❤️❤️❤️

  63. author

    Weavor Jjohanna2 години тому

    Only watch this because of Jack Sparrow

  64. author

    Nalyn B2 години тому


  65. author

    Hannah Wolf2 години тому

    This has nothing to do with vegans...

  66. author

    Aastha T2 години тому

    She shouts too much.

  67. author

    T -Dub2 години тому

    J Lo was badass in Hustlers. I gotta get in shape

  68. author

    ESTONIAN DOLL2 години тому

    he’s so fineeee

  69. author

    Sassyantique 112 години тому

    The new dr. ruth

  70. author

    Derek Goodwin2 години тому

    Impossible not to love Taylor.

  71. author

    Dylan Brady2 години тому

    feet on the couch LOl

  72. author

    LordsMobile gang bang2 години тому

    He fake. Come on squeaky duck is gonna scare him?

  73. author

    Lanya1717 msp2 години тому

    I love V 🥵

  74. author

    An Indian2 години тому

    That's the childhood of Donald Trump

  75. author

    Avakin CannaBex2 години тому

    I wanted to *BE* her when I first saw her in missy's clip.

  76. author

    Kara Unverricht2 години тому

    I love this so much! Everyone considering a dog should remember, adopt, don't shop!! Also, I regularly wake my dog up because he's slept so soundly and I'm worried he's not breathing. And he's almost 7!! Dog mom life haha

  77. author

    Fakhruz Mohd2 години тому

    In west Philadelphia born and raise 😜 =the fresh prince of bel air

  78. author

    Diana452512 години тому

    Bring them back

  79. author

    Meep Meep2 години тому

    I would sexually attack him anywhere..... in a non creepy way ... 🤔

  80. author

    Lovely Sand Dunes2 години тому


  81. author

    Alexi Ross2 години тому

    2:38 Kevin’s autotuned “now” gives me life

  82. author

    Breach Buster2 години тому

    Type "Friends ross" in google search and click the couch 4 times 😂 Likewise for other characters. Thanks to google.

  83. author

    New User2 години тому

    Ellen’s watch is brighter than my future

  84. author

    luv Tae2 години тому

    That puddle was deep enough for me to drown in it.... 😥😶

  85. author

    Niharika Pandey2 години тому


  86. author

    Liana de Villiers2 години тому

    So, what was her dare wish for tatum? I never saw that episode🤷‍♀️

  87. author

    Tamuna Gegiadze2 години тому

    I love her so much 💕 Cardi B is amazing

  88. author

    AZ CLUEless2 години тому

    I just got the closet joke

  89. author

    John_Wayne_4122 години тому

    Id be like "do i have to choose one?" Swift, then Aniston the whole way. But not my top celeb pics.

  90. author

    3spurr Plays2 години тому

    He is actually a boy named Bam Bam, he lives in the same sanctuary as Bubbles!

  91. author

    andrea sierra2 години тому

    I literally did the same thing. I told my husband which ring I wanted and I got it

  92. author

    Grace Thornell2 години тому

    Awww bless, what a beautiful soul

  93. author

    Kane O'opu2 години тому

    Completely DEGENERATE!!!

  94. author

    GUDANG KARYA2 години тому

    Handsome girl

  95. author

    Lydia Jordan2 години тому


  96. author

    Clarke Gaming2 години тому

    They mean the video your watching is five minutes long

  97. author

    《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》2 години тому

    Huge Jackman.

  98. author

    Vincent Gerard2 години тому

    Some of my class mates are a fan of BTS

  99. author

    Matthew Paul2 години тому

    The Kelly Clarkson Show is Fantastic!

  100. author

    Susan MinhTrang Nguyen2 години тому

    His foot on the couch 😂😂😂