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LG Wing Live Launch EventLG Wing Live Launch Event

LG Wing Live Launch Event

6 днів тому

OnePlus Nord UnboxingOnePlus Nord Unboxing

OnePlus Nord Unboxing

2 місяці тому

OnePlus Nord Early GiveawayOnePlus Nord Early Giveaway

OnePlus Nord Early Giveaway

2 місяці тому

Have You Heard of Soundcore?Have You Heard of Soundcore?

Have You Heard of Soundcore?

3 місяці тому

The Ultimate Lockdown Display...The Ultimate Lockdown Display...

The Ultimate Lockdown Display...

3 місяці тому

Unboxing Apple's 1000 Dollar StandUnboxing Apple's 1000 Dollar Stand

Unboxing Apple's 1000 Dollar Stand

3 місяці тому

Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This...Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This...

Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This...

4 місяці тому

This is the iPhone 12This is the iPhone 12

This is the iPhone 12

4 місяці тому

Unboxing Apple's 700 Dollar WheelsUnboxing Apple's 700 Dollar Wheels

Unboxing Apple's 700 Dollar Wheels

4 місяці тому

Goodbye Samsung...Goodbye Samsung...

Goodbye Samsung...

4 місяці тому

You Should Buy The New iPhone SEYou Should Buy The New iPhone SE

You Should Buy The New iPhone SE

4 місяці тому

DON'T Buy The New iPhone SEDON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

4 місяці тому

Unboxing All The Masks...Unboxing All The Masks...

Unboxing All The Masks...

5 місяців тому

Dear AppleDear Apple

Dear Apple

5 місяців тому

This is the iPhone SE 2This is the iPhone SE 2

This is the iPhone SE 2

5 місяців тому

World's First Electronic Coke Bottle!World's First Electronic Coke Bottle!

World's First Electronic Coke Bottle!

5 місяців тому

This is a Smartphone cable...This is a Smartphone cable...

This is a Smartphone cable...

5 місяців тому

The Fastest Tiny Drive in The WorldThe Fastest Tiny Drive in The World

The Fastest Tiny Drive in The World

5 місяців тому

Huawei P40 Event LivestreamHuawei P40 Event Livestream

Huawei P40 Event Livestream

5 місяців тому

The New iPad Pro 2020 ReactionThe New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

6 місяців тому

Unbox Therapy Coronavirus UpdateUnbox Therapy Coronavirus Update

Unbox Therapy Coronavirus Update

6 місяців тому

The Brightest Laptop Money Can BuyThe Brightest Laptop Money Can Buy

The Brightest Laptop Money Can Buy

6 місяців тому

The Impossible ChairThe Impossible Chair

The Impossible Chair

6 місяців тому

Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.

Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.

6 місяців тому

The $99 Apple AirPods KillersThe $99 Apple AirPods Killers

The $99 Apple AirPods Killers

6 місяців тому

The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!

The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!

6 місяців тому

  1. author

    Muhammad Alilaghari6 годин тому

    Its soooooooo cute and amazing also cuteeee

  2. author

    anand makwana6 годин тому

    I think I had seen this phone in IRONMAN 1.....🤔🤨

  3. author

    KJ6 годин тому

    review realme X3....it's just 350$ and has snapdragon 855+

  4. author

    XxAman _MahmudxX6 годин тому

    You should review the Samsung A series

  5. author

    Milo The Bunny6 годин тому

    Thats why i hate huge phones

  6. author

    Wasi Hussain6 годин тому

    What a joke it has a price of 2000 dollars

  7. author

    KRYPTED SON6 годин тому

    Wipe the camera

  8. author

    Rayray6 годин тому

    bruh that shutter animation tho

  9. author

    Essa Nabolsi6 годин тому

    I don't trust xbox like how the F can 4 Teraflop run new gen games at 2k no matter how much you tell me new teck and other stuff that just doesn't seem possible yeah games made by developers owened by Microsoft 3rd party developers i don't think so

  10. author

    AK Chicago6 годин тому

    So unnecessary. Looks like a children’s toy. Minimal is what most consumers like.

  11. author

    Kevin Fanai6 годин тому

    Wanted to buy this phone. But unfortunately it wasn't released in India.

  12. author

    TheGentleCreepers6 годин тому

    I actually got this phone last week. And honestly I'm quite happy and sad at the same time because I have to "retire" my old LG K7 (with cracked screen and an almost dead of a battery but full of memories). Happy because finally it's something good that had happened to me so far in this dreaded year. And for me who wants to get a good phone for decent price, this is *exactly what I need* ;)

  13. author

    Ashish Suresh6 годин тому

    ashishsuresh22550@gmail Laptop

  14. author

    Dragan Mladenov6 годин тому

    There is another POCO -> F2 Pro . For 390$ you get snapdragon 865 , amoled without notches or holes, 4700mah battery and 64 mpix main camera.

  15. author

    Rejected ideas6 годин тому

    Miui = "Ads everywhere"

  16. author

    jedd brad6 годин тому

    unintentional asmr ?

  17. author

    Timid Bookworm6 годин тому

    The stickers seems kinda fun

  18. author

    Lukas G6 годин тому

    Can you play Fifa with it?

  19. author

    Pranay Saini6 годин тому

    Honestly I'm waiting for when apple says that I gotta buy the Sim ejector tool for 10$

  20. author

    MR8166 годин тому

    Poco F1 user welcome poco X3

  21. author

    Aditya Saxena6 годин тому

    It looks awkward from behind

  22. author

    Ram bhakt6 годин тому

    If price is above 5000 dollar then waste of money , i can build this type of portable pc under $ 5k 😊

  23. author

    Chups6 годин тому

    Pc, parsec, good wifi, controller and you can almost play pc games on your phone... So... Noting new there... (^_-)

  24. author

    Dexterous6 годин тому

    I like the app store verification sound at 0:10

  25. author

    Divyang shah6 годин тому

    Looks like holding a holy cross in hand

  26. author

    wingmor6 годин тому

    I living in 3rd world country so this "budget" phone for me is like a unreachable dream

  27. author

    Haqqani Qasmi6 годин тому

    yeah its really value for money device.. 😍

  28. author

    Always Hungry Like6 годин тому

    These spy tools are getting better and cheaper.

  29. author

    nori Sarabio6 годин тому

    Unbox guy thinks cause he can get this at 200$ EVERYONE else can ... the thing is actually over 300.. just a pixel everyone 😒

  30. author

    IDvids6 годин тому

    imagine if Lew was an interviewer xD

  31. author

    TacTacTech6 годин тому

    This is one of the worst phone displays.literally nothing is visible even when scrolling slow

  32. author

    Catherine Mylar6 годин тому

    "standardized mounting rails" us army - put a gun on it

  33. author

    unwrapping by mimi koteng6 годин тому

    You are very rich Sir.

  34. author

    ANYONE GOT A SNICKERS BAR?6 годин тому

    And now he complains about not getting a deal with apple

  35. author

    Steven Davis6 годин тому

    I would love Apple to steal this form factor. Good job LG.

  36. author

    Dark Core6 годин тому

    Me:Ohh yes! 7mbps!! Them:200mbps is not enough!

  37. author

    homg856 годин тому

    I'm impressed!

  38. author

    BEARINBAMA6 годин тому

    I'm sure that you cannot use other phone once you are used to this phone. LG you need very agressive biz strategy here that makes people experience this phone first. You can be a game changer based on actually convenience while others all focus on unecessary technical fancy. Good job, LG!

  39. author

    Rupa Das6 годин тому

    Why need a touch screen laptop just use the laptop as it is .

  40. author

    Noah TheGamer27006 годин тому

    dam i might actually try to buy that if it has more then 4gigs of ram

  41. author

    Snow man6 годин тому

    Finally I can watch porn and text my gf at the same time

  42. author

    Drexler Ramos6 годин тому

    Un poco loco

  43. author

    ETDgamer official6 годин тому

    We have many updates and other phones better than this

  44. author

    Hariraj K6 годин тому

    3:13. That is what she said

  45. author

    aromal bro6 годин тому

    Can you unbox poco f2 pro ?

  46. author

    Mr. EvilOverlord6 годин тому

    Does nobody pay attention on these HIDEOUS socks?

  47. author

    Feddyka6 годин тому

    UAreporter be like : it's illegal, you need to subscribe the premium first then you can go PnP

  48. author

    walter6 годин тому

    My girlfriend be like 1:58 Just kidding I don’t have a girlfriend I’m gonna die alone

  49. author

    Cool Riders6 годин тому

    Love it

  50. author

    Brandon S6 годин тому

    Nice review unlike other tech reviewers of your level who gripe about the removable Ads in the phone. Not even telling the viewers that you can disable them. Then they'll correct themselves in the comment section

  51. author

    are-bid are-zhe-har6 годин тому

    the camera test is great. with the sample by side.

  52. author

    AWESOME SAUCE TV6 годин тому

    4:25 every school shooter be like

  53. author

    Abhishek Sonawane7 годин тому

    Awesome and very useful design..... Out of the box LG👍👍

  54. author

    Joel C.7 годин тому

    why cant i get this in the us 😡

  55. author

    ASMR Basha7 годин тому

    وجه القمر

  56. author

    Dayyan Masood7 годин тому

    Which song did he used in the intro?

  57. author

    ASMR Basha7 годин тому

    ههههههه شادي كبير جدا

  58. author

    Jandirk Valk7 годин тому


  59. author

    Inocente Manico7 годин тому

    Classic device

  60. author

    Tarun Karki7 годин тому

    At least me polite. Pathetic

  61. author

    Miyuru Pathum7 годин тому


  62. author

    Justin Busto7 годин тому

    This is the first time a new phone has intrigued me like this since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

  63. author

    Yogesh Gupta7 годин тому

    One thing I do not understand is smartphone manufacturers do not work on is the battery charging issues.

  64. author

    Andy Gil7 годин тому

    TRUMP 20 24 biden COMMUNIST RAT

  65. author

    Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman7 годин тому

    Nice 👍

  66. author

    Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman7 годин тому


  67. author

    Rocco Cupra7 годин тому

    Please do a review of the poco f2 pro?? Pls

  68. author

    Asif Asif7 годин тому

    I reality like oneplus

  69. author

    Eirik Heggelund7 годин тому

    I have owned various flagship models since the dawn of smart phones and have NEVER used biometric authentication or wireless charging. Heck, I do not even mind using old chargers that do not support fast charging. These are all gimmicks to me. Are we really in such a hurry nowadays?

  70. author

    Appəl7 годин тому

    I just bought a brand new Xiaomi phone for around 100 USD

  71. author

    Khanya Masuku7 годин тому

    2020 sucks

  72. author

    dino reza7 годин тому

    Awesome 😘😘

  73. author

    I don't care retro7 годин тому

    Yeah I just broke my favorite wireless headset next time I buy a expensive headset I’m buying this

  74. author

    Prem Prince7 годин тому

    855 Processor would be a beast

  75. author

    Alien’s Iphone7 годин тому

    0:09 i thought i downloaded something

  76. author

    Taylor Baxendale7 годин тому

    A series is mid range j series is the budget

  77. author

    Mirza Aman Ullah baig7 годин тому

    Also checkout the samsung galaxy a71 a mod range best smartphone

  78. author

    BeeKi7 годин тому

    Lg vip

  79. author

    DEMON CYBORG7 годин тому

    there is no way a sub 250$ smartphone can beat this and I personally think that this is gonna give those smartphones a pretty decent run for their money...

  80. author

    stuvztube7 годин тому

    Me: apple, you just lost yourself a customer Apple: $$$what?$$$