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This is the iPhone 12This is the iPhone 12

This is the iPhone 12

16 днів тому

Goodbye Samsung...Goodbye Samsung...

Goodbye Samsung...

Місяць тому

DON'T Buy The New iPhone SEDON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

Місяць тому

Unboxing All The Masks...Unboxing All The Masks...

Unboxing All The Masks...

Місяць тому

Dear AppleDear Apple

Dear Apple

Місяць тому

This is the iPhone SE 2This is the iPhone SE 2

This is the iPhone SE 2

Місяць тому

This is a Smartphone cable...This is a Smartphone cable...

This is a Smartphone cable...

2 місяці тому

Huawei P40 Event LivestreamHuawei P40 Event Livestream

Huawei P40 Event Livestream

2 місяці тому

The New iPad Pro 2020 ReactionThe New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

2 місяці тому

Unbox Therapy Coronavirus UpdateUnbox Therapy Coronavirus Update

Unbox Therapy Coronavirus Update

2 місяці тому

The Brightest Laptop Money Can BuyThe Brightest Laptop Money Can Buy

The Brightest Laptop Money Can Buy

2 місяці тому

The Impossible ChairThe Impossible Chair

The Impossible Chair

2 місяці тому

Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.

Huawei Mate Xs Unboxing - Whoa.

2 місяці тому

The $99 Apple AirPods KillersThe $99 Apple AirPods Killers

The $99 Apple AirPods Killers

2 місяці тому

The Amazing Double Laptop!!The Amazing Double Laptop!!

The Amazing Double Laptop!!

3 місяці тому

Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2

Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2

3 місяці тому

Even Thinner Than AirPods...Even Thinner Than AirPods...

Even Thinner Than AirPods...

3 місяці тому

Sony Sent An Unexpected Package...Sony Sent An Unexpected Package...

Sony Sent An Unexpected Package...

3 місяці тому

They Made It Even Smaller...They Made It Even Smaller...

They Made It Even Smaller...

4 місяці тому

The Fastest Internet I've Tested...The Fastest Internet I've Tested...

The Fastest Internet I've Tested...

5 місяців тому

New Latercase Models and Price ChangeNew Latercase Models and Price Change

New Latercase Models and Price Change

5 місяців тому

Unbelievable New AirPods AlternativeUnbelievable New AirPods Alternative

Unbelievable New AirPods Alternative

5 місяців тому

Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing - Whoa.Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing - Whoa.

Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing - Whoa.

5 місяців тому

The Truth About LatercaseThe Truth About Latercase

The Truth About Latercase

5 місяців тому

It's like an Apple MacBook Micro...It's like an Apple MacBook Micro...

It's like an Apple MacBook Micro...

5 місяців тому

The Levitating SneakerThe Levitating Sneaker

The Levitating Sneaker

6 місяців тому

Don't Ruin Your SmartphoneDon't Ruin Your Smartphone

Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

6 місяців тому

A Very Strange Phone Emerges...A Very Strange Phone Emerges...

A Very Strange Phone Emerges...

6 місяців тому

The Every Camera SmartphoneThe Every Camera Smartphone

The Every Camera Smartphone

6 місяців тому

The Best Smartphone You Won't BuyThe Best Smartphone You Won't Buy

The Best Smartphone You Won't Buy

6 місяців тому

The World's Fastest Portable ChargerThe World's Fastest Portable Charger

The World's Fastest Portable Charger

6 місяців тому

How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?

How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?

6 місяців тому

Apple AirPods Pro UnboxingApple AirPods Pro Unboxing

Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing

7 місяців тому

My New Cheese GraterMy New Cheese Grater

My New Cheese Grater

7 місяців тому

Unboxing The Enormous New Razer BladeUnboxing The Enormous New Razer Blade

Unboxing The Enormous New Razer Blade

7 місяців тому

  1. author

    Yony Vega13 годин тому

    cool i can play cool math games with ray tracing and 4k

  2. author

    D Roberts13 годин тому


  3. author

    m sabir13 годин тому

    Apple now make banana stands For the price of million bananas

  4. author

    Ashlin Michael13 годин тому

    He is so right. Apple literally treats its customers like trash even tho we’ve been so loyal to Apple for years. If you compare an android budget phone vs this, you’ll see a huge difference. On a serious note if you have iphone 7 or 8, dont even think about wasting $400 on this cause they’re exactly the same thing it’s just the A13 chip that makes the difference.

  5. author

    Dave Mele13 годин тому

    Getting an SMS at 19:54

  6. author

    KeeblerElf13 годин тому


  7. author

    friends don't lie13 годин тому

    my mom ending up looking through my phone when I tried to show her a meme😂

  8. author

    BLIGHTEDルール Naruto13 годин тому

    Hmm I hv never seen a thing like 90 fps in my life maybe one kidney will do the job

  9. author

    Teknologic14 годин тому

    it's evolving, just backwards.

  10. author

    Tazden Playz14 годин тому

    This was created the day I turned 7

  11. author

    Jason Zheng14 годин тому

    Sony Products: one of the best in our catagory. Sony phones: Not me.

  12. author

    Zied Gaming14 годин тому

    I wish I can get it in heaven

  13. author

    Kahleem Winston14 годин тому

    Any one else get a cringy feeling when this happening like its gonna break at any momment😅😬😬 11:39

  14. author

    Jericho Codera14 годин тому

    Done! 🔥 I can't imagine winning this "once in a lifetime luxury phone".

  15. author

    Riley Pittman14 годин тому

    But how long will it download warzone?

  16. author

    Tushar Ahmed14 годин тому

    Banana stand

  17. author

    Isaac Hanson14 годин тому

    I was expecting him to say WTF! at the end.

  18. author

    smr14414 годин тому

    Is that the Wuhan virus phone?

  19. author

    Luis Jauregui14 годин тому

    iPhone 5se: dropped it 1000 times + nothing happened iPhone se 2020: dropped it once and the screen cracks

  20. author

    José Fernando14 годин тому

    I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas... I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas...

  21. author

    Alejandro E14 годин тому

    Wtf is that

  22. author

    John Mendoza14 годин тому

    I want to believe.👽

  23. author

    A Worm named Scoobis14 годин тому

    Xbox people.

  24. author

    ZIQING HE14 годин тому

    Now they have the solution to use AMD cpu.

  25. author

    Jacob Hong14 годин тому

    my wrist is like 180mm is the 40mm one better or 44mm somebody help

  26. author

    Sa rez202014 годин тому

    This proved that how terrible the item was unbox therapy will lie about it. to look nice. Don’t trust this fu-Clown

  27. author

    Sa rez202014 годин тому

    This proved that how terrible the item was unbox therapy will lie about it. to look nice. Don’t trust this fu-Clown

  28. author

    100k subs Without any content challenge14 годин тому

    Why did I have two diaper ads... in a row???

  29. author

    Sajid Khan14 годин тому

    I Never Had an iPhone Before. But Now I'm Waiting for This Amazing Phone:)

  30. author

    Technical Smartmind14 годин тому

    Thank you sir u r doing well to viewers I m new to cheenal I hope will be winner it's all upon God and tq

  31. author

    Rad K.14 годин тому

    The chair is Imperator Works IW-C4

  32. author

    Sa rez202014 годин тому


  33. author

    Sa rez202015 годин тому


  34. author

    Saurav Tripathi15 годин тому

    How to get on my 7t pro

  35. author

    David Swadis15 годин тому

    Omg this guy is so dreamy

  36. author

    xUnSeeN_335x15 годин тому

    Hey man you shuld do a review on Prometheus smart phone !

  37. author

    Tobias Fabro15 годин тому

    Woah hole with no phone! Woah phone with no hole! Woah no phone no hole!

  38. author

    Dana Neko15 годин тому

    "ENTRY" "DONE" WHY: I can't afford one.

  39. author

    MaMa Silverz15 годин тому

    I’m watching from Los Angeles. I need your advice. I have a 2009 17” Mac book pro where the “board” needs to be replaced. A $600 repair job. Which is ok, but ..... I think I should invest in a new updated Mac book pro mainly for creating music and photography, editing. What do you suggest? I would want to transfer data and possibly install the 1tb from my 17” to a new purchase. Suggestions? Advice? Thanks!

  40. author

    Joshua Dixon15 годин тому

    My laptop can do this. This is my laptop.

  41. author

    Keith McKellar15 годин тому

    I just want a speaker so loud it blows people out of their underwear , is that so much to ask for ?? Lol

  42. author

    KaiLean15 годин тому

    Could that also work with the new 2020 ipad pro?

  43. author

    Patrick Austin15 годин тому

    Please make this a partial toaster channel. Find a budget one that meets this technology. Also I feel like $400 it should be able to do 2 at a time. Hell for $150 it better be able to do 2 at a time.

  44. author

    Robert Delpha15 годин тому

    I would definitely get the projector

  45. author

    FIREDRAKE SATIRIC15 годин тому

    I got it today. Really solid! Camera is great. Battery is insane. Over all performance is great. Right up there with all the top flagships. I've tried EVERYTHING this year and so far this one ranks towards the top. Had a bunch of super cool features unique to Motorola. Bring able to see exactly what the notifications say without actually doing anything other than tapping it is GREAT. Something that should be standard on flagships.

  46. author

    orel deri15 годин тому

    You can check him out *phillshack*

  47. author

    fre _she15 годин тому

    “Disappointed unbox therapy noises”

  48. author

    Deth exe15 годин тому

    you've been waiting for a reason to use the word computational havent ya.

  49. author

    jcarey56815 годин тому

    Lew: Charisma 10

  50. author

    Brando Ramirez15 годин тому

    0:45 looks like an episode of Narcos

  51. author

    Hogiewan116 годин тому

    Been 4 days since an upload. Hope ole Lew hasn't caught the Rona. Or arrested protesting...

  52. author

    Colvis Haley16 годин тому

    Who won the phone?

  53. author

    RsKoNeR16 годин тому

    🤣🤣🤣 take the sticker off the back. Fake as

  54. author

    사라*16 годин тому

    I think it easily beats the airpods.. BUT I am still looking for a 10+ hr battery life

  55. author

    PEWdIepi Mincraft16 годин тому

    O clock ⏰and construction industry and consistent with your wife and children in the same spot

  56. author

    Krystal Morales-Garcia16 годин тому

    actully it only has 4 because i have the exact phong and that on on the back is a phone unlocker for your fingerprint

  57. author

    Teo Jagečić-Boltek16 годин тому

    Dafuq was that.

  58. author

    CosmicWolffe16 годин тому

    What internet does he have Jesus christ

  59. author

    Yasskoir Phone16 годин тому

    Y'all gotta checkout *phillshack* on IG ✔️✔️✔️

  60. author

    Yasskoir Phone16 годин тому

    Just got my MacBook pro reactivated through *phillshack* on IG he's a real professional

  61. author

    Roshan Sukcham16 годин тому

    Thailand 🇹🇭

  62. author

    Random Salmon16 годин тому

    For the price, I expected this banana hanger to be made of GOLD

  63. author

    Chris Walters16 годин тому

    Again.... Can't stop laughing.... These are my favorite videos..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  64. author

    Georgina’s Epic Life16 годин тому


  65. author

    UsernameTaken16 годин тому

    0:00 this Chinese dude looks like he is so annoyed and doesn't even want to be friends with that guy and trying he's best to ignore him

  66. author

    Fran Mejia16 годин тому

    5:00 jack

  67. author

    luka li16 годин тому

    wait what purple is available ??

  68. author

    Alexandro Gil17 годин тому

    I like the design

  69. author

    Филип Т. Митровски17 годин тому

    whats bothering me is how much money did the paid him to say this it had to be much...

  70. author

    the_top_man 21317 годин тому

    I've habe an android and always had one but i wanna switch to iphone but i dont wanna spend so much money on one is this good or should I stick to android?

  71. author

    Kornflakez - Lost Places & Stuff17 годин тому

    The highest ppi I ever had was / still is on the Sony XZ Premium with 801ppi. The overall specs from the Xz Premium are still pretty decent and usable in 2020. But the camera.....the camera on the XZ is just bad. So I am really hyped for the Xperia 1ii. I use Sonys Alpha Series my self and the Xperia 1ii is the first mobile phone ever (for me) that got my attention just because of the announced camera specs.

  72. author

    Pony17 годин тому

    I’m getting it for my birthday

  73. author

    Wrighteous17 годин тому

    Would like to hear and see more about the UI, specifications, and the company’s story but at 3:00 he just starts going off like it’s a comedy bit instead of a review. Not helpful.

  74. author

    Raymond Guarin17 годин тому

    Thanks for the Good information

  75. author

    Jr Boss22517 годин тому

    That cost as much as my house 😳

  76. author

    Greyslopp17 годин тому

    Can you imagine how many phones are in this guy’s dresser?

  77. author

    PH Digital17 годин тому

    Time to make a slice a toast...

  78. author

    Barchtic18 годин тому

    At least make the packaging mindblowing...

  79. author

    bang guy18 годин тому

    Say goodbye to buying ice for your cooler and say hello to THE cooler. And I’m a Mountain Dew kinda guy!

  80. author

    Fairplay18 годин тому

    Sony's UI is much more painful than the Samsung Bixby. So no. No way Jose!

  81. author

    DumbOneFound18 годин тому

    The intense music scared me

  82. author

    Sniuchi18 годин тому

    This is not even funny anymore

  83. author

    Enar Calatayud18 годин тому

    Is there any of this for the iPhone XS Max ?

  84. author

    Karlee R18 годин тому

    My boyfriend still has an iphone 6 and I'm going to buy a new iPhone for his birthday coming up but I'm just stuck on which one to buy for him

  85. author

    Jl Ds18 годин тому

    apple seem like can create any creative stuff and tech anymore..... then come out a stupid stand and a idiot rolls to make consumer look idiot too?

  86. author

    Usman Aslam18 годин тому

    I feel so cool watching on my Infinix Note 7 I bought yesterday

  87. author

    TalkToIgën18 годин тому

    Wtf for a moment it was an legit ASMR 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. author

    D K18 годин тому

    Red Velvet uwah~

  89. author

    I’mnot Jason18 годин тому

    I want one so badd

  90. author

    Taniesha Delph18 годин тому

    Every time he says “headphones” he sounds French, lol

  91. author

    Angel Marie18 годин тому

    What does he mean by to configure and customise?

  92. author

    SuperFedererFan18 годин тому

    Does anyone have an idea what is the location at 4:40 ? Looks amazing

  93. author

    Jason Travels the world18 годин тому

    Do not buy, especially from black supply on facebook, you will never receive your order.

  94. author

    Squires Media Group18 годин тому

    That was so poorly packaged for a $1000 item, No styrofoam or anything. Shame on Apple!

  95. author

    X X18 годин тому

    I have this phone and it is very suitable for me as a 7 months old👶 it is a good phone i make calls, and play ringtone..and many thing, i advise you to buy, Kids 👶👶🤤

  96. author

    Caroline Rose18 годин тому

    "iphone 8 is old!" me watching this on my iphone 5s: 👁️👄👁️

  97. author

    JJ SS18 годин тому

    3:26 Art nowadays.

  98. author

    marvinc8818 годин тому

    Lew, this is not bananas.