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BRABUS 850 XL based GLS63 AMG!BRABUS 850 XL based GLS63 AMG!

BRABUS 850 XL based GLS63 AMG!

Місяць тому

McLaren 720S Spider vs Ferrari F50McLaren 720S Spider vs Ferrari F50

McLaren 720S Spider vs Ferrari F50

3 місяці тому

  1. author

    Martin Andrés Rosas Delgado7 годин тому

    Ala madre se ve como mi bici

  2. author

    Matthew Hill7 годин тому

    What exhaust is this?? The optional Audi sports exhaust??

  3. author

    Martin Andrés Rosas Delgado7 годин тому

    Una pregunta en qué lugar se encuentra esa autopista de carreras está excelente es muy ancha y pues nadie corre

  4. author

    ED SLILOU7 годин тому

    I thinkt that's a S63s amg

  5. author

    Meat7 годин тому

    8:13 Gotta go change my pants after that one...

  6. author

    Nick speelt games7 годин тому

    hahaah purmerend

  7. author

    FireGames TV8 годин тому

    Кто русский?

  8. author

    Tom Ioannidis8 годин тому

    Τ Ελιο

  9. author

    Nante Dimaunahan8 годин тому

    That was super fast!

  10. author

    Yiannis Bakas8 годин тому

    ferrari is best car

  11. author

    addy2288 годин тому


  12. author

    David Barrel8 годин тому

    looks kind of slow?

  13. author

    EinSofQuester8 годин тому

    Sorry, not worth 7.4 mil

  14. author

    Lok Tom8 годин тому

    Can you pass that Porsche a BIG CIGAR ?

  15. author

    fredgien8 годин тому

    Is there a car in this video that defeats the Porsche?

  16. author

    baccy818 годин тому

    Porsche wins cos is the only one who can actually drive

  17. author

    Abhishek M8 годин тому

    4:54 the one in the TT be like " I can do this all day "

  18. author

    ONEOWNER S TEISOU8 годин тому


  19. author

    Kamal LB8 годин тому

    Porsche everytime: RRrrrEeeee

  20. author

    Amanda Ndoza9 годин тому

    BMW M4 😙😙

  21. author

    Straight Line Painting9 годин тому

    Gapped the world then went to Starbucks.

  22. author

    Bee Thao9 годин тому

    Click bait At it’s finest trash

  23. author

    Дмитрий Котов9 годин тому

    Что за тормоза у него в соперниках были? Как можно проиграть заезд на бугатти и пагани?

  24. author

    Lilian Flament9 годин тому


  25. author

    tgsvhe dasda9 годин тому

    0:37 that rs7 almost poked the rs3 into pregnancy

  26. author

    TE TE Yotube slovakia10 годин тому

    Best acceleration

  27. author

    Ruslan_magomedov_rm Ruslan_magomedov_rm10 годин тому

    Ездить научитесь олени 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  28. author

    Malachi Penalver10 годин тому

    He going so fast around the last turn to catch up to leaders. It's not a race dude. 😂. But glad he's ok.

  29. author

    Ciro Motta10 годин тому

    Mulher burra do caralho sabe nem dar a largada. No foi justo!

  30. author

    Emilio Hernandez10 годин тому

    It’s always nice when the cars are loud enough to f**^ up the microphone

  31. author

    Shahbaz Jaffar10 годин тому

    Someone must know the song at 12:18

  32. author

    Malachi Penalver10 годин тому

    Koenigsegg and Porsche are my favorites.

  33. author

    Derrol Price10 годин тому

    Love the car got a 08 alpina the problem i got is the dude cant drive it to 630hp he was scared to leave on it

  34. author

    SML11 годин тому

    That’s a beast of a car

  35. author

    Robert Thao11 годин тому

    The winner is the first one to get back in line and see them babes again.

  36. author

    Columbus Christopher11 годин тому

    The other drivers poor take off always late. No knowing how to launch

  37. author

    Success Nhlamulo Mabilane12 годин тому

    The race is incomplete without a BMW M5 and M8 Competition Pack

  38. author

    Jeff Bustos12 годин тому

    Lamborghini makes fast tractors....!!!

  39. author

    Dikdik Gunardi12 годин тому

    991 GT2RS design is not spectacular but amazing

  40. author

    Dumitru David12 годин тому

    Only German cars🔝💪

  41. author

    Dien Auto12 годин тому

    How is this possible ? Even a Bugatti ?

  42. author

    Heck Yea12 годин тому

    Porsche fanboys creaming to this video

  43. author

    Kevin Causing12 годин тому

    The black buggati is so cool😎😎

  44. author

    rpickett196912 годин тому

    My favorite car very beautiful it is😘

  45. author

    Harry12 годин тому

    2:48 sing us a song you're the v10 man

  46. author

    ted boone13 годин тому

    Enough fun for one day, we will do it again tomorrow

  47. author

    Reece Howell13 годин тому

    That Porsche won’t last against the dodge demon. 🤣🤣

  48. author

    AR M13 годин тому

    They all let the Porsche win what a stupid video!

  49. author

    Kevin Marcelo13 годин тому

    ... vs Audi r8 v10 pluss 😎

  50. author

    dibujante400013 годин тому

    Yes, climate change is a joke...

  51. author

    Interesting Ideas13 годин тому

    Only 226mph 🤪

  52. author

    Carlos Correa13 годин тому

    9 milhões nesta merda e nem se preocuparam em instalar uma câmera de ré e um limpador de parabrisa .

  53. author

    griplimit13 годин тому

    Integra: nothing, nothing, nothing, OMG! Shift... repeat.

  54. author

    Chris Rivera13 годин тому


  55. author

    Melvin Andara13 годин тому

    Bugati ya aburren el mismo estilo todos son iguales no cambia nada por unos detalles poco diferente al otro mas caro jajajaja como re bien tan alos ricos

  56. author

    Ancient Wisdom13 годин тому

    People sleep on Porsches; then, get slept by them.

  57. author

    Foxx Team14 годин тому

    You will never see a ugly girl hop out of million dollar car

  58. author

    Пёс Барбос Р.Z.14 годин тому

    Пагани не едет нихуя а стоит пипец как дорого

  59. author

    Foxx Team14 годин тому

    My 2008 honda accord is my

  60. author

    chris rasmussen14 годин тому

    My Hyundai can smoke that McClaren.

  61. author

    Robbie Ruiz14 годин тому

    Soy el unico que se queda con el silvia 2jz?

  62. author

    Thulsa Doom14 годин тому

    Need that Nissan Patrol with the GTR power train

  63. author

    Mr Tattoo15 годин тому

    Every one of these focus rs mk2 has been ruined...just leave things standard

  64. author

    AdzG4m1ng15 годин тому

    is this really 2000hp? ... somehow I always thought that amount of hp would look faster ....

  65. author

    RiggsRiggles16 годин тому

    ok.... The GT2RS defo has a racing driver at the wheel.... all the other drivers are shite! they either delay, bog down or forget they are racing! XD

  66. author

    Channel Z16 годин тому

    Advance to 4:55 if want to skip through all the bullshit and just see the head to head race without headstarts, etc.

  67. author

    Jose Ramos16 годин тому

    2,000 caballos de fuerza no creo, mucha mentira

  68. author

    Dave Given16 годин тому

    I'd like to see it race a Regera (and a driver who doesn't have to put down his cell phone when the flag drops).

  69. author

    Steinofenjoe16 годин тому

    Imagine going to a F1 Race in 2004... Oh Heaven ...

  70. author

    Vlad Maynard16 годин тому

    GoshaTurboTech razyebal vseh

  71. author

    Sri Lankan Car Spotter16 годин тому

    Lamborghini for kids...GTR for men Who agrees with me?

  72. author

    Sri Lankan Car Spotter16 годин тому

    Legends drive GTR....Who agrees with me?

  73. author

    Sophie Scott17 годин тому

    That won’t have helped Lamborghini sales.

  74. author

    Allan Zepeda17 годин тому

    Bugatti exhaust >>. (°° 0 °°)

  75. author

    Pops Bangs And Petrol Smell17 годин тому

    I'm big Integra fan and Honda's but to me this 880hp claimed looks like she's barely moving from the start line , looks like 300 hp 🐰

  76. author

    C200S17 годин тому

    Its Not the fastest car on that line line up for sure. But obviously the driver of that porsche is has a far more superior skills. Could be a real pro racer smooth and very clean gear swicthing. He would won every race agaisnt all those drivers any car he uses.

  77. author

    Goaltimer17 годин тому

    The M2 was the bottleneck and hold back the group

  78. author

    Shadow Shimaki17 годин тому

    German engineering

  79. author

    Goaltimer17 годин тому

    What was the speed of the Chiron?

  80. author

    SYUIKREYUHINKRI \\\\\\\\\\18 годин тому


  81. author

    Santiago Khalek18 годин тому

    Literally, the worst launch on a GT3 if the launch wasn't so bad it would've won against the Aventador

  82. author

    Dante Sparda18 годин тому

    Chiron 0 to 300: 13sec 720s: 19sec ;)

  83. author

    Yuksel S18 годин тому

    Leaves like a Boss, as a Boss

  84. author

    Mpendulo Surprise18 годин тому

    I love the car xm🤟🏻🤟🏻

  85. author

    Richard Achternaam18 годин тому

    For Sale: GT2RS, low mileage!

  86. author

    Teun18 годин тому

    The car has a rev limiter/filter. stop being 12ie and saying its electric. no its fucking not

  87. author

    Kasem Abu Zeid19 годин тому

    oh my God. its a dream car. sound so amazing and the DSG gearbox is doing astonishing job

  88. author

    Luxury Exotic Cars19 годин тому

    s All About Winning, Because Loosing is not an option.

  89. author

    Juan carlos Serrano19 годин тому

    O le pusieron PURAS "papitas" o sí es realmente avasallador. Lo que si, es que está hermosísimo

  90. author

    Cheeseburger Potato19 годин тому

    What are anyone’s thought on putting a LSX 454 in a Subaru BRZ???

  91. author

    jael k.19 годин тому

    2:55 eargasm

  92. author

    Jannis Das Auto19 годин тому


  93. author

    Daniel Acevedo19 годин тому

    Took that dude 10 fucking minutes to finally get on that car and show its potential? Smh waste of my time

  94. author

    Jacob G19 годин тому

    “Wait..why that yellow car already start to move...oii jury why he already started his car??? Did he have an urgent need to go to toilet ???” Anyway i like this video ,thanks for uploading for us

  95. author

    xVxXPrinceXxVx20 годин тому

    I got a need for speed. I got a need for speed.

  96. author

    Dj W20 годин тому

    Is automatic the blue golf?

  97. author

    Agrartechnik Werra-Meißner20 годин тому

    30:00 whats that for a car ?

  98. author

    Jayme Fortune20 годин тому

    The editing in these videos really gets annoying! Do we really need to see that mk2 golf sitting at the light tree for over half the video. There’s like 80% staging at the light tree, 5% of the leader board numbers and 15% of the golf racing/accelerating.. not trying to sound like an asshole, it’s just sort of annoying, but when that VRT does finally launch down the track it’s awesome! Probably awesome enough to tolerate all the dead space between the runs down the track.

  99. author

    Gavin 240z20 годин тому

    Fell bad for the s15, he can't go full out cuz the tracks too thin

  100. author

    Mike Calvin20 годин тому

    Does not prove anything.