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  1. author

    dakotah jackson19 годин тому

    P It’s got it dirt cheap plus if they were short with cheese I would work with them P was wrong

  2. author

    SupahFans Streetwear19 годин тому

    Jason Williams seems incredibly Humble & Sweet. Refreshing.

  3. author

    fivestarquise xx19 годин тому

    I love the passes

  4. author

    Mr Ortz19 годин тому

    Man I Can’t Wait For Steph And Klay To Come Back From Their Injuries. I Hate The Warriors But You Gotta Love The Splash Bros

  5. author

    Paco Osea19 годин тому

    He doesn't want to get hurt, he could jump higher than he does

  6. author

    SupahFans Streetwear19 годин тому

    good interviewer

  7. author

    Seth Lepley20 годин тому

    Watch this once a month

  8. author

    Jadyn Winters20 годин тому

    "there's beauty in a struggle"

  9. author

    CHEToneISM20 годин тому

    Kemba had 0 faith in Jeremy Lamb’s shot LOL 13:00

  10. author

    Jason Tuscaloosa20 годин тому

    I'd take a starting 5 from the 1984 draft against any 5 players one could think of from NBA history.

  11. author

    WaytoNormal620 годин тому

    Kobe turned his game sliders up at halftime

  12. author

    RJ 720 годин тому

    20/10 performance.

  13. author

    Zi Liang20 годин тому

    miss kobe

  14. author

    RealSplash20 годин тому

    x-factor of Celtics vs Sixers series is both Tobias and Hayward

  15. author

    Almost20 годин тому

    Love the way she chuckles!!

  16. author

    justice chad20 годин тому

    all we want love

  17. author

    Fil Mart20 годин тому

    Imagine having shaq With the current laker squad? Or even van excel!🤔😭

  18. author

    Marc Elliott20 годин тому

    Kobe was on the bench???

  19. author

    Vila Bros20 годин тому

    Amazing play by two Lopez Bro. Yeah go Lopez Bro!

  20. author

    Matthew Connatser20 годин тому

    “Oh blocked by James” I’ve never jumped so high out of my seat in my life. Greatest block I’ve watched live

  21. author

    G0o0o0oglelele20 годин тому

    See you again has tributed two legends

  22. author

    samuel moreno20 годин тому

    this first play just proves how weak today’s league is🤷🏽‍♂️

  23. author

    DEGOLYER FILMS20 годин тому

    the ONLY greatest is when real white 🇺🇸 players was on the court 👋🏼 🎤

  24. author

    Aubriche cacdac20 годин тому

    when you turn on nba sliders

  25. author

    Invayduhh Zym20 годин тому

    at 10:38 we saw 4 porzingas shots and 1 trae young shit fyi

  26. author

    xdrams 83120 годин тому

    Love the third one Scott Burrell guarding mj breaks his ankles from episode 10 the last dance

  27. author

    ThreeCreators20 годин тому

    Shaq was always an unstoppable beast, but During the three peat, shaq was officially Goat worthy. Never had there been such a combination of size finesse athleticism IQ and strength Who the hell needs free throws when your a Monstar among monstars among men 🤣

  28. author

    Julius Jones20 годин тому

    😮😮😮😮 wow

  29. author

    G E20 годин тому

    mj never got blocked

  30. author

    adrian mixit20 годин тому

    most of these refs are pussies

  31. author

    Wesley Phung20 годин тому

    this is love man! love the nba

  32. author

    Fatmah Husain20 годин тому

    Always good people go leave the world 💔

  33. author

    N Li21 годину тому

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  34. author

    Patrick Diew21 годину тому

    @ 6:24 He crossed the hell out of that on the Knicks 😬🐐

  35. author

    Santiago Torres21 годину тому

    Orgullo nacional 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  36. author

    bigq197721 годину тому

    Starks couldn’t hit a 3 pointer in this game to save his life. I cried when the Knicks loss thus game😭

  37. author

    Saturn On Crack21 годину тому

    Why does this have dislikes?

  38. author

    chris kelley21 годину тому

    I'm trying to see where kobe at

  39. author

    EleFantMonty21 годину тому

    I got hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg

  40. author

    Jeremy Pasiliao21 годину тому


  41. author

    Jerome Bracey21 годину тому

    Yea flat but accurate

  42. author

    Z J21 годину тому

    Rip bean 🐐 S/o wade for always being a dog

  43. author

    whaaaaaaat yup21 годину тому

    Un subbing

  44. author

    Tom Nowocin22 години тому

    Norm your a blessing keep that energy on high bud

  45. author

    Angie_Alcantara22 години тому

    Name music?

  46. author

    TheGoofyAsian22 години тому

    Paul pierce reminded me of the "THEY DONT LOVE YOU, YOU AINT KOB" lmfaoo

  47. author

    William Roper22 години тому

    This is the best singel best series I have ever watched. Almost every single game was competitive and heated and came down to the last minute.

  48. author

    Bryce Henderson22 години тому

    As I keep getting older, I develop a deeper and deeper appreciation I have for this league.

  49. author

    watz0922 години тому

    He probably had the best 3 game strecth ever in the Finals

  50. author

    Susie Jackson22 години тому

    Damien Lillard is the best

  51. author

    ManzaNicoco22 години тому

    I was so depressed because of Kobe’s death so I didn’t saw this until 4 months later and I cried Btw: it would’ve been better if for all the Latinos they played the song 6 rings by bad bunny

  52. author

    Daniel Tayong22 години тому

    Shaq was dominant!

  53. author

    Paco Oyerbides22 години тому

    No skill at all lol no wonder they say they era had great defense they just in your face doing nothing but dribbling the ball

  54. author

    Paco Oyerbides22 години тому

    Weak as fouls on blood

  55. author

    Cabeson Portillo22 години тому

    Watching the Lakers Kobe journey up and downs ...hurt and bring smiles even more now then when I saw them live childhood hero is gone but his legacy isn't ... RIP Kobe

  56. author

    Mr. Fun 36522 години тому

    2:18 ace family on the sideline

  57. author

    Pig McNary22 години тому

    My duDe got that sWaG ...

  58. author

    Evan Williams22 години тому

    Shaqs free throw form was waaayyy smoother!

  59. author

    Phillip Riles22 години тому

    People really need to understand that 2011 Dirk defeated, Kobe, a YOUNG KD, Westbrook AND Harden, a PRIME LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh in succession to win his only NBA championship. I'm not sure if there has ever been a greater playoff run by a superstar.

  60. author

    mynameisjeff22 години тому

    Clutch 3 at the end man

  61. author

    Kimberly Cortes23 години тому

    you know its bad when, 'warriors have a timeout, decide not to use it'

  62. author

    RJ 710200023 години тому

    Thee best dunker of all time !

  63. author

    Cj23 години тому

    Dry run up the game technically over we gotta run it up yeah dry run up

  64. author

    Caleb Hofmann23 години тому

    LeBron should have to the bulls instead of heat.

  65. author

    isaak h23 години тому

    damn i wish taunting wasnt a tech

  66. author

    Jhay Monroe23 години тому

    in defense of derrick and the blazers, you have to remember that for most of the games against the warriors they were leading and/or were blowing them out, until the end of the game, without nurkic

  67. author

    #123 години тому

    I wonder if he is still teaching how to play.

  68. author

    mdmdmfndsmdmdkcmd dbbxndjdkxnxnxn23 години тому

    see you again to paradise BLACK MAMBA

  69. author

    Vaala S23 години тому

    R.I.P George Floyd 🤲🏻🙏🏽

  70. author

    Challenge Makers23 години тому

    0:35 looks like carugoat is gonna fight kd

  71. author

    ElMencho23 години тому

    The NBA soft as hell 🤣

  72. author

    Robert Imparato23 години тому

    Best video ever

  73. author

    Nurdin Dahlan23 години тому

    Last 57" interview... so TRUE King James 😎😎😎 No matter what hatters said... Don't let it bother u, don't think about it... U still have that "GREATNESS" FOREVER... 😉

  74. author

    illegal alien23 години тому

    Best years were with Spurs had it not been for injuries.

  75. author

    Chad Henderson23 години тому

    Hell yeah rose was a badass. I cant believe ESPN ranks lebron 2nd all time. Hes a joke. He looks so damn awkward trying to take that last shot. He knew he wasnt making it.not a closer. Never been one. Hes in the top 20 all time. Nowhere near fucking second.

  76. author

    XChronicHashДень тому

    Why did they get rid of all their shooters... smh

  77. author

    Sports FaceДень тому

    The National’s nickname is the nats for a reason Their annoying