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Disney's Mulan | "Battle" TV SpotDisney's Mulan | "Battle" TV Spot

Disney's Mulan | "Battle" TV Spot

2 місяці тому

Disney's Mulan | Stunt FeaturetteDisney's Mulan | Stunt Featurette

Disney's Mulan | Stunt Featurette

3 місяці тому

Disney's Mulan | Final TrailerDisney's Mulan | Final Trailer

Disney's Mulan | Final Trailer

4 місяці тому

Disney's Mulan | "True"Disney's Mulan | "True"

Disney's Mulan | "True"

4 місяці тому

Disney's Mulan | "Fight"Disney's Mulan | "Fight"

Disney's Mulan | "Fight"

4 місяці тому

Spies in Disguise | Safe GadgetsSpies in Disguise | Safe Gadgets

Spies in Disguise | Safe Gadgets

5 місяців тому

Spies in Disguise | "Jeff" TV SpotSpies in Disguise | "Jeff" TV Spot

Spies in Disguise | "Jeff" TV Spot

5 місяців тому

Disney's Mulan | Official TrailerDisney's Mulan | Official Trailer

Disney's Mulan | Official Trailer

6 місяців тому

  1. author

    BREEKI BRO3 години тому

    What. The. Fuck?

  2. author

    Prince Gupta4 години тому

    When this movie launch in india 🤔

  3. author

    Aaron Chen4 години тому

    As a Chinese I wanna see it being true to the ballad of mulan and them embracing her identity. While being true to the 1998 film.

  4. author

    Sean Banico4 години тому

    wow so ip man is here too huh?!? fuck china is already op!!

  5. author

    Tsz Yee Ho4 години тому

    Simba is so cute

  6. author

    Hoan Hot Ho4 години тому

    Artemis Fowl: I'm the worst movie based on a book Percy Jackson: *Allow me to introduce myself*

  7. author

    ROSÉ GACHA5 годин тому

    I love u disney

  8. author

    ROSÉ GACHA5 годин тому

    I have look this full movie in cenima

  9. author

    Jessica Peters5 годин тому


  10. author

    Undertale Reacts5 годин тому

    0:19 I herd the kid say oof

  11. author

    Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida5 годин тому

    Why do they keep doing this? Nothing is sacred anymore?

  12. author

    TheStrGzr90005 годин тому


  13. author

    Sj scorp gaming5 годин тому

    I have a movie please make this movie it will rock in theaters please and also take me as a hero

  14. author

    Arthur Potter5 годин тому

    What the hell is this? Not Artemis Fowl that's for damn sure!

  15. author

    Turbulent Thrombosis6 годин тому

    .......no.....nooooo.......no no no non nein nyet null negatif negatory

  16. author

    Bullet 4MyEx6 годин тому

    As a book fan when they were coming out this is a travesty

  17. author

    Mr clash 016 годин тому

    69m views nice

  18. author

    Mr clash 016 годин тому

    When you finally get RTX

  19. author

    Shawn Lee6 годин тому

    Fucked up chinese movie with chinese money for chinese market.... free Hongkong free tibet free Taiwan shame on u disney shame on u

  20. author

    Wolf Tiger Lily6 годин тому

    Disney: We adapted Artemis Fowl! Fandom: You ruined a perfectly good antihero is what you did. Look at him, he has morals now.

  21. author

    the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta6 годин тому

    So instead of criminal genius discovers extremely sexist fairies are real and decides to ransom one of them for a literal ton of gold, we get this generic bullshit.

  22. author

    bloodyredfox6 годин тому

    wait is this like....the book artemis fowl's son's movie???? i was expecting the book TT_TT

  23. author

    the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta6 годин тому


  24. author

    Hydrengea is Not Normally Deep Red6 годин тому

    My poor middle-school self: "Oh boy! They're making an Artemis Fowl movie! Can't wait to watch it alongside Harry Potter's!" Me now a 30s man: "It should have stay canceled."

  25. author

    ShyNeonFoxes6 годин тому

    Disney: *Removes Mushu* Eddie Murphy: Well excuse me-

  26. author

    Ridiculous Memesquad7 годин тому

    Can Disney do something new, like not remakes, the cartoons are better, no songs is bull and not to mention it makes it so much less funnier. Like go back to 2D animation. And yes I know it cost so much money but what about back in the 50s u guys paid almost 500 bucks back then and you would produce them like a factory, what the hell Disney. Let’s not forget u ruined the Star Wars franchise but people still saw them. Oh and a remake on Aladdin, how that go, yeah that’s what I thought, b.i.t.c.h

  27. author

    Jalen Seko7 годин тому

    this. SUCKS. the cast looks so good to why the fuck would they butcher the story

  28. author

    Taelib Shahrivar7 годин тому


  29. author

    aleroki todoroki7 годин тому

    Why did they have to remove mushu and the Mulan’s love interest and maybe less tense-

  30. author

    Sharda Hartley7 годин тому

    Dear Disney, No thank you Regards, The people who read the book

  31. author

    Leonie Jia7 годин тому

    That’s kinda spiritual ! Very beautiful 11:11 🌞

  32. author

    덜 덜7 годин тому

    한국인 없수?

  33. author

    Xantron8 годин тому

    looks a million times worse then Wrinkle in Time

  34. author

    Emily Jackson8 годин тому

    What? What? What was that? That is not Artemis Fowl! How can you screw up Artemis Fowl?! The book is written for a criminal mastermind child, not some secret " Arty, I'm a secret agent. You get to be an awesome good guy too." Where is Butler and Juliet?! They are Eurasian. That Holly and Multch thing. Ugg! I'm cringing! Fowl Senior doesn't steal anything from the fairies. Fowl Junior does. How can they get it so wrong? Just UUUGGG!

  35. author

    Erik Anders Sæter8 годин тому


  36. author

    Andrew Tucker8 годин тому

    Reminder that the lead actress supported the authoritarian CCP, not the Hong Kong protesters

  37. author

    AJ Lenoire9 годин тому

    If I didn’t know the books, I would think this is gonna be an okay movie. But this is so far and so obviously removed from them. Artemis is the *bad guy* in the first book. He kidnaps Holly for ransom. His dad is the head of a criminal empire, not a shadowhunter-slash-kingsman. ROOT IS A GUY. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF HIS AND HOLLY’S ARC.

  38. author

    Lennart Loska9 годин тому

    this made me actually cry

  39. author

    Dragoner Productions9 годин тому

    Thanks for moving it to Disney + movie would have flopped anyways. Like serioisly what the fuck is this, it's like they are trying to mash multiple books into one movie

  40. author

    Chromatism9 годин тому

    Well... this looks abominable. Why is Artemis Fowl no longer the antagonist of his own story? And it seems like they've booted Holly and her equally as interesting story directly to the curb if this trailer is anything to go by. This is a disappointed hard pass from me.

  41. author

    Rainbow Ashley9 годин тому

    Melefecent is so so beautiful

  42. author

    Suraj Rambaran10 годин тому

    This movie is looking so lit and already a fan of the original

  43. author

    NeoRipshaft10 годин тому

    ... thiiiiiss does not resemble what I've heard about the books lol - isn't Artemis supposed to be a bad guy? And I didn't think that the faeries were something that people didn't know about... the aesthetic doesn't looks like what I expected either but I've not read the books so dunno... but yeaaa....

  44. author

    SheWolf Warrior10 годин тому

    I wish this was on Disney+ earlier :( It comes out in 2021 and I’m not patient!!!

  45. author

    Emma Staub10 годин тому

    *This is my favorite movie series and Jack Sparrow is my favorite Disney Character*

  46. author

    Hayden Helin10 годин тому

    Did that leopard just break the glass with its paws ?

  47. author

    Anthony Sunseri10 годин тому

    Truly, one of the most iconic characters of all time. Johnny Depp put such a great job into Jack Sparrow the best fictional pirate there is.

  48. author

    Simon Thelen10 годин тому

    Who thought this would be a good idea? WHO? HAVENT WE SUFFERED ENOUGH ALREADY?

  49. author

    Christin Song11 годин тому

    this is the only live action disney movie that i would want to see

  50. author

    Chris Kwak11 годин тому

    You're absolutely right. It's FOWL.

  51. author

    LegendaryPredalien1211 годин тому

    This trailer literally goes out of its way in every possible way to do the exact opposite of what an Artemis Fowl film would be like. It's so painfully generically over the top and ridiculous looking my inner childhood self wants to kill himself from how badly they've mutilated this series. I see elements torn from every book, why the hell would they not use the first book, there's MORE than enough content in the first book for a solid compelling movie. God this is just depressing.

  52. author

    Drac Hula11 годин тому

    My god this movie was an outright flop. I am convinced that the directors merely watched one or two movies twice at most, and just hastily skipped through the rest of the movies. Jack Sparrow has never been more boring and uninteresting as in this movie. The villain was great tho an unoriginal motive. However the entire movie is ripe with plotholes and literally teares up a plethora of backstory presented in the previous movies. It contradicts them, like how Jack Sparrow got the Black Pearl and Compass. Any signs of the backstory that he had in the previous movies, and the entire ending of At World's End. Thoroughly disappointed and i wish that they dismiss the movie in favor of sequels made by actually competent directors who have seen the movies.

  53. author

    HalfDecentLuigi11 годин тому

    wtf is this shit

  54. author

    Herbert Walter12 годин тому

    Movie Artemis: they are real! Book Artemis' reaction: no shit sherlock. Butler, sue Disney for slandering my image.

  55. author

    Imani B12 годин тому

    Wtf! I’m not crying, you’re fucking crying! 😭

  56. author

    MonarckGaming12 годин тому

    The new spy kids! why people hating so hard tho lol.

  57. author

    DarnChaCha12 годин тому

    This looks like hot garbage.

  58. author

    Abdisamad Hassan12 годин тому

    It is one thing to take inspiration from a movie but to pass it as an original movie when there is already Kimba the White Lion is just shameless. I mean there are just too many similarities between the movies.

  59. author

    Ross Kirkland12 годин тому

    You know when you set the bar as low as it can go (I was told this would be bad) and your still stunned at how much worse it is. Thats me now.

  60. author

    Port Macquarie Personal Training12 годин тому

    Book: ‘No one had ever accused Root of political correctness.’ Movie: Make Root a woman.

  61. author

    Hallowed 4th12 годин тому

    This is going to suuuuuuck

  62. author

    The Pineears12 годин тому

    a kid who is a spy .... this i gotta see

  63. author

    Casual Goats12 годин тому

    This is NOT Artemis Fowl. Not in the slightest. What a family friendly pile of TRASH.

  64. author

    Haan2213 годин тому

    Delete this and everything it relates to, then quit your jobs and go work as a goat herder in Albania.

  65. author

    Rudi13 годин тому

    I would see this movie if Jack Black would have played Molch!

  66. author

    Mole Hansman13 годин тому

    Please can you just leave my childhood alone?

  67. author


    2:04 transformers reference

  68. author

    fred billsworth13 годин тому

    This was my childhood man...

  69. author

    Owain The True Exalt14 годин тому

    How... Did it end up like that? Might has well call this movie by another title since it does not seem to follow anything from the books. Is Disney that scared of depicting the protagonist (Artemis) as the bad guy he is supposed to be at the beginning (not pure evil, he is conflicted and cares about the people around him). I know they are making this movie for children but they should not neglect the development of the characters. They literally placed a random, clear bad guy in a dark hood and called it a day, despite the fact that there isn't such a thing as that in the first book. This isn't even an oversimplification of the book, this is a complete rewriting of it.

  70. author

    Matthew Garner14 годин тому

    I have quite literally only read one Artemis Fowl book, Eternity Code, years ago when I was maybe 12, and I can immediately see how bad this is. For God’s sake, wasn’t Butler Russian?

  71. author

    Dyoxus14 годин тому

    Sounds like the sequel to the Artemis Fowl books, not the actual story from the books. So this is Artemis Jr II?

  72. author

    Mr_Glibb14 годин тому

    This is a fucking travesty. Disney's at it again, destroying beloved stories.

  73. author

    AtiLoik14 годин тому

    I've watched a previous trailer, and I was pretty hyped about this adaptation. But with this trailer ......... How is it possible de ruin such a good book with such talents ?

  74. author

    Evan Nelson14 годин тому

    Whelp; that's disappointing...

  75. author

    Elijah Krah14 годин тому

    Wow Disney missed the whole point of the book wonder whose the moron who thought that A Artemis fowl would be better if he was the good guy and B thought it would be good to make him a idiot who needs everything told to him

  76. author

    Monty Manning-Morton14 годин тому

    Huh funny I thought I clicked on a trailer for an Artemis fowl film not this shit

  77. author

    HiiighAsAKite15 годин тому

    Wait, what? I haven't read the books, but I know vaguely how the story goes...

  78. author

    Bleu Duck15 годин тому

    What’s the point of adapting the source material if you guarantee that you can’t use any of the sequels? You’re trying to play it safe and in the process destroying the value of the story.

  79. author

    Oddthing15 годин тому

    I grew up with these books ive read them all from start to finish and i loved every single word of it and ive been looking out for whenever the movie was coming out as i was over the moon. "my all time favourite tiny criminal master mind was getting a movie made about him,that sounds amazing" i thought. But watching this is honestly pretty crushing Eoin Colfer didnt dumb down any of his book or characters and made artemis a mix of bad and good in the perfect way whilst maintaining a difficult story. To see that just being completely ignored and getting rid of almost all of the raw character every person had in the book and making them generic archtypes is just depressing to say the least. Disney do better please.

  80. author

    Colleen Cakebread15 годин тому

    This is. G A R B A G E.

  81. author

    ToxicSkull015 годин тому

    Why does the emperor saying “crush these murderers” sound like a horrible dub

  82. author

    Nicolai Degn15 годин тому

    I'm having The Last Airbender flashbacks. turn it off, i beg you

  83. author

    Jacek Walulewicz15 годин тому

    one of the worst movies ever

  84. author

    ArcTitan15 годин тому

    This movie already isn’t going to break even when it releases especially during a pandemic

  85. author

    dailycoral15 годин тому


  86. author

    Daniel Rivera15 годин тому

    Thanks, i hate it.

  87. author

    Aditya Saha15 годин тому


  88. author

    Sam Aidan15 годин тому

    Wait what the fuck

  89. author

    Emberlore16 годин тому

    I watched this trailer ONLY so I am justified in giving it a thumbs down.

  90. author

    Chirag Desai16 годин тому

    I just watch second part or i need to watch first part before second part ??

  91. author

    syed syed16 годин тому

    1:40 omg...i didn't like Mulan's husband 🤯😥in animation he was so good

  92. author

    Pakmanjosh16 годин тому

    Disney: "What if we made a movie on Artemis Fowl and followed the story because its goo-" Also Disney: "nO! Me wAnT mORe expLOsIoNS!!!"

  93. author

    Shy Bandit16 годин тому

    So is this the whole series in one movie? At least the kid knows his dad is a criminal this time...

  94. author

    Lindsey K16 годин тому

    I love this song

  95. author

    Frank Smith16 годин тому

    Imagine if there was no Coronavirus and the film actually came out on March 27th. This film would probably have came out on Blu Ray by now. I'm sure we would be watching this at home right now.

  96. author

    Prashant Lakhera16 годин тому

    Who is here bcoz of alex meyer's new video

  97. author

    Call Me Carl16 годин тому

    Seriously they should have used this kid for the diary of a wimpy kid new movie it would have looked so better

  98. author

    Ankit Nayak16 годин тому

    M not getting this movie ..from where i can download this???

  99. author

    Nicole's Playlists16 годин тому

    Yeah, this ain't it.

  100. author

    ФОЛСВИС16 годин тому

    Wow that's cool