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  1. author

    Lily Flower6 хвилин тому

    I dont think I would have realized it was fake 😂😂 I would have run for the hills

  2. author

    pleiades1512_ESO9 хвилин тому

    Note, that man at 1:57 got a “fight-or-flight response” here he responded with fighting attitude which’s quite rare

  3. author

    Meya Misfits9 хвилин тому

    this is so cute!

  4. author

    Elijah Muhammad10 хвилин тому

    That what life is about, being sounded by love one's, good wife and a good friend. God bless Ali

  5. author

    jrg16 хвилин тому

    MY top 3 1. Michael Jordan 2. LeBron James 3. Kobe Bryant (R.I.P)

  6. author

    Camarodude 196929 хвилин тому

    It better be 3 guys who played in that 1979-1998 era because the NBA was a Bush league before 1979 and it went back to being a Bush league after Jordan retired.

  7. author

    anonim person37 хвилин тому

    Parkinsons really did took away his last years.R.İ.P Muhammad Ali

  8. author

    Hicham Loultiti39 хвилин тому

    His name is mohamed ali not ali

  9. author

    Abhishek Sharma53 хвилини тому

    that border collie!! my word!!!

  10. author

    Greg 45Годину тому

    The ape mind wants to battle while the human mind processes.

  11. author

    Dahman 111Годину тому

    Rip legend💔

  12. author

    Jeremiah BatemanГодину тому

    This is dumb

  13. author

    Lester YupingkunГодину тому

    God bless you Muhammad

  14. author

    morty2 години тому

    Mike's got a good heart

  15. author

    Ric de waard2 години тому

    My father has Parkinson as Well, really shocking to see how Ali is holding up. Makes me wonder where my father Will be in 10 years.

  16. author

    Mark Jackson2 години тому

    in 2000 he joined MJ and Willis Reed as the only players to win MVP, All Star Game MVP, and Finals MVP in the same season

  17. author

    C. W2 години тому

    2 gods.

  18. author

    The Nimble Ninja3 години тому

    On 2009's Hard Knocks, he came off as a really dumb jock. What a waste of a 3rd round pick he was.

  19. author

    Christopher Wood3 години тому

    F Lebrun James. Idiot

  20. author

    SJ B3 години тому

    And they give this guy millions of dollars

  21. author

    Jonas Sch4 години тому

    I wonder of all these dogs are social to other dogs... all these dogs look so stressed out. Please take them for a walk and let them play with together.

  22. author

    I som learning4 години тому

    What was that ???

  23. author

    Funniest&Cutest Pet5 годин тому

    Wow, from the 6:38, i have to see two times, the hyber run so fast, he run like Ferrari😍😍, all of them so cute

  24. author

    jenni hong5 годин тому

    this is amazing to watch every time

  25. author

    Karter Davis6 годин тому

    Man, I feel bad for Ali a lot, but don't be sad for him, we'll save that for another day for now.

  26. author

    Vi _XXiV6 годин тому

    Ali should've gone: "Yesth I sthee, sthome day we sthould sthpar."

  27. author

    Lorenzo6 годин тому

    What happened Ali?

  28. author

    Nm ahmed7 годин тому


  29. author

    John Cartwright7 годин тому

    It breaks my heart Tony Gonzales didn't win one with the Chiefs.

  30. author

    Matthew Yeager7 годин тому

    Whether you love Floyd or hate him, that was a very classy response

  31. author

    My Name7 годин тому

    Pink is a obsessed giant!

  32. author

    Nolan Myers8 годин тому

    Jon blink twice if you are held at gun point and forced to say this😂

  33. author

    JErmis 1018 годин тому

    Who’s laughing now Dana

  34. author

    Tman 20008 годин тому

    Respect. Ali was pretty good and Mike was a beast. Mike is a great dude, just dont step on his toes or u gonna get knocked da fuckout!

  35. author

    Porn Movies8 годин тому

    Love Tyson

  36. author

    Braden Means9 годин тому

    Mahomes is one of those people you can either love because he's so good or hate because he's so good.

  37. author

    Klownluv9 годин тому

    Last seconds in the real world as he walks to the cop car to end his freedom . Rest in piece Aaron

  38. author

    yeransian14939 годин тому

    way more exciting than NFL

  39. author

    America First9 годин тому


  40. author

    kennydunk9 годин тому

    Bo Jackson is scary

  41. author

    Tyrel Sebro9 годин тому

    Who still watching this in 2020

  42. author

    Runald lang9 годин тому

    I like this father and son it's like rock Lee and might guy in naruto

  43. author

    Sonny Natino9 годин тому

    Better if his wearing brown pants 😁

  44. author

    ThistleDewOutdoors9 годин тому

    Imagine being able to be Mike & just go play a game of Chess with Ali...............

  45. author

    Ayks10 годин тому

    Ali almost gave Tyson his are you crazy sign That was great

  46. author

    Tyler K10 годин тому

    See ya never

  47. author

    Michael Rauch10 годин тому

    That's pretty awesome contraption

  48. author

    Rotilio Madeira10 годин тому

    Look its energy at the beginning !! WOW..

  49. author

    Tim Okenfuss11 годин тому

    They didn’t see the glove they were too busy listening to the trash can banging

  50. author

    Mujo veras Taylor11 годин тому

    Anjing sabar hhhh jalan santai hhhh

  51. author

    mariogpx11 годин тому

    -Michael Jordan -Scottie Pippen -Dennis Rodman

  52. author

    Soul Brother11 годин тому

    I agree my friend!! I was in 8th grade I my mom bought me sneakers of my choice.. I got converse Kevin's shoes came with a VHS tape of his moves in the paint I used them to perfection. Kevin was a A1 baller.

  53. author

    A K11 годин тому


  54. author

    Shir-Ree Fong11 годин тому

    its hilarious to see the humans trying to chase after the dog XD

  55. author

    Stazia Kibera11 годин тому

    That's beautiful

  56. author

    Test Test11 годин тому

    Is it wrong that my first though was “he’s still alive?”

  57. author

    Deejay Skeem11 годин тому

    Mike looking at Evander like y he all happy I bit his ear...

  58. author

    Deejay Skeem11 годин тому

    Mike looking at Evander like he a pork chop..🤔

  59. author

    Cory Snyder11 годин тому

    That's my president. I don't know where this orange guy came from. I just woke up one day and he was there.

  60. author

    Yoshi Crased12 годин тому

    The video is wholesome But the captions say "watch the feet chip"

  61. author

    Gilbert Castro12 годин тому

    A.D.M.I.R.A.T.I.O.N. Legend never die.

  62. author

    Mehdi Damircheli12 годин тому

    Ali never lose

  63. author

    Rudy Straight12 годин тому

    No Iverson?

  64. author

    David Shin13 годин тому

    just so sad i can believe Kobe is gone just cant believe im just lost in words even to this day

  65. author

    Dave Stew13 годин тому

    I feel bad for the red guy

  66. author

    Adrien Valenzuela13 годин тому

    GO ALBANE !!!

  67. author

    3 Minute Poetry Analysis13 годин тому

    MJ, Bird, Wilt

  68. author

    L Perry14 годин тому

    One of the last greatest moment in football

  69. author

    Mujo veras Taylor14 годин тому

    Hhhhh santai santai saja, jangan lari Capik hhhh.

  70. author

    Johnny14 годин тому

    The greatest (and in my opinion) the second greatest in the same room. It doesn’t get any better then that. 💪🏻👊🏻

  71. author

    Andrew Ortiz14 годин тому

    Love this! Two greats in a single picture

  72. author

    Marc R14 годин тому

    Das tut schon irgendwie weh,eine der größten Boxidole so zu sehen....

  73. author

    KJ BEATZ14 годин тому

    Y'all better not let Flight see this, curry didn't even make the list.

  74. author

    The Terminator14 годин тому

    Ha good friends

  75. author

    Willie Gurule15 годин тому

    Patrick Mahomes took steroids

  76. author

    HotShotVQ3515 годин тому

    ba ba booey

  77. author

    Will Schromm15 годин тому

    Kyle Juszcyk was gonna win mvp if they had won

  78. author

    Jamie Wallwork15 годин тому

    gReAt gAmE gUyS

  79. author

    northwoodlandhills15 годин тому

    She has a great voice!

  80. author

    wiseguy61715 годин тому

    MJ, Bird, Magic...

  81. author

    Mark Green15 годин тому

    A disease can effect your body but never your mind...

  82. author

    Lil_duck15 годин тому

    Losers raider better

  83. author

    Last Justice15 годин тому

    Rip Legend

  84. author

    Eyez FRFX15 годин тому

    Though it's sad to see, Ali makes me laugh even in this video, he just always looked like he was gonna make you pay for whatever you did no matter what. I truly vibe with his soul every time I see him, young or only takes a look for me.

  85. author

    Max Fax16 годин тому

    only youtube monye.

  86. author

    Dude Decent16 годин тому

    Watch the 49ers leave the field after their heartbreaking Super Bowl LIV loss | FOX NFL, More like Watch the 49ers leave the field after their obvious loss to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl l FOX NFL

  87. author

    Arjen Robben16 годин тому

    Mike Tyson playing chess. Now I have seen it all hahaha#

  88. author

    Mike England17 годин тому

    Mike Tyson, the GOAT

  89. author

    Charles Hart17 годин тому

    I know many of you say that you feel sorry that Ali is in this condition. I don't mean to say this to be wrong but aAli believed in God 100% and knew he was supposed to be in that condition because God won't put us through anything that we can make it through because with his help all things are possible. And in knowing that truth he became champion of the world. I hope people would listen to the ideas that Ali believed in such a self reliance personal dignity and strength of character because these ideas were the reason he was so powerful because in his mind he was already free. May God Grant you paradise Muhammad you are an inspiration to an entire country.

  90. author

    Steve Smith17 годин тому

    Funny, loved it.

  91. author

    Paradise Gaming17 годин тому

    when you see Ali all heads will bow and all tongues will confess for that man Mike Tyson

  92. author

    T Z17 годин тому

    Bite of a tiger : DDDD i think thats why he made that tattoo .... to look like one .

  93. author

    William G17 годин тому

    This was incredible to watch live...

  94. author

    Samet18 годин тому

    Mike is great man

  95. author

    Pipichanmommy Love18 годин тому


  96. author

    Ron Hard18 годин тому

    From the greatest to the weakest.

  97. author

    Jonny Diamond18 годин тому

    Ali`s Brain is beaten to pulp in his fight-career...

  98. author

    Jake Harris18 годин тому

    The final knife twist at the end: "Come on out of the tunnel YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED IN POST GAME!"😂

  99. author

    Tom Gold18 годин тому

    Oh my God 🌅

  100. author

    Richard Myhan18 годин тому

    Two of the Greatest caliber fighters ever.