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  1. author

    Ranger x Turbo2 години тому

    Nice to see cops pulling them over. 😉 it's okay they can't afford these cars

  2. author

    SickBahamondes2 години тому

    How i love the V10 sound. In special the BMW one. It make me happy 😃

  3. author

    Felix Fischer2 години тому

    Makes me think of the 70 s van qhen we would have Van and make a 2nd one into a trailer behind it.

  4. author

    Marshall L Smith2 години тому

    What a waste of money...

  5. author

    Nasir Buchanan2 години тому


  6. author

    Dmitri Smirnov2 години тому

    Argentine idiosyncrasy ...Idiosincrasia Argentina!!!

  7. author

    Nasir Buchanan2 години тому

    6:49 My favorite part🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. author

    Brayton Cruz Espinoza2 години тому

    Chingón el Audi

  9. author

    Locom7653 години тому

    Everyone’s hatin the exhaust but in my opinion it’s just perfect!

  10. author

    Carlos Torres3 години тому

    Que le pasa a esta gente jajajajajajaja es una locura

  11. author

    underdog3 години тому

    The black car won the race!

  12. author

    Humberto Perez Esquino4 години тому

    Hola amigos ya estamos a gui con este juego es nuevo nuevo parchisss Sí

  13. author

    Murtacus4 години тому

    W211 is timeless!

  14. author

    Dirk Leimlehner4 години тому

    That BMW that made a surprise appearance sounded real nice too

  15. author

    AJyfm700R4 години тому

    Yet again Audi is showing who's boss 👌

  16. author

    WhatTheHax5 годин тому

    so i guess everyones rich over there? and dont wear seatbelts?

  17. author

    WhatTheHax5 годин тому

    i've been asking but no answer, who can tell em wha causes that sexy sound when changing gears? for example 0:20

  18. author

    Ronaldo Martins5 годин тому

    Boring rice

  19. author

    retlaw_ zerep 365 годин тому

    orrible moto parese una chancha preñada. y el car tambien orrible con esas ruedas de jugete podrian averlw poesto otro rodado. con tantos cavayos de fuersa le sirben para. 4 o 5 metros despues se va de vuelta ese motor

  20. author

    Shinobione5 годин тому

    Who wants to see the same car race each other

  21. author

    Bandichod Madabandichod6 годин тому

    Looks like a kids toy

  22. author

    Im GRVTY6 годин тому


  23. author

    Douglas Wright6 годин тому

    way cool

  24. author

    MrTheonlysane1left6 годин тому

    Be better if the race went longer than 80m

  25. author

    hendri4136 годин тому

    Props to the first BMW because it's not even a new model and it was keeping up with the brand new ABT r8 before losing control

  26. author

    Estebahn Gman6 годин тому

    No body is squirting fluids on the ground.? Glue ?

  27. author

    Oleg Klim6 годин тому

    Мерс Бмв Ауді 👌💪👍

  28. author

    Renn Aive7 годин тому

    Чёт хуйня какая-то. Феррари всегда раньше газовал

  29. author

    You tuber 2.07 годин тому

    7:57 weet iemand waar ik meer over deze extreem dik getunede X1 f48 20i kan vinden?

  30. author

    Tadas Simasevicius7 годин тому

    Audi nicer and faster

  31. author

    Tadas Simasevicius7 годин тому

    Most of the cars are just daily usual cars and not super cars at all. Miltek with rs6 would show best sound

  32. author

    Dritki _7 годин тому

    all the same sound prerrerr

  33. author

    Мартин Христов7 годин тому

    8:46 this lamborghini is so good!!!

  34. author

    MKmarcos977 годин тому

    Jesus, this Blue Golf-R Is AMAZING.

  35. author

    Paulo Paiva8 годин тому

    Oque esse cara está dizendo???

  36. author

    evongreiff18 годин тому

    The design engineers need to lay off the mushrooms!!!

  37. author

    Sphinx 46008 годин тому

    3:01 dwayne the rock johnson😂

  38. author

    The_Thick_Thighs8 годин тому

    probably the most famous car in germany cuz so many people know it

  39. author

    Derkan Akin8 годин тому

    very bad exhaust and when the gear shifts the car faints, in short it is pretty bad, what more cars have you found it ??

  40. author

    MLN 200059 годин тому

    When you finally see gumbal's face 2:17

  41. author

    camiloabt9 годин тому

    Has more energy a fart that the girl with the flag. Is she in slow motion?

  42. author

    Alfred Gevorgyan9 годин тому


  43. author

    Tupac Amaru Shakur9 годин тому

    Ils montrent jamais les gagnants ! Nuuuul dislaik

  44. author

    Enlightened Idiot9 годин тому

    I want to hear the engine mods...

  45. author

    roger 929 годин тому

    Love my C5 except for the original seats . Timeless Beautiful and fast car

  46. author

    Bobby Thompson9 годин тому

    For sale next week. One careful lady owner, never raced or rallied!

  47. author

    Andrew Taylor9 годин тому

    9.40 Found On Roadside Dead

  48. author

    Angel Rivas9 годин тому

    3:33, 3:46, 5:13, 5:54, 7:36, 21:27, 22:58, 23:10, 23:32, 23:57😋😍

  49. author

    Мусабий Байтуганов9 годин тому

    Мэра фу

  50. author

    Motoriders619 годин тому

    17:23 zenvo st1 love....

  51. author

    devin janssen9 годин тому

    Audi is de best

  52. author

    Martin Fil10 годин тому

    The guy with the Vw golf 4 20:39 was like "what the fuck i am doing here" :D

  53. author

    Lloyd Jantuah10 годин тому

    One of the most underrated engines in the Rline/VR range but can be tuned to gain big power. It's just like the VR6 engines 12v and 24v, differences are obvious between the two engines.

  54. author

    Henjoh10 годин тому

    That silver X5M 😍😍

  55. author

    Facu Escobar10 годин тому

    3:08 BANG!

  56. author

    Łukasz K.10 годин тому

    M5 pussy driver🤣

  57. author

    воин века10 годин тому

    Первый Мерс то его зделал AMG

  58. author

    flo du 5811 годин тому

    Ptn mon beau frère en a une mais celle ptn quelle bruit

  59. author

    воин века11 годин тому

    Мерс сила

  60. author

    Dav Guy11 годин тому

    Bobo-Motoring has the ultimate sleeper

  61. author

    Thabo Makwala11 годин тому

    1 of the best v10

  62. author

    Jaden Gill11 годин тому

    Learned about this car in the need for speed movie

  63. author

    Нажмик Адилов11 годин тому

    У мерса выхлоп бархатный, бэмве как старый Пердун

  64. author

    Br00kly11 годин тому

    w204 c63 amg 😍 would love to buy one but will be a dream 4ever cause austria is shit for high-hp cars

  65. author

    Samuel11 годин тому

    0:28 Audi TT altaaa!!!

  66. author

    MaliTwat12 годин тому

    They buy 500 PS Cars and cant even let the tire slip😂 and dont even hit the rev limiter

  67. author

    BUD12 годин тому

    WHY? :(

  68. author

    maxx199113 годин тому

    11 seconds not bad for chunky suv

  69. author

    Mr Wiseman13 годин тому

    And that my son is how i met your mother's car

  70. author

    XxG4elxX13 годин тому

    El nissan gtr no perdona brothers

  71. author

    Christopher Huff13 годин тому

    Never really that impressed w it.

  72. author

    Rick Koops13 годин тому

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  73. author

    Rúben Simão13 годин тому

    The Urus without widebody dont is the same 😕

  74. author

    AiTOR_99013 годин тому

    Where do u see that cars :O

  75. author

    Joghurt13 годин тому

    12:02 Im in love

  76. author

    Brandon Mcfadden14 годин тому

    Ok wagon represent!!!!!!!

  77. author

    baki El Padré14 годин тому


  78. author

    Muhammad Izz Nazhan14 годин тому

    where is this place??

  79. author

    阿里哟哟14 годин тому


  80. author

    Sergio Fm14 годин тому

    ZEDD CARS <3

  81. author

    Top videos14 годин тому

    *го взаимная подписка*

  82. author

    Jetmir Schla15 годин тому


  83. author

    Adrian Proniewicz15 годин тому

    Bmw goes like 300 hp max :(( peace of shit

  84. author

    Nemanja Mirković15 годин тому


  85. author

    Remi Put16 годин тому

    9:32 Wouter heeft een leuk filmpje met deze eigenaar gemaakt !

  86. author

    187 !16 годин тому

    24:20 What is this???? Worst tuned car in world!!

  87. author

    Helmutson Wilhelmson16 годин тому

    1:52 is the Sound from the Car?🤔🤔😂😂😂😂🤔🤔👌👌😉😜

  88. author

    Helmutson Wilhelmson16 годин тому

    I love the Urus so much.😘😘🚘🚘👌👌🇮🇹🇮🇹

  89. author

    Nigel Harris16 годин тому

    Ha! So Nissan or Audi?

  90. author

    tyo yusuf816 годин тому

    hey dude go to borneo

  91. author

    احمد محمد16 годин тому

    Whoever agrees with me this car should be put in a museum

  92. author

    Baron Munchausen16 годин тому

    What Tesla is that. Sounds good

  93. author

    ΛCE —16 годин тому

    Incredible the amount of fuck boys in Monaco haha drug dealers and scammers

  94. author

    NO. 7716 годин тому

    I want to go to Monaco

  95. author

    sup2dem alpha16 годин тому

    Where 's the interest ?

  96. author

    avalon10017 годин тому

    Very bad GTR driver

  97. author

    Daniel Triantopoulos17 годин тому

    I love the sound of the turbo noise in the 4.4's. The pair of M3's revving up and then the M6 is like yeah nah get out of the way! That merc sounded horrible at 6:36.

  98. author

    Paul Stark17 годин тому

    0:02 lol american car with dutch numbers and with scotish flag sticker

  99. author

    Automotive Mike17 годин тому

    That GTO = LOVE

  100. author

    Frederick Sowell17 годин тому

    Love the little sputter growl it makes when changing gears