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2 місяці тому

My Baby Has Gone! [THEN/NOW!]My Baby Has Gone! [THEN/NOW!]

My Baby Has Gone! [THEN/NOW!]

3 місяці тому

  1. author

    medped8 годин тому

    How about getting off your ass and taking him for a WALK!!!!!!!!

  2. author

    Ria Duckfoot11 годин тому

    Besides your personal reasons for keeping the dogs apart,if your observing adults this is not a joke ,the Animals tink each other is in trouble,and they can greave seriously, and get sick it's not nice !

  3. author

    Let it Be17 годин тому

    Also, the thumbs down are probably because comments are off...

  4. author

    Let it Be17 годин тому

    Why do they keep turning off comments? What are they afraid of? Their vids are adorable!

  5. author

    Sumedha Sharma17 годин тому

    Lola you are so so so so so sooooooo cute♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗😘😘😘😘😘🤗♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. author

    Kakasaheb Jadhav20 годин тому

    Wow so cute I have Labrador retriever and I'm from india

  7. author

    Rainy DazeДень тому

    3:05 loool

  8. author

    Soumyashree BiswalДень тому

    The people in the comments section are so busy personifying a dog lol

  9. author

    James Madison WilliamsДень тому

    Rupert has rights too you know he’s heart broken!

  10. author

    Choco, The Husky!3 дні тому

    little promotion for my channel please?

  11. author

    vivek singh3 дні тому

    U and your dogs are amazing😊

  12. author

    Wolfhart3 дні тому

    Oh man, you look so tired

  13. author

    peraboina manohar3 дні тому

    Can you make a video of you did something wrong

  14. author

    Naveen Bisht Cctv3 дні тому

    Such a cute family😊😊

  15. author

    Aadhi ii4 дні тому

    Millie is parkers girl, lola is urs type and rupert is the elder ones type😍

  16. author

    My Passion5 днів тому

    love from India

  17. author

    Eric Pool5 днів тому

    The hooman is the husband Millie is the wife And Lola is the daughter

  18. author

    Suhel Shabana Ferdhousy5 днів тому

    Parker is the cutest boy ever. 🥰🥰

  19. author

    Sharmeen Islam5 днів тому

    Apologies for disturbing. Learning alot about Huskies from the videos. Makes me think if they can understand emotions then why can't humans? Either way, I've been reading up on wolf pack hierarchy as wolf blood runs within Huskies, Malamutes and German Shepherds but not sure how much of what I've read is true, correct or relatable to Huskies. Still, from what I understand, even though Lola is young, in the wild, she would either still be under her parents guidance as a trainee pack member or be finding a partner to start a famiy. As Rupert is the only male Husky and he has now chosen Lola as his partner, I think Rupert and Lola would be the highest ranking. Basically, Rupert would be considered the Alpha male wolf and Lola would be the Beta wolf (2nd head in the pack). Plus Lola is young (fast) and can still have kids, which could possibly be the reason why Rupert loves Lola now. Sadly, according to the various online information on wolf pack hierarchy, Millie would be the omega member of the pack (only role is to look after the Alpha couple's babies and the least important member of the pack). The omega wolf does not participate in a hunt. Apologies again if what I've mentioned above is wrong. Just trying to understand why Rupert now prefers Lola instead of Millie. If anyone has more accurate info or websites on Huskies then would definitely love to learn more.🙋🏾‍♀️

  20. author

    Sunitha Uppar6 днів тому

    Oh my god actually the baby was very cute and the dog also Millie was very caring my God loves you 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  21. author

    Dimpi Barman6 днів тому

    I really love your dog's and I am sad because rupert was crying 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭sooo sad

  22. author

    passions 20167 днів тому

    Your comfort won't do anything he just wants to hit that

  23. author

    Ashamed Curve7477 днів тому

    Hey guys, listen up. You know how Rupert wants to have puppies with Lola right? That means he wants to have puppies with his own sister. Maybe I’m wrong about all of this, let me know if I am

  24. author

    khushi's world9 днів тому

    Ohh god I started watching dis channel yesterday n I've watched around 50 vids of urs just to catch a glimpse of Huskies n Parker , oohh they're juss so cute😍

  25. author

    yasmeen 7869 днів тому

    So cute

  26. author

    Ni8FuRY Gaming9 днів тому

    Rupervert 🤣🤣🤣

  27. author

    jacob sinajon9 днів тому

    yey this video did not get disabled💕💕

  28. author

    randy lalrinsanga9 днів тому

    This is absolutely hilarious...Millie is such a funny girl😂

  29. author

    Baijanti Rai9 днів тому

    Wow awesome family ever keep going love from nepal ❤

  30. author

    Manel Dissanayake10 днів тому

    I'm in love with Millie...

  31. author

    Aryan Mankotia11 днів тому

    The baby is so cute 🥰🥰 loving and caring dad . Portrait of sweet home 💖💗♥️baby knows how to switch emotions .sooo cuuuute baby .

  32. author

    ApokalyptoAytunc11 днів тому

    Rupert is sooo cute man 😘

  33. author

    mirae kang11 днів тому

    Beautiful family

  34. author

    Basant Routh11 днів тому


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    Pamela Joy12 днів тому

    Hello! ☺️ I am Pamela Joy and I live in NYC, USA. It is such a pleasure and joy to be w/ your gorgeous, adorable & lovable huskies along w/ your 2 adorable children. I especially love Millie, Rupert & Lola ♥️ Thank-you for sharing so much joy & cuteness! Keep on👍🏻! Stay healthy & well! 🕊 ✨☺️✨

  36. author

    Brinda Sachdanandam13 днів тому

    Whole video: Rupert cries "I wown, Lo..lo..lo..Lola"

  37. author

    Jennjr Mcbride13 днів тому

    Best wishes for Millie a full recovery, Oklahoma City USA

  38. author

    Sayuri Rojas Flores13 днів тому

    When the dogs ears go behind I can’t 🥺🥺🥺

  39. author

    Vansh Patel13 днів тому


  40. author

    Shivani Raut14 днів тому

    Great family God bless you

  41. author

    Thushyanthan D14 днів тому

    So cute husky i like your huskies very much bro

  42. author

    ashapurna das14 днів тому

    They r too adorable

  43. author

    Bhargav Mishra15 днів тому

    The comment section is always turned off. I see this open comment section as an opportunity to thank you and your lovely family for sharing these vlogs. I enjoy watching your kids with the Huskies. Your videos are stressbusters indeed. Thank you.

  44. author

    lone wolf15 днів тому

    Your kids are so adorable especially the younger one!❤️❤️🙏

  45. author

    Mihir15 днів тому

    What's in season bro?

  46. author

    Sekena Mcmurren16 днів тому

    Rubert smells Lola...why not bring in Lola she's fixed.🐶

  47. author

    Sekena Mcmurren16 днів тому

    I want to cuddle Rubert but Lola is too young and small.🐶😥

  48. author

    Sekena Mcmurren16 днів тому

    Awe Rupert I know you miss Millie and Lola.😞🐶🐶🐶💞

  49. author

    Bindu Rajy17 днів тому

    Oh Millie so cute and adorable but Lola is jealous 😂😂😂

  50. author

    ACJmonkey AJ18 днів тому

    Poor Rupert. Every time I watch this video, I feel so bad for him. I find it funny in a way because in all of your other videos, Rupert tries to act tough rather than cute. Here he just drops the act entirely and just becomes so cute. I've never heard a dog cry before. The Poor baby must've been so sad. Lola on the other hand knows that she doesn't want puppies yet. It seems even she knows she's too young. My question is: Did he do this for Millie at one point in his life? We all know that Millie cries and pines for Rupert whenever he leaves the house, so what about Rupert? Does he cry for Millie? Did he at point cry for Millie?

  51. author

    AnHoNi GameR18 днів тому

    What is a Nickname of your Husky

  52. author

    TheBikesThatShouldBeRiddenProject18 днів тому


  53. author

    Ian Gordon19 днів тому

    Bitte kann mir einer Übersetzeb warum der Hund weint

  54. author

    XBEASTぬ Thapa19 днів тому

    You have such a great family ..please send me a puppy husky i am from india i have no money to buy a husky bt i love it husky dog and ur family is too gud god blss 🇮🇳

  55. author

    Peter Piper19 днів тому

    You are indeed a dog worshipper. 🤮

  56. author

    Lynda mokarnia19 днів тому

    Vous savez ce qu'ils vous restent à faire la spa usa.....

  57. author

    Lynda mokarnia19 днів тому

    On a presque envient de dire Que ce type il faudrait qu'il aille demander asile au Danemark Et bien entendu récupérer le chien et le faire adopté par des personnes plus équilibrées.🙈🙉🙊

  58. author

    Ahmed Amezian19 днів тому

    beautiful couple and beautiful dogs I wish you all the happiness in the world ❤😘😘

  59. author

    Ahmed Amezian19 днів тому


  60. author

    Thyna Maria19 днів тому

    Maravilhosos, amo cão, amo crianças

  61. author

    Thyna Maria20 днів тому

    Lindo esse cão, gosto de ver o amor que os donos tem por ele

  62. author

    Animesh Srivastava20 днів тому

    Milli is so cute n Lola is so active ❤️

  63. author

    Ash20 днів тому

    Oh my God Thats so Cute I habe a Husky Too

  64. author

    Zoopedia20 днів тому

  65. author

    Jorge Tomas Boccadoro20 днів тому

    Creo que hicistes un show pero en si ni siquiera lo enjabonastes bien, un poco la cabeza y un poco el costado y nada mas. Creo que la finalidad fue hacer un video y no higienizar al animal.

  66. author

    xPoltergeist20 днів тому

    My only question is why the hell is the room full of balloons

  67. author

    Cintia Alatorre20 днів тому

    Poor Rupert😔

  68. author

    What's my purpose20 днів тому

    1:36 **screenshots**

  69. author

    Vijin Vamanan20 днів тому

    They are the cutest dogs I have ever met in my life

  70. author

    mahesh jadhav20 днів тому


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    SShadoww Shadow21 день тому

    Woah finally the comments arent disabled!!! I've been wanting to comment how cute Millie, Rupert and Lola is. Ever since Lola was a pup! I always was like "Aaaaahhhh!! Lola is so cute!! ---Awe the comments are disabled... now I cannot comment how cute they are..." this channel is AWESOME btw💕 I love everything you do for your dogs and kids😁💕

  72. author

    Florian Vigilante21 день тому

    Wait how are the comments still available ?

  73. author

    Jibcy’s World Life in USA21 день тому

    Very cute 😚😚

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    Itz Emerald21 день тому

    5:09 😍😍😍😍😍 im dead

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    Jaswinder Singh Sidhu Phulka21 день тому

    Where is mille?

  76. author

    BlackZCraftX21 день тому

    Omg The Most Gentle Is Rupert And The Cutest From Me Is Millie ❤❤ Love Your Vids!! ❤❤

  77. author

    Karen Wetherall22 дні тому

    Poor boy! Give him big rumpy rubs from me. xx

  78. author

    Anjana Das22 дні тому

    Parker my sweeto you are the best. I love the way you are growing.

  79. author

    prajakta chalise22 дні тому

    Aww😭😭I want to cuddle him..❤❤ Lots of love ❤❤❤

  80. author

    ke n22 дні тому

    I thought that is was you all the time disabling the comment section

  81. author

    Nicolas Giant22 дні тому

    Ningún perro les gusta bañarse jejeje

  82. author

    Fun Fanatic22 дні тому

    Awwwww, your Lola is soooooo cute though,

  83. author

    c astle22 дні тому

    Did you know that you shouldn't Bath it Husky this Damages the coat because the coat is used to keep the dog both warm in winter and cool in summer

  84. author

    Paolo Zerbini22 дні тому

    c'era più interesse nel fare il video che pulire il cane, nella vasca la parte destra del cane non è stata nemmeno insaponata, e quando si lava il cane si usano 2 mani non una, e strofinare bene, non stare così delicati, non è un neonato, il 45% dello sporco è rimasto addosso al cane perché lo sporco si trova tra la pelle e l'inizio del pelo, gratta bene come faceva mia madre, non gli fai male

  85. author

    Jules Bowen22 дні тому

    They way you guys talk like you live with them lol. Everyone has ups and downs. This is edited for your entertainment. But , the love is clear ❤

  86. author

    daniel moran22 дні тому

    Stranded here in northern Illinois. Lola's a nutcase but I do love her.

  87. author

    Gasha Army22 дні тому

    Why did even people disliked this video ?

  88. author

    Philippos Pabst Shell23 дні тому

    Ur videos just make me happy and almost cry with happiness

  89. author

    Saniya Tambe23 дні тому

    dont tie puppy so tight band it hurts them to there neck keep it lose

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    金鼠23 дні тому


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    ARYAN RAJPUT23 дні тому


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    Shadow Dream23 дні тому

    One of the most luckiest dog

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    aero23 дні тому

    I dont understand He wanna bang lola?

  94. author

    amisha dahal24 дні тому Check this channel out for some Korean drama videos

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    Mary Lee24 дні тому

    Parker is so cute & 😍 adorable!

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    Chandan Pandey24 дні тому

    Brother your baby is very quite like small puppy 😍😍😘 love from india 🇮🇳

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    Люба Серая24 дні тому


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    Aʀɱʌŋ Mʋʛʌɭ24 дні тому

    3:05 Husky's eye

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    Leena Mutteea24 дні тому


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    Missel Launcher24 дні тому

    Lola and Millie are so cute in every video