Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling

I love to play the violin, dance, write music, edit videos, play dress up, and perform.
So, I combined it all together and this is what happened. :)
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Sleepwalking - Behind The ScenesSleepwalking - Behind The Scenes

Sleepwalking - Behind The Scenes

2 місяці тому

Sleepwalking - Lindsey StirlingSleepwalking - Lindsey Stirling

Sleepwalking - Lindsey Stirling

2 місяці тому

Lindsey Stirling - Calm InterviewLindsey Stirling - Calm Interview

Lindsey Stirling - Calm Interview

4 місяці тому

Underground - Behind the ScenesUnderground - Behind the Scenes

Underground - Behind the Scenes

9 місяців тому

Artemis - Behind the ScenesArtemis - Behind the Scenes

Artemis - Behind the Scenes

10 місяців тому

Artemis - Lindsey StirlingArtemis - Lindsey Stirling

Artemis - Lindsey Stirling

10 місяців тому

Lindsey Stirling Virtual ConcertLindsey Stirling Virtual Concert

Lindsey Stirling Virtual Concert

10 місяців тому

Santa Baby BTSSanta Baby BTS

Santa Baby BTS

Рік тому

Hold My Heart (Acoustic)Hold My Heart (Acoustic)

Hold My Heart (Acoustic)

3 роки тому

Lindsey Stirling - PrismLindsey Stirling - Prism

Lindsey Stirling - Prism

3 роки тому

The Arena - Lindsey StirlingThe Arena - Lindsey Stirling

The Arena - Lindsey Stirling

4 роки тому

My Story- Lindsey StirlingMy Story- Lindsey Stirling

My Story- Lindsey Stirling

4 роки тому

Heist - Lindsey StirlingHeist - Lindsey Stirling

Heist - Lindsey Stirling

4 роки тому

Lindsey Stirling - Dragon AgeLindsey Stirling - Dragon Age

Lindsey Stirling - Dragon Age

5 років тому

Child of LightChild of Light

Child of Light

6 років тому

Lindsey Stirling - Album ShowerLindsey Stirling - Album Shower

Lindsey Stirling - Album Shower

6 років тому

  1. author

    Melany Villegas

    a love you lindsey

  2. author

    Jami Holmes2 хвилини тому

    Beautiful song, I love this version of the song

  3. author

    Alicia Gr11 хвилин тому

    👍🎻 🎶die Macht das echt gut

  4. author

    aly ._.12 хвилин тому

    I think this is the only song that has stuck with me the longest. Normally I stop listening to one song after a while and move on from it, but never with this one. I first listened to this when I was seven and I was amazed by it. I'm fourteen now and I still love it. It means a lot to me.

  5. author

    Donald Chicken20 хвилин тому

    I need that pirate hat.

  6. author

    Jonathan Garcia25 хвилин тому

    Get lindsey and hikaru for kh4 guarnteed not only will the game sell tremendously like it usually does but the soundtrack would be the most epic and guarnteed to win awards my feelings dont judge

  7. author

    Matthew Avery27 хвилин тому

    Lindsey you look so adorable in your video chat with LP 😍

  8. author

    sheila nielsen41 хвилина тому

    Love me some Lindsey Stirling always❤

  9. author

    Rachel Murphy45 хвилин тому

    Is that Thor?

  10. author

    sandra cervantes1D49 хвилин тому

    Me encanta, las amo a las dos 🥺🥰 Mi vida está completa, que emoción!!!!😍🤩♥️

  11. author

    Patrick Boarman50 хвилин тому


  12. author

    Celine Sant'Ana51 хвилина тому

    I love

  13. author

    Jan Turek52 хвилини тому

    WWWAAAUUU ....

  14. author

    Lou54 хвилини тому

    Жаль что она никогда не залетит в русские тренды 😭

  15. author

    Horacio Salazar GómezГодину тому

    Didn't take the chance to watch this vid, until now. I really loved the melody, such as the concept and the FX. Also the story between those two characters keep me intrigued. Congrats to Lindsey and all her crew for making this jewel.

  16. author

    Daniel FuchsГодину тому

    👩‍🚀❤️👨‍🚀👌✌️ thank you

  17. author

    Carlos CardoГодину тому

    Alguien habla español

  18. author

    Kouta Elias Huerta2 години тому

    Carlos Trejo que koño haces aquí

  19. author

    camaxide2 години тому

    What a treat! Two of my favourites :) Thanks for the gift :D

  20. author

    Lucilene Souza2 години тому

    Linda nossa eu queria tanto ser essa cantora linda ui eu tô apaixonada por essa

  21. author

    Lucilene Souza2 години тому

    Música linda nossa tá tendo até no gacha Life Mini filme nossa linda demais eu adorei tanto

  22. author

    Côlette Caput2 години тому

    Cette la meilleure musique du monde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. author

    --2 години тому

    (Shes like peter pan) Peter pan: Weres my shadow Lindsey : Shadow dance while I play the violin

  24. author

    Francis Sambrano2 години тому

    After all these years, I still enjoy a decent Vocaloid cover ^_^

  25. author

    Angel cruz Quiñones2 години тому

    Whos here july 2020 🌲

  26. author

    Hanane All3 години тому

    ابداااع 😍😍😍

  27. author

    Дмитрий Тюрин3 години тому

    Как за такое лайк не поставить? Браво, ребята!!!

  28. author

    Maik Lohr3 години тому

    Schöner Video Betrag.

  29. author

    robert wyman4 години тому

    I would love to see Lindsey Stirling and Patty gurdy do a video together.

  30. author

    Maya Spindler4 години тому

    I love Pentatonix and my sister love Lindsey Stirling

  31. author

    UnderGamer5 годин тому

    this music must be in the Got Talent

  32. author

    Bylkuchhu5 годин тому

    очень красивая композиция,спасибо вам прекрасный музыкальный тандем)very beautiful composition, thank you for a wonderful musical tandem)

  33. author

    Danielle5 годин тому

    the nightcore version of this song is WHOOOOO

  34. author

    Dreamy Enchantix5 годин тому

    Magical 😍😍 I want this to be a movie I LOve this so much

  35. author

    Cheche121 Fontana5 годин тому

    She forgot a girl 🤣🤣

  36. author

    Shelby Sprott6 годин тому

    The Gerudo Valley theme is perfection

  37. author

    Daniel Santos6 годин тому

    I agree with Jéssica. The Guy on the box is contagiously happy, this is so Nice. On the violin this song stayed amazing.

  38. author

    Michael Bull6 годин тому

    WOW! Lindsey, followed you since forever! Your just so much fun to watch! And bringing new artists to the lime light is great. I’m in the UK, so don’t hear so much of new, or artists we just don’t get over the pond. LP has an amazing voice! I’ll be looking for her in the future!

  39. author

    w302ful6 годин тому

    Lindsey is so cute ❤️

  40. author

    seiphodias626 годин тому

    Excellente musique et magnifique clip !!! J'adore! Bravo Lindsey !!! Biz

  41. author

    TheLynx6 годин тому

    When bards get in a fight.

  42. author

    Crew GuyXIV7 годин тому

    Just past the bitt6 truth ..❤🏁❤❤🏁🏁

  43. author

    Crew GuyXIV7 годин тому

    Hi Lindsey

  44. author

    Mistecry Pen-Yamin7 годин тому

    someday men won't need women to protect them from social threats, emotional abuse and neglect, and sexual inducement based exploitation. #equality

  45. author

    PAPER LOL7 годин тому

    Уже 2020 но я всё ещё слушаю линдси

  46. author

    fab -7 годин тому

    One of the best score I ever meet.

  47. author

    fLrAeNak7 годин тому

    I love Can't Stop Won't Stop! Stirling is also a big hit in my playlists

  48. author

    Jordan Caswell8 годин тому

    I have to say... this is my favorite strings sessions Lindsey has done 😍😍😍 Good job!! I love the sound you guys create. You should do an original studio song together!!!

  49. author

    Fuck You And Your Ideology8 годин тому

    I liked her better back then.

  50. author

    Tah Tab8 годин тому

    2:55 Do not be afraid... Your heart is strong... That’s why I chose you.. You can still win.. you are strong.. You are brave.. You are a GUARDIAN epic transform

  51. author

    Neiroe8 годин тому

    Solid costume design, everyone looks like grunge mad max characters.

  52. author

    Tah Tab8 годин тому

    this is extremely good the rhythm is like god level and they way she moves along the rhythm

  53. author

    Downright Dory8 годин тому

    Who else wants to see Lindsey and Two cellos collab?

  54. author

    KyraDynamite8 годин тому


  55. author

    John Smith9 годин тому

    can you smell what the master chef is cooking?

  56. author

    Dawid Kaczmarczyk9 годин тому

    Good Job!

  57. author

    Tillie Giberson9 годин тому

    The first time I watched this was in 2015 and now I'm watching it again in 2020 while in quarantine

  58. author

    ID 0039 годин тому

    Hey Lindsay I'm following you from India. Please create something connection to India , like Bollywood or with Indian singers , your channel will be flooded with likes n subs. Indians are most active on all platforms, reap the harvest from Indian audience.

  59. author

    TheSistersEducationCorner9 годин тому

    I enjoy all of these pieces!! Thank you. Can I use them as a background music for my educational videos for free?

  60. author

    Rose Sauer9 годин тому

    Derek and Lindsay make me believe in fairy tales again

  61. author

    linda hewitt10 годин тому

    me lisning to lindsey stirling mum darling you better not be listening to Lindsey stirling me no but l know you like her mum WHAT did you say me ummmmm nothing mum ok your grendid me WHAT way mum you know way

  62. author

    acme 2610 годин тому

    ❤️🤘🇲🇽 -LPFanMexicoOficial -LPDreamers -LP 🤘Shaken Team🤘

  63. author

    Ade Ria Lestari11 годин тому

    So softly, like it. Semua yang berhubungan dengan musik saya suka 🦋💜

  64. author

    Eboni Hernandez11 годин тому

    Been laid off since April fools day but home with my 3 kids. Been a single mom most of the time I’ve been a mom and my oldest died 17 years ago when he was 2. Was neglected abused n severely mistreated by most of the men in my life. Being at home away from all the noise finally allowed me to start learning how to be compassionate to myself. It’s been a rough road but I’m finally feeling free and have started loving who I am. Thank you Lindsey and Jewel for giving me another song to sing when it gets hard to battle the darkness that tries to creep back in my life. Kids need happy moms 💜💙 Jewel I’ve been singing with you since I was a teenager and you’ve always been there to help me sing my feelings out. I’m forever in debt to you. Lindsey my kids and I have been listening to you since crystallize came out. My daughter had just started playing the viola and we found you. I’ve read your books, watched you on tv, followed your videos and so much more..... I don’t know where I’d be without you 😭 Been wanting to be a bee on your tribe for so many years now. Thank you for being my happy encouraging friend when I had no one else. You ladies are amazing and I look forward to seeing and hearing more #starmom Maybe I can be busy bee 🐝 🤩

  65. author

    Itadashi Kazuya11 годин тому

    the violinsts need to work out

  66. author

    Have Bike Have Drone Will Travel11 годин тому

    this properly brought me to tears

  67. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    Have a Great Day ! :) Darryl Gene ; famimily of Harcourt <---Hobart Too ! oh oh <--- I BE BITCH ! nah --- just simple Man ! :) Have a Great Day Folks! I Love You ! :)

  68. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    Our Woman !

  69. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    God ! Our Father Meant For Man !

  70. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    Woman !

  71. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    This Woman !

  72. author

    Never Again11 годин тому

    This Right Here !

  73. author

    Never Again12 годин тому

    -sorry KNOT ! I Am Ole Man ! I Be 60 Year Old Next Febuary ! 2021! Wow! Time! Life! Passes By Quick.! I Love This Woman ! @Lindsey Stirling Protect ! I Due ! Do ! I Daddy Too ! Hacourt & Hobart < --- x2 Hands Off My Chosen Sister ! Have a Great Day ! :)

  74. author

    Mirror2Mirror12 годин тому


  75. author

    lhalls911612 годин тому

    I didnt know you did phantom of the opera. Play for me my angel of music. Play for me!

  76. author

    Never Again12 годин тому


  77. author

    Havva Yaman12 годин тому

    Bana huzur ve cesaret veriyorsun☺️🌸🌸♥️♥️

  78. author

    wow wow12 годин тому

    Na tym grą się dwoma smyczkami

  79. author

    wow wow12 годин тому

    O , tu jak Struna

  80. author

    wow wow12 годин тому

    Te bardziej skomplikowane , struny

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    Cyrios Black12 годин тому


  82. author

    Morde Kaiser12 годин тому


  83. author

    wow wow12 годин тому

    Masz na C , chyba

  84. author

    Mary13 годин тому

    Love ZZ and Lindsey!! Such a great combo would love to see them do more! ❤❤

  85. author

    Geniuses Flame13 годин тому

    Cara, 8 anos e eu ainda aqui. Como essa música pode ser tão perfeita?

  86. author

    Karim301514 годин тому

    esta es la novia de luis

  87. author

    Silver Upgrade14 годин тому

    I went beyond the matrix. Cool, Hello from Russia from Siberia. How I would like to get to the live concert of Lindsay but she will never come to small cities. Perhaps to Moscow or St. Petersburg. If only in Novokuznetsk, on the Kuznetsk fortress it would be cool, there is a very picturesque place and scene. Would definitely go. A very positive girl, your music energizes! Great performance. Goosebumps go on the skin. Thank you Lindsay for being there. I urge the army of fans to support Lindsey during this difficult period of the global covid-19 pandemic. She now has no concerts, only streams, views have fallen dramatically. Subscribe to youtube, facebook and do views. It depends on us whether she will enter the scene next year. Lindsey, please do not stop there. Your dubstep crystallization, shadows are just something unimaginable. She is trying for us, let's support her. Великолепное исполнение. Мурашки идут по коже. Спасибо тебе Линдси за то что ты есть. Я призываю армию поклонников поддержать Линдси в этот непростой период мировой пандемии covid-19. Концертов у нее сейчас нет только стримы,просмотры сильно упали. Подписывайтесь в ютюб,фейсбук и делайте просмотры. Именно от нас зависит выйдет ли она на сцену вследующем году. Линдси пожалуйста не останавливайся на достигнутом. Твой дабстеп кристализ,тени просто что то не вообразимое.Она старается для нас,давайте ее поддержим. Классно, Привет из России из Сибири.Как бы я хотел попасть на живой концерт Линдси но она никогда не приедет в маленькие города. Возможно в Москву или Санкт-Петербург. Вот если бы в Новокузнецк,на Кузнецкую крепость было бы круто, очень живописное место и сцена есть. Обязательно пошел бы. Очень позитивная девушка,твоя музыка заряжает энергией!

  88. author

    Josiah Fickinger14 годин тому

    The bass isn't as strong as the actually song too bad.

  89. author

    V Warther14 годин тому

  90. author

    ChuculeYoutube14 годин тому

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  91. author

    Chad Wynn14 годин тому

    Well I am 37 years old play the guitar and piano now after watching lindsay I have been inspired bought a violin and have in the last year learned four songs of hers playing by ear self taught... Lindsay Sterling is brilliant and inspiring... I woild give anything to meet her in person !

  92. author

    wow wow14 годин тому

    Transformator Tesli , taka struna ;)

  93. author

    Cu Quẹo15 годин тому


  94. author

    Samantha Rubí Díaz Güereca16 годин тому

    Solo puedo decir que es lo más hermoso que he podido escuchar. Está colaboración nunca pensé que podría suceder y es sencillamente perfecta. 🌸🌸🌸

  95. author

    Annie Plays16 годин тому

    I wanna dance this in my wedding ♥

  96. author

    carson Allen16 годин тому

    Davie504 and Lindsey Stirling together

  97. author

    Elly Explorando16 годин тому

    U are the best!! Ur work is amazing!! Proud of U!!!

  98. author

    alexloardo16 годин тому

    I don't know how I did arrived here i was watching an irish college dance ... but i don't regret anything

  99. author

    Ben Kaiser16 годин тому

    @Lindsey Stirling. This is a wonderful music video for Dragon Age: Inquisition! I've played the game myself and found it enjoyable. I think the developers should have put this video in their 'Extras' menu. I also like the music video that you and Peter Hollens did for Skyrim. Both of the videos are excellent!

  100. author

    P J Shepherd16 годин тому

    The power she has to make us FEEL is incredible