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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

Who is Moon Knight?Who is Moon Knight?

Who is Moon Knight?

15 днів тому

New Marvel Comics Announced!New Marvel Comics Announced!

New Marvel Comics Announced!

15 днів тому

Agent Coulson Returns!Agent Coulson Returns!

Agent Coulson Returns!

16 днів тому

She-Hulk: The Whole StoryShe-Hulk: The Whole Story

She-Hulk: The Whole Story

21 день тому

Assembling Avengers LEGO LIVE!Assembling Avengers LEGO LIVE!

Assembling Avengers LEGO LIVE!

Місяць тому

X-Force Arrives | FortniteX-Force Arrives | Fortnite

X-Force Arrives | Fortnite

Місяць тому

Top 10 Wolverine Costumes!Top 10 Wolverine Costumes!

Top 10 Wolverine Costumes!

Місяць тому

What's Loki's Next Look???What's Loki's Next Look???

What's Loki's Next Look???

Місяць тому

Deadpool Has Arrived | FortniteDeadpool Has Arrived | Fortnite

Deadpool Has Arrived | Fortnite

2 місяці тому

Does Spider-Woman have 8 legs?!Does Spider-Woman have 8 legs?!

Does Spider-Woman have 8 legs?!

2 місяці тому

How to Draw Spider-Man LIVE!How to Draw Spider-Man LIVE!

How to Draw Spider-Man LIVE!

2 місяці тому

Ant-Man (Hank Pym) | Marvel 101Ant-Man (Hank Pym) | Marvel 101

Ant-Man (Hank Pym) | Marvel 101

2 місяці тому

  1. author

    Scruff D0g2 години тому

    “It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.”

  2. author

    Scruff D0g2 години тому

    “The hype and excitement for Avengers Endgame was just so special. I’ll probably never feel that again for any event ever again. And I’m a sports fan who never got this excited for any sporting event like Endgame.” I saw this movie the morning it came out, April 26th in IMAX theaters at 1:30 AM.”

  3. author

    Scruff D0g2 години тому

    “The hype and excitement for Avengers Endgame was just so special. I’ll probably never feel that again for any event ever again. And I’m a sports fan who never got this excited for any sporting event like Endgame.” I saw this movie the morning it came out, April 26th in IMAX theaters at 1:30 AM.”

  4. author

    Awe da half elf2 години тому

    0:10 Ant man: *flicks President Putin's ak-47 away*

  5. author

    Celso Loterina2 години тому

    Infinity war is the best than Endgame in my opinion

  6. author

    Yogesh Bhau2 години тому


  7. author


    WAY too mcuh effort was put into this lol

  8. author

    Crafting Noob2 години тому

    who noticed that the official trailer and this trailer both have differnet places where hammer breaks later it was changed or earler it was planned that hela comes and then odin dies after seeing her and that was a painted roadcorner if u noticed

  9. author

    TaureanGaming2 години тому

    I hope Tony Stark/Iron Man will have cameo

  10. author

    TaureanGaming3 години тому

    I hope Tony Stark/Iron Man will have cameo

  11. author

    Animdude643 години тому

    Stan Lee is looking down at you pal. Shame on you.

  12. author

    Celso Loterina3 години тому

    2020: The end is near

  13. author

    R K3 години тому

    I am the biggest fan of marvel

  14. author

    SAURAV SANKET3 години тому

    I love you 3000❤

  15. author

    XJulius Laird3 години тому

    01:01 01:34 01:41

  16. author

    Nilam Kashyap3 години тому

    We want spider man open worlds game for Android free

  17. author

    Ira Ford3 години тому

    Great pull list.

  18. author

    Crey Fish Studios3 години тому

    This is horrible just like new warriors

  19. author

    Ajay singh BHadouriya3 години тому

    Excited for falcon and winter soldier

  20. author

    HeroesLP3 години тому

    I first thought this was a too early April Joke xD

  21. author

    isolated kid3 години тому


  22. author

    Rulo López4 години тому

    One of the best series ever I've seen in my life! And actually, this is my favorite TV shows and the number one of my top ten as well :')

  23. author

    itzvaccino 074 години тому

    This breaks my brain and reality

  24. author

    endgame pictures4 години тому

    why you are not making a movie of avengers vs M.O.D.O.K

  25. author

    Brandon Hathaway4 години тому

    Female mr. Fantastic here I come!

  26. author

    KEERTHI gaming4 години тому

    Who are all marvel fans subscribe to my channel too

  27. author

    Parmenus Bowler, II4 години тому

    The 239,000+ people who downvoted this are doing God's work.

  28. author

    Nqobizitha Vella4 години тому

    I Like marvel but I watch the movies so far this doesn't change anything for me

  29. author

    Gabriel Sweet4 години тому

    There are more hours of Agents of Shield than all a the Marvel movies combined.

  30. author

    Will The Thrill4 години тому

    I wish the Inhumans movie wasn’t cancelled. This show did not do the characters justice. I also really want to see the Inhumans in the MCU.

  31. author

    sid gupta4 години тому

    I want to see modok in movies He is my fav supervillian

  32. author

    Antonio Dkhar4 години тому

    Seriously guys you have DISTROYED EVERYTHING STAN LEE BUILT. We read about cool warriors in the past(Avengers) in our childhood n it was awesome but now my future kids will this junk seriously!!!!.

  33. author

    Victorsc4 години тому

    There was an idea

  34. author

    Nikita J4 години тому

    Sad to see this show go. I still remember how much I loved that double agent storyline with Ward. On to this season, I know I wasn’t the only one that thought “1931... you talking about Daisy’s purple hair, Mac you need to stay behind with Yo-yo🤦🏽‍♀️

  35. author

    Jordan Diskin4 години тому

    This is the greatest trailer of all time...I’m not sorry

  36. author

    hummingbirdcity4 години тому

    The irony that this offends the very people to whom it was intended to pander.

  37. author

    Pulkit Kamboj4 години тому

    Best trailer I've ever seen

  38. author

    weeb me daddy5 годин тому

    Finally a crysis movie

  39. author

    Miguel Barrios5 годин тому

    Theres still old comments and not only new one saying"YoutUbE rEcomMendatiOns brIng mE hEre"

  40. author

    PXY FAN5 годин тому

    Sorry not interested in reading about Dora the Explorer, Ben Ten with Goggles, and Buzzcut Twinsies

  41. author

    SciFiLOL5 годин тому

    Just realized that that’s not Steve Rogers running on the football field. It’s US Agent

  42. author

    Daniel Field5 годин тому

    Reminder: this movie supposedly takes place between Civil War and Infinity War.. so she lives ❤❤❤

  43. author

    Ramar G5 годин тому

    qurantine mades me to 2 years before

  44. author

    AKIL monkey5 годин тому

    You don’t understand how big my smile was when I realized what they were doing

  45. author

    Сэмюэль Джэксон5 годин тому

    Ничего не понял, но на всякий случай лайк поставил.

  46. author

    Bollock Johnson5 годин тому

    That ratio though.

  47. author

    D̷a̷y̷m̷5 годин тому

    Screentime? Sounds like a top10 channel

  48. author

    BeefBeef5 годин тому

    Agent of shield is lit.

  49. author

    Roxana Gark5 годин тому

    Love Scarlett but I want to see this movie for Florence Pugh!

  50. author

    Roxana Gark5 годин тому

    Love Scarlett but I want to see this movie for Florence Pugh!

  51. author

    suresh stha6 годин тому

    thor and captain marvel A love story in movie yas or no plice

  52. author

    Stephanie Laurent6 годин тому

    Tobey Maguire, Thomas Hayden Church, and Cliff Robertson all look very sharp on the Red/Black carpet, likewise Kirsten Dunst, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Mageina Tovah all look very ravishing!

  53. author

    Josh C6 годин тому

    you didnt search for this this searched for you.

  54. author

    jeff _6 годин тому

    i sleep

  55. author

    •Classic Crew•6 годин тому

    Am I the only one who noticed the person who played hopper in stranger things is in this? 😆

  56. author

    Daniel Mozee6 годин тому

    rh. ytorjfrif

  57. author

    Trenton Wilburn6 годин тому

    Chase isn't a jock in the comics

  58. author

    Josean Thompson6 годин тому

    Dang 5 years already

  59. author

    Shavez A6 годин тому

    Widow was carrying all that weight behind her back for all these years 😳

  60. author

    Supreme Porg6 годин тому

    Kind of crazy this movie is three years old. I mean I still remember seeing it opening day.

  61. author

    유승윤6 годин тому

    와 진짜 엄마죽었네 ㅆㅂㄹ들 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  62. author

    Fall Mcpizza6 годин тому

    Lowkey this is one of Marvel’s best trailers

  63. author

    e mori6 годин тому

    Sooo... Dora.

  64. author

    Roll Brand6 годин тому

    This is my least favorite marvel film because of how boring it was and what they did to Nick Fury.

  65. author

    Ramieverse !6 годин тому

    Not a tiktok

  66. author

    לילה טוב7 годин тому

    Has nobody else noticed that they gave the stocky hispanic girl a magical backpack? One of the main villains going to be Swiper the Fox?

  67. author

    Bob Omb7 годин тому

    My goodness, this is just awful XD

  68. author

    Mark Hanna7 годин тому

    So it's a RIP off of batman Lol

  69. author

    Josue Montes7 годин тому

    This is stupid as hell

  70. author

    re d7 годин тому

    Press f avengers academy

  71. author

    Private Account7 годин тому

    We expected aliens invasions but actually it is coronavirus

  72. author

    Miles Trombley7 годин тому

    Mad Max Avengers!!!

  73. author

    OnePieceWeeb 167 годин тому

    Wtf is this ? They should just make a comic about genius kids that were chosen by stark and make a comic out of that if they ran out of ideas.

  74. author

    John V7 годин тому

    Olivier is a BRILLIANT artist! Seems like a sweet guy too!

  75. author

    Scott Blair7 годин тому

    Gonna buy a comic book now

  76. author

    God Saiyan50027 годин тому

    Well slap me silly and call me FIN FANG FOOM even MODOK gets an upgrade. Someone pass the upgrade stick to Hawkeye!

  77. author

    Strange Planet7 годин тому

    Dear Marvel, when are you going to publish this exciting new comic book? It feels like months since you announced it. The comic reading public is gagging for these new characters.

  78. author

    Andrew7 годин тому

    I thought this is a April fool's joke, they must uploaded this video 15 days early.

  79. author

    leonrock847 годин тому

    i'm gonna say it, sentai/power rangers are better than the cringe warriors

  80. author

    Unspeakable Evil of The Multiverse 20217 годин тому

    If this were the Avengers Inferno it'd go like this. 0:47: Ant-Man 0:48: Scarlet Witch 1:02: Captain America 1:12: Black Widow 1:29: The Hulk 1:35: Sharon Carter 1:43: Joe Russo 2:20 Anthony Russo 3:20 Iron Man That's my take on the Avengers version!

  81. author

    Julian Styles7 годин тому

    Experimental internet gas? Wtf are you talking about!?!?!

  82. author

    T. B.7 годин тому

    I wish I could have seen the pitch meeting. "Did he just say internet gas?"

  83. author

    Sonu Sharma7 годин тому

    You are g team

  84. author

    Monica Santos7 годин тому

    Saludos esperando Antman 3 y la avispa saludos un abrazo desde Cdmx

  85. author

    Prodigal Prodigy8 годин тому

    Well endgame was really the end game for true marvel fans cause this new stuff is garbage

  86. author

    lostsoldier2128 годин тому

    Canceled??? :)

  87. author

    Prodigal Prodigy8 годин тому

    What's internet gas ....please explain

  88. author

    Prodigal Prodigy8 годин тому

    So...... safespace loses ever fight if it's a 1v1

  89. author

    Serenity Murraycottons8 годин тому

    "That's not the WINTER SOLDIER" lol I love that

  90. author

    Overwhelming Conundrum8 годин тому

    This movie SUCKS!

  91. author

    I O8 годин тому

    One of the most memorable trailers ever, and in all honesty I liked this movies little bit better than endgame

  92. author

    VulKus8 годин тому

    They better do Taskmaster justice, he’s beaten all the Avengers before.

  93. author

    Josh Francis8 годин тому

    You are a idiot. Give up.

  94. author

    CAM86898 годин тому

    magneto is to good for that nonsense

  95. author

    RITVIK GAMING8 годин тому

    What see the time 🤣

  96. author

    james taviv8 годин тому

    When he says the comics "reflect the year that they come out" he wasn't kidding. So terrible it basically got cancelled, that's 2020 in a nutshell.

  97. author

    T7machinimas8 годин тому

    Oingo Boingo Type Beat

  98. author

    101taco1018 годин тому

    Canceled my preorder the moment I got to the part where the bad guys are lining up to fight The Hulk with what were basically brass knuckles.

  99. author

    S Medrano8 годин тому

    THANKS 😊

  100. author

    Sant Kumar8 годин тому

    Tony is alive .