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Fan Mail Videos are CANCELLEDFan Mail Videos are CANCELLED

Fan Mail Videos are CANCELLED

3 місяці тому

Important Changing Of Plans.Important Changing Of Plans.

Important Changing Of Plans.

3 місяці тому



3 місяці тому

Life as a Google Stadia GamerLife as a Google Stadia Gamer

Life as a Google Stadia Gamer

3 місяці тому

It's official, I'm done with this.It's official, I'm done with this.

It's official, I'm done with this.

5 місяців тому

I need your help, again.I need your help, again.

I need your help, again.

5 місяців тому

Don't be a baby, it's just fan mail.Don't be a baby, it's just fan mail.

Don't be a baby, it's just fan mail.

6 місяців тому

I let you all down... i'm sorry.I let you all down... i'm sorry.

I let you all down... i'm sorry.

6 місяців тому

My Pokemon Video Missed The Mark.My Pokemon Video Missed The Mark.

My Pokemon Video Missed The Mark.

7 місяців тому

We are leaving for a bit.We are leaving for a bit.

We are leaving for a bit.

9 місяців тому

  1. author

    Russell Ross4 години тому

    There is actually a mobile version of pokemon trading card game online. It's only officially available on tablets, but if you download the APK unofficially, you can install and play it on your phone as well. I have a phone with a pretty big screen so it works well, but you might not want it on a small phone.

  2. author

    Nicholas Vergel Sarabia4 години тому

    It's like Nintendo has that B**chy best friend that suggested she breaks up with you, because you're a risk ^^

  3. author

    Martin Romero Prado4 години тому

    Nintendo is dead!

  4. author

    Ryan Massenburg4 години тому

    The dynamic resolution is just a theoretical limit, from the tests I've seen it never gets close to the minimum resolution.

  5. author

    Offthewall11205 годин тому


  6. author

    sneaky bruno5 годин тому

    i dont really like sony i like nintendo and xbox ao else agree

  7. author

    CryxenYT5 годин тому

    Happy 1 mil!!! Been here since 200k

  8. author

    Justintiger95 годин тому

    I feel like you touch on a good point about Joel not being cautious about strangers, but in my head I believe that in opening up his heart to Ellie, getting in touch with his interests again (the sculpting), and living in a peaceful community for a few years really made Joel able to trust in the goodness of people again. Not having to rough it out in the outside world as much made Joel not as wary as he used to be.

  9. author

    Dash Jones5 годин тому


  10. author

    CelFi com Prof. Fernando Coelho5 годин тому

    You are absolutely fantastic man! Thanks, for everything ❤️👊😊👍

  11. author

    Fynn Gepfner5 годин тому

    "3:19" When someone need some Gift Cards only try: ▶️ 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐜𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐬.𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 So happy it exists in 2020^^ ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  12. author

    Irwing Edwing Carmona Sandoval5 годин тому

    My joycons are like your shirt :v

  13. author

    Tabitha Dickerson5 годин тому

    Wasn't platinum though. Clover.

  14. author

    Bradlee Apodaco5 годин тому

    The games aren't made to be good. Their made to sell merchandise. Their gunna make the same amount of money regardless if it high quality or not the games aren't their cash cow so why bother spending more money making it good

  15. author

    Funny Fajitas5 годин тому

    I'm yet to start playing Zelda breath of the wild but I'm curious to know why it has such an odd glow to it

  16. author

    Funny Fajitas5 годин тому

    I'd love Sims to come on the switch it's already on the PS4 and Xbox 1 😭

  17. author

    Steven Kang6 годин тому

    Wood actually predicted that Nintendo would add a world builder

  18. author

    Jessi May6 годин тому

    Lyman is absolutely the best villager!! I’ve pretty much turned him into a girl with dresses and bows but he loves it 😂

  19. author

    Fakhrul Azri6 годин тому

    You doing a bit sad

  20. author

    Ant K6 годин тому

  21. author

    Cameran Jukavitch6 годин тому

    I've got cheif, he's cool <3

  22. author

    Wafffels11 Eleven6 годин тому


  23. author

    Matt Baxter6 годин тому

    I have your back i love you man 💞💞💞

  24. author

    Andrea Florio6 годин тому

    You didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so I understand them really...

  25. author

    Rholmer147 годин тому

    I never played spiderman 2 but I played shattered dimensions on my wii and it is still one of my favorite childhood games

  26. author

    eric higgins7 годин тому

    Anxiety is made up tho

  27. author

    Don’t Care7 годин тому

    The micro transactions were annoying and i never spent money, but i actually did enjoy mariokart tour for the week people were playing it. The points that resulted in different ranks kept me at it trying to get the best rank. Even if i only had just bowser lol.

  28. author

    Ryan Emerald Isle Dude Awesome7 годин тому

    This is on my birthday!

  29. author

    tom kolf7 годин тому

    But as a new beginner for the Nintendo switch any injections that I can get from you can you help me get them the best games out there I'm only hidden for three of them right now please help me can you do a video of the new hiring I love your work keeping up You're very funny I wish you well please decide if you could

  30. author

    Sean Ferrari7 годин тому

    I'm glad there's an Australian revieewer, among all the American ones, keep it up beatemups

  31. author

    ** Zzz8 годин тому

    steven is quite literally this mans sugar daddy and probably has one of those kinks for giving away his money to people lmao

  32. author

    Con Head8 годин тому

    I thought I was bad

  33. author

    Yamsthepotatoking8 годин тому

    You got me to get YS 8 and it was so fire rip ambassador status

  34. author

    Daniel Dean8 годин тому

    Why am I I literally just now getting a notification for this vid it says it 5 days old. Stupid phone

  35. author

    Youri Stevens8 годин тому

    i hate to say, but for a lot of it, i agree with elf boy and his breath of the wild review. I could make a very long list of why i find it an absolutely horrible zelda game. It looks pretty, and that's litterally the ONLY good stuff i can say about it. It looks pretty, but thats it

  36. author

    luke gillham8 годин тому

    You want a real RPG miitopia

  37. author

    RegularCal8 годин тому

    Wood without Nintendo is like peanut butter without jelly. Can’t even imagine it.

  38. author

    Brendan Roe8 годин тому

    I really like how they realized that turning Ellie into the new Joel would be they decided to make a new character with those Joel motivations, however I think this game would have worked better of Joel and Ellie weren't in it at all and we just saw how they affected the world Abby lived in. I think the game got much better in the 2nd half, Lev and Yara were much better side characters than Jessie and Dina as well.

  39. author

    R.8 годин тому

    11:28 It's who now? GEralt please...

  40. author

    gamer.io8 годин тому

    Let's call him 👀 jk xD

  41. author

    Vanessa9 годин тому

    I completely lost it when you read the names of the Swedish candy lmao😂 you weren't close at all😂

  42. author

    Allie Ghosty9 годин тому

    This made me laugh so much and so hard! I have a villager I'm trying to get rid of to accommodate an elephant that's leaving my friends island that I want. An I've been trying to get rid of a villager on my island for hours yesterday and I'm about to continue that today. So seeing the stress you went through is so relatable I couldn't stop laughing! Thanks for the lolz!

  43. author

    thatEDMguy9 годин тому

    All i want is user interface themes Nintendo make it happen

  44. author

    Rathernot Disclose9 годин тому

    Can't find that movement mod anywhere (the front flip one)

  45. author

    mpholicx210 годин тому

    By far one of the worst videos I've seen in a long time. I can't believe he's getting paid to act like an idiot. I thought if I didn't watch any of his videos for awhile they might improve but they've gotten even worse.

  46. author

    Officer Tom10 годин тому

    Strangely I actually don't like Super Mario 3D World that much. I even like Super Mario 3D Land better and I also like New Super Mario Bros. U and especially New Super Luigi U better. And I also love Super Mario Maker 2 a lot and spend a lot of time playing courses or making them.

  47. author

    Raven Hutt10 годин тому

    Joel and Tommy have no choice but to go with Abby as they were in a blizzard being chased by a bunch of infected. Tommy was the one who gave Joel's name and once they were with Abbie's group he was super hesitant to give his name but he was surrounded With Ellie it's not that she doesn't understand that Joel loves her. She does understand that and she loves him back. But she is hurt because him. She for the rest of her life has to live with the fact that he made her the reason for humanities further downfall all because he couldn't lose another daughter. With Abby they didn't really care whether anyone liked her or not. Getting ya to like the character was far from the intention. Which is why she isn't likable for the most part. the reason you play as her is to get her perspective. Both in the reason why she killed Joel and the mindset she's in once ya get to the climax of Ellie's part of the game. I feel like out of any sequal I've seen or played this one has actually probably respected it's characters the most in the sense of not making them these perfect figures that fans misremember them being. They are flawed characters that continue to be flawed in the sequal

  48. author

    Little Kitten10 годин тому

    Steven is the rich best friend who knows how to spoil his friends that we all wished we have one lolll

  49. author

    Lukekicho moso10 годин тому

    AGAIN please

  50. author

    William10 годин тому

    At least being a brand ambassador or not being one won't change you. There is a certain youtuber that became a Bethesda ambassador and his content became all positive talking about how amazing FO76 was at launch

  51. author

    seigemotube10 годин тому

    Steven is like your sugar daddy jejejejeje so cute

  52. author

    petros pitos10 годин тому

    I hope I can win something for Nintendo Switch..... love your videos !!!! Kalimera good morning from Greece

  53. author

    JAY-GIRL10 годин тому

    OMG that song you were singing at the end!! Aussies know!! its the goodbye song from in the box!!

  54. author

    imxstarryeyed11 годин тому

    if you don't want people to send you stuff, stop leaving your p.o address in the description, it just makes you come off as a very greedy person

  55. author

    Ya Yeet11 годин тому

    Bertha is on my island. and I also have bam on my island

  56. author

    Medo Guenther11 годин тому

    I did it in the 10 seconds

  57. author

    Matthew Dean11 годин тому

    That switch controller reminds me of Metroid!

  58. author

    chrisknockwood11 годин тому

    If you dont want stuff, then why have a mail box address?

  59. author

    F D11 годин тому

    4:36 Make sense though... Charizard never did the flamethrower from it mouth in the real game

  60. author

    confuuzledcezzy11 годин тому

    i have Hazel and Billy at the start

  61. author

    Taso Woodward11 годин тому

    I’m starting to think Steven is multiple people.

  62. author

    Aby plays games11 годин тому

    Creepy music in the background

  63. author

    theclubvids11 годин тому

    You're legit in my eyes.. nintenbro!

  64. author

    Yvonne113711 годин тому

    Wood: Uses hand sanitizer to not get sick Also Wood: Opens package with teeth Me: ???

  65. author

    SuperZombiepimp12 годин тому

    Most of the bad reviews are from people that didnt finished the game you really should always beat a game to do a credible review this is why I dont take most youtubers seriously cause you can tell they didnt actually play a game to its end

  66. author

    JAK _18912 годин тому

    Your spot on, I feel the same.

  67. author

    Jibran Wafi12 годин тому

    5:36 Basically when you arrived at the royal waterways in hollow knight

  68. author

    AbdOlPix12 годин тому

    Yes. It's much more realistic to play Nintendo Switch in 2020 than PS Vita.

  69. author

    P3T3R D4LY12 годин тому

    Um exuse u wood Zelda has a horse how frigen dare you call Zelda bad !😂

  70. author

    Corey Dunlap12 годин тому

    He’s using reverse psychology ;)

  71. author

    White.Red Heart12 годин тому

    I was so hoping he'd pull out a mini, foldable golf club just for jokes out of that box

  72. author

    TheGamersCoop Youtube Channel12 годин тому

    Holy crap... I didn't even realize that the game was warming me up for the battles... Got the game today and I immediately jacked the difficulty up the max and had a solid sweat built up by the end of world 1 and I am super excited to see what else is in store. I plan on crushing 1 world per day and then off to the mini games and custom workouts!!!

  73. author

    janui8812 годин тому

    half of your snacks from Sweden are actually from Norway, so I got kinda confused because I thought you didn't mean to say Sweden and you meant Norway.

  74. author

    Scott Armstrong13 годин тому

    hmmmmm, ruining future opportunities with one little whinging video? Little too much ego seeping out here.

  75. author

    A Slice Of Orange13 годин тому

    I've only gotten a vita now in 2020 (even though I have a switch) and I'm actually super excited for some of the games

  76. author

    Zerstörer65713 годин тому

    Daaaaaiiiimmm 😂😂

  77. author

    محمد العنزي EC313 годин тому

    Super Mario Odyssey is the best platformer game ever, thanks to Yuzu I played it and finished it.

  78. author

    Sasinett13 годин тому

    But Bertha is so sweet! She is one of my favourites, bloop!

  79. author

    nicolo gaming13 годин тому


  80. author

    Juluvier14 годин тому

    I don’t know how Kim accepted to marry you, you’re the worst and she’s too pure! 😂

  81. author

    Ashley T14 годин тому

    Your editor is adorable! And love the ghost shirt :)

  82. author

    MicShazam14 годин тому

    They should have patched it to have a blue overlay with animated bubbles on it. Then they could just have been like "Oh, slowdown? No no no. You misunderstand. They're fighting underwater. It's just moving at realistic speeds."

  83. author

    Zinned2014 годин тому

    4:57 We all want that

  84. author

    Matthew Harris14 годин тому

    Definitely the mod video dude. They get real butt hurt over that stuff. They can’t have an ambassador supporting modding. I love a good mod, but it can’t be in your brand that’s so closely linked to them. Whether they say it or not, it’s definitely very clearly not a coincidence. Big bummer dude. Thanks for all you vids. I’ve enjoyed them over the years and will continue to.

  85. author

    eoin mccann14 годин тому

    I would like to know if the unreleased cyberpunk 2077 game is in the Xbox console? Or if it's a fake...

  86. author

    ivan rojo14 годин тому

    impractical jokers

  87. author

    Arielle Keen14 годин тому

    unpopular opinion bertha is the best hippo

  88. author

    Stomp-EE14 _14 годин тому


  89. author

    Johnny Freetanga14 годин тому

    This vid -> Probably the best definition of modern 外人.

  90. author

    Danny Simion14 годин тому

    Wow you have really nice and generous fans! I am actually curious for the Power Up Perler and the Soda Pop Candles. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  91. author

    KongMaxwell14 годин тому

    Who tf is Steven??

  92. author

    Kyle 014 годин тому

    I really miss the GameCube "variable" zr button, where you press the button lightly and mario releases a little bit of water. The Joycons zr is just a single click. Do you know if any of these controller's have the gamecube style zr zl buttons? I can't imagine playing Luigi mansion without the ability to lightly suck up ghost vs full throttle.

  93. author

    Funny Fajitas14 годин тому

    Wood: goes on about raycon Me in the UK: that's doesn't even exist in my country

  94. author

    Roobee_ Doobee15 годин тому

    Does anyone know how to fix a joystick on a pro controller that always gets stuck when you move it?

  95. author

    Daniel Montejano15 годин тому

    The Barry b benson came out 😳

  96. author

    FatFishy12315 годин тому


  97. author

    Puffy McDragon15 годин тому

    How about you stop posting your PO BOX. Oh that’s right, you’re begging people to send free stuff.

  98. author

    Lenin Figueroa15 годин тому

    Also the game is set in 2033 not 2020, the outbreak was in 2013, I mean if you are uploading your review/opinion at least get your facts right. Being angry because of joels death and trashing the game for that is just childish, this is an awesome game and proof of that is all the attention is getting

  99. author

    Benjamin Leetch15 годин тому

    Me when i see a sponsor: Aight, imma head forward 100 seconds

  100. author

    Lenin Figueroa15 годин тому

    This review is crap, you lost me at "lazy writing"